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    NEMA 6-50R

    I have a mobile connector and 6-50 and it works fine. The Tesla store sells a little kit that provides a support that goes under the mobile connector so it isn't "hanging" off of the 6-50. It also includes a arm that can be mounted on the wall next to the plug for keeping the charging cable in...
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    Has anyone sold their leases Model 3 to a dealer? [as of 10/28 not possible any longer]

    The original leases could not be bought it. Has Tesla changed it policy and now allow buy out on those old leases
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    Does Using the Tesla iPhone Widget Increase Vampiric Drain?

    I concur with SB1089. THe widget shows the last time it was updated which always seems to be the last time I directly interfaced with the car.
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    Issues on trip from AZ to NY and Back

    Last time I took a long trip, I entered the end point into navigation, and it planned all the tops at SC along the way with no issues. I had also gone to "a better route planner" to see what it showed. www.abetterrouteplanner.com It tends to optimze for total charging time, rather than number...
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    New owner ( model Y LR ) my I kindly ask questions?

    You don't have to slightly twist steering wheel to reset to prompt. You just move either scroll button up or down by a single indent to reset
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    Had flat tire repair with Tesla Mobile service. Very quick and smooth

    :). Right rear tire totally flat. Use the Tesla app to arrange for service. They had it all arranged in about 20 minutes for service via Tesla Mobile the following day. The service van arrived on time. He pulled tire to see what was causing the flat. Found nail. So he took the wheel into...
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    Why Can I Honk/Lock the Car but not Connect?

    I find this happens to me after every software update. BTW, I want to know how you make a button be sad (depressing). You press a button :)
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    Can't seem to download the Owner's manual that is consistent with V11

    Maybe I am an idiot. Always before, I could download a copy of the manual to my PC. Now it gets displayed in HTML, with no access to a PDF. Anyone have success doing this
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    Poll on V11 interface

    On the menu showing all the movable icons, I don’t see the two defrost icons
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    On tesla site, it lists "Gen 2 Mobile connector Bundle" and "corded mobile connector"

    Former is $275 and the latter is $400. Only difference I see is once has 5-15 and the other has a 14-50. What is the reason for $125 difference? Does this mean the the mobile connector that comes with the car does NOT support the higher charging rates
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    Certified check or personal check

    My check was at the Fremont, CA delivery center. I asked ahead if I could make the down payment on the Tesla 3 LR when I arrived to pick up the car. The check was for about 25% the price of the car. ==>The car was financed by US Bank
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    Certified check or personal check

    I had no problem with them accepting a large personal check
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    You will get BLACKBALLED if you dare give Tesla Service a bad review!

    My daugher had a problem that the service center hadn't fixed after 3 weeks. No help or response. So she looked into the lemon law in Washington state. She declared the car a lemon with the Washington state attorney general and notified Tesla as outlined in the account page. Guess what the...
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    Cost of charge disappeared during supercharging

    This isn't a big deal. I was actually surprised when I was utilizing the free supercharger miles that it correctly no cost at the bottom right of the charging screen. So I incorrectly assumed that when I went back to paying for my miles that the number didn't accumulate anymore
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    Cost of charge disappeared during supercharging

    I am getting billed now since I have used all the 1000 miles. But, the accumulated charge is staying at zero
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    Cost of charge disappeared during supercharging

    I had 1000 free supercharger miles from a referral. While I utilized them, the charge cost stayed at zero during the charge and I wasn't billed. I am back to paying for my supercharges, but the accumulated cost as it charges is staying at zero. Anyone else seen this?
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    My daughters Y had front motor die..Took 3 weeks to fix (the story behind it)

    NO, i don't think this was coincidental. Happened same day...
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    My daughters Y had front motor die..Took 3 weeks to fix (the story behind it)

    My daughter lives near Spokane and her experience with the local Tesla repair location had been actually quite good. They promptly responded to messages and fixed things pretty promptly. So now she is driving along one day in early July and the car report trouble with the front motor (see has...
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    I am obviously missing something...Tesla allowing non-Tesla's to use Superchargers????

    The existence of the worldwide Superchanger network has been a huge differentiator for Tesla. Allowing other non-Tesla vehicles to use the Superchargers seems incorrect to me for several reasons: 1) Many Supercharger stations are already crowded during the day. Adding non-Tesla vehicles to...
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    12V battery replacement: Tesla Li-ion

    The lithium ion battery for the Tesla IS listed in the Tesla parts store $165.00 # Part Part Number Sales Restriction Unit Price Repair Quantity Order in Quantity 1 12V LI-ION BATTERY TLA 1598486-00-C Over-the-Counter(No VIN) $165.00 1 1
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    Best replacement tire for Michelin MXM4 Primacy

    I own a M3LR which has a top speed of 140mph. The OEM tire is W-rated which is need for M3P but is overkill for the M3LR. The reason for asking about this is that V-rated tires have a much better mileage warranted (typically between 50-70 thousand ) compared to the W-rated tires. Thoughts on...
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    Daughters front electric motor died in her Y. Has anyone experienced this. How long did it take to get repaired?

    As an aside, she got really good treatment from the local Tesla Spokane shop. They answer the phone and they text her status. I suspose it all depends on the manager of the local store
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    Daughters front electric motor died in her Y. Has anyone experienced this. How long did it take to get repaired?

    She got a "3" loaner for a Y. She got big drive fault warnies. So she stopped and Tesla towed it local Tesla. I set her expectations low as to how long it would take to get a new front motor.
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    Daughters front electric motor died in her Y. Has anyone experienced this. How long did it take to get repaired?

    Her front electric motor died. Tesla says it needs replacing. Anyone experience this failure and how did it take to get fixed
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    Complaint about shipping time from RPM Tesla

    👇I didn't pay attention to the complaints about delivery from RPM tesla. Ordered an item 3 weeks ago. Their confirmation said they would ship within 2-8 days. When I called they said they are processing order. It is obvious to me that they have no inventory of any of the items they offer...
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    Auto open frunk for $15 [non electric]

    I changed both of the struts in front and back a year and half ago and have had no problems. The question of it being harder to close the frunk is actually bogus. If you read the user manual, it says to use two hands, so the question of using one hand is mute anyway
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    Sales tax rates at different WA Tesla centers

    There is no delivery center in Spokane.
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    I am wondering whether the new lithium 12v battery in Plaid will fit M3 or MY

    So Tesla has announced that the Plaid will be using llithium 12V battery. Wondering whether they will fix in M3 or MY
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    PG&E $800 Clean Fuel Rebate

    This is a new limitation. I took delivered in December 2019 and was able to get both
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    18" OEM Tire replacement choices?

    What question I have that I haven't seen discussed. First I have a M3 LR 4W. The current tires have a W speed range. When looking at tires at Tire Rack, I noticed that many tires have a much better mileage range wiht V range tires. My car stop speed is 145mph and V-rated tired covered it. So...
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    Got some curb rash. I can clean it up. Recommendations on paint for 18"

    Going to clean up some curb rash. Does anyone have recommendations on paint after I have cleaned up rash?
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    Is there a fix for the TACC/Autopilot surging?

    I use TACC for about 98% of my driving. I have my setting at 7 and I see very little surging.
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    brake pads lasted 270k miles

    You can buy a brake fluid tester on Amazon for about $20. It will measure moisture in brake fluid. 2% means new fluid. Also if fluid get cooked from ultra heavy breaking (you can tell by color change)
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    How long after california approval on $2000/2500 rebate did it take

    Got my notice approval today. They stated it takes up to 90 days for the check to be sent. What is the experience of other Californians?
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    There is a control to consider diamond lane in navigation...It doesn't seem to do anything

    My thinking is: Waze has a diamond lane setting. And it then optimizes navigation by using diamond lane. I assumed it would work the same, especially since both Tesla and Waze get their traffic info from same place. I am now assuming it is a future feature. It doesn't show in the very...
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    There is a control to consider diamond lane in navigation...It doesn't seem to do anything

    BTW, this has nothing to do with autopilot. It has to do with navigation
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    There is a control to consider diamond lane in navigation...It doesn't seem to do anything

    There is a control that supposedly causes navigation to consider that you are in diamond lane. I turned it on and it changed nothing, navigation still tries to take me off of freeway in heavy traffic even if diamond lane is empty.:( Yes, I know this is mostly a California question.... So, to...
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    model 3 dual motor long range/range

    Have a Dec 2019 LR. When I am in my commute (30 miles each way), I find that I seem to be consuming battery capacity at approximately the EPA rating. I think the key is that is I use TACC for 98% of that driving. When my wife and I go do trips which are in No. California and mostly at...
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    2019 IRS Form 8936

    You can get around the bug in Turbotax, by selecting field 4c in 8936 (clicking-on it), typing CTRL-D and then put 1875 into the field. Then everything works right
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    Anyone LR AWDs Showing 322 Miles Fully Charged?

    Didn't take pictures. THis was last friday before a trip. Next time I do a 100% I will take a photo
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    Anyone LR AWDs Showing 322 Miles Fully Charged?

    My Dec 2019 LR AWD consistent gets 282 at 90% and 323 at 100% at 50F
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    German Tesla 3 owners...What kind of battery consumption at autobahn speeds?

    Out of curiosity. When I last drove on the autobahn, on much of it the typical speed appeared to be about 160km/h. What kind of battery consumption do you see at those speeds? 2 kw per rated kw show on the display for example?
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    Working with HOA for EV-Charging; California law

    We had a similar situation with satellite tv antenna. Federal law says that no one can't stop you from installing one AND it overrides a CCR. Our HOA lawyers quickly changed attitude when facing the federal law. I doubt that they can do otherwise for an override state law.
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    Trying to learn why I get Phantom Braking (video)

    I use traffic aware cruise control about 98% that I am driving. I occassionally see the phantom slow down. I can't tell you whether it is the brakes or just full re-gen since they are so similar. What I have noticed virtually everytime is that I am in the right lane and there is a car exiting...
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    Anyone LR AWDs Showing 322 Miles Fully Charged?

    I have Dec '19 build. You will get 322 depending on how you charge. I see it when I top off at home with 110. If it is warm outside, I see it using level 2 charger. Never tried 100% SOC at supercharger.
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    2019 IRS Form 8936

    Turbotax is now show an availability date of 2/12 for 8936
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    PG&E declined rebate stating purchase contract invalid

    I talked at length to PGE folks. They are still in the 19th century and don't accept electronic signatures which is what the Tesla's purchase agreeement has. I got my registration and they approved it within a couple of days. Given that the registration is coming in at about 4-5 weeks from...
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    PG&E rebate denied. Waiting for CA rebate status (55 day wait). Federal form still not out yet.

    I had similar problems and I talked at length with PGE. They are still in the 19th century and basically won't accept the Tesla purchase agreement in lieu of permanent registration because it has a digital signature rather than a "real" signature. You basically have to wait for your real...
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    California License Plate/registration time

    Delivered 12/20, plates and registration came 1/23. They were shipped from Fremont delivery center. So it appears that it is up to how fast Tesla gets around to shipping them.

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