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  1. Adam3

    Skid plate justification

    I replaced my front and rear compressed felt underbody shields with the 2021+ OEM injected hard plastic. Not as good as aluminum I suppose but much better than the original felt. Bought them off eBay from someoen who just received the car and immediately upgraded to aluminum.
  2. Adam3

    Tesla Wall connector with 14-50 NEMA plug

    I did this with both gen2 and gen3 WC. Home depot sells the 50-amp whips (do not use 30-amp).
  3. Adam3

    Accident today - front left bumper

    One million dollars
  4. Adam3

    Any reason to upgrade 2018 M3 for 2022 M3P?

    I'm holding out for air suspension and air cooled seats
  5. Adam3

    New headlights retrofit

    That greentheonly guy on Twitter can probably tell you
  6. Adam3

    Slow tire leak on Model 3

    Tire shops use a soapy water bath/spray, you'll see bubbles coming from the leak. America's Tire does this for free, even if you didn't buy the tires from them.
  7. Adam3

    M3P or new MSLR?

    Have you test driven the new S?
  8. Adam3

    My Thumb drives keep dying

    I use these, have not had an issue in 18 months: SanDisk 128GB MAX Endurance microSDXC Card with Adapter for Home Security Cameras and Dash cams Kingston MobileLite Plus USB 3.2 microSDHC/SDXC UHS-II Card Reader (MLPM)
  9. Adam3

    Going from 2017 Model S to 2022 M3P, any downsides?

    Test drive it
  10. Adam3

    2022LR buzz/rattle only at 30–38mph

    Does the noise stop if you press on the front speaker grill (between dash and windshield)?
  11. Adam3

    M3P VS BMW I4 M50

    This is very impressive. M2C is really sweet.
  12. Adam3

    do you really need a portable air compressor?

    You sold me, I ordered one
  13. Adam3

    2021 Tesla Model 3 Loud Clunking Noise When Slowing Down

    Weird, haven't seen this one before.
  14. Adam3

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Model 3 Track Package. You can buy just the wheels.
  15. Adam3

    New headlights retrofit

    Haha, wow. Where is the blue coming from? It's so bright it looks like a blue LED.
  16. Adam3

    Can not activate autopilot after windshield replacement

    in sentry mode does the front camera work? (eg. live view)
  17. Adam3

    I accidently filled my tire with the Tesla repair kit sealant, should I be worried?

    My understanding is that it's not necessary to do anything. The tire pressure sensor will continue to work. There is a possibility the tire is out of balance from the goo - did you drive the car after using it (before it cured)? Curious to hear other people's opinion.
  18. Adam3

    M3P - Slammed Into Curb Hard - Totaled?

  19. Adam3

    Delaying order, extra $250 order fee?

    I don't think they will allow you to delay delivery for 3 months if the car is ready in July
  20. Adam3

    Tesla Won't Install Ohmmu [aftermarket 12v battery]

    Ohmmu battery has it's own BMS which can fail. No thanks.
  21. Adam3

    Any configuration regrets?

    You can't go wrong, every config is awesome!
  22. Adam3

    To Front Badge or To Not Front Badge

    Often the SC has them in stock, you could try stopping by and asking. Otherwise, open a service request and let them know you want to purchase a replacement front badge WITHOUT installation . Then you'll pick it up from the SC when it arrives (which could take weeks). Often these are sold on...
  23. Adam3

    My first accident

    But was it the real Mr. Kanavy that left the strange note?
  24. Adam3

    Battery Damaged After Hitting Tow Hitch

    The front and rear aero shields are now made from a hard injected plastic material, should be much sturdier than the compressed felt that rips.
  25. Adam3

    Peace sign wave

    Peace sign is the universal "wassup" . Sometimes waving makes the other person think you are trying to get their attention.
  26. Adam3

    Rear fascia covered under warranty, how should I navigate service?

    Submit a new service request and include the bulletin information.
  27. Adam3

    2022 M3LR Dash buzz/rattle (not the normal one)

    Have you tried using a tone generator to replicate the rattle? Then you can focus on finding it without driving.
  28. Adam3

    Buying used Model 3, new model 3 or Kia EV6

    Hyundai/Kia/Mercedes have a couple features I'd like including Augmented Reality HUD and Surround view camera. I haven't driven one yet though. Hyundai/Kia might be more interesting when their "GT" version comes out (600HP).
  29. Adam3

    Skid plate/undercarriage shield on 2022

    Ok, thanks. This is why I thought mY version would be compatible. But mine isn't a 2022...
  30. Adam3

    Skid plate/undercarriage shield on 2022

    I purchased front 1499151-00-C and rear 1498771-00-E that came off a 2022 Model Y, but have not tried installing them onto my 2020 Model 3 yet. Tesla parts catalog lists 1498771-00-D for both Model 3 and Y so hoping the "E" version fits fine. "E" is not even listed for Model Y in the parts...
  31. Adam3

    Vendor Carbon Ceramic Brake for M3

    I want something more better
  32. Adam3

    Where to purchase OEM M3 front plate holder?

    Interesting, I'm surprised OEM ones are selling for $50+ on eBay. Might be cheaper from Tesla service center (?).
  33. Adam3

    Model 3 Window Rattle (When it's fully closed)

    Dumb question, which cable was rattling for you? I have a similar noise and have tried wiggling but cant replicate (unless my issue is actually door glass). The white label next to yellow tape?
  34. Adam3

    Model 3 performance ride quality

    The Raven and newer air suspension is so good. We need it in model 3!
  35. Adam3

    As of about three hours ago, I'm a Model 3 owner!

    The smiles won't stop for a long time
  36. Adam3

    Best M3P Color That's Not MSM or White?

    Try stopping by a local service center, seeing the colors side by side should help.
  37. Adam3

    Tesla denied warranty for Upper control arms because of Aftermarket Suspension

    That's a bummer. Just curious, what is the cost for Tesla to replace both?
  38. Adam3

    M3P or MYP?

    Test drive both. Y drives/handles more like a SUV.
  39. Adam3

    Illuminated Door Sills - Tesla Shop

    I know others reported something similar, someone might have found a solution.
  40. Adam3

    SoCal Spotted a model 3 with Honda badges

    I used Google image search :D
  41. Adam3

    Should I traded in my 2018 M3LR RWD for a 2022 M3LR?

    $15k + california TTL on $52k, so probably more like $20k (?). IMO I would wait for the next "major" refresh.
  42. Adam3

    Anyone go P->LR?

    ...............................maybe schedule a LR test drive?
  43. Adam3

    Tires seem to require very frequent air addition?

    Adding air every 3.5 months seems perfectly normal.......
  44. Adam3

    Worth buying an M3P at this point?

  45. Adam3

    Worth buying an M3P at this point?

    In 2019 I wasn't going to pull the trigger until Model 3 had air suspension. I'm glad I didn't wait haha A model 3 with 4680 batteries, air suspension, and augmented reality HUD would be sweet.
  46. Adam3

    Replacing rear trunk lid wiring harness

    Tesla parts site has lots of diagrams Parts Catalog

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