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  1. J

    Autopilot steering wheel hack

    Here's the weights in the pics for $9.75 on Amazon.
  2. J

    Autopilot steering wheel hack

    I'm pretty OCD about stuff like that too and I seriously don't notice it at all when not in AP. If you think about it, 11-12oz really isn't much weight.
  3. J

    Autopilot steering wheel hack

    Finally got some pics...
  4. J

    Autopilot steering wheel hack

    Hey. 2 pages into this thread, I got sick of the flame war from the holier than thou nanny state so I don't know if you got your question answered because I quit reading. I started with an exercise wrist weight from Walmart and I took out some of the weights to figure out how much weight to...
  5. J

    method: getOnBoardingData()

    I've had mine for a little over 2 years now. Hopefully this has changed but my app quit working for a day or two just a few hours after delivery. I called and they said that is normal. Since then, it's been trouble free. My wife had a similar experience with hers. Congratulations on the new...
  6. J


    BTW, seems to only have a problem with 75mph signs. Seems to only recognize that they're there about half of the time. And, even when it sees them, it's wrong about 1/3 of the time. Haven't noticed much of a problem with other speeds. Strange.
  7. J


    On a road trip right now with 2020.4.3 (2018 LRM3), several phantom braking events. Really annoying. Also, I really like the speed limit recognition on the highway except when it reads a 75mph sign as 35 and then limits the cruise control on AP at 40. First world problems.
  8. J

    Model 3 subwoofer install.

    tlr1000 had a good idea about taking it to a retailer. It's been a long time since I needed it but the auto parts store used to test, condition & charge a battery for free if I left it with them. Might be worth a try.
  9. J

    Model 3 subwoofer install.

    LOL, didn't read this post before my last reply. This sounds like a better idea than mine.
  10. J

    Model 3 subwoofer install.

    It could have something to do with resistance as well as for what the car is sensing. I think a battery increases in resistance as it ages (read that somewhere IIRC). See if your multimeter will give you an ohm reading across the terminals of each battery & compare. I think the battery...
  11. J

    Model 3 subwoofer install.

    If you have a charger, you could charge the factory battery and put it back in as a test. If my theory has any weight, maybe the charge would bump the voltage high enough to make the sound system work as designed. Since you have a meter, check the voltage of the factory battery before and after...
  12. J

    Model 3 subwoofer install.

    I have a theory about this that might explain everything. Just a guess but let me float the idea. I love the sound system in my car. I've even listened to some dance music because the bass sounds so good... not normally in my wheelhouse. Applause from Lady Gaga sounds REALLY good on that...
  13. J

    Where does AP get speed limits from? How can I fix/ask to fix them?

    This is a bit of speculation but it may be a clue. There's a spot near my house where the speed limit is 45. There used to be a sign upon entering the city limits that said "Speed Limit 30 unless otherwise posted" (or something similar). It looked exactly like a regular speed limit sign but...
  14. J

    Any hack to remove the autopilot nag?

    Sorry. Just noticed that one's not available anymore. These should work too. CKAuto 1/4oz, 0.25oz, Black, Adhesive Stick on Wheel Weights, EasyPeel Tape. Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Motorcycles, Low Profile, 60 oz/Box, U.S. OEM Quality, (240pcs)...
  15. J

    Any hack to remove the autopilot nag?

    Stick about 11-12 oz to the back & bottom of either the 3 or 9 o'clock spoke. Clean looking from the front, cheap & easy to remove. Just make sure the plastic is clean or it won't stick very well. I wiped mine off with rubbing alcohol. Works great. Pit Posse Motorcycle ATV Car Truck Wheel...
  16. J

    Used model 3 AP and FSD retrofit

    This car likely has the 2.5 computer since it's a 2018. It'll require a hardware upgrade to 3.0 to get all of the current visualizations (stop lights, stop signs & trash cans) but the driving functionality is the same as of today. As they get further along with FSD, there will be more of a...
  17. J

    Battery level after driving most days?

    Not sure why someone down voted your post. He or she must really enjoy going to the gas station. Agreed that a long range EV like the 3 is much more convenient day-to-day... if you can charge at home. The trade off is that it's a little less convenient on road trips.
  18. J

    Hot floor after driving high speed

    Ditto on same drive. Also 2 road trips from Denver to central PA and one to Sacramento in the middle of the summer without noticing any heat from the floor. And... I have serious lead foot:D. Either it's the HVAC (more likely) or there's something really wrong (less likely but plausible). It...
  19. J

    Hot floor after driving high speed

    Nothing wrong with what you're doing and it doesn't really matter. But in such a small space with air movement from the HVAC, the "hot air rises" phenomenon will likely be negligible. If it makes you comfortable, then keep doing it but I'd argue that you should just aim it for maximum personal...
  20. J

    Extension cord

    It's probably worth it to consider a longer extension cord in the trunk/frunk. I have a heavy duty (pretty sure it's a 10 gage but might be a 12) 100' cord in the trunk with my charger. I don't use it very often but, inevitably, the plug I want to use is a few feet too far for a 50' cord. I...
  21. J

    Torklift Central Stealth EcoHitch for Model 3

    Has anyone in here with the hitch had a reason to remove it? I'm curious about corrosion. I remember that was an issue with the Model S IIRC due to disparate metals in contact.
  22. J

    "USB too slow for dash cam" error message

    It was me. My car is fine and my wife gets the error from time to time. As Knightshade relayed, we've swapped flash drives and mine still works fine and hers occasionally has the error that everyone else describes including the OP of this thread. It's quite possible that it's a hardware problem...
  23. J

    MASTER THREAD: 2019.40.50.x - Driving Visualization improvements, new voice commands, Camping Mode

    I think it's embarrassing that no other cars have OTA updates. It's almost 2020!
  24. J

    Severe Hail Storm...but no damage

    Pretty tiny hailstones. Wouldn't expect that to damage much of anything.
  25. J

    Self parking in a very tight garage - doable?

    Regular summon should do it. You'll just need to line it up before you get out. Mine's pretty reliable these days as long as both the car and the phone have a solid internet connection. But I'm not sure I'd trust it if it's literally impossible to get in the car once it's in the garage. You'll...
  26. J

    A few (early) 3 questions

    It would likely be a "piece of cake" as long as you're not using the heater extensively, no significant elevation change (overall... up & down hill average out over the trip) or with any strong headwind or side wind. So, most of the time when the weather is decent, it'll be no problem. Check...
  27. J

    2.0 vs 3.0 USB?

    +1 on this being a software problem. My wife and I have identical cars except for the color and identical flash drives. She has problems and I don't. We've swapped flash drives and same results... mine has never had a problem and she occasionally gets the too slow error.
  28. J

    2.0 vs 3.0 USB?

    +1 on this. It'll be faster when you plug it into a computer too.
  29. J

    LTE Issues

    Agreed. The car can't make calls... 911 or anything else. It's data only. Use your phone to call 911 if you need it.
  30. J

    Does the model 3 have an IOT garage door opener app?

    I have a widget on my phone that disarms the alarm & opens the garage door. Only slightly less convenient than if there was a button in the Tesla software. Not quite as nice as the GPS homelink but not bad enough to motivate me to set up something similar on the phone. My car came with the...
  31. J

    M3 suitability to my geography+requirements

    Seems like you might be cutting it close on range. 50% lower than rated is a good estimate IMO. But you have very little margin for error especially without that proposed supercharger and when the battery degrades. Also, the more often you go to the extremes of state of charge (i.e below 10% or...
  32. J

    Black "OEM" aero wheels on ebay

    Hmmm... kind of hard to tell in the pics but they look brand new. If you like that color then the price seems reasonable based on other used 18" rims that I've seen.
  33. J

    My car ignores me all too frequently!

    Uninstall/reinstall the app. Also, bluetooth doesn't penetrate water (i.e. your body) very well. Make sure your phone is in a front pocket or otherwise toward the car on approach. If that doesn't help, hopefully someone else can think of something. Good luck.
  34. J

    Black "OEM" aero wheels on ebay

    They don't look black in the pic. They appear to be the factory grey.
  35. J

    On the fence...reasons to return (?)

    The fitment issues will be fixed under warranty if you complain about it. I'd go in prior to the 7 day window so that you have a trump card to return it if they don't take care of it. Same with the other two issues. Most similar things have been pretty easy at my local SC but I've heard of...
  36. J

    touchscreen & polarized sunglasses?

    I only buy polarized. Never noticed an issue.
  37. J

    Garage door opener alternatives

    +1 for MyQ. I have an alarm from Link home security through Costco. The included alarm.com app interfaces directly with MyQ. Created home automation scenes in alarm.com so it's 1 button to arm the alarm and close the garage door. I also have it set to turn off all the lights and lock the doors...
  38. J

    What do you think is better for battery

    Sounds like it's not an option but even plugging into a 120v outlet for 8 hours at work might be enough if you can figure that out. It would add around 40 miles (maybe a little less). Unfortunately, ev + cold weather + using the heater uses significantly more energy than rated. Obviously you...
  39. J

    Bluetooth Phone Auto-connect lost

    I have the exact same issues. Interesting that you have an iPhone. I have a Pixel 3xl. Guess it's likely not my phone. Your writeup made me think of something since you mentioned special characters. My phone is named "Gary's Phone" for the Bluetooth connection. Not sure if you can rename it on...
  40. J

    Tesla Home Charger. Redundancy. (Poll included)

    We have 2 Model 3's & 2 HPWC's on a 100 amp circuit with load sharing. We had to add a subpanel because we were out of space so I had the electrician add a 14-50 as well just in case. In over a year, no problems with the HWPC's. I haven't even tested the 14-50... good reminder, I'll do so...
  41. J

    Hidden Tesla phone cable trick and best mount

    What's a bonnet? :Do_O
  42. J

    LTE Issues

    Cool. Thanks. I'll try it out.
  43. J

    LTE Issues

    Secret menu? Please explain.
  44. J

    AC odor removal and cleaning

    I replaced mine. 16 months & ~25k miles. They were dusty but not horrible. I'm probably going to do it every 1-1.5 years from now on. My wife drives a lot less than I do so I'll probably stick with every 2 years on hers unless it starts to smell.
  45. J

    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Best habits are to keep the charge state as close to 50% as practical for your lifestyle and charge daily if possible/convenient. If you normally use 40% of the battery between charges, set the limit at 70% so that it drops to 30%. This is the best advice for all lithium batteries including your...
  46. J

    Collision Repair Times Improving?

    My wife got hers about a year ago. 4 days later someone backed into her in a parking lot. ~$15k in damages. Luckily it was still drive able. Took 3 months to get to the front of the line at the body shop (we were picky about where to take it). Took another 3 months to repair. Over half of the...
  47. J

    What is the true cost of ownership?

    The Model 3 is only two years old and there's probably very few, if any that aren't still under warranty. Any predictions would just be a guess. My guess is that it will be fairly low. Most of the little(ish) things mentioned by the OP will be sorted under warranty so only the typical things...
  48. J

    Teslas for Females - Practicality vs Fun?

    Back to the OP's original topic, my wife and I are on a road trip. I was walking into a restaurant with my Tesla Tshirt on yesterday and a middle aged woman (maybe 50-60ish) stopped me to ask if I owned a Tesla. I said yes. She gushed about her Model 3. She said she was recently at lunch with a...
  49. J

    Teslas for Females - Practicality vs Fun?

    What's your data for this? My wife used to own an Infiniti G37x and her Model 3 is only a few dollars more per year to insure. I used to own a Jeep Wrangler and my Model 3 is actually cheaper to insure. Going from our old cars to two Model 3's there was no "big shock" it's roughly the same as...

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