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  1. TSLY

    Elon Musk

    Elon is a flatulent windbag jonesing on any sliver of limelight he can garner. He can't leave well enough alone, and aside from sabotaging himself, he's sabotaging Tesla, Space X, and all of his investors.
  2. TSLY

    When will Tesla modernize OTA updates?

    Thanks for your feedback and input. This was a "day in the life" post written on impulse after spending an hour + driving to the mall and back after hot-spotting an update. Those who have WiFi in their garages aren't aware what an inconvenience this can be month after month, a dozen + times a...
  3. TSLY

    When will Tesla modernize OTA updates?

    That's on them, they know what they're installing. You're making my point. Signed Tesla firmware, verified by the vehicle and app, is secure as today's WiFi updates. True. I live in a condo. The average condo equals 50 single family homes, some multitudes more. Do you know the ratio of condo...
  4. TSLY

    When will Tesla modernize OTA updates?

    Under what scenario could a Tesla owner update their car with hacked firmware? It's your car, your phone, your phone key, your download.
  5. TSLY

    When will Tesla modernize OTA updates?

    No, Westfield Mall is paying for the data. And I pay the mall to park there. Agree with latter part of your statement about premium OTA connectivity Absolutely.
  6. TSLY

    When will Tesla modernize OTA updates?

    I do use my phone as a hotspot. I have a by the gig plan and upgrading to an unlimited plan costs $30 more per month. Why should I pay $360 more per year just to update a car? If Tesla augmented/adopted my solution it would solve lots of problems.
  7. TSLY

    When will Tesla modernize OTA updates?

    Another update? Another half hour wasted in a Century City mall garage pilfering free WiFi. And I'm not alone! I'd wager a majority of Tesla owner's can't access WiFi in their garages. Why can't Tesla firmware be DL'd to a cell phone (at the owner's convenience) so the owner can choose when and...
  8. TSLY

    Elon Musk

    They walked right into his trap. Elon said he wanted to layoff 10% of his workforce. I've recently lost mucho respect for Elon as a person while maintaining my admiration for him as an inventor.
  9. TSLY

    Elon Musk

    Elon Musk is what you'd get if you crossed J.R. Ewing with Albert Einstein. He should shut up already and get a good night's rest. AI Day reminded me of a badly produced public access cable TV show. And Elon dresses like he's on molly. But I love my MY!
  10. TSLY

    Tesla bringing back RADAR?

    NHTSA's investigation and pending report on Tesla's sudden switch to dedicated Tesla Vision might conceivably mandate a safety recall. If so, I hope the radar is retrofittable.
  11. TSLY

    Tesla intrusion without phone key/card?

    Thanks JJ, just came across recent article noting that hack. https://fortune.com/2022/05/17/tesla-hacker-shows-how-to-unlock-start-and-drive-off-with-car/
  12. TSLY

    Tesla intrusion without phone key/card?

    I live in a condo with a 100 car garage. My neighbor claims her M3 was broken into and a briefcase stolen from her trunk. Case found on street, there was a robbery! No damage or sign of forced entry and she claims the car and trunk were locked. Are Teslas vulnerable to a tech hack enabling...
  13. TSLY

    Is my Model Y Performance normal?

    Experiential, by comparison. I use less electricity charging on demand as opposed to scheduled charging at a specific time.
  14. TSLY

    Is my Model Y Performance normal?

    I find scheduled charging is another culprit of battery drain.
  15. TSLY

    Model Y Coming This Week

    I assume (but can't document) the MYP has a significantly higher profit margin and its higher MSRP is accretive to TSLA's bottom line. I view the MYLR, which I drive, as the MY loss leader. Pay less, wait longer.
  16. TSLY

    My Foray Into Waterless Washing

    Was torn between Aero Cosmetics and ONR. Went with Aero but used ONR, both do heck of a job.
  17. TSLY

    My Foray Into Waterless Washing

    Talk about procrastination, I finally worked up the gumption and found time to do my first waterless wash today. Certainly good exercise for someone in their eight decade. Took about an hour, laborious but fun. I'm proud of myself and feel a sense of accomplishment. Had the MY professionally...
  18. TSLY

    Racechip Range Extender??

    Wow, it's like Prevagen for Teslas!
  19. TSLY

    July order- still no VIN

    Something seems wrong! I too ordered on 7-28-21. Original EDD was October. EDD telescoped back and forth between November and December. When it stretched to 2022 in mid-October I called my sales advisor and asked to be put on the delivery Priority List, which he described when I placed my order...
  20. TSLY

    Tesla Model Y Standard Range AWD to be priced at $59,990 USD

    So, those that put their money where their mouth was last summer before inflation reared its ugly head, and didn't fiddle around trying to time a government tax handout that never materialized, realized a greater discount on their MY than the current $7500 Federal EV rebate? How ironic!
  21. TSLY

    Tesla Model Y Standard Range AWD to be priced at $59,990 USD

    They call that design on the grill's interior surface Digital Herpes.
  22. TSLY

    Tesla Model Y Standard Range AWD to be priced at $59,990 USD

    As an ex-BMW loyalist who recently drove 3 and 5 series M Sports for over a decade, kindly do not validate BMW's klutzy new design direction featuring those absurd looking Pinocchio and Cyrano style schnozzola grills.
  23. TSLY

    Tesla's amateurish service lives up to its bad reputation

    I was promised a loaner and had to wait for several weeks. During my second scheduled appointment there was no loaner or any acknowledgment of that promise. Instead, I got lame BS from a very bad BS-er. Insult added to injury! When I escalated it by insisting the manager intervene, viola, I got...
  24. TSLY

    Tesla's amateurish service lives up to its bad reputation

    I'm pleased. They straightened it out.
  25. TSLY

    Tesla App Collision Service pain

    Hi. I'm in L.A. and Tesla sent my new MY with misaligned panels to: https://allcitycollision.com They were quick and did a good job.
  26. TSLY

    Diring in HOV lane without sticker

    So FUGLY I won't consider spoiling the MY's aerodynamic chassis by putting such a archaic looking badge on it. Got my HOV sticker in the glovebox along with a PPF kit. Haven't had occasion to put it on and off yet but do occasionally weave in and out of HOV lane.
  27. TSLY

    2021 MYP spaceX with yoke 😲

    Maybe that's why it reminds me of a nickel?
  28. TSLY

    Wife isn’t happy with MY (have 2), what options?

    Opinions are like Piñatas. 🗣️
  29. TSLY

    Tesla Canceled my Order

    Tesla should be able to commandeer you a car from inventory. My SA did that for me last October when my EDD got pushed out to February. Ask and ye shall receive! At least that what happened to me. Good luck.
  30. TSLY

    Tesla Model Y - Things You Should Know!

    Sounds like you got a dud.
  31. TSLY

    Van Nuys CA service center

    The Tesla salesman who sold me the car previously worked in a Tesla delivery center and knew the manager at the service center. One text between them was all it took. Suppose you weren't assigned a salesman or they don't know the ropes? Get creative, there are multiple ways to skin a cat. I...
  32. TSLY

    Van Nuys CA service center

    Wow, those swirl marks reek! I'm sympathetic but don't feel you handled this right. If the SC was responsible you should have put the onus on them to fix it. By incorporating a ceramic coat in between visits you destroyed your own evidence. There's no excuse for the condition you describe, from...
  33. TSLY

    What items would you take on a long road trip?

    A bong and a bible. ;)
  34. TSLY

    Inflationary Price Increase coming?

    If I had to guess -- which it seems everyone in this thread has -- I foresee Tesla increasing its market share as the EV market expands, allowing other EVs to coexist and profit within a larger slice of the auto sales pie.
  35. TSLY

    Inflationary Price Increase coming?

    Xmas in July (with premium interior)
  36. TSLY

    Hide-A-Key (with magnets) placement?

    The seat rail is best magnetic option I've found.
  37. TSLY

    Garage Door Opener?

  38. TSLY

    Is there a trick to reach the service department?

    It worked for me. Just trying to help the OP.
  39. TSLY

    Is there a trick to reach the service department?

    Call your sales manager, articulate that you're disappointed getting the runaround from service, then ask him to text the service manager and supply their name and number.
  40. TSLY

    Computer died 2021 Model Y

    In theory I imagine the AMD and Intel CPUs are compatible, therefore swappable. Don't know what this entails or if it's possible because I'm unfamiliar the location and accessibility of the logic board. Does anyone know if this is feasible?
  41. TSLY

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    In Service
  42. TSLY

    Will Tesla ever offer Lease buyout?

    Five years from now, who knows? Tesla might even get around to offering HUD, Surround View, and, uh, radar.
  43. TSLY

    Tesla's amateurish service lives up to its bad reputation

    He's a troll.
  44. TSLY

    Tesla's amateurish service lives up to its bad reputation

    Got MY back yesterday after 5 days in service. Nothing is perfect but I'm satisfied Tesla did everything in its power to remedy problem. I think the alignments are within spec now and my MY looks much better. I'm satisfied! My takeaway is always escalate your issue upon encountering incompetent...
  45. TSLY

    WAPO on FSD

    Well researched article in todays's WAPO. Enjoy! https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2022/02/10/video-tesla-full-self-driving-beta/
  46. TSLY

    1 week old MY Touchscreen unresponsive error

    Good possibility!
  47. TSLY

    Tesla's amateurish service lives up to its bad reputation

    I've driven nothing but BMWs and MBs. Although great cars in their own right, none provided as much fun or practicality as the MY. But the biggest equation isn't luxury vs practicality. The main reason I bought a Tesla is I'll never have to pump or buy another gallon of gas again!
  48. TSLY

    Tesla's amateurish service lives up to its bad reputation

    So, I indeed was forced to escalate this. I did so by contacting my sales advisor to complain about the run around and lack of quality service. He texted the manager at my service center and gave me his name. I followed up with a call last week and after hearing my complaint about the runaround...
  49. TSLY

    Hansshow auto frunk warped my hood?

    Sorry. ☹️
  50. TSLY

    Model 3 & Y New Display

    HUD is proper solution. Expect Tesla will eventually incorporate one.

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