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    Safety score reset

    So can someone confirm if it’s really still possible to reset the safety score? I am reading conflicting messages. Some say yes, some say no with latest software. If it is possible, please describe exactly what had to be done. Thanks!
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    2016 Model S purchased with FSD get free camera upgrades?

    Did you get invited to have your cameras replaced or get invited to the FSD beta? Or did you initiate the camera replacements yourself with no contact from service center?
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    2016 Model S purchased with FSD get free camera upgrades?

    HI all... I saw in previous threads that older Model S's originally with AP2 and purchased with FSD still need camera upgrades to run the FSD beta. Well, I paid for the MCU2 upgrade and got the AP3 computer also, but my cameras are the original ones still. Can I schedule a free camera upgrade...
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    MCU2 upgrade USB music

    Don't use a hub. Plug a USB stick directly into one of the two usb ports in the center console with MP3s on it and it will work. Format the USB stick with FAT32 or FAT16. No issues here. Now if you want the cover pic to show up, then that kinda works... it's been on and off through various...
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    LTE Retrofit $200

    Has anyone asked about any possible 5G upgrade yet? Does the new Plaid or refreshed LR have 5G yet? Seems like it won't be too long before the cell carriers start going 5G exclusively.
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    2021.44.6 - USB Music Cover art is BACK! - sorta

    I just installed the new UI update 2021.44.25.2 and unfortunately, the USB audio cover art is still the same as I described above. It does show the cover art, but the pic in the instrument cluster still gets "stuck".
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    2021.44.6 - USB Music Cover art is BACK! - sorta

    I just spent a lot more time testing this… But to answer your question, nope, search does NOT show usb results. Also, there is no grid of artwork like back in version 8. And indeed the music artwork gets “stuck” on the dash screen. On the main center screen it changes properly with each song...
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    2021.44.6 - USB Music Cover art is BACK! - sorta

    2016 with MCU2 and AP3.
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    2021.44.6 - USB Music Cover art is BACK! - sorta

    Duh! How could I have forgotten that! No cover art update issues because there is no dash display to update! Maybe that’s why it doesn’t work on the Model S…. They fixed it for the 3 and Y and didn’t think about the S!
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    2021.44.6 - USB Music Cover art is BACK! - sorta

    The Model 3 must just be different enough from the S that the artwork not updating doesn't affect you. Now I wish Tesla would fix this bug on the S!
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    2021.44.6 - USB Music Cover art is BACK! - sorta

    HI all, I just downloaded and installed 2021.44.6 on my Model S P100D and my holy eyes couldn't believe it... but USB Cover art graphic is back. The only issue is that it seems to not update properly. The 1st song I pick, the graphic, shows up in the dash display, but if I choose a different...
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    Camera upgrade required before FSD for 2016 MS

    Do they replace ALL the cameras for free?
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    Model S Rear Center Console - $!00

    sold. Thanks!
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    Model S Rear Center Console - $!00

    Same as this one pictured. Black with carbon fiber trim.
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    Tesla Model S rear premium console. Rare discontinued

    I have one of these for sale as well. Excellent condition, no issues. PM me if interested.
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    Model S Rear Center Console - $!00

    I have one of these for sale as well. PM me if anyone is interested.
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    USB Music Stuttering

    My stuttering issues have gone away since using separate usb sticks for dashcam and music. I only had that problem when I tried to use one physical stick with 2 partitions. I’m guessing either the stick or the port couldn’t handle the simultaneous access to 2 partitions.
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    Another question for Plaid and new LR refreshed owners - usb music

    Can someone with the new Plaid or 2021 refreshed LR Model S tell us if USB music cover art works on your UI? We pre-refresh Model S owners have had USB music cover art broken for many months now after some update about a year ago. I’ve been waiting and hoping that each new update would fix...
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    Parked my car at the airport…

    Not normal at all. If you lost visibility to the car from the Tesla app after only a few days, then something happened at that point. You should be able to tell how much charge is left in your car at all times on the Tesla app and I have left the car for over a month before and still had...
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    Tesla ordered to pay $16K to each customer for batterygate

    Any chance we can get this ruling in the US also??
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    14 Grand and no more range wtf

    Are there 100kwh replacement packs? Why even go for the 85 or 90 when the max has been 100kwh for years now?
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    Vendor MCU2 SF giants radio

    Go to Tesla Service and request the new FM radio tuner be added to your car after MCU2 upgrade!
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    Is FM/XM Radio upgrade actually free for early MCU2 upgraders?

    Wow... so you paid $1500 and they did both MCU2 and radio for that price?? So maybe they are dropping the $500 altogether for the radio tuner upgrade and just including the radio with MCU2 if you ask for it? This is how it should have been from the start!
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    Is FM/XM Radio upgrade actually free for early MCU2 upgraders?

    Did you go back recently to get the radio function added back now that it's available,. Originally, the MCU2 upgrade was $2500 and no one came out of it with radio functionality because the option wasn't available back then. But if you go back now and request to get the radio function back...
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    Is FM/XM Radio upgrade actually free for early MCU2 upgraders?

    Hi all, I'm trying to clear up this topic for my own understanding and possibly to help others who have had the MCU2 upgrade done. I saw in some of the other threads that at least a couple of people have gotten the radio restored for free... (i.e. Invoice of $0.00). I'm trying to figure out...
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    2021.4.15 update fixed YouTube login

    I just checked in the YouTube app and I concur with BioSci above. Login still rejected from insecure browser. I also checked album art for USB drive audio, and that is still not working at all. No album art. :-(
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    Restore FM/XM Radio after Infotainment Upgrade

    That's what I was worried about.. how do I know they have the correct Tuner2 version for my car... the one with the XM function, and not just FM only?
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    Restore FM/XM Radio after Infotainment Upgrade

    HI... I know there are already a lot of threads on this topic, but I had my MCU2 upgraded when it first came out before there was the option to keep FM/XM Radio. I just scheduled my appt to get the radio re-added for $500. But when I got the estimate approval email, it showed the following...
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    2021.4.15 update fixed YouTube login

    Does this fix allow actual YouTube sign it directly now?
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    Red glass when water is on it?

    So then it's a side effect of the glass used... I'm just bummed I don't have that effect at all on my 2016 Model S. I do seem to see it more often on Model 3's... but I have seen it on X and to a lesser extent S too. I think it makes the car futuristic looking and very cool. It's weird that...
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    Red glass when water is on it?

    Are there certain model years where the glass roof/windshield/rear glass has a red tint to it when water droplets are sitting on it? Seems like I see this on some Tesla's and not others. Was there a certain heated glass option that causes this effect? I just find the red hue to the glass to...
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    Should I Buy a Used 2013-2014 Tesla Model S?

    I would look at finding a Model 3 in your price range instead of going for a Model S. The reason is the technology in the car. Think of all Tesla's as computers on wheels... there comes a point when the electronics are so out of date compared to the current stuff that it is either no longer...
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    Electric vehicle registration hike in Idaho

    Wow... this is wrong on so many levels. This is the first time I heard someone saying red-leaning people are making "emotional" decisions. It's the left that make emotional decision... in fact, justification for most of the left's policies are based on emotions only. They feel bad for the...
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    Electric vehicle registration hike in Idaho

    You are so exactly right on all of this. That is exactly what is happening to us in Washington state. The govt adds new taxes under some false pretense and then reroutes it to the general fund, then complains there is not enough tax money for the original project and raises taxes again. If...
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    Electric vehicle registration hike in Idaho

    I too am foreign born and partly foreign raised in a communist country. I was lucky that my parents got me out when I was young. English is my second language and let me tell you when I was young even I could see that corruption was everywhere. Either you are well off by being ‘in’ with the...
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    Electric vehicle registration hike in Idaho

    Totally agree! Everyone thinks they are entitled now and they should just get everything they see their neighbors have because they "exist". But they don't understand that is the very concept that leads to socialism/communism which history tells us doesn't work and most people in this country...
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    Electric vehicle registration hike in Idaho

    Yes, that's right. Lovely Brothell! LOL Considering the weather in the other states, I still think this is the best place to live in the country. We have the cleanest air, it's not too hot or too cold, and it's not muggy. The price we pay is the rain for half the year, but that keeps the...
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    Electric vehicle registration hike in Idaho

    Yes I did notice. Boy did I notice. I was livid! I was watching the results of our state right at 8:00pm because it was not only the presidential race, but the Governor race I was very interested in. And immediately, everything showed BLUE won at 8:01pm. Talk about messed up... rigged or...
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    Electric vehicle registration hike in Idaho

    I live in Washington State as well, and what gets me is that EVs AND Hybrids also now get charged an additional $75 fee supposedly for electric charging infrastructure. This is ON TOP of the $150 EV fee mentioned above. So all EVs pay an additional $225 just for the sake of being an EV. The...
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    HEPA Filter Replacement

    You should ask Tesla Service how much they charge to change the HEPA filter, and then ask them if they sell the filter as a part separately. They should be able to answer your questions.
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    How slow will our Screen get once the OS 11 cokes out that was designed for the massive GPU in the new Tesla refresh?

    Oh boy... does anyone think we will get an MCU3 upgrade option?
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    Tesla service on 2017 MS gets blown off!

    Yeah, I think they quietly snuck this in. It was indeed $2500 for everyone, then $1500 for everyone, and now only the AP1 cars get it for $1500.
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    Tesla service on 2017 MS gets blown off!

    I second and third this recommendation. Forget about MCU1 and just get MCU2. I did it when it was $2500 and never regretted it. Now that it’s $1500, it’s a no brainer. You actually get more features, more speed, and best of all more reliability! No matter what they say about fixing MCU1...
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    Bought a 2013 Tesla and because of 2FA i have no way to acces my account through a new device or any device actually!

    When you get ownership of the car (after Tesla verifies your documents and transfers ownership), Tesla will add the car to your account at Tesla.com. That same login will allow you to login via the Tesla app. So it doesn't matter what account was on the car before... they will all be removed...
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    Major Problem (electrical failure, smell, smoke and shutdown) 2017 Model S

    Oh man... definitely let us know what comes out of this. I always wondered in situations like this if I am out of warranty and something major like this happens, can I get insurance to cover, or Tesla to cover, or am I stuck out of pocket?
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    USB music showing up in search for ANYONE????

    Hi all... I just wanted to see if anyone has gotten the Album Artwork to show up in the Model S for USB music on the current firmware? Mine's been gone for so long now, but I know it used to work. Does anyone have the Cover picture showing when playing USB music now?
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    EAP Removed After Vehicle added to Tesla Account

    If you can get the original window sticker, that would help your cause a lot. Then you need to find out if the vehicle passed back through Tesla between the original owner selling and you buying. If it did NOT pass through Tesla, then you should have everything shown on the window sticker (it...
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    2017 model s 100d question

    Is the upgrade from 48A to 72A charger still available? I have only the dual charger at 48A, but would be interested in the 72A if still available.
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    Model S FSD Confirmation

    My Model S P100D (which is a 2016 so even older than yours) shows Full Self Driving Capability on the Name Your Vehicle screen, so it is not true that it should show Enhanced Autopilot because your car is old. But the Navigate on Autopilot and Traffic Light Stop Sign Control is part of Full...
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    Time to pull the trigger and buy a Model S. Help me understand the pricing though please.

    Bang for the buck, for sure the new LR is the way to go. But for sheer performance, 2.4/2.3 is still quicker than 3.1. That's how Elon gets his premium profit margins. And that's why the Plaid+ will cost so much more. The fastest or the "best" will always command that non-linear upcharge...

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