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    Audio system looses bass or all sound, and strange clicking

    FWIW, My 2021 M3P with the premium audio (though all speakers are replaced, and aftermarket amps power them) does the same click but I seem to notice it happening when there is an audible indicator being generated by the computer (as in, a turn signal sound, or turning on or off of cruise...
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    Tint level

    I only did the rear section.
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    Model 3 subwoofer install.

    If I had to guess, I'd say the OEM sub box is about 0.3-0.5 cu ft, about what to be expected of an 8" driver. I was able to mount two amps and the relay/resistor in the spot where the OEM sub/amp used to reside.
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    Tint level

    I put 50% on my windshield, 20% on the sides and back window, with 35% on the roof glass.
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    235/35/20 Front & 275/30/20 Rear with stock Tesla Ubertines - Stock everything -- would this cause any issues?

    Sorry for the late reply, I haven't been on here in a while! I used 5mm spacers from Model+ and the simply slide over the lugs and rest on the center hub bore. No suspension mods, though I'd like to get some MPP coilovers at some point in the future.
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    235/35/20 Front & 275/30/20 Rear with stock Tesla Ubertines - Stock everything -- would this cause any issues?

    2021 Model 3P Ubers are a 20x9 with a +34mm backspace. I run a 255/35 on my Forgestar +35mm with a 5mm spacer but I would think it would fit. It seems like I've seen a few people say that a 275 would fit.
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    M3P: I'm done with the stock Pirellis. Where next?

    I run a 255/35/20 on my M3P and feel its the size that should've been on the car at delivery. Like someone else noted, slightly wider with a hair more sidewall. I can't comment on the PS4 or PS4S, the DWS06 fits just fine!
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    Performance buyers who don't want Uberturbines/20s, what's your plan?

    I'm ok with the size, I'm just not a fan of the look. I swapped to a Forgestar wheel with a 255/35/20 and very pleased. Though it might not be every 18 or 19, I'm sure you can find a smaller wheel that fits.
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    Has anyone upgraded door speakers (like the focal ISU200) and not dash?

    I agree with others, go ahead and do them all. I run a set of the amped garage adapters for my Illusion Carbon 8's in the doors, and used some 3D printed adapters for the Illusion Carbon C3CX's in the ends of the dash.
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    Project: Model 3 Race car [project model 3 racecar on the Nuburgring / "The 'Ring"]

    This is awesome and I'm interested in seeing how well this comes together.
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    255/35 on Uberturbines?

    I run a 255/35/20 DWS06+ on my M3P, 20x9 wheel with a +30mm offset. You'll be fine with plenty of room. You could have a set of 5mm spacers on hand from Danny at Model+ if you're worried.
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    No software update received yet

    I haven't had the parts replaced (my appointment was this morning but we were hit with a winter storm so I decided to stay home), but from what I can gather there is a firmware mismatch that doesn't seem to allow certain components to update with the rest of the OTA update.
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    2022 M3P All Season Tire Fitment Question

    Here are a couple of pics of a 20x9 +35mm with a 5mm (net +30mm) with a 255/35/20
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    My Model 3 Audio SQ Build Log (Helix, Audiofrog, HAT)

    Excellent!! I dig my Illusion Carbon 8's to mate up with my SQL-15!
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    2022 M3P All Season Tire Fitment Question

    I'll try and get some pics, but it should move it away from the upper control arm.
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    2022 M3P All Season Tire Fitment Question

    I got a set of these from Danny at Model +: Stepped delete spacer
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    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    A 255 is what should've come on the car from the start, IMO. Let see if these work...
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    2022 M3P All Season Tire Fitment Question

    I run a 255/35/20 Continental DWS06 on my 2021 M3P. No problems with fitment, using a set of Forgestar F14's in a 20x9 +35 with a 5mm spacer.
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    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    I recently went with a 20x9 +35 Forgestar F14 in bronze on my MSM M3P. I contacted Danny at Model+ for some info and he was very helpful (even though I didn't buy the wheels from him). I went with the 5mm spacer with a 255/35/20 Continental DWS06. I was able to get the BT TPMS sensors from the...
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    No software update received yet

    I am setup for Advance, but according to Service there is an issue with my specific car that needs some part(s) to be replaced to get the update to work on my car.
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    No software update received yet

    I've had many attempts to install the new software, even going so far as to request assistance from Service. I initially had a mobile appointment but that has been escalated up through the Engineering team and now have a service center appointment to have some parts/pieces replaced. Hopefully...
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    RPM Tesla - Positive order experience

    I've bought a few parts from the company over the last 6 months or so since I got my M3P, and my results have been flawless!! Shipping has been relatively quick considering I live in Tennessee, with all products being packaged well. If I've ever had any issue, Chad was excellent to deal with and...
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    Speaker Dead or ?

    I'm not sure there is anything that is supposed to come out of that speaker aside from possibly some chimes or other vehicle based information. I've had all of the "normal" front speakers unhooked and had no sound coming from that individual driver.
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    Speaker on A pillar either extremely quiet or not working

    During the process of installing my new speakers and amps, I had to drive around for a few days with no "front" speakers, only the tweeter for the center and the "height" tweeters that are in the headliner at the top of the a-pillar. They do make some noise, but not very much, and like you've...
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    Which USB port on the 2021 is Data?

    The USB A in the glove box will read music (and is intended to be used for dashcam and Sentry), and the two USB C ports at the front of the console will read music. The rear ports are charge only.
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    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Yeah, sorry. I changed it on the other post.
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    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    My plan is a 20x9 wheel with a 20mm off set, 245/35 tire. Not lowered, stock M3P height. I know some people have used a spacer and given offset wheel to achieve the 20mm offset but I haven't heard of anyone doing this size and spacing natively.
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    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    I've at one point gone through all 200 some odd pages and possibly missed it, but has anyone used a 20" wheel with a 20mm backspace on the front of a M3P? I want a specific wheel (and the original plan was a 30mm backspacing but they seem to be on an indefinite backorder) but a 20mm version of...
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    Nissan Leaf to M3 Transition Guy Needs Moral and Emotional Support and Advice on LR vs SP

    Welcome to the site! I won't try to sway you in one direction over what you've already chosen, but like you I sold a 2018 Leaf SL to buy a M3P, and never looked back!! Honestly, the current owner of my old Leaf has told me he will buy my M3P when I decide to get rid of it!
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    What do you think of the uberturbine wheels on the M3P?

    I've had mine for sale since I got my M3P at the end of March. They are better looking in person but still not my favorite wheel.
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    5 g modem in 2021 Model 3?

    I live in an area with 5G Verizon service and my 2021 M3P only shows LTE.
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    TeslaCam / Music Solid State drive works in one Model 3, but not another

    Mine worked for a time in my 2021 M3P but recently started giving me the "format drive to use the dash cam" (or something similar). I've got a 1TB with two partitions for music and teslacam. I can only assume it's due to a recent software update.
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    Plasti dip the emblems

    Or you could do like I did and remove them completely! Front and rear T's are gone along with the Dual Motor badge.
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    Is anyone using a screen protector on the display?

    Add me to the list of those using the Abstract Ocean protectors. I had mine before my M3P was delivered!
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    2021 M3P Uberturbines

    Yes they are! Feel free to email me at mlashlee2 at gmail dot com for faster response!
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    OEM M3P 20" Uberturbines & P-Zeros NEW

    I've got a set with just over 5k miles on them. I'm in Tennessee, I'm not sure how that will work with shipping...
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    Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    @Sandee3 I'm glad you're alive and well but I'm sorry that you've gotta go though the process all over again!
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    SiriusXM radio on Model 3

    What I've done is to save my most listened channels as favorites and simply switch between those channels using the favorites tab of the app. Kink of clunky and a big oversight in my opinion to omit SXM, but it is what it is.
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    My Model 3 Audio SQ Build Log (Helix, Audiofrog, HAT)

    That's odd, though I guess it's supposed to "sound" different!
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    Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    I certainly will do a replacement piece over the cap (sorry for the confusion). Right now my focus is on the stereo (sorry, long time SQ competitor). I already have 8 rolls of deadener going in once I get some time off from work.
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    My Model 3 Audio SQ Build Log (Helix, Audiofrog, HAT)

    I'm impressed with how well the TM65's did in the last install (they replaced a set of ML1600's) so that's settled. The 3d printed mounts I had printed will need to be modified slightly to fit the size of the magnet in my setup (which I think Nick changed on the V2 to V3). I may have give the...
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    Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    Looks great and I agree on the MSM being the color of choice! I agree on the wood, just trying to justify the coin to go with the matte CF cover. I want it but just ruined a tire (thank you Mr. drywall screw, ARGGGHHH!!) that took the money I could spend on the cover.
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    My Model 3 Audio SQ Build Log (Helix, Audiofrog, HAT)

    That's a great update!!! Ironically enough, I'm trying to decide to stick with the 12TW3's or to get a pair of the SQL-12's or a single SQL-15. I also want to know what you think of the Conductor. I've got a Director but have struggled with where to put it. I think the choices you made on...
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    2021 M3P Uberturbines

    I'm willing to negotiate on price, but none of the cheaper ones are around me. Once you factor in shipping to the south, it would closer to what I'm asking.
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    2021 M3P Uberturbines

    I recently picked up my M3P and want to sell the OEM Uberturbine wheels. These have no scratches, bends, cracks, or other issues. I will be removing the OEM BT TPMS sensors unless you have a '21 as well. I am asking $3500, and willing to meet within a reasonable distance from Knoxville, TN. I...
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    Dual Charger setup and Charging outdoor

    It has worked out great, and has for about 3 years. It was sometime around October of 2018 when they were installed and we have one that's grumpy on occasion but other than that they've been trouble free. When they were installed I had a Leaf, there were two Chevy Bolt's and three Model 3's, but...
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    Dual Charger setup and Charging outdoor

    We have 5 of the Clipper Creek HCS-40r's at work, and if two Tesla's are plugged in they split 32A of current (both get 16A). I'm at work for 12 hours at a time so the slow charge doesn't matter to me. We try to park one space apart to allow all of us to charge at the full 32A, but sometimes its...
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    Tinting Rear Window -- Half or Full?

    I just had mine done, 50% on the front windshield, 20% on the side windows, 30% on the top section and 20% on the bottom section of the rear window. I thought at first the seam where the two come together would bother me but I've yet to notice it. Be happy with whatever you choose!
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    My Model 3 Audio SQ Build Log (Helix, Audiofrog, HAT)

    Looks great! I can't wait to get started on mine.
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    Another subwoofer option - NVX Audio

    That's a good plan but I know for certain on the TW3 that the cutout size is slightly larger than a normal 10" driver. That might or might not be a deciding factor away from the TW3. I've used the 12TW3's in my last install and will use them again in M3P.

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