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  1. K

    October 2021 Order Delivery Dates

    Would you rather have your Model Y or a horse from Elon?
  2. K

    Financing options.

    If you live in the Bay Area, CA and have the option to use Stanford Federal Credit Union I would. I already had an account with them, but when I got my EOQ MY VIN last Thursday the rush for financing was on. I applied on Friday night online with Stanford Federal along with a few other CUs. I...
  3. K

    Plain Model Y customers punished AGAIN June 2022

    If you just ordered your car in March, I think it’s too early to be whining. I’m in no way a Tesla fanboy or Musk fan. I think Tesla went down the tubes once the 3 and Y got released as Tesla hasn’t been able to scale as quickly as they’ve grown. They got rid of their PR dept and put customer...
  4. K

    7 seat waiting room

    Got my VIN assigned last Thursday and just picked up today. OD: 10/18/21 White, 7 seater with geminis and black interior. Got lucky being in CA and got the EOQ push.
  5. K

    MYP totaled 2 days before delivery

    I think it’s only states that Tesla isn’t allowed to sell directly in that they require payment prior to delivery. If your state is not one of those, don’t pay Tesla in full before you physically see the car. That’s just common sense.
  6. K

    October 2021 Order Delivery Dates

    Got my VIN last Thursday, OD 10/18. White 7 seater, Gemini wheels, NorCal.
  7. K

    Roof damaged during delivery

    Why would you reject the car just because the roof glass is cracked? If the windshield were cracked, would you refuse delivery instead of having them replace the windshield?
  8. K

    Tesla Tequila #35 of 420. Last ever made

    Depends if you have a liquor license to sell it or not.
  9. K

    Tesla Tequila #35 of 420. Last ever made

    Are you selling it or just trying to brag?
  10. K

    2021 Model Y Performance Lease Transfer (So Cal)

    I hope none of you put anywhere near $10k down on a lease.
  11. K

    7 seat waiting room

    No, they should just stop prioritizing FSD. First in, first out. Tesla has gone the way of Boeing, corrupted by Wall Street greed. BTW, @WhiteWi has ignored me so he doesn’t get to see these fun responses lol.
  12. K

    7 seat waiting room

    You added FSD to expedite your delivery. Your original EDD wasn’t June, it was May and you were whining when it didn’t get delivered. Hence you added FSD to get your car quicker. Just because you didn’t remove it, you still used to loophole to get your car quicker. Stop being a hypocrite.
  13. K

    Removing FSD before taking delivery?

    People have been saying that for years. It’s called FOMO.
  14. K

    7 seat waiting room

    I was under the impression that you would pay current pricing if you bought an inventory car. Did you pay the price your original reservation was for, or current pricing? That’s a big driver in deciding to go inventory or keep waiting.
  15. K

    7 seat waiting room

    Cause the world revolves around @WhiteWi? You also claimed you’d get your Model Y at the end of May. Guess all that fanboying didn’t get you anywhere with Elon.
  16. K

    Elon: Working on Tesla NA Service. Goal of having 2/3 of cars have same day service w/ no wait.

    So what you’re saying is the direct to consumer sales approach may not be all rainbows and unicorns?
  17. K

    Elon: Working on Tesla NA Service. Goal of having 2/3 of cars have same day service w/ no wait.

    The majority of work, other than physically putting the cars together or fixing them can be done remotely. Is there a reason the couple of customer service reps or the 1 finance person working at Tesla can’t work from home? All of the big tech firms are competing against each other for talent...
  18. K

    Elon: Working on Tesla NA Service. Goal of having 2/3 of cars have same day service w/ no wait.

    “Tesla tries hard to give good service”; really?? They are the least service/customer service oriented car manufacturer. They just care about pushing as many cars out as possible so the quarterly figures look good. Their service and customer service departments have not grown equal to their...
  19. K

    Elon: Working on Tesla NA Service. Goal of having 2/3 of cars have same day service w/ no wait.

    Hasn’t Elon made statements about improving service in the past? At this point he should stop tweeting crap and actually deliver on his statements.
  20. K

    Punctured tire repair, tire out of stock - advice

    You are buying directly from Tsportline, just via their eBay listing instead of their website. Companies have .com stores and eBay stores. A lot of time the eBay store prices are cheaper than their .com prices. Either way you buy, it’s still coming from the same reputable company.
  21. K

    Model Y LR reservation for Sale. Save $500!

    First of all, did you you quote and respond to yourself? lol Just because a used Y is listed for sale at $74k doesn’t mean it’s selling at $74k or worth $74k. You can list something for whatever price you want, doesn’t mean it will sell for that price. Hence the market value is driven by the...
  22. K

    Punctured tire repair, tire out of stock - advice

    They’re not fake items, they’re sold by Tsportline on eBay. If you trust them with your wheels, I’m sure their TPMS can’t be any more dangerous.
  23. K

    Model Y LR reservation for Sale. Save $500!

    Market value is driven by the market (buyers), not the seller. If everyone is coming in below what you’re asking, then they aren’t below market, you’re asking above market value.
  24. K

    Punctured tire repair, tire out of stock - advice

    Tsportline sells OEM compatible TPMS sensors...cheaper on eBAY
  25. K

    Just got quoted $3000 to re-paint hood

    You don't have to get paint done at a Tesla certified body shop. Any reputable paint shop can match the paint based on the paint code.
  26. K

    Window exploded while parked for Level 2 charging

    That is the dirtiest, non-dirty post I've read.
  27. K

    Feeler FS: 20" Uberturbines

    If you make a deal with someone and they give you a deposit, follow through. Doesn't matter if your "family friend" offers more/less or the same afterwards.
  28. K

    Window exploded while parked for Level 2 charging

    Nothing like lawyering up for a $300 broken window. Barometric pressure, not crazy or a mystery.
  29. K

    Selling Model S LR After Delivery

    Have fun sitting on this one. There's quite a few refreshed MS' for sale on this forum. One in Chicago is $95k.
  30. K

    Full Self Driving without Assistance by this time Next Year - Musk

    There's a difference between being wrong and being misleading. Hence his issues with the SEC. Just look at the Tesla ordering page and you'll see that the misleading starts when you order a car. The first price you see is "Potential Savings", not the actual price. If you're new to Tesla or not...
  31. K

    Transfer M3P Reservation to a New Buyer?

    You know what you should do to get this done. Call your SA and give them your reservation number. Let them know you don't want the car anymore and would like to sell it to a stranger.
  32. K

    Rear ended with less than 100miles. Help?

    Probably the same way that people come up with sales prices in the FS threads here. They make a number they personally think their car is worth that is nowhere near the actual market value.
  33. K

    Full Self Driving without Assistance by this time Next Year - Musk

    I think after 5+ years of claiming FSD is coming and the other FOMO tactics Elon does to increase sales, it's far from speculating at this point. Why do you think he always announces and makes a big deal when FSD is going to get a price increase? It's not to help you get a better deal, it's to...
  34. K

    Full Self Driving without Assistance by this time Next Year - Musk

    He's not doing it for the good of autonomous driving/keeping it relevant. He keeps making promises and talks out of his ass to push FSD sales. Nothing he does is for the good of anyone or anything except his bottom line now.
  35. K

    Renting a house setup for EV

    No personal experience, but all you would do is add a line in your "For Rent" ad that there is a 14-30, 14-50, etc.., outlet available for EV charging.
  36. K

    20" Uberturbines 2022 M3P, new takeoffs, New York (tristate)

    Yes, if I ever get my MYLR this is the route I'm looking to go. The 20" M3P wheels seem to be a perfect OEM compromise of looks and functionality for the MY.
  37. K

    Pre Selling 2022 MYP 21" Überturbine wheels w/ Pirelli P-Zero and TPMS SF/BAY AREA

    It's a buyers market for these as a large number of people are switching from LR to P for quicker delivery. They all have the same idea to replace the OEM Uberturbines and sell them.
  38. K

    Snippiness 2.0

    "Jack and jack stands, yep, I've had them for years. Low profile too. That should give you a hint as to what I've worked on in the past." - Go Karts, slammed Honda Civics? If Webster's ever added "Karen" to the dictionary, I believe your picture would be there. If you want to fulfill your...
  39. K

    Underside View on New Vehicle Pickup

    If you care this much about ensuring the car is perfect, you should probably own your own jack and jack stands. Then when you get it home, lift it up and inspect the underside. If you find any issues, report it in the app like anything else within the designated time frame/mileage.
  40. K

    7 seat waiting room

    I'm pretty sure they have a lot of pending orders for 7 seaters, so not sure how accurate this is. Would have been nice if they used Austin to produce either 5 and/or 7 seater LRs to alleviate the backlog. Instead of using it to create another SR variant of the Y that is essentially leaving the...
  41. K

    October 2021 Order Delivery Dates

    Seems like Tesla likes to deliver when you tell them you'll be out of the country and can't take delivery. Maybe I should just tell them I'll be out of the country so I can get mine delivered.
  42. K

    Tesla Model S 2021 with FSD $95,000 - South Chicago

    Damn that's a good price.
  43. K

    Model Y Long Range Delivery Issues

    Typically loan terms are only good for up to 60 days. Since finances change and the market changes, they won't honor loan terms due to the EDD being pushed out. If so, there would be a lot of owners locked in to pre-inflation rates.
  44. K

    2022 Tesla Model X Long range Gray white interior walnut accents MSRP fees 8% plus $24k

    A whole lot of rambling as others have said, posting a pic or two would save time and probably sell it quicker. No one cares about the reason you want unlimited supercharging, your trip, or all your stops. You do realize that the higher you sell it for, the more the buyer pays in taxes to DMV in...
  45. K

    Model Y LR reservation for Sale. Save $500!

    Better than giving it to a scalper with the risk of losing $8500 if Tesla cancels the delivery.
  46. K

    60k miles, heat pump failure 2020 MYP - Tesla wants $4500

    Let's be realistic here, the heat pump is not part of the battery. You could associate any part of the car with any other system if you wanted as they are pretty much all working together. You could say the tires are part of the drivetrain, but we know they aren't when it comes to warranty...
  47. K

    October 2021 Order Delivery Dates

    I wish I even got that close to delivery since October.
  48. K

    60k miles, heat pump failure 2020 MYP - Tesla wants $4500

    There are 3rd party companies that offer extended warranties for Teslas. You could ask for a goodwill fix or maybe ask if they would split the cost with you. There's no argument for lemon law protections here and you are outside the warranty coverage. I know you're upset that the heat pump...

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