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    What’s your longest drive without charging?

    402 km (251 miles), with 4 people in the car. Don't remember the departing charge level, would have been 90-ish %, still had 10% left. Averaged a little over 100 km/h, trip was mostly at 110-115 km/h with a slower bit at the beginning and end.
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    SLS - On the Scent of Inevitable Capitulation

    The comments I read from that article suggested that since the tankage was the main reason for the wet-dress, and they managed to fully tank, there would be little left that another WDR would reveal vs. just trying to launch. Any issues that come up during the last launch sequences would cause...
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    SpaceX F9 - Starlink Group 4-12 - SLC-40

    Sounds like the fairing was loaded with #9 coal, if you ask me.
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    Cruise Control

    More noise needs to be made for a speed-hold cruise option, in my opinion. It's embarrassing Tesla doesn't have a dumb cruise option.
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    -25, M3 not charging at all on my 110?

    Not entirely true, I had my car outside in -25 to -35 weather over Xmas, charging on 120V 12A with an extension cord. The car was actually pulling about 110V and 10A most of the time. It did add range, but very slowly - about 1% every 2-3 hours. It was only noticeable because the car was...
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    Model Y long range: Cold battery performance

    One thing I would suggest is not to navigate directly to the Supercharger, so the car doesn't pre-condition the battery. You might not be able to charge quite as quickly, but the pre-conditioning uses quite a lot of power. If you want the most range, navigate to somewhere close to the...
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    SLS - On the Scent of Inevitable Capitulation

    Well, I for one am excited to see it fly. We can't change what it is, and the powers-that-be seem hell-bent on pushing it through to fruition, so I figure we might as well enjoy the show. It doesn't change my opinion that it is a wasteful travesty of a program, but since my opinion doesn't...
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    Cruise Control

    Tweet at Elon for dumb cruise, I did a week ago or so. Tweeting him seems to be the only way to get their attention for other stuff. Maybe tag a few of the Tesla social media people and hope one of them picks up on it. If everyone started doing it, it might get some traction.
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    Tesla Owners Club of Alberta

    Wowzers, that sucks. Sorry to hear of your difficulties, hope they get it figured out soon. Do you at least have a loaner?
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    Model Y heat pump issues

    My one case is by no means statistically significant, but I drove home from Calgary on the 27th with the car reading -39, after having sat outside cold-soaking for 6 days in temps below -30 pretty much the whole time. No pre-heating since I was only able to charge at 10A/110V while I was parked...
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    Model S trade-in value

    I traded in my 2015 S 90D for a new Y LR back in August. Tesla gave me around $35k for the S, which I felt was $10-15k low. I went with it anyhow to avoid the hassle of trying to sell it privately, Alberta isn't exactly a hotbed for used EV sales. As well, my car was pre-facelift, AP1 (never...
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    MYP w/19” Geminis in the snow

    All well and good for the P cars, but not available on LR or SRs. That said, I have been blown away by how good the traction control and regen traction control has become on v11. It's actually difficult to get the car to skid now, under either positive or negative acceleration. Even on the...
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    Superchargers: 150kW, 250kW ... is there much difference?

    It makes a massive difference; on a recent trip in -25C temps, the first half of the trip (with the Supercharger in the destination and pre-conditoning) useage was well over 300 Wh/km; the second half of the trip to my house with no preconditioning was around 204 Wh/km. Cruise set at 115 km/h...
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    SpaceX's Rising Tide - Discussion of non-SpaceX launch companies

    Lol. I was literally just reading this article: Space Launch Start-Up Just Used A Giant Centrifuge To Fling A Projectile Into The Upper Atmosphere Came here to post it and am completely unsurprised to be ninja'd by you 😆. Haven't done the math to figure out how many gees the projectile is...
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    SpaceX F9 - Crew 2 - LC-39A

    Yeah, I was wondering why they were saying "four good chutes" on the webcast, when you could clearly see one was not inflating. It looked like it was still reefed until pretty late in the descent, but I thought maybe there was some delay in the video we were seeing compared to the telemetry or...
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    SpaceX F9 - Crew 2 - LC-39A

    Good drogues, good chutes. Good job!
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    . . . but what do you miss from your old car?

    In addition to dumb cruise, I miss the larger portrait display from my S, with the whole display able to be dedicated to navigation. Bigger backup camera picture too. On the other hand, the Y is much more efficient so on the whole I'm still happy with the change.
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    How long before I can use Cruise Control?

    Right thumb wheel adjusts cruise speed. Roll up or down a notch, change by 1 mph. Roll up or down a few notches rapidly and it should jump in increments of 5.
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    James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)

    I watched this one a couple of days ago. Frankly I was shocked at how proud all the interviewees were at the complexity of this 'scope. I mean, if all goes well then brag as much as you like, but talking about having 300+ single points of failure as if it's a good thing just made me shake my...
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    Tesla Owners Club of Alberta

    Gotta let those Jasper businesses and hotels know the only reason we're there is because they got the Supercharger, so the town knows it's going to benefit them and encourage even more chargers. Those 6 are going to be awfully busy on weekends and holidays.
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    SpaceX's Rising Tide - Discussion of non-SpaceX launch companies

    Congrats to Arianespace on last night's launch. On to James Webb! https://www.google.ca/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwiUzv3rr-PzAhVGnp4KHSZMAYoQwqsBegQIGRAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DyYj9KqCwv48&usg=AOvVaw1uyyz2DBwvc0WNS8I7_HPK
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    Supercharger - Jasper, AB

    Level 3 Connectors For fast charging, the CHAdeMO and SAE Combo (also called CCS for “Combo Charging System”) are the most used connectors by electric cars manufacturers. https://chargehub.com/en/electric-car-charging-guide.html#chargingconnectors
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    Supercharger - Jasper, AB

    Saskatoon went live today, so maybe Lloyd and Jasper are next on the way to PG. Haven't heard anything about Vegreville lately.
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    Model Y build quality and common problems

    Got mine in August, no issues so far at about 6,000 km. Only issue at delivery was the interior frunk latch light thing (the thing you pull if you somehow get locked in the frunk) wasn't fully installed, but was easily corrected in about ten seconds.
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    Autopilot scares the crap out of me!

    I would love to get dumb cruise control back, don't understand why it's not an option. My wife's last two Volvos have had both TACC and dumb cruise and you can switch between them as you like. It would be especially helpful for when a sensor gets blocked by a bug, snow, mud, sunlight, etc. and...
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    “It is truly bonkers”: Greg Jackson, Octopus CEO, on the UK’s broken energy system

    I have it on good authority that we are only 50 years away from safe, clean, unlimited fusion power. ;)
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    Edmonton Waiting List

    Maybe you'll get one from the Austin factory, with front and rear castings. Probably not the new battery by then though.
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    Edmonton Waiting List

    You never know, some people have had horrible waits and others have received their vehicles within just a few weeks. Don't let the expected date in your account drive you nuts, it will move around a lot for no reason, so patience is important and I'm sure you'll find whatever the wait is will...
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    2014 Model S totaled

    I believe wk057 would be your guy. 057 Technology. He's on the forum occasionally still if you @ him. Glad you're okay, sorry about the car.
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    Autosteer Disengagement

    Yes, randomly.
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    Edmonton Waiting List

    https://www.costco.ca/3d-maxpider-mat-custom-fit-all-weather-car-mats%3B-row-1-and-2-only.product.10367254.html?langId=-24 Sorry, never used a screen protector. The wait will seem like it takes forever, but I'm sure you'll find it's worth it.
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    Edmonton Waiting List

    I've had the 3DMaxpider mats for my S and now my Y, they're pretty good and you can buy them through Costco online for a lot cheaper than the Tesla or Weathertech mats. Other than that, I've put 3M/Xpel on the fronts of both my cars but otherwise I'm not a big accessorizer. Congrats on the...
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    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    650-ish pounds of landscaping rock loaded up. Who needs a pickup? Glad it wasn't a long drive home, though.
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    Can’t Decide On A Color

    My S was blue, so it was a no-brainer to make my Y blue as well. It stands out in a sea of black, grey, and silver but without being as flashy as red. To be honest, I would love a nice deep green but since that's not available, #TeamBlue all the way.
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    SpaceX's Rising Tide - Discussion of non-SpaceX launch companies

    Well, that was exciting all the way from ignition! Good for them, too bad they had an issue but a good start nonetheless.
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    Goodbye M2 coupe, hello Model 3 LR

    Every car I've owned has been a manual transmission, but the Tesla takes all the best things about a stick and makes them better. Never in the wrong gear, never miss an up/down shift, no riding the clutch in traffic or on hill starts, but instant responsiveness to the accelerator in a way that...
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    SpaceX's Rising Tide - Discussion of non-SpaceX launch companies

    If their first flight isn't called "Serenity Now", I will be sorely disappointed.
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    Edmonton Waiting List

    Saved a few bucks for white paint vs. grey (I assume midnight silver)? Nice, you're going to love it I'm sure.
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    SpaceX's Rising Tide - Discussion of non-SpaceX launch companies

    Oh, I didn't say they wouldn't be, just that it will be interesting to see if they will be. They seem to have their tech sorted reasonably well, and systems that are able to sustain a decent launch cadence, but they are also moving away from their current launcher to the Next Big Thing which...
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    Trans-Canada Drive

    That's okay, once the Jasper, Edson, Veg, and Lloyd Superchargers go in you'll have a good excuse to come back and take pictures of nothing but Alberta. Throw in a couple of Canmore pictures to up the beauty quotient (and leave out the Edmonton one altogether). Glad to see you enjoyed your...
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    Quality of recent delivery VIN 250xxx

    I find the ride quality on my new Y to be better than the 2015 S I traded in for it. Same size tires as were on my S (19"), and my S was a coil suspension so it should be a decent comparison. The Y is much smoother over bumps and train tracks, yet still has some tautness to it in cornering -...
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    SpaceX's Rising Tide - Discussion of non-SpaceX launch companies

    I prefer your headlines to the real ones. It will be interesting to see if either company survives the next 5 years as an actual viable business.
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    Speed Changing with TACC,FSD, or Basic Cruise Control?

    Page 86 of the manual, tap the speed limit sign on the screen and the car will change to the new limit.
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    Tesla autopilot is too strict on rules

    You can also move one of the scroll wheels to let it know you're there. I usually adjust the volume control rather than the speed control. Given how many people abuse the intent of Autopilot, I think the check-in interval is appropriate. The car is not as good a driver as you seem to think if...
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    Edmonton Waiting List

    Ouch, that's more than the S. Crazy.
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    Edmonton Waiting List

    I had a Model S for 6 winters here, never any problems. Best winter car I've owned, and I had 4 Subarus before I got the S. Dual motor AWD is great in the winter. Good tires are key, I used Nokian WRs but many go with a set of winter tires. Instant heat is great, passengers enjoy having all...
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    Tesla automatic braking when approaching stopped car at stop light/sign?

    Right. Personally, I don't think FSD treats situations as well as an attentive human would. Just my opinion though.

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