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  1. spsheridan

    Too big of a system?

    The way I read the proposed “glide path” approach which is now being considered as part of NEM 3.0, the additional cost of $8 per kW of installed solar power would phase in over a 4-year period for customers on existing NEM 2.0, not 15 years. (A) Glide Path Approach The “glide path” refers to...
  2. spsheridan

    Too big of a system?

    I don’t think I can answer your question directly. But it is good to be cautious about installing more solar power generation than you need if you live in CA. If NEM 3.0 is approved in its current form, there will be a monthly “grid participation” charge of about $8 per kW of installed solar...
  3. spsheridan

    Egg damage repair

    It looks like you took a photo of a reflection which is swamping out the damage you’re trying to show.
  4. spsheridan

    why is this guy so anti tesla and ev's??

    Hey, that's a 26 min video. How about a time hack or do you really expect us to watch this entire video just to find his reference to Tesla?
  5. spsheridan

    Solar Generation amount differs between PG&E and Telsa app

    The 6.6 kW power you mentioned is probably the DC power coming from your solar panels which is typically what solar installers quote. When DC power is converted to AC power into your electrical panel, there is usually a 20-25% conversion loss. That would bring your 6.6 kW of DC power down to 5.0...
  6. spsheridan

    Has the progress bar been hiding here all along?

    I was sad when I thought they took away the song/podcast progress bar but I just noticed it here. I’m guessing it's been here since the update when I thought it went away. Could you spare a few more pixels in width to make it more visible, Tesla?
  7. spsheridan

    Kilowatts hour?

    I think either phrase implies kilowatts x hours. Where you choose to put the "s" doesn't matter since either may be plural (multiple kilowatts or multiple hours or both). But you are correct that the commonly used term is kilowatt-hours, only because kilowatt comes first.
  8. spsheridan

    Mobile connector stuck at 1KWh

    If you are really getting 110V and 12A at the car, the power you can expect to see is just 1.32 kW. At one significant digit, that rounds down to 1 kW. If the gauge of the extension cord is not sufficient, you'll get loss in the cord which would lower the power you get below 1.32 kW.
  9. spsheridan

    Colors and Cameras

    Many people have reported the same but the cameras on Teslas are designed to perform object identification, not to reproduce colors the way humans see them. What you’re seeing is normal. I see the same on our Model 3 and Model Y.
  10. spsheridan

    Tesla solar panel/power wall for unit in apartment complex?

    I assume you are renting the apartment and not the owner of the complex. If that’s the case, have you had a discussion with the owner about installing solar panels and/or a battery? If it’s anything like the U.S., I think you’d need their permission as a minimum to get panels and a battery...
  11. spsheridan

    Can't Charge Tesla Powerwall While Charging it with Solar?

    Thank you all for your informed responses! I confirmed the rep I was initially dealing with didn’t understand the PowerWall’s capabilities. I spoke to the lead system designer at the company and he set me straight that the system does allow the PowerWall to charge with solar during a grid...
  12. spsheridan

    Hydroplaned and crashed. Driving for 50 years. Never happened before. Thoughts?

    How long have you been driving your Tesla and what type of tires does it have?
  13. spsheridan

    Another Tesla driver in San Diego, CA

    You know what they say ... 7th time's a charm. 🤔
  14. spsheridan

    Another Tesla driver in San Diego, CA

    Welcome aboard, @Old Stewball! Good to see you're making the switch to the Model 3 Performance. My wife has had hers for three years now and based on driving her car, I got the Model YP a couple of years ago. We love them both and won't go back to ICE vehicles. Do you have any updates on when...
  15. spsheridan

    Model 3 struck by lightning 3 times in one day?

    There would be scorch marks if your car was actually hit by lightning. Have you found any? If so, please post a photo.
  16. spsheridan

    Updated to Android app 4.8.0-1025, location is screwy now?

    My wife and I have the same issue with the updated Tesla app - way too zoomed out for the default Location view. It now covers most of the city we live in. We much prefer the previous default view showing our cars' locations down to the address level. We're both on iOS 15.4.1 and Tesla app 4.8.0.
  17. spsheridan

    Los Angeles area curb rash repair recommendation request

    Nick at Auto Creative Wheel Repair did a good job on both of our Teslas. Repair of minor rash (~4" on rim) on each wheel cost $100. We were very pleased with the work - couldn't see where the repair was done afterward. Both wheels were Tsportline TSS glossy black. I believe Auto Creative...
  18. spsheridan

    New phone time; questions re: phone-as-key

    This isn’t a direct answer to your question but something to consider regarding using a phone as a Bluetooth key. Having your phone in your back pocket as you approach the car can inhibit it from receiving the Bluetooth signal from your phone. To solve this, you can remove your phone from your...
  19. spsheridan

    Can't Charge Tesla Powerwall While Charging it with Solar?

    That is very helpful, thank you.
  20. spsheridan

    Can't Charge Tesla Powerwall While Charging it with Solar?

    I’ve been checking Tesla’s site for more information about how Powerwall works and found this page that describes how the associated Tesla Backup Switch works and when it can be used. https://www.tesla.com/support/energy/powerwall/learn/tesla-backup-switch It appears the Backup Switch is...
  21. spsheridan

    Can't Charge Tesla Powerwall While Charging it with Solar?

    Thanks for the info. I suspect the rep I'm dealing with is not knowledgeable about Powerwalls and/or has an ulterior motive. Do you know if the Powerwall can be charged by non Tesla solar power systems while the grid is out? Our solar power electronics is provided by Enlighten, not Tesla.
  22. spsheridan

    Can't Charge Tesla Powerwall While Charging it with Solar?

    I’m getting cost estimates for a home backup battery system from the company who installed our solar panels (not Tesla solar panels). The company I’m working with will install Tesla Powerwalls or Enlighten battery systems. I was surprised to learn that the Powerwall cannot be charged from our...
  23. spsheridan

    Could Tesla FSD used to prevent war

    You do realize that FSD still requires a driver? I'm guessing the Ukrainians could use the money more effectively on weapons or humanitarian aid than buying Model 3s.
  24. spsheridan

    Do model Y interiors get this hot in Los Angeles?

    Cabin Overheat Protection works for up to 12 hours after you exit your car or until the battery charge level drops below 20%, whichever comes first. Like @Ken_Y, I bought an interior sunshade for the roof to help with the heat during hotter months.
  25. spsheridan

    How well does a new 2022 MYP ride?

    I traded in my Uberturbines for 20" TSportline TSS for the same reasons plus the ability to rotate my tires. Am happy with the ride.
  26. spsheridan

    How Tesla Reinvented Driving for Us - TMC Podcast #1

    Looks like Apple Podcasts finally caught up. I now see episode #1. Thanks!
  27. spsheridan

    How Tesla Reinvented Driving for Us - TMC Podcast #1

    Tesla Motors Club Podcast is live now on Apple Podcasts. Although, there was no episode included in the feed.
  28. spsheridan

    Mud Flaps Model Y

    I went to the Tesla site to check out their OEM mud flaps and the page says they are not compatible with my 2020 Model Y. Why would that be? I don’t believe Tesla has changed the wheel well design. Did they add screw holes to mount the mud flaps since 2020?
  29. spsheridan

    Tesla App Questions.

    Which phone are you using and what version of the app are you loading/running?
  30. spsheridan

    Charging on a 6-50R on a 30a breaker.

    I'm curious, how and why did this happen? I'm guessing a licensed electrician did not do the installation.
  31. spsheridan

    FSD Beta Experience - Be Careful What You Wish For

    @Dewg, Your post made it to the front page - an indication of its quality. Well done. Tesla Motors Club
  32. spsheridan

    FSD Beta Experience - Be Careful What You Wish For

    I'm curious, what exactly do your bumper stickers say? Well written summary and very similar to my experiences with FSD Beta. Even though I'm not willing to use FSD Beta all the time, I think the limited times I use it still benefit Tesla because I tap the camera icon to record any odd behavior...
  33. spsheridan

    Phantom Braking

    Here's a relatively recent article about NHTSA's investigation of Tesla phantom braking. US government investigates Tesla cars after reports of unexpected braking
  34. spsheridan

    Traffic aware cruise control behavior

    Here's a recent article about the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's investigation of Tesla phantom braking. US government investigates Tesla cars after reports of unexpected braking
  35. spsheridan

    Tesla App Questions.

    Yeah, Tesla is not consistent with their UI. In this case, the A/C button shows the current state is Off (i.e. press to turn On) while the Vent button indicates what state you want to change to - so Vent means windows are closed and you push the button to open them slightly. 🤷‍♂️
  36. spsheridan

    Traffic aware cruise control behavior

    This unsettling behavior is referred to as phantom braking and is a well-known problem with Teslas. You can search the term in this forum and in Google and you'll find many examples. Tesla says they're working the problem but it persists.
  37. spsheridan

    MYP Questions

    1. Yes, all windows have some tinting but there's more tinting on the rear windows, hatch, and roof. Even so, many people choose to get after-market tinting. 2. Fantastic speaker system. One of the best stock audio systems I've heard. 3. Yes, a light tap on the turn-signal stalk gives you 3...
  38. spsheridan

    Solar Generation amount differs between PG&E and Telsa app

    My wife and I did some calculations to answer this question and the answer depends. She wrote a blog post on this subject which you can find here. Dumb Question Corner - Is it Better to Charge Your EV at Night or During the Day if You have Solar? - Podfeet Podcasts This post assumes that you do...
  39. spsheridan

    Solar Generation amount differs between PG&E and Telsa app

    @jjrandorin is correct. The key term in your PG&E bill is “net” generation which is the difference between how much energy your solar panels generate (shown in the Tesla app) minus how much energy you consume in your home. PG&E can only measure the net energy supplied to the home or supplied...
  40. spsheridan

    Keeping the lights on

    Ah, so that's what RTFM stands for. ;)
  41. spsheridan

    Body Shop in Los Angeles

    Our Model 3 had a minor rear-end collision last year and we had it repaired by Jim & Jack’s in El Segundo (they are on the list). Although the name doesn’t imply it, Jim and Jack's specialize in Tesla repair. Their location is a reasonable driving distance from Santa Monica. They did a fantastic...
  42. spsheridan

    Where can I order special grill for Tesla model 3?

    Please be more specific in your request. What grills are you referring to? Provide photos or links to what you're seeing.
  43. spsheridan

    Anyone own a red Model 3 or Y?

    Purchased in May 2019 with no PPF or other coatings. Paint holding up fine however it only has ~10K miles and we keep it garaged when not in use.
  44. spsheridan

    Score now 99 - do you get FSD Beta now or next cycle?

    16 days after having FSD Beta activated and my Safety Score is still in my app. Not surprisingly, it's dropped to 95 after a couple weeks of "normal" driving.
  45. spsheridan


    No, I don't have Tesla insurance. Thanks for the info.
  46. spsheridan


    I've had FSD Beta for 3 days now and they still haven't removed my safety score. I'm assuming it doesn't matter so I'm driving "normally" and my score has dropped from 99 to 97. As it continues to drop I'm wondering if Tesla might remove me from FSD Beta. Anyone else still have their safety...
  47. spsheridan

    2021 Holiday Update Version Differences

    I received no notifications from Tesla. FSD Beta just showed up on my car ready for download. And I still have the Safety Score which has been dropping steadily since the download.

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