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  1. TampaRich

    Font size?

    I guess Tesla’s developers are young enough that they don’t need glasses yet. +1 for font size and contrast increase.
  2. TampaRich

    The one thing keeping me from ordering

    Have you considered an older Tesla? My 2015 Model S had an awesome sunroof. I’m equally happy with my Model 3 glass roof.
  3. TampaRich

    Blog Tesla’s FSD Beta 10.2 Coming This Friday

    3am on the east coast. Nothing yet.
  4. TampaRich

    Safety Score - Probably Will Fail!

    Just for early beta. They can‘t afford any bad press.
  5. TampaRich

    Tesla Wall Connector - installation approach

    Yep, that’s the idea.
  6. TampaRich

    Tesla Wall Connector - installation approach

    NEMA 14-50 as a backup in case the Wall connector ever fails on me.
  7. TampaRich

    New construction solar roof

    Best of luck too you. I hope it all works out. A 1-2 month window seems pretty tight when working with Tesla. I’m in the planning stages for a custom home in Clermont FL. Would love to have a solar roof. Thanks to you and ScottFLA for pioneering this.
  8. TampaRich

    Merritt Island (FL) Service Center

    Gonna need a lot more than 5 charging stalls during big SpaceX launch events.
  9. TampaRich

    TAMPA AREA - M3 Tint

    I’ve had two M3s done by Eric over at Tint Studio in Riverview if you’re on this side of town. He does the rear glass with a single piece of tint. Excellent work and he does windshields too.
  10. TampaRich

    Selling to Vroom, anyone can speak about the experience?

    +1 on Carvana. So easy.
  11. TampaRich

    Taking delivery tomorrow- need help

    Enjoy your new car. You’re gonna love it. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  12. TampaRich

    Sigh; Dead MCU1 right before a trip. Turn signals do *not* work.

    Many of the symptoms of a 12v battery dying.
  13. TampaRich

    Dash Cam footage of my M3 hitting a truck tire!

    Looks like just a retread ply not a whole tire. You can buy those clips on amazon. Get a few extra to fill and holes you have in your rear wheel wells.
  14. TampaRich

    Trade In

    Carvana gave me $5,000 more than the Tesla offer on my 2015 MS last year. They are super easy to deal with. 10 minute inspection. They had my check already cut when I arrived. No surprises. Tesla doesn’t want to be in the used car business, so they will almost always be the lowest bid.
  15. TampaRich

    Tampa Area Solar Install

    New lower pricing on Tesla Solar Panels 16.32 kW Solar Panels $30,000 4 Powerwalls $29,000 (12 day reserve) Install Solar + Powerwall together -$2,500 Cash price $56,500 Federal Tax Credit -$14,690 Price after incentives $41,810 This is starting to look good. Still need to verify that Powerwall...
  16. TampaRich

    Screen went black...

    12v battery?
  17. TampaRich

    Are Elon's COVID rants affecting how you think about your Tesla?

    Elon can spout off however he wants on Twitter same as anyone else. Doesn’t bother me one bit. He built a fleet of game changing cars. Without him I’d still be driving a POS. Why would anyone want Elon to act like an old school CEO? Maybe his unpredictability make life hard for the shorts, so...
  18. TampaRich

    Tesla trade-in value on their own car brand Tesla? higher value or no?

    Tesla offered the lowest trade on my 2015 MS when I bought my 2019 M3. Carmax was the same as Tesla. Vroom slightly higher. Carvana was $2,800 higher than all others.
  19. TampaRich

    FSD NAV dangerous after recent update

    Why didn’t you tap the accelerator when the warning popped up on the screen?
  20. TampaRich

    Tesla trade-in value on their own car brand Tesla? higher value or no?

    They don’t want to be in the used car business. Carvana has paid the most in my experience.
  21. TampaRich

    Updating a 2020 Tesla vs 2020 Updating a Land Rover - A lesson in WTF

    Reminds me back when Nissan wanted me to pay $300 for a map update DVD. Delivery time was 6-8 weeks. Hahahaha
  22. TampaRich

    Fit & Finish Issues - Which ones would you ask to be corrected?

    I've taken delivery of 2 M3s, one of which was an early Feb 2018. Zero defects. Tesla service center is 5 miles down the road. Nothing preventing me from swinging by for even the littlest issue. Haven’t had the need to.
  23. TampaRich

    Tampa Area Solar Install

    According to the Tesla site, I need an XL with 4 Powerwalls as well. Average $250/month TECO bill. 17 year old roof. Everyone on my street are getting their roofs replaced for around $12,000 traditional shingles. Keep us posted on your progress here in Florida.
  24. TampaRich

    Why do I smell rotten eggs every now and then... no its not..

    Turn off recirculate on your HVAC and air it out. Worked for me.
  25. TampaRich

    Serious Problem With 2 Teslas In Garage

    I thought he was gonna complain about both charge doors opening when pressing the button on the HPWC. A Tesla employee did that once for me in the delivery inventory room and watched 12 doors pop open at the same time.
  26. TampaRich

    Making the case for an Apple solution to the looming Tesla battery crisis

    So we give up a few miles of range for better long term battery life. What’s the down side?
  27. TampaRich

    Order question about price changes

    The price you agree to at the time you place your order is the price you pay. Depending on where your order is in the production process, if price goes down, you may have the option to cancel your order and place a new one to get the lower price (this is not Best Buy right?). If the price goes...
  28. TampaRich

    Buying a Spare Tire

    What he said. No need for a spare with Tesla roadside assist.
  29. TampaRich

    Tesla told me my test drive is not happening because they have no cars!

    I think 200,000 Cybertruck pre-orders demonstrates demand for electric vehicles even by traditional ICE truck owners. It feels like the awareness of the benefits of electric vehicles and adoption of such is accelerating. The cost justification is too compelling to ignore or dismiss. All modes of...
  30. TampaRich

    Tesla told me my test drive is not happening because they have no cars!

    Who are they losing customers too? There’s no real competition.
  31. TampaRich

    Bulletproof unbreakable windows - how to get out in emergency?

    The key is to design them to break from the inside out, while stopping outside projectiles from coming in.
  32. TampaRich

    Trunk mat with access to door

    3D Maxpider is the one you want.
  33. TampaRich

    Purchasing a Used Model X - Timeline

    Nice find. Patience is your friend now.
  34. TampaRich

    Tesla will not honor trade-in amount

    @Moderator please correct thread title to “Tesla will not honor expired trade-in amount”.
  35. TampaRich

    CarFax Issue on Trade

    Have you tried getting an online quote from Carvana or Zroom? Carvana beat my Tesla trade offer by a few thousands. Worth checking out and will likely be less hassle.
  36. TampaRich

    Supercharger accessibility during busy holidays

    The answer is, it depends. List out the superchargers you think you might hit and I bet there are members on here with holiday experience at them.
  37. TampaRich

    Service Center Giving Me A Headache!

    Doesn’t seem to be any different than the service from any other brand. I don’t think this is a Tesla thing as another poster remarked. Put yourself in their shoes. Troubleshooting something that can’t be reproduced in the shop is tough. I hope they are able to identify the source of your...
  38. TampaRich

    Can I set up a Wall Connector and Nema 14-50 using the same line?

    It’s on a 50. Thankfully my wall connector has worked flawlessly for over 4 years. Have never had to use the backup 14-50 outlet, but is a nice safety net if I ever need it.
  39. TampaRich

    Can I set up a Wall Connector and Nema 14-50 using the same line?

    The configuration OP is asking about is exactly what I had installed 4 years ago. No special adapters or splitters required, just a pass-through from the Nema 14-50 to Tesla wall charger.
  40. TampaRich

    5 reasons to buy a

    Convenience - head out every morning with a “full tank”. No more trips to the gas station.
  41. TampaRich

    Looking for “Reject worthy” & “common oversights” Checklist items

    No list needed. You’ve spent too much time on the forums. Sorry you got scammed on the checklist you paid for. Congrats on the X. Enjoy.
  42. TampaRich

    Can you change your mind on trade?

    Have you gotten an online quote from Carvana? Check it out. You might be pleasantly surprised.
  43. TampaRich

    Tesla CPO Nightmare in South Florida

    Curious why you didn’t buy a new Model S?
  44. TampaRich

    Trade -in

    Was my 2015 Model S 70D 48k miles. No joke.
  45. TampaRich

    Trade -in

    I’ve only heard of Tesla matching Carmax. I got +$10k higher from Carvana. Super easy.
  46. TampaRich

    Tesla app issue

    My app was unable to connect with my car around the same time as OP. Logout and log back in fixed it.
  47. TampaRich

    Legislation to raise the vehicle tax credit to 600,000 vehicles

    Interesting to see the 2 Michigan senators on board with this now that it will benefit Ford & GM.
  48. TampaRich

    Help Me Tesla Peers! Contemplating Trading/Selling 10 Day Old Model 3 AWD for Performance

    Seriously? M3 AWD isn’t fast enough for you? You can already beat almost every car on the road. Are you racing Lambos and Ferraris? I’m sure Tesla would be very happy to take more of your money if you have that much to blow.
  49. TampaRich


    Have you seen this 3000W battery powered power station from Ego? Can be used indoors. POWER+ Nexus Portable Power Station (3000W) Good luck fellow Floridians, especially those on the east coast!

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