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    Hi Ed. I've added you to the OC Tesla group. So you can look for bulletins on here. In...

    Hi Ed. I've added you to the OC Tesla group. So you can look for bulletins on here. In addition, we send out emails, so if you don't visit here often, then the emails can keep you updated on group activities. send me an email at [email protected] and I can add you to the email list. feel...
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    March OC Tesla club meet - Nethercutt Museum March 28th

    the museum looks pretty cool. hope all enjoyed.
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    Can't cruise above 90 mph?

    umm. isn't stopping distance at 90 mph 600 feet? So if the tracker can only see 600 feet....then it limits to 90 mph? edit: changed braking to stopping.
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    Can the Model S and I make things work?

    I lived off 110v for 2 months. Heck, I even took a road trip to Palm Springs (from OC) the first week I got the car (Plugshare is your friend as I found some NEMA 14-50 plugs I could use). I had to plan everything and monitor usage (created an Excel spreadsheet to determine how much range I...
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    OC Tesla November meetup/lunch on December 27 at 10 am and/or 11:30am - Temecula

    Just a reminder that if you are interested in attending, please sign up and let us know.
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    SoCal owners: Moe Mistry Group Buy... Clear Bra, Tint and Nano.

    hey come join us OC-ers on our monthly meet. this month it is a trek to Temecula for lunch and wine tasting. See post.
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    2013 Tesla Model S 60kWh Great Condition - SOLD

    Yes I have fallen from the ranks. It was my pleasure organizing the OC meets. I am helping to plan the last of the year. Keep an eye out for that.
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    2013 Tesla Model S 60kWh Great Condition - SOLD

    Hi FredTMC, Yup moved to Asia for the new job. I already miss life in the States.
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    2013 Tesla Model S 60kWh Great Condition - SOLD

    huh, so this thread finally showed up? I posted this back in October. Anyways I am selling my car because I no longer am in need of a car. I've moved to where I take the metro everywhere. - - - Updated - - - The price is negotiable, but moot point now. I have a buyer that negotiated a...
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    2013 Tesla Model S 60kWh Great Condition - SOLD

    2013 Tesla Model S 60kWh Great Condition **For Pickup** 2013 60kWh Tesla Model S P08XXX Kept garaged at home or parking structure at work, non-smoker Delivered 4/20/2013 with the following options: Solid black paint Textile seats Piano black interior decor Panoramic roof 19? standard...
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    I think this is a little outrageous! - No Longer Available

    OK. so why doesn't my car for sale show up on the For Sale thread? only in the Classifieds section.
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    Three Quick Southern California HOV Sticker Questions...

    Just an FYI. southern cal toll road discussion already in the California forum: California: Free 91/110/10 Express Lane Access
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    OC Tesla Meet October 26, 2014

    Ahh... makes me homesick....and carsick (which has a different meaning than the norm)
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    Starwood Motors & Earth Motorcars seem to be selling majorty of used Teslas

    @K.J. Gimbel: so you also buy from owners? Or only through Tesla?
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    Storing the Model S

    :( OK so everyone i've talked to has recommended selling. now i gotta figure out how to do that. Any recommendations? Craigslist seems shady.
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    Storing the Model S

    I anticipate that the job to be a one year stint overseas, with 2 trips back to the US (hence the 6 month in between). After the one year, I will negotiate more time to be spent in the US.
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    Storing the Model S

    Yes, I was planning to have it plugged into 110V at 50%. The question is where? Would one go to Public Storage? Are there any people have used for a car? I am kinda thinking Storage Wars, and someone is gonna thrilled to win the auction of my storage unit.
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    Storing the Model S

    I recently got a new job (yay me!). However, it entails traveling away months at a time (yay and nay). What should I do with my car? I have no plans to sell the car (unless I really have to). The stretches in between being away and being at home could be up to 6 months, so the car would need...
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    Teslas outnumbered! National Drive Electric Week Event, Sept 20, Cupertino, CA

    Nice! and congrats on the WR. and to the OP, not everyone can afford a Tesla so no surprise that the presence of other cars outnumber Teslas... and yes I understand it was a way to got more Teslas to sign up :biggrin:
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    Finally! "T" day of steel grey Model S

    Congrats on the new car!! come join us for OC Tesla meets! PM me for details. edit: Ooops. I read RSM. but contact me anyways. I believe Marco is trying to set meets up in the IE and I can send you his contact info.
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    A most unfortunate event :-(

    Glad all made it out with minor issues. Please get checked out to determine what happened. the car can be replaced later.
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    Drive Electric Week - Orange County

    There are 2 Drive Electric Week events being held in Orange County. Saturday September 20th in Huntington Beach (10 am to 4 pm): https://driveelectricweek.org/event.php?eventid=153 Sunday September 21st in Laguna Hills (10 am to 3 pm): https://driveelectricweek.org/event.php?eventid=158 It...
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    Drive Electric Week

    National Drive Electric Week will be September 15th to the 21st. it would be good to have a strong Tesla contingent at each of these events. If interested in participating, register for an event near you: National Drive Electric Week: September 15 - 21, 2014
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    Next OC Tesla Meet August 31 @ 1 pm

    @capt601: we'll miss you and Anna, but have a great time! you can tell us about it at the next meet. Hope to see folks there!
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    Did any of you order your Tesla sight unseen?

    I ordered mine without seeing one. in fact, didn't step foot into a Tesla store until after I ordered and became antsy due to the wait.
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    Drop-In Center Console now in the Tesla Model S online store

    some more information. i got the Tesla console installed. the thread that they use is a grey, satiny thread with high sheen. so up close it is grey, but with reflections of light, it looks white. I have the textile interior and the thread for the rest of the car is a blackish rough looking...
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    Next OC Tesla Meet August 31 @ 1 pm

    Hey gang, July was a busy month, with some participating in Lake Forest's 4th of July parade, and some attending the Nikola Tesla event in LA. Sorry for not planning a larger gathering. So here I am planning the August meet. We'll have this at our usual place for coffee and gelato at the OC...
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    Tesla warranty now has 8 year/infinite mile battery & drive unit warranty retroactive

    is the drive train different between the 2 models? if not then why not have infinite on the drive train too for 60s? i understand the battery pack is limited to 125K for 60s and they want to match that... but...
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    Mouse in Frunk - Warning: Graphic Picture

    Just be careful with this trap. Although there is no blood and guts, the rubberband essentially strangles the mouse, and in their panic will urinate and defecate (if the band doesn't snap their neck). I used this trap in my apartment years ago, and a damn mouse triggered it while I was...
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    Drop-In Center Console now in the Tesla Model S online store

    Got the email. i am torn between getting it and not. I like to be able to organize stuff in the center. currently have stuff thrown into a Tesla bag sitting in the center. and as others have noted, great spot to place takeout or leftovers without the juices escaping the takeout box. the...
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    Is there a way to get HomeLink to work for condo gates ?

    hadn't thought about linking to the condo gate entrance. thanks to this thread, my car now opens the gate and my garage! woohoo! just be sure to program your car near the gate so that the Homelink pops up when in close proximity (and not just at your home).
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    Rip vin p01653

    glad you made it out unscathed. wishing you the best for the replacement!
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    Used Tesla at a dealer

    cars with the Tech Package have the chrome trim under the rear bumper. Unless of course the previous owner wrapped it.
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    From Orange to Chrome

    the more I look at the chrome, the more I feel like the car is naked....
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    From Orange to Chrome

    new name for the car: Colossus.
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    California: Free 91/110/10 Express Lane Access

    Even the 73?
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    Advice on Cleaning Textile Seats

    Argh. so I committed the cardinal sin of spilling a fast food soft drink all over my passenger seat. All I had were napkins and I was nowhere close to home. So I wiped up what I could and by the time I got home, the liquid was all dried up from being out in the sun. got most of the sticky...
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    Next OC Tesla Weekday Meet Thursday 6/19 6:45 pm

    Let me know if you would be interested in attending so I can get a headcount for dinner.
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    Next OC Tesla Meet Saturday June 28th, 12 - 2 pm

    Congrats! We have one on Thursday June 19th if you want to drop by to ask questions (see other thread)
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    Next OC Tesla Weekday Meet Thursday 6/19 6:45 pm

    The first weekday OC Tesla meet was a success. You can view some pictures on the Teslamotorsclub.com (TMC) OC Tesla group page. The next one will be Thursday June 19th at 6:45 (meet and greet) with 7:30 pm dinner. Location will be the adjacent parking lot to the Huntington Beach Pier on 6th...
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    Next OC Tesla Meet Saturday June 28th, 12 - 2 pm

    Pencil this into your calendars. The next OC Tesla Meet will be Saturday June 28th, from noon to 2 pm. Working with Union Bank to have this meeting in the parking lot of the SuperChargers in San Juan Capistrano. I'll provide more details once I have my meeting with UB.
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    Next OC Tesla Meet (impromptu) Thursday 5/29 6:00 pm

    These are photos from the event. Thanks Larry for the panoramic. More are posted in the OC Tesla Groups page.
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    Taking an on-ramp turn too fast?

    Thanks all for your replies. Yes.. i've heard in racing terms to pedal through the turn. I guess I never really experienced this as every time I hit an on-ramp, there is a line of cars there...so i trickle down. The rears probably have a few hundred miles on them now, and all tires are...
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    Taking an on-ramp turn too fast?

    Yesterday something unexpected happened. I was driving on surface streets approaching a freeway on-ramp (the circular kind). Typically, as I begin my entry onto the on-ramp, I release the acc. pedal (going about 45 mph) and ride through to the bottom. This time, half-way down the ramp (with...
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    GAP Insurance - Question on value of it...

    But isn't the GAP insurance a onetime payment?
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    Teslas in Seal Beach

    Just an FYI. I created a new thread for the Thursday meet
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    Next OC Tesla Meet (impromptu) Thursday 5/29 6:00 pm

    So there has been interest in setting up a weekday event by those finding it difficult to meet during the weekend due to other obligations. This will be our inaugural weekday OC event. When: Thursday May 29th at 6:00/6:30 pm Where: Seal Beach Pier (8th Street lot) at 6pm and then Thai on...
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    Teslas in Seal Beach

    OK if you wanna do the Pier for pictures and such, then how about Thai on the Main BTW, how is parking on a Thursday at 6:30ish? will it be packed? especially with the start of summer this weekend

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