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  1. fortunex

    Car not always unlocking

    My M3 stopped recognizing my Android as a key even though it unlocked fine. When I checked the app, the account wasn't logged in, so after logging in it seems to be working fine now.
  2. fortunex

    A/c Issue - Auto setting not generating high fan speed

    It sounds like you're expecting too much based on a short time line. They are giving you reasonable options, even if your travel schedule is set in stone. Use the app and schedule a service appointment farther out.
  3. fortunex

    Ceramic coating and paint correction in Phoenix AZ

    Detail Boss in north Scottsdale
  4. fortunex

    lease return experiences? (curb rash)

    For some reason, the rear wheels especially right are hard to feel in space when driving. When I had my tint done, the shop owner said that almost every M3 that comes in has curb rash on the rear wheels. The other issue is that the tire is basically flush with the wheel and gives little to no...
  5. fortunex

    how to turn off "Your car cabin is now at the desired temperature" notification?

    These notifications are driving me crazy! I don't need a daily notification in the morning that the car reached the set temperature, just another thing to swipe off my screen. I trust it enough to do its job, just as much as I don't need a daily notification that the car finished charging...
  6. fortunex

    Where to mount my life hammer

    I have my garage door opener and life saving device attached to the back underside of the display with Velcro. It's within arms reach and not visible.
  7. fortunex

    Tire Recommendation - Quietest all season?

    How does the handling compare to stock 19" tires?
  8. fortunex

    UGH - The smell of it. [AC Smell]

    Anyone with the new filters care to examine them for the difference? I know it's a headache to get in there again.... but it's for science!
  9. fortunex

    I wish the Model 3 had the new Model S steering wheel

    The grip angle isn't that much different with yoke vs wheel at 9/3 o'clock, not enough to make that a design choice at the expense of ease of use. The stock wheel geometry is very comfortable.
  10. fortunex

    Sentry Mode battery usage 7% per day

    Nice setup! I was looking at something similar because it would be even more secure to record audio. That plus an interior view would complete any security needs, especially for police traffic stops. Recording audio such as honking, crashes, and voices seems very worthwhile. Maybe there is a...
  11. fortunex

    Torn on which one to get

    LR is the Goldilocks M3
  12. fortunex

    I wish the Model 3 had the new Model S steering wheel

    The yoke looks great, oozes futurism. But that's it. There is no functional advantage to driving and turning, it's all aesthetics. The marginal gain of making it easier to see instrument information isn't needed. Function divorced from form, 1 step forward 2 steps backward. Maybe Tesla...
  13. fortunex

    Sandisk Gets very hot

  14. fortunex

    Acceptable XPEL XR Plus Install?

    The red flag is for the installer, not XPEL. Product companies have installer partners but the business and day to day decisions are made by the installer. XPEL can't be at fault for what the installer did to your vehicle. That said, they should reevaluate the qualifications of that...
  15. fortunex

    water spots and clay bar ideas

    First try: 50/50 white vinegar and water Then try: 50/50 water and isopropyl alcohol Can you feel it when you rub a finger over it? Then it's etched into the clear coat. Any decent detailer can get this out.
  16. fortunex

    RPM Tesla Wind Noise Reduction Kit

    Almost 2 years later. Did you ever have any problems with the tube going underneath the glass?
  17. fortunex

    Should I get white interior?

    The salesperson mentioned to me before buying my 2021 M3 that the white seats are slightly more plush than the black (feels like it, too, but still subjective. haven't seen hard evidence on it). My wife has an issue with the white dash being very bright in the full sun, which aggravates her...
  18. fortunex

    Why didn't Tesla combine the electronic door release button with the mechanical emergency handle?

    If pulling the manual handle might break the glass, then combining the electrical switch with it during the first few degrees of pull increases the chance that the manual release would be triggered too fast. That also takes away from the 'future' aesthetic where features are activated by push...
  19. fortunex

    Wind noise around the windows

    When I took my M3 to the service center for an unrelated issue, the tech commented during our test drive that the newest models definitely have less wind noise (he owns a an early model).
  20. fortunex

    DIY Chrome Delete with Plasti Dip

    Has anyone plastidipped the side camera housing? Should the inner area near the camera be left bare? Any tricky parts to this? I could also buy aftermarket covers, plastidip those, and then install.
  21. fortunex

    Console Tray Caused Felt to Wear

    Can you take a picture?
  22. fortunex

    Vendor Why Suma Convex Side Mirrors Better?

    The side mirrors are very easy to remove and install. I was scared like you at first, but after doing the first side it is safer than it appears. The backing behind the mirror is thick and won't bend when you pry it off as long as you are careful. I didn't use a screwdriver to avoid prying...
  23. fortunex

    Tesla Tires at Costco

    I don't have any specific tires for you, but I do know: The stock tires are the most efficient and have the lowest rolling resistance. If you want efficiency, stick with stock. There might be some other tires out there (maybe the new EV ones) that I don't know about, though. Check out...
  24. fortunex

    Fully deflate lumbar?

    How about this: Try pressing forward to make the lumbar bladder fully inflate. It should press into you. Then move it to the middle of its vertical range - - press down if it is high or press up if it is low. Once it's in the middle, press back until it fully deflates. Full deflation is...
  25. fortunex

    Car Sitting For 3 Weeks In Hot Garage - Charge Or Not?

    Last month during the record temps of 115+ Fahrenheit, my uninsulated garage would reach 120 or higher. At the same time, my 120V connection wasn't drawing 12A - - it dropped down to 4A. I was concerned until I researched the Mobile Connector and discovered the operating range is 120F max, so...
  26. fortunex

    Acceptable XPEL XR Plus Install?

    The tint should be flush with the edge of the windows. If a naked line is visible, such as this tint job, it's a poor installation. A very small line is okay. I have Photosync installed and there is no line and no space in the corner. The installer is one of the best in my area with 25 years...
  27. fortunex

    Charged $800 for A/C Compressor harness after 6mo? [SC states water damage]

    HV Electrical Harness, step 76 For reference, here are the harnesses at question in this conversation. This is a fun read actually.
  28. fortunex

    Tesla Tires at Costco

    I've never seen anyone mention that tire. The PS4S is the gold standard for summer tires, especially for overall performance and handling. There are other tires that are better for range, sound, long life etc. If you can get them on sale, do it. If you won't encounter snow, then you don't...
  29. fortunex

    Ppf question For Los Angeles people

    Xpel is probably a better product. Ask them how thick the PPF is and choose the thicker one.
  30. fortunex

    Exterior detailing question

    Uhhhh any detail spray should be totally fine on the PPF. Ceramic coat is definitely okay over PPF and it's one of the best protections against the main issue that degrades PPF: UV sunlight.
  31. fortunex

    Only getting 4/12 A charging on Model 3 Gen 2 Mobile Connector

    Is there any issue with heat? The mobile connector max is 120F, and will reduce amps if the temp in the garage is too high. (this happened to me a few weeks ago)
  32. fortunex

    UGH - The smell of it. [AC Smell]

    Need clarification. "raised the temp and fan to max" as in the AC isnt blowing cold air, just a large amount of ambient air? Or "turned on the AC" and running the AC fan on max with very cold air?
  33. fortunex

    Ambient lighting

    The ambient lights are also tied to the display brightness. Turn the brightness down if they are too bright at night, though for most people it's probably not an issue. They aren't bright enough to be a distraction, imo.
  34. fortunex

    Wiper Nozzles and Door Handles

    Took my M3 into the service center for an unrelated issue and as an aside asked about the driver rear handle not being flush. He said it's a known issue but they don't fix it, perhaps there will be a "retrofit" in the future. He discouraged trying to fix it, even after I mentioned people on...
  35. fortunex

    Ambient lighting

    You can buy aftermarket lights for the footwells and puddle lights.
  36. fortunex

    Model 3 went down 100 feet embankment and all four passengers survived

    3 occupants (besides driver) knew how to operate the doors while flying 100 ft down an embankment? Color me impressed.
  37. fortunex

    UGH - The smell of it. [AC Smell]

    Buy some evaporator cleaner on Amazon, take out filters, splooge it on, wait 15 min, replace filters, profit. Or so I'm told.
  38. fortunex

    White interior M3 - need help with choosing tint %

    50% on front windshield won't darken it up much at all.
  39. fortunex

    Euro taillights

    GTFO @Bucca1911
  40. fortunex

    Is it always better to wait on FSD for credit card points?

    The OP LITERALLY asked "... so you can get credit card points."
  41. fortunex

    Is it always better to wait on FSD for credit card points?

    Credit card points are never NEVER worth a purchase on their own. The cash is better sitting in a high yield checking account.
  42. fortunex

    Upgrade center console lights

    Has anyone upgraded the center console lights in a 2021 model (one in front under sliding door, one under armrest) with a colored light to match their footwells? If so, anyone problems with the install? They are both in a difficult location to gather force enough to pop them out, but the...
  43. fortunex

    For sale: Model 3 blue painted door handles and trim

    (just realized you said approved body shop, not service center)
  44. fortunex

    Trouble with Torx screw under driver's seat

    Figured it out. Took a pair of pliers, squeezed the top and bottom of the screw, then wiggled it up and down to reset the threads. Luckily there was space to wrap around the edge to do this. The T20 unscrewed with more force required than expected. The passenger's side didn't have this...
  45. fortunex

    Brake Dust Brand New Model 3 (Help)

    When my M3 was new, it had lots of brake dust at first, even with minimal braking. Eventually, it settled down, maybe something to do with the brake pad. As long as the brakes and car are working fine, give it a little more time.
  46. fortunex

    White interior M3 - need help with choosing tint %

    Get 70 on the windshield no matter what. It's the most important one to tint, at that percentage it won't darken the car much at all.
  47. fortunex

    White interior M3 - need help with choosing tint %

    Looking at your pic again, the sunlight is coming from low on the horizon on the left, so there isn't much sun coming in to illuminate the white interior, thus it looks dark. I have 30% on the sides and it really looks different depending on time of day, clouds, angle of camera, angle of car...
  48. fortunex

    Motorcyclist Splitting Lanes Scratched Passenger Side with a Knife!

    Does the CHP not understand how to look up license plate numbers using their own system? There can't be too many Honda motorcycles with plates ending in those numbers (the probability is vanishingly small) and I can't imagine that an electronic system can't search that.

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