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  1. Fusion

    California DMV - Plates & HOV Stickers

    Surprised they decided to go with yellow considering all those old cars that still have them and never removed them.
  2. Fusion

    What are they doing on hwy 80 in the bay area near Berkeley?

    Anyone know what they are doing on hwy 80 near Berkeley? Looks like they are replacing the center median. Is it just that or they installing some new things?
  3. Fusion

    California DMV - Plates & HOV Stickers

    Wow and I thought waiting 1 month in the past was long. Now I can see why so many new cars don't have their stickers yet as I pass them on the HOV lanes. haha
  4. Fusion

    What is the tallest sidewall tire that will work with the stock 18” wheel

    Sorry to revive a old thread but my friend's LR dual motor came with 255/45-18 sized tires. I thought stock was 235/45-18.
  5. Fusion

    Tesla Y Pictures - Interior and Exterior

    That power trunk makes me want to sell off the 3 to get the Y.
  6. Fusion

    If you get door dinged while sitting in the car...

    One time some lady opened her door and it dinged my door while I was sitting inside. I told her to be more careful. Then I noticed she walked out like she was going to go shopping but then decided to walk back to leave. That made me suspicious and I went out to look before she could leave...
  7. Fusion

    Breaking news update: Elon states no refresh coming for model s/x

    I know. Still no news so nothing is coming.
  8. Fusion

    Breaking news update: Elon states no refresh coming for model s/x

    So sad...... was waiting for the refreshed S.
  9. Fusion

    Walk-in seating, backroom, headroom?

    I wouldn't sit 2 kids back there. Would be a nightmare in a accident.
  10. Fusion

    Tesla Adjusts Supercharging Cost To Include Vehicle Use While Charging

    You would think that whatever is being delivered to the car would be what is charged. This does not make sense. Maybe they were using calculations instead of actual meters?
  11. Fusion

    For those with Bluetooth connections, remember to lock your car after using credit card key

    "If" you have a phone set as a key. I'll have to test it. It use to be that if you only had a key card, If you unlocked with the key card, you would have to lock with the key card because it would not automatically lock if you walked away.
  12. Fusion

    DIY PPF...which one to choose from Amazon?

    You should probably buy the full roll. If it's your first time, You will need extra. Let me know if you plan to do it and maybe I could come over and help/try. I tried to do my front bumper in one piece and it wasn't easy. The hood and side panels are much easier. I would say use a full roll...
  13. Fusion

    Thoughts about mud flaps (and their removal/re-install)

    Glad I put some PPF before installing mine. I remember the old days where those black front end protectors were sold to a lot of people only to find the dirt that built up sanded away their paint they were trying to protect in the first place.
  14. Fusion

    Thanksgiving 2019 Supercharger lines?

    They need a good way to queue cars. Some locations, you have calls coming from all different sides thinking they should be next in line for charging. Some owners are not civilized unfortunately.
  15. Fusion

    Who's at fault here? (Accident video inside)

    Ah! Didn't know Tesla cam records the rear also now.
  16. Fusion

    Flex Film Tint?

    Truthfully, when it comes down to it, I would look at price and the quality differences. You will find most tints are pretty close in stats. It does not make a lot of sense to pay more for roughly 1-5% difference in heat rejection in most cases. There is actually only 3 major tint...
  17. Fusion

    Flex Film Tint?

    Do a search on tintdude from actual people who tint for a living.
  18. Fusion

    Photos of modified headlamp performance – amazing

    This guy is also active on Yes, the parts are easy to get, it's the labor that is the slightly harder part. If you surf hidplanet, you can get a idea of how to do it yourself. It's not super hard.
  19. Fusion

    Photos of modified headlamp performance – amazing

    This guy is also active on hidplanet.com, not sure about now after all the money he stole. Actually he is still around considering it shows he was still active since yesterday.
  20. Fusion

    My take on mud flaps

    They do have two types. A hard molded type(which you got) or a very flexible one that's more like rubber. Looks the same but different materials.
  21. Fusion

    My take on mud flaps

    Here's the hand holding: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=model+3+mud+flaps&ref=nb_sb_noss_1
  22. Fusion

    Vendor Suma Blind Spot Side Mirrors

    So the price went up from $149 to $169? There was a 10% off of $149 before?
  23. Fusion

    Vendor Suma Blind Spot Side Mirrors

    I loved these when they had similar ones for my Honda S2000. You will have to adjust the way you drive because the objects will be much much closer to what you see in the mirror. I wish they made it for the model S and here they are for the Model 3.
  24. Fusion

    Is this a botched tint job?

    Looks like I installed it. You should take it back. If they hand cut, he should of rolled/file the edges and not cut to fit. Really poor cutting skills. If he can't do it, ask for your money and go else where, however do allow them a chance to make it right.
  25. Fusion

    Extended warranty for the 3

    Any news if they will be offering it for the Model 3?
  26. Fusion

    Cracked Rear Window

    Is it from the inside or outside?
  27. Fusion

    America's Tire says 19" factory tires underrated for vehicle

    Um... I think America's Tire was trying to sell you FUD. They can easily look up the tire rating and know it's not a problem. So every car with aftermarket wheels should get a new placard? I would skip that location entirely.
  28. Fusion

    What product do you use for the deepest wettest looking gloss?

    Old school. Klasse All in One and then topped off with P21S 12701W 100% Carnauba Wax
  29. Fusion

    Model3 keycard transform to ceramic ring

    Nice. Is that ring molded with plastic?
  30. Fusion

    Great CA DMV Experience with replacement HOV stickers

    What did you put as the reason for the replacement? You can try this number: 916-657-8035
  31. Fusion

    Want painted calipers? Don't want to spend $600+ on them?

    Wondering if the shops remove the calipers or just mask and paint like this.
  32. Fusion

    Glass Roof Cracks

    There has to be a problem with the rear glass. Also considering it seems to all start in the rear close to the middle areas. A lot of people insinuate that tint is what caused the cracks in their rear glass. I of course don't agree with that assessment.
  33. Fusion

    "Group buy opportunity" for reasonably priced Mud Flaps (Model 3)

    Looks like they could of did some light sanding of the edges for a cleaner look.
  34. Fusion

    Elon confirms Spotify is coming to US

    You normally lose some quality with Bluetooth and that's why most audiophiles don't like to use BT headphones.
  35. Fusion

    Molded mud flaps arrived

    Look here: Molded Mud Flaps on Amazon
  36. Fusion

    Molded mud flaps arrived

    There are two versions of this. One is hard plastic and the other is flexible abs.
  37. Fusion

    Why red rear signal lights on US version?

    The two colors help differentiate the difference between braking and signalling. At least the new Audi's dynamic lighting with red turn signals are distinct enough and really cool looking.
  38. Fusion

    "Group buy opportunity" for reasonably priced Mud Flaps (Model 3)

    I'm just saying they are making more work for themselves. You have labels already made for all your order. You are already backed up. Let's take the time and cancel all the shipping labels so we can go spend more time and make new ones. Does that make any sense? I'm not saying they are...
  39. Fusion

    "Group buy opportunity" for reasonably priced Mud Flaps (Model 3)

    There is no reason to cancel the labels as it could still be shipped with it.
  40. Fusion

    Wheel Well Soundproofing

    Probably new tariffs going into effect.
  41. Fusion

    AC odor removal and cleaning

    This is how they clean it in other cars. You usually shoot the solution up the AC water drain valve.
  42. Fusion

    AC odor removal and cleaning

    The high heat kills the germs that make the smells. It will come back again. Another note, this does happen with other cars. My experience with Toyotas were the same. Rule of thumb is if you use the AC, try to turn it off maybe 5-10 mins before your destination and let the air still run to...
  43. Fusion

    Glass Roof Cracks

    If this was the case, everyone's window that ever been tinted would be cracking.
  44. Fusion

    If you are on the fence about a P3+ or P3-, get it!!

    Go ahead and rub it in for all those that paid more for the LR model. hahaha
  45. Fusion

    AC odor removal and cleaning

    That's actually the upgrade bio defense filter. The car inside still has the standard filters.
  46. Fusion

    Dashcam & Sandisk iXpand USB Drive

    Make sure everyone who has problems, to report it and not wait to hope they fix it. They can't fix something if they don't know that something is wrong without user feedback.
  47. Fusion

    Dashcam & Sandisk iXpand USB Drive

    Curious if the last update screwed something up.
  48. Fusion

    Musk Teases Features of Tesla’s Version 10 Software

    Don't we already have that feature?

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