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    Auto park

    Auto Park is part of the FSD or EAP package. If you just have basic autopilot, you can't do auto park.
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    New USB hubs - Taptes USB Hub Pro/Basenor USB Hub

    So probably about 1 and a half years of using the hub, it's starting to die on me. It would sometimes not power up the wireless chargers, and my sentry mode USB without having to unplug and replug them often. Does this seem like an USB hub failure? Now that Taptes don't make the USB Hub Pro...
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    2019 M3P totaled?

    $6k? That itself might not be even enough for replacing both doors. I would say about $15k for this one, possibly more depending on the damage behind the front wheel. It's looking unlikely the car would be totalled.
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    New phone time; questions re: phone-as-key

    Over the past 3 phones I have that's paired with my car over 2 years(Galaxy S20FE/S21+/S22+ now), it has worked basically 99.9% of the time, the number of times where I have to manually open with the key is probably somewhere in the range of 3-6 times.
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    Minor clear coat scratch from motorcyclist (not at fault), should I bother to report to insurance?

    Hey all, So I am on the freeway, a motorcyclist decided a skip through a really tight space between two cars (my car and a semi truck), and caused a clear coat scratch (I think mostly). Here's a picture link for the damage: I got their license plates fortunately with a secondary dashcam, not...
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    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    I have a SR+, so I won't be getting neck breaking 0-60 speeds like the other trims, but hopefully going from 5.3 to mid-high 4s should be a big difference. I still have the MXM4 tires from OEM, just going to use it all before going to a better all season tire like PS All Season 4. Surely won't...
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    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    To my surprise, it does have a 980 motor! Here's the picture of the plate below. I also have double checked the papers, and it did state the manufacture date of 01/2020.
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    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    What's the cutoff for the 980 motors? I have a Jan of 2020 build, is this a 980 or 990 motor, or unsure?
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    Full sized spare tire for Model 3?

    I personally carry a Hyundai Genesis 18" full size spare myself, and it fits in the truck fine. There's also the Modern Spare option that's also great. It does take quite a bit of trunk space however, if you are carry alot of cargo often, it may not be the best choice.
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    Hit something on the road damaged wheel and tire.

    If the tire still holds air, maybe it might be okay to drive for a short distance. With the bent wheel, you might feel sore vibration while driving, and I definitely would not drive fast with it. As it has sidewall damage, the tire would have to be replaced. Replacing the entire wheel/tire...
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    Carry an extra tire for roadtrip?

    Is this sturdy? I have been thinking of putting my spare tire like this, but I wasn't sure if this will be a hazard in the case of an accident or it will put too much stress on the frame...
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    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/sr-sr-model-3-rwd-waiting-room.144725/ Take a look for yourself. You and probably over thousands of future RWD Model 3 owners are having long waits for them.
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    Carry an extra tire for roadtrip?

    I don't carry a full size tire, I carry a hyundai genesis 18" full size spare with a jack, torque wrench, and a breaker bar. The modern spare is also a good option as well as others have mentioned.
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    My first accident

    I had almost the same exact damage (maybe a little less in severity) and I had to wait for a month for the next appointment... I wish it was only 11 days for me. The body shops are overloaded here in Southern California.
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    Rear Ended After Installing Mods

    I absolute hate people that carry state minimum for insurance requirements. I get that for some people that's their only option due to budget, but for anyone that can easily afford it and don't carry anything higher than state minimum, they might as well play the lottery. Their coverage of...
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    No 2022 Model 3 CVRP Rebate

    Looks like I was right... But now without the Model 3 and Y, that's atleast half of the EV sales.
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    What Would You Do with Your Gas Debit Card?

    ******!!!!!, my last year's vehicle registration is about 8x that, I believe it was about ~$560. I do expect it to go lower to low $500s this year, but still a significant amount. Even something like 10 year old Honda civic still costs in the mid $200s...
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    What Would You Do with Your Gas Debit Card?

    For me, that money is probably going straight back to them as paying for my vehicle registration...
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    Upgrades that actually worked :)

    I have been really thinking about getting a rear sway bar as well, it's been in my mind for a while. How's the difference in handling before and after in your opinion?
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    No 2022 Model 3 CVRP Rebate

    I do have to wonder if CVRP will be removing the Model 3 and Model Y entirely from the list during the next revision of this July, as the base MSRP limit for sedans is $45k, $60k for SUVs, which the recent price increase for the base Model of 3 and Y hit above the base MSRP limit ($47k and $63k...
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    2018 M3 Long Range EAP Changed to FSD Capability

    If you don't see any charges on your credit card, don't ask, don't tell...
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    Best M3P Color That's Not MSM or White?

    My favorite is red, but blue is a rather underrated color, I don't see them many around my area, and I think it really looks nice in person. But, your best bet is to go a service center and see them in person, it may surprise you on how the colors in person.
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    Really tight garage entrance

    I would not risk it. Even with mirrors folded, the width of the Model 3 is 76.1 inches (vs 82.2 unfolded), almost 6 1/2 feet wide. I would not be comfortable at all with only a 1/4 feet of space each side for summon.
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    Tint question

    I have my rear glass on one entire piece on Suntek CIR for about 2 years now, haven't noticed any crack as of yet. I guess knock on wood?
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    Anyone go P->LR?

    If anything, there's the $2000 acceleration boost option if you do want some extra performance on the LR. Granted it's not as fast as the performance and you still don't get track mode, but it's close.
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    Hit and Run. Looking for community thoughts on repairs.

    From the damage that was done on the side fenders, it's not very certain if anything inside the wheels were damaged. It's alot of things and labor to be considered, like what Freedom says, and the side camera, and who knows what needs to be replaced. I had a rear quarter panel damage, they...
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    NCA (li-ion) vs LFP SR+/RWD weight distribution, differences?

    Hey all, Just curious about the topic, I know it's nothing important. I believe from what I find online, the SR+ (with NCA battery) has a weight distribution of 47/53 front/back, with the LFP battery being heavier, is the LFP version for SR+/RWD about the same in terms of weight distribution?
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    Estimated Repair Cost?

    Oh man, sorry to hear about your car. As simple as this might look, this could be a nearly $10k repair in my opinion, it would depend if the door need to be replaced entirely. They would probably have to repaint the entire passenger side to ensure the color is even, and that's probably one of...
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    Where'd the dashcam icon go?

    It should be in the menu of the car when you press the car icon on the bottom left, it should be on the "controls" side, the dashcam icon should be more in the middle of the page. Here's a picture: https://cdn.teslanorth.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/tesla-v11-5.jpeg If it says "recording"...
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    Received a Tesla Shop gift card - what should I use it for?

    If it was me, I would probably get an another mobile charger, especially if you use the included mobile charger with your car for charging in your house.
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    California DMV - Plates & HOV Stickers

    Pretty sure CHP will not care about that either way... Like they ever cared about non-EV/PHEV/etc solo drivers in the lane anyway.
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    TeslaCam / LightShow/ USB Music on a single memory card?

    I have tried putting Boombox and LightShow in the same partition, and that makes Boombox unavailable. Your best bet is likely each partition for each purpose as you have stated.
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    California DMV - Plates & HOV Stickers

    Quite wonder why they are using yellow again as the HOV sticker for 2022+... They are really out of colors to pick from huh?
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    Got Hit n Run in Parking Lot - TeslaCam caught it!

    If it was me, I would probably just let it go and just file a simple incident report. Looking at your video, it doesn't seem that anyone in your vehicle was hurt. I don't believe it's worth the time and hassle to pursue it as a criminal case, especially no one was hurt. I recently was involved...
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    Experiences/where to go for appraisals for diminished value claims (CA)?

    Hey all, So my car is its last stages of repair from the body shop, so I should be getting my car back soon. In the meantime, I am looking for pursing for a diminished value claim, I was wondering what appraisal services people have used before and their experiences with them and diminished...
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    Diminished value claims, how should I proceed/tips?

    $275 isn't too bad for a appraisal. If you don't mind me asking, were you able to get alot more from the diminish value claim from your car? When did it happen, and what year was your Tesla and the mileage?
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    Tesla Insurance customer service and claims experiences?

    I was unfortunately been a part of an accident, which you can read more about it here with a bit of my experiences: Car accident, Tesla Insurance experiences/rental questions, more additional concerns/questions In terms of claims and customer service, they have been alright to me, but it's...
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    Diminished value claims, how should I proceed/tips?

    Hey all, So I am about to get my car back from the body shop, and I am looking into submitting a Diminished Value Claim to the opposing insurance company, which they already paid for my repairs and my current rental. But it seems that Diminished Value Claims in California heavily puts the...
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    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    Warranty is the only thing that's preventing me to do this on my SR+... If only Tesla has an official acceleration boost for SR+ as well.
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    Paying for my Tesla

    I would give them a call, they should be able to help you out.
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    Century mode

    So this is what live "century" mode is about...
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    Orbital Wheel Covers

    Had to check my old emails about this, but looks like it's 56mm.
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    Orbital Wheel Covers

    I got my red decals that I placed over the orbital wheel cover caps here: TESLA 3d car wheel center cap emblems stickers decals :: Red logo/Black background :: ― Online shop 3D wheel center caps For the tint, I have it all 30% all around.
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    What's next for model 3?

    More like $2000 nowadays....
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    Someone keyed my car for no reason

    Sucks to say, but if it's lower than your deductible, I wouldn't bother with insurance at all. A cheaper solution would be just go with the Tesla touch up paint, but it won't look as good.
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    SR+ owners [what is your daily commute]

    Welcome to owning an EV, where "refueling" daily is the norm. The SR+ is fine for your job commute, in fact, for most people as well. Unless your job primary involves with driving to clients/etc or occasional long distance driving to job sites, if your daily commute to work and back home is...
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    SR+ owners [what is your daily commute]

    I used to have a 60 miles round trip, and that takes about 35% battery, but 10% of it is used for sentry mode/cabin heat protection for the 8-9 hours of parked outside. I would say around 40% battery usage is about what you would expect.
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    Beware pot holes

    Not possible, smallest you can go is 18". You can try to compensate with less sidewall with slightly bigger and thicker tires, but it will reduce range.
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    Car accident, Tesla Insurance experiences/rental questions, more additional concerns/questions

    Some updates from Tesla Insurance and Tesla Collision Center from Pomona if you guys are curious: Insurance side: Got a call from the adjustor yesterday, basically gave them a debrief of what happened again, and emailed the adjustor all the pictures regarding the accident. They said they will...
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    Do we get paper registration on car pickup in CA?

    It might take a while for you to get those papers, when I got my car about a year and a half ago, it took them 3 months for me to get it in the mail...

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