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  1. lucy

    Black Screen...Dying MCU1?

    Mcu2 upgrade is what I will have to research. Thanks for the assistance. This group is the lifeline for non tech Tesla owners, and I really appreciate the help I get from this community.
  2. lucy

    Black Screen...Dying MCU1?

    email says it is so, but that ain't what was going on at the time. I remain skeptical that the black screen of death will magically continue to heal. Too bad we can't dump some of the excess data somehow to make these chips last longer, we gather all this info for the company but it seems to...
  3. lucy

    Black Screen...Dying MCU1?

    2015 MS D 90. So, my screen became unresponsive, then spontaneously rebooted while I was on the freeway yesterday. Could have been a big problem (distracted me, potential accident) if traffic were heavier, it was mid day in sub zero Des Moines. Phone also repeatedly disconnected from the audio...
  4. lucy

    Wrapped my car in 3M Deep Space

    I heart the wraps, so hard to decide, so many choices...
  5. lucy

    Climate settings

    agree with this whole thread. Often will be traveling at speed, don't want to be buffeted by high wind with windows open but would like some fresh air coming in via the climate control system. Also don't want the drag of open windows decreasing my range!
  6. lucy

    Precondition battery iOS app update out

    Got the software update on car now, still nada. orientation towards Fremont for activation of specific powers not possible due to geographic & economic limitations. Guess I'm SOL.
  7. lucy

    Precondition battery iOS app update out

    Ooh, app update loaded & got me anxious for this feature that we non-California owners have wanted forever. Now I need the software update for my car to let it work! Come on! I have to work on Christmas day and it's supposed to get down to 9 degrees F. *shivvers*
  8. lucy

    Data plan update?

    The guys in the KC service center knew nothing about any data changes, but did an awesome job with my service. (Plus I had a flashy red Model S loaner to drive all over KC! WOO!) No news is good news with the data I guess. You folks are right.
  9. lucy

    Feature Request - ❤️ Universal Favorites Bar

    I have to disagree with the "no more real buttons" thought, just my opinion... I miss my audio volume knob, cranking up the volume with a little wheel is somehow not very satisfying. That's the only button/knob I want. ;)
  10. lucy

    Small issues that add up to daily annoyances

    I have even resorted to unlinking Bluetooth when getting in and out of my car frequently, rather than miss half of the jokes in my podcast. Plus the audio levels are so different between the phone linked media and the radio that I get blasted if I don't remember to dial it way down when...
  11. lucy

    Data plan update?

    This is a very timely thread for me, going in for my 2 year service next week. So are the chances they have any data plan info at my Kansas City service center a) slim or b) none? o_O
  12. lucy

    Homelink will not work

    I had the same problem after a Ranger reset my software trying to fix another problem- my Homelink has never worked since then. Back to the old remote on the visor, like a cave man or something! But at least I don't come home and see my garage is open because I parked in the driveway and the...
  13. lucy

    Going from EV back to ICE

    I do miss my Audi RS 4 cabriolet's open feel with the top down (even after almost 2 years, the pano doesn't even come close), and find myself reaching for the gearshift only rarely now. But the advantages of BEV are so much >>> than those little pangs. Driving past the smelly gas pumps? Super...
  14. lucy

    P100D Red Partial Chrome Delete

    So hot.
  15. lucy

    Elon's Bromance with Cheeto Jesus

    thanks for the link! very entertaining!
  16. lucy

    Drunk Driving and AP

    *hangs head in shame* AP does enable me somewhat...
  17. lucy

    How to tell if mobile access is turned off?

    I do agree, quite infuriating, wasn't it? Communication from the Tesla staff during the repair process or a change in the error message could have saved hours of frustration (and points off my blood pressure).
  18. lucy

    How to tell if mobile access is turned off?

    Nov 2016 - supposedly this is a "new" thing. My car got damaged while waiting for service (sounds like this happens a lot, WTF?), and since there was an open ticket for repair, even though I did get possession of my car back until the service and repair could be completed, remote access had been...
  19. lucy

    Firmware 8.0

    Thanks, Cyclone! Saving icon info! Yup, got AP activated and am have been slowly & timidly trying it out during my infrequent longer drives. It was getting smoother each time... I have had the AP for months now, but have never used the park or summon features. If the parking space is too small...
  20. lucy

    Firmware 8.0

    downloaded my update yesterday, at first the selections of various activities seemed to be missing from the top of the screen, but perhaps that's just cuz I was in the nav mode at the time. After driving the 1.5 miles to work and working my shift, when I started up the usual choices were back at...
  21. lucy

    Model S: Clever Vanity Plates

    I originally was in line for a Model X, then wimped out and ordered my beautiful Elwood after the announcements started coming about the configurations/options available on the X. My vanity plate was ordered for the X, but is now available for someone else in Iowa, XSTATIC i got my new...
  22. lucy

    Supercharger - Coralville, IA

    still, any progress is good.. makes trips to the Quad Cities much more workable, as in I will even try it once this is working.
  23. lucy

    Facelifted Model S?

    I'm glad I got my nose-coned beauty when I did, not only get to enjoy the wonder of driving it every day, but prefer the look to conforming with the rest of the clan.
  24. lucy

    AutoPilot needs to look 2 cars ahead

    Very helpful post(s), thanks so much. I think I'll pay my loan down with most of my return, and treat myself to the AP for my summer road trips. :D
  25. lucy

    AutoPilot needs to look 2 cars ahead

    I didn't get AP when I ordered (squeaking out every penny) but with my income tax refund back now, am wondering if I should get it now. With the new forum format, I can't figure out how (or if) I can just pose the questions to the community generally, is AP out of beta? Is it ready for prime-time?
  26. lucy

    Any tint/paint protect shop recommendations in Twin Cities?

    Thanks dudes, wish I could have used this info, but I picked up my car last fall and had it done back here by rank amateurs. They had a rep from xPel come in and do a tutorial while they did my Elwood. Seems to be ok so far... :rolleyes:
  27. lucy

    When Do You Open Your Roof?

    we had a "January Thaw", 50 degree F day, with dry roads, you know my pano was wide open, seat & steering wheel heater cranked. Heaven! :biggrin: I'm coming from a long string of rag tops, so will probably have the pano open most of the time.
  28. lucy

    Remote S: Tesla app for Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

    I was not able to connect for a long time, even with uninstalls and re-installs, but latest update is working like a charm. woo! :biggrin:
  29. lucy

    Firmware 7.1 - For Classic Model S

    I am not AP activated, but have a 2015 MS, so have the sensors. I noticed last week while at a stop light that the very large pickup truck in front of me showed up as a big panel truck in the dash display vs the road full of Teslas that I usually see. But a moment later, the truck reverted back...
  30. lucy

    All Discussion re: Tesla Motors Website & Forums

    I visited the "official" forums as well as TMC for a few weeks after joining here, but that soon went away. These forums are so much more well informed, more civil, just better in every way. Tesla would be well served learning how to communicate with it's customers as well as this site does...
  31. lucy

    Model 3 looks a bit too similar to our MS? any worried?

    I think even our slo-poke non-insane models will leave them far behind, so we'll have that going for us.
  32. lucy

    Firmware 7.1 - For Classic Model S

    TMC to the rescue again. OMFSM! (OMG for Pastafarians) Thanks to the TMC users for figuring out all of these tricks and nuances and sharing them, even on a relatively simple feature like the garage door opener - like open the door with the car from inside, link to profile, etc. I can't image...
  33. lucy

    Solid Black, Obsidian Black or Deep Blue Metallic?

    I LOVE my deep blue metallic MS. The color is beautimous. If I was made of money, I would black out the chrome too, but the blue makes me very happy.
  34. lucy

    New owners and early adopter owners: Do I detect a major difference?

    I think that the "early adopter" badge might depend on where you live. Teslas of all types are no big deal in southern California, or even on the East coast. Seeing one in here the flyover states, hundreds of miles from a showroom, service or a Supercharger is another matter. I want credit as...
  35. lucy

    New member, new order!

    Welcome & try not to get too manic while you wait to confirm, then for delivery. Hope you got the winter package, I am loving my heated steering wheel here in Iowa, and it is as cold or colder in Chicago!
  36. lucy

    Tracking Tesla's ongoing communications failures + ways to improve

    Worse than this spam, IMHO, is the lack of specific directions on how the new features work. If not for the kind, helpful members of this site, I would be even more frustrated than I am now. for example, perhaps the Homelink intro info stated how to set up the auto-open and close feature, but...
  37. lucy

    Tesla, why do you tease me like that?

    was slightly tempted by this feature, but then realized that Summon won't work for me cuz: 1. my driveway is slightly sloped. 2. my car is usually plugged in. so it's not worth the upgrade to add the AP at this time. for $3k I can walk to the car, even in the rain or cold. :tongue:
  38. lucy

    Firmware 7.1 - For Classic Model S

    I haven't even updated, but had blank map screen and slow response times on random stuff. Servers prolly just swamped?
  39. lucy

    A Model S caught fire while supercharging in Norway (link in Norwegian)

    SMH Tesla, even your coverups are classy!
  40. lucy

    12V battery issues (error messages/car charging problems)

    So I just have gotten the 12 V battery level low message, and only once. *crosses fingers* My daily "commute" is only 1.5 miles, and sometimes to and from work is all the driving I do for 3-4 days at a time. I do usually plug in at home, mostly to power the at-home pre-conditioning (it's 20-30...
  41. lucy

    How does Tesla compare with an AWD car in snow

    Drove my MS 90D with all weather tires on snow for the first time today. The last time it snowed, the snow on the roads had melted by the time I was out and about. WOO! :biggrin: I was beaming by the time I got to work, wanted to keep going... Elwood drove just like buttah! I thought my Audi...
  42. lucy

    Would you have bought or buy a Tesla without tax incentives?

    In Iowa we don't get any state tax rebate upon purchase, and pay a yearly registration penalty for not buying gas/ethanol. The federal tax benefit will be nice to get, but it's just gravy. The daily joy is the real reward.
  43. lucy

    How fast did Model S ruin you for ICE?

    I am with the majority here, can't see myself ever buying a gas car again. When my friend says it's her turn to drive when we go to supper (margaritas), I die a little inside. :redface:
  44. lucy

    Unintended consequence of buying a Tesla

    I deleted the "Pure Gas" app from my phone, locator for non-ethanol blend gas. it was a happy moment! Non-ethanol gas is almost as rare as Superchargers 'round here...
  45. lucy

    Gonna bail - anyone else?

    I cancelled my mid 15K Model X reservation and ordered a Model S in early September, took delivery on Halloween. I am very happy with my decision, I love driving my MS, and with the back seats folded it is huge inside (and out!). Maybe with the air suspension the height issue could be...
  46. lucy

    Tesla moments

    Tesla Moment helped my Core Values. I've had my beautiful MS for 5.5 weeks with no unique moments worthy of this thread until yesterday. So I'm in my once weekly progress meeting with my supervisor, and just as am about to dig into the list of dumps and f-ups that my co-employees have left...
  47. lucy

    Firmware 7.0

    OMFSM! (OMG for Pastafarians) Vehicle hold is awesome. I have creep turned off because I don't want my MS to behave like an automatic, and the Hold seems like it can read my mind. I hope it never changes. I can't relate to most of the other stuff in this thread since I opted to skip the AP...
  48. lucy

    Next Gen Seat Heaters - Worthless

    cool article & guy! See, that's what I'm saying, Bernie's supporters are super committed. Plus at least 2 (maybe 5, if he got the winter package) have warm butts!
  49. lucy

    Next Gen Seat Heaters - Worthless

    No can do! Bernie is a rock star, his rallies are standing room only, can't even get close. (sorry for hijacking this thread!) :redface:

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