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  1. Trips

    Supercharger - Lincoln, NE (610 W O St)

    As of Saturday, they have not started. The Omaha location has not started and I'm guessing they will do them at the same time.
  2. Trips

    Supercharger - Omaha, NE (8801 WEST CENTER RD)

    South of the gas station there are stakes in the ground. Two are marked with OPPD and the other with 1000 Kw? XFRLR or something similar. There are 7 spots on the west and 5 on the north. Picture taken 6-19-22.
  3. Trips

    Chargepoint in Nebraska

    Most of the chargers are from a grant from the Nebraska Environmental Trust. They have a list of about 20 companies and ChargePoint seems to be the easiest and cheapest to work with. For the home charger rebate The Nebraska Environmental Trust gives money for rebates to the Public Power...
  4. Trips

    Rear Ended After Installing Mods

    When a destroyed Tesla can go $25k+ at auction it makes it really easy for the insurance companies total them out. Parts for Tesla required repairs can get expensive where these salvaged cars to not replace all these parts. The insurance would have to pay for them. For example if you are in...
  5. Trips

    Picked up my Tesla in early December, worst car I've ever owned.

    Are you driving on 20 inch wheels that are flat? Even at 100 mph+ in 32 degree weather with properly inflated tires I can get 180 to 200 miles. For the charging it must be at a really low rate to only get 22 kWh. For 20 minutes of Tier 1 charging it should only be ~$3.40. Your math is not...
  6. Trips

    Cybertruck News

    Elon, why do you do this to us? Do I keep the Dual Motor Model 3 with FSD AND get a Dual Motor CT or trade the the Model 3 and get the Quad Motor. Dual Motor CT ~ $38k after tax credit Quad Motor CT ~ $32k ($80k CT - $8k tax credit - $40k trade in) Yes, I know it's way to early to make...
  7. Trips

    Discussion: Tesla Vision system for Model 3/Y

    I went from radar to vision only and believe I'm stuck with it even if I remove FSD Beta. In 2 months I don't think it will be an issue but the auto headlights will still suck.
  8. Trips

    Have I locked in a price

    Eliminating 7 camera's is only going to save $175. You still need the reverse and mirror camera along with the computer. It would cost more to leave the camera's off then to put them on.
  9. Trips

    Charge port door stuck, service center cancelling appointment

    Do you have a 2017-2019 ~VIN under 120,000? If so there is a known issue with the motor that has a small part that wears out. In the Midwest with rain, snow and ice, most people have had it fixed by the mobile ranger. It takes 5-10 minutes to swap out.
  10. Trips

    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    I had a 100% until Saturday until about 6PM where it dropped to 99%. Around 11AM on Sunday I got it back to 100% and received the update. I love my steering wheel that I've had for almost 2.5 years. Using FSD with it is a totally different experience vs. manually driving. I could see how...
  11. Trips

    Sold my Model 3 to save for Cybertruck

    I'm in a very similar situation. My original plan was to trade in my Model 3 for a Cybertruck Dual Motor with FSD (~$65k). New plan is to keep the Model 3 w/ FSD and get the Cybertruck Dual Motor no FSD (~$55k less $10k credit = $45k). That is a $20k savings. That one year delay is allowing...
  12. Trips

    Escort Max 360 (non-c) band segmentation problem with Model 3

    I have the 360C with 9 & 10 enabled with no issues. It should be the same as it's just the 35.6 - 36.0 GHz range. I did have general issues about a year ago that was fixed by reinstalling the software.
  13. Trips

    Notification when charging to 100%

    You will get the notice when you charge to 100%. It is just letting you know to not do it all the time or let it stay at 100% for an extended period.
  14. Trips

    How many will look into the F-150 Lightning?

    Reservation ~#15,000 for the Lightning. In 6 years my dad went from saying electric cars are stupid to wanting me to get him one. The Cybertruck design was a little much but the Lightning will be perfect. His requirements were a normal looking truck, large "navigation" screen and to be able...
  15. Trips

    Cybertruck production likely delayed....Post your best guess of WHEN for the record!

    Thursday March 24th, 2022 is my guess. That will give them a week after the delivery party to move them out of state and legally sell them before the end of Q1.
  16. Trips

    Rear camera when towing

    Done! Elon tweeted at reply to Tim Dodd "How about a wifi camera link?" when he asked for this.
  17. Trips

    Vinegar A/C After 1000 miles

    The new filters that they use have a carbon in them that they said should help with the smell. I have no clue when they changed this but it looks like they are on the 3rd version of filters. Old Replacements: Part #1107681-00-A (MFG on 8-2-2019) New Replacements: Part #1107681-00-C (MFG on...
  18. Trips

    Samsung and Tesla sign a half a billion dollars deal for Cybertruck cameras

    I envision the removable trailer cam being like a GoPro. You could stick to the back of of a trailer for going places or under the truck like Ford has. It will give the off road group some freedom to get creative and the regular people functionality. With that being said I would only spend...
  19. Trips

    Sound Of Silence 2021 rally, May 21-23

    After numerous changes, Tesla busted their *** and has the Sioux City Iowa Supercharger up and running for this weekend. That should help a few of people out.
  20. Trips

    In February Musk stated he'd release renditions "in about a month."

    The renderings are what rolled onto stage a year ago. Don't expect any major changes. Last week Elon said "Update probably in Q2. Cybertruck will be built at Giga Texas, so focus right now is on getting that beast built,"
  21. Trips

    Used dealers DO NOT understand Teslas

    Tesla can't sell in Nebraska and dealerships have no clue. One the salesmen that actually knew about Tesla's started an EV only used dealership. https://chargedautomotive.com Hopefully we start seeing more used places like this.
  22. Trips

    I wish the Model 3 had the new Model S steering wheel

    So I've had a similar wheel since 2018. I liked it so much I currently have a carbon fiber one that I got after the white one Like not having a binnacle it took about a week to get use to. For parking lot turns it took a couple weeks but that could easily be improved with a software update...
  23. Trips

    Charge Port Door Not Working - Not missing the chip

    Add my 2018 August build to the list. It started about 2 weeks ago and I was hoping it was a software issue. After 3 times of driving down the road with the port open it might be time to get it fixed.
  24. Trips

    Claiming Ownership For A Lease Car

    This is true. If they gave people access before they would go crazy tracking and playing around with it. If I remember right I had access before I left the delivery center.
  25. Trips

    Has all the towing camera/assistance/functions of JLR prods etc?

    I'm guessing the sensors and camera's will be really advanced for towing. A lot of that could be coming from the Semi development.
  26. Trips

    Map 3D view

    The 3D Google Earth view would be incredible. Even with the current view I will get people people that think it's a live satellite view.
  27. Trips

    Tesla.com Store Black Friday Sales???

    Not a Black Friday sale but check with your local Official Tesla Owners Club and they might be able to help you out. Hint, club membership has its perks when picking up merch from tesla.com
  28. Trips

    Question Regarding AP vs FSD vs Beta FSD

    Yes, please post the video. Some of the "nags" are for situations when the system needs human intervention. For example it suddenly can't tell what lane to be in or where the lanes are. If you are not getting the instant "Take over immediately" warning I would be concerned.
  29. Trips

    HINT: More music options coming

    Some cars have SiriusXM that is not listed. Greentheonly has not said anything about new audio.
  30. Trips

    Tesla experience living far from a Service Center

    I'm 3 hours from a major service center and the rangers are great. They were just out a couple weeks ago for a HW3 upgrade that only took about 90 minutes. They also replaced a window for me in the parking lot of my work. That alone saved me half a day that I didn't have to take off work.
  31. Trips

    Supercharger - Sioux City, IA

    You should be fine as long as it is not snowing and rainy. If you are part of the Tesla Owners Club Nebraska there is a free CHAdeMO adapter that you can borrow for trips.
  32. Trips

    Acceleration Boost Now Included??

    Canada got the free All-Weather Protection Kit, except for BC.
  33. Trips

    Air conditioning unit stays on after exiting vehicle

    Are you sure Are you sure that it is blowing cold air and not the battery fan? The other option would be the cabin overheat protection that will prevent the inside from getting to hot.
  34. Trips

    Acceleration boost gets even faster?

    Who is going to be the first to test this out? If we are now at ~3.5 with rollout I guess it's time to pay the $2k and upgrade. I still would like track mode included for the $2k.
  35. Trips

    Nebraska Tesla Club?

    Yes, the Tesla Owners Club Nebraska group is planning on a Toys for Tots, Food Truck Friday and hopefully a drive-in movie night in Fremont yet this year. Hopefully the dates will be finalized in the next week or so. Once they are they will be posted here, our Facebook page and on Tesla...
  36. Trips

    Want painted calipers? Don't want to spend $600+ on them?

    I painted mine, let it sit over night, put the sticker on and then the clear coat. I used the orange G2 and it looks good unless you really are looking close. The break pad pins were the hardest part for me. Safe Jack stands are great and I would look at borrowing or buying 2 of them for...
  37. Trips

    Nebraska Tesla Club?

    The S is also a wide body making the 3 look smaller. In real life the Y does not look that large but the inside feels much larger.
  38. Trips

    Nebraska Tesla Club?

    Ice Cream Cruise Update: Make sure to stop by the Tesla Owners Club Nebraska vendor booth to say hi and pick up some swag. We will have a modified Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y on display. If you are showing your car tomorrow, we will be meeting at 10:00 AM and driving over shortly...
  39. Trips

    Tesla knows I ordered Model 3 parts for my car but I don't want insurance to be aware

    This is not true. The head of Tesla Insurance said that when legally available the will use much more. That is their biggest advantage. Everything from location, miles driven, speeding, driving over the line, autopilot usage, hard breaking, INTERNAL CAMERA, and hundreds of other factors...
  40. Trips

    New house address does not appear on maps

    In Google Maps when you type in the address you have the option to "Add a missing place" or "Suggest an edit on ___" Typically it takes a few hours and you will see it updated in Google. When Tesla does the next maps update it will show up. It will help you out for food deliveries and...
  41. Trips

    Tesla: please enable "I am being pulled over" mode.

    You can already record the exterior camera's and the interior is coming soon. I got pulled over for running a stop sign by a small town Midwestern officer that most likely had never seen a Tesla. After informing them of the video they let me go. By the way my stop was perfect and even waited...
  42. Trips

    Sleeping at super chargers?

    I have pulled into the first stall next to the Supercharger so the normal person would just think the car is charging. I have also charged up and slept in the hotel parking lot.
  43. Trips

    Nebraska Tesla Club?

  44. Trips

    New Model 3 Radar Detector Hardwire

    That is pretty much my story. I ordered a Blendmount and wiring and it was a pain to get to the connector. I ordered some 5mm Female Spades and that helped. I would recommend using your phones camera and light to help see what you are doing. I have an Escort Max360C with the magnetic mount...
  45. Trips

    Nebraska Tesla Club?

  46. Trips

    Blog Watch: New Clips from Jay Leno’s Cybertruck Test Drive

    Elon said that you could put a rocket launcher in the back. After about 10 hours of YouTube videos I'm ready to start production of my Gatling gun.
  47. Trips

    Factory Pickup?

    The issue is the sales tax (Texas is 6.25% + up to 2%) so it would cost me an extra ~$1,650. The other issue is if the state they are produced in can even sell them directly. I would pay an extra $500 to $1,000 for a delivery experience that included a tour and a mud track to show us what...
  48. Trips

    White interior with White Canter console wrap/cover??

    I agree that the wheel needs something if we are doing the center console. I went with the 3M 1080 M10 Matte White and manually cut it myself. For $17 I have enough for three cars and will have it cut to exact dimensions when the local library opens up...
  49. Trips

    Before you get used to the Sentry mode it can cause dangerous situations

    I have had items on the seat that enable the airbag. The same can be said for dogs in the car. I would not want my car to stay unlocked and sentry disabled. The daughter must have tried open the door as I have slept in my car with sentry enabled with no problems. The solution is to remember...
  50. Trips

    Have I locked in a price

    All prices are subject to change. For example after I ordered my Model 3 the price was lowered for some options. I originally agreed to a price and final price was actually lower. With that being said your truck could still change in price and we will not know until it gets closer.

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