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  1. FlyF4

    Lighted T Sign

    The person you reply to does not understand how simple it is to install one and make it waterproof. Or just wants to argue.
  2. FlyF4

    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    Hmmmm, we all know Mr. Musk's past comments have gone from "This year" to "3 months maybe, 6 months definitely" to "next weekend" now "by Tuesday" and usually none of those releases have every been correct. I am expecting his new predictions will start being something like "6 PM" and then...
  3. FlyF4

    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    Yes, I also did that quite some time ago. It's the first indication I get that something new is coming out. There aren't so many emails as to be annoying either, just when something new is spotted.
  4. FlyF4

    Bad Tesla Customer Service

    hmmmm, not mine. Lasted almost 4 years.
  5. FlyF4

    Kicked out of the FSD Beta! (Long Post)

    That doesn't seem to be the question that him/her was asking. Seems they want to know if the camera is tracking eye movement or just head movement.
  6. FlyF4

    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    I don't think it is good to assume those cars don't exist. They could have been part of a trial. I know of such cars from a few months ago. Perhaps that is what he is talking about.
  7. FlyF4

    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    yes, sort of the same with me. Frankly, I don't care to get the FSD beta. I just run the scoring out of interest to see what it is doing. Strangely, even after over 2,000 miles, the score still flips between 98 and 99. I don't try to baby it since I don't care. I just drive the way I...
  8. FlyF4

    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    Well, he really should have said the "Replacement Kit and Service Bulletin" are not available. The parts clearly are available since they have been going into new cars for years now. ;)
  9. FlyF4

    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    That's an interesting reply from the service center. I suppose it could be true you might see this in the app in the future, yet in the past I have never seen a notice in my app about "free upgrades" such as HW3, etc. I'm seen notices about things they want me to buy. I doubt it will first...
  10. FlyF4

    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    Thanks, Glad you clarified that because the way it was shown in the original post, it can mislead people to think Elon also said those "options" in his tweet which of course he didn't.
  11. FlyF4

    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    That isn't the way I interpreted Elon's comment. Maybe wrong. What Tweet are you referring to? If you are referring to the same tweet I think from yesterday, then you are assuming the earlier cars (or some of them) won't get the beta when in fact they may. I understood him to say they will...
  12. FlyF4

    backslash \ button missing?

    I understood what you meant. Some people on here seem to just want to get in the last word to satisfy themselves that they are smarter than everyone else. ;)
  13. FlyF4

    Snippiness 2.0

    Well, you have probably noticed that Saxgod gets defensive and anyone that disagrees with him, he goes and disagrees with all of your postings even if the information you post is factually correct. He does it just to be rude as if anyone cares about the disagree button. This is why I clicked...
  14. FlyF4

    Drive to Cancun

    I would not want to. Better have some special insurance protection for that area.
  15. FlyF4

    Funny story re: red light racing

    good point. Though people who like to be stupid in their cars will disagree, yet I know you don't care. I don't either.;)
  16. FlyF4

    An honest review of the yoke

    Hmmmm, you would have a hard time flying a military jet with a stick :) I test drove it last week and didn't have any issue, but sure I can understand some people having an issue with it.
  17. FlyF4

    Remember when all the pilots here were like FINALLY A YOKE!

    I would hope you know I was being a bit sarcastic. :) Just saying I never make judgement on things like this without actually trying it. I've been surprised in the past. I am wondering why there is yet another thread like this when there is only speculation about how something is going to...
  18. FlyF4

    Window tinting for baby / pet / temperature control?

    not in the 5 years I have had ceramic tint.
  19. FlyF4

    Begging At Charging Stations?

    hasnt happened to me in 6 years of Tesla driving and I've been everywhere around USA
  20. FlyF4

    Remember when all the pilots here were like FINALLY A YOKE!

    I remember because I was a former pilot and there have been at least a couple threads about this already with varying opinions . Frankly, I think I like it but will reserve my final opinion until I get an chance to test drive it. I don't have Einstein like ability to perform a "though...
  21. FlyF4

    Excessive Off State Power Drain

    yes, this and possibly main pack cooling. Both have happened to me in very high heat. AND sentry.
  22. FlyF4

    Lots of summer road trips - how to maximize

    Have you actually ever charged at 120 vac? If yes, then you know you are not likely to gain much mileage. You'll mainly be replacing the the charge that is lost through idle usage.
  23. FlyF4

    Rear View Visibility

    yes, and I use it too. Solves my issue with limited visibility.
  24. FlyF4

    Any stories about increased interest in EVs because of gas crisis ins SouthEast?

    You haven't done your homework. Just one example of places that have backup methods to supply gas when power is out. Though correct, they can't pump without electricity. The electricity comes from backup sources during a power outage. The station right down the street from me has backup...
  25. FlyF4

    [UPDATED] 2 die in Tesla crash - NHTSA reports driver seat occupied

    he won't. He thinks he knows everything. That's why I ignore him.
  26. FlyF4

    California Utilities Plan All Out War On Solar, Please Read And Help

    fine, I would just go completely off the grid :-)
  27. FlyF4

    Did anyone randomly get a toy Tesla Model 3 from Tesla

    you two are talking about different things. There is a 1/42 scale model
  28. FlyF4

    CR Engineers Show a Tesla Will Drive With No One in the Driver's Seat

    Hmmmm, so CR says they prove this can be done...... on a test track with painted lines. Yea, like that mirrors the scenario in the accident last week. :rolleyes:
  29. FlyF4

    Reverse Parking Issues

    D, yes, this ^^^. Many people don't really know how to use those moving lines on the camera for parking.
  30. FlyF4

    My poor baby, someone rear ended me, anyone know what to expect in cost and time?

    but that doesn't mean you have to deal with his company. File with your company to go after them,
  31. FlyF4

    Small accident

    I don't think so. You are missing his/her points. Just let it go. :-)
  32. FlyF4

    Driving through Nevada, heat pump keep up?

    I am wondering if you know that it is not the darkness that matters.
  33. FlyF4

    Tax rebate extension possible?

    I think of a gun when I hear that phrase. How about just saying I bought it? Much simpler.
  34. FlyF4

    FSD Computer Upgrade and Experience

    I think you have a good point about this posting. But just to say I don't watch those "disagree" ratings and don't think anything about them. Whenever I disagree with a post, it is not because I think they are wrong, it's usually because my experience or information is different for theirs. I...
  35. FlyF4

    Firmware update 2018.14.2

    Uh, I think what he meant was that maps rolling out in CA first..... which I believe is wrong, but could be. It can't mean that only the California map areas area updated. When a rollout occurs, the maps include the most recent data for all of US, not just a specific state or area. It is...
  36. FlyF4

    Firmware update 2018.14.2

    I guess you figured out by now that it was maps. That's about the right size.
  37. FlyF4

    100D real world range ?

    Agree with Jag. Our experience is that over the last year and 12,000 miles we averaged 315 WH per mile. Obviously more in winter, less in summer. Combination of about 50% interstate and 50% in town.
  38. FlyF4

    PSA: Don’t log out of the Tesla App, or Phone-As-Key wont work for 3

    Yup, news to me. Doesn't this seem like a dumb design that you have to depend on cloud services to get into your car? And you know when this happens, right? When it is raining, cold, and that strange person is following you to the car !
  39. FlyF4

    Supercharger - East Palo Alto, CA (LIVE 30 Jun 2018, 20 Urban stalls)

    Thanks, good to know. Don't assume. It wasn't a stereotype. A couple years ago I was working in EP and it was terrible. Still is in some parts. I avoid it completely when I go there. Glad t hear it might be improving in some parts. The comment was someone of a joke on the past history of...
  40. FlyF4

    PSA: Don’t log out of the Tesla App, or Phone-As-Key wont work for 3

    Uh Oh. That is a bummer. I don't have a 3, yet thought you could open the car via BlueTooth connection.
  41. FlyF4

    PSA: Don’t log out of the Tesla App, or Phone-As-Key wont work for 3

    And just to think, it wasn't that long ago that we were all happy not being about to communicate with our cars and willing to actually walk outside and look at it. :D Probably part of the reason for my extra 10 pounds in the last year!
  42. FlyF4

    gf cant get into car with iphone app. 24/7 SERVICE WONT ANSWER PHONE!

    Amen to that ! He wrote the connection api that is used by several companies with apps ( development tool), so guess I can't go slap him silly. Oh what the heck. I'll slap him silly anyway :eek:
  43. FlyF4

    Powering Up Problem After 1 Week in Garage

    me too confused. I'm going to ask about this tomorrow. I got someone to pester :confused:
  44. FlyF4

    gf cant get into car with iphone app. 24/7 SERVICE WONT ANSWER PHONE!

    Oh, that is interesting. Thanks for input. Then I must have misunderstood a comment from one of my buddies whom works on this stuff. I understood that there were several pre-programmed messages already in the app and that if the app can't connect to the server, one type of message is...
  45. FlyF4

    Powering Up Problem After 1 Week in Garage

    Ok, what does work under that condition? Continuing to hold?
  46. FlyF4

    Auto lane change not working

    Really? That would be nice, but mine doesn't and I have the newest firmware as of today.
  47. FlyF4

    gf cant get into car with iphone app. 24/7 SERVICE WONT ANSWER PHONE!

    yes, I understand and agree that can happen. If you are not previously logged in and then connect to the app and login, you will see the temporary message. Under other circumstances you will see either network error or login problem.
  48. FlyF4

    gf cant get into car with iphone app. 24/7 SERVICE WONT ANSWER PHONE!

    Just so you know, that message is programmed into the app and will appear for ANY reason that he app can't connect to the API server.
  49. FlyF4

    gf cant get into car with iphone app. 24/7 SERVICE WONT ANSWER PHONE!

    Are you folks reading above? You might have not noticed that this is not a cell company issue Every cell phone user will have the same result :D

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