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  1. Xminus6

    Will Model X features be in Cyber Truck

    Yeah. Mine never opened into an object while parked. But I need to walk around my car a lot in the garage so it was always a hassle in the garage. I think if I could turn it off with a geofence only at my home I'd have liked it a lot more. With the CT it'll end up being parked in the driveway in...
  2. Xminus6

    Will Model X features be in Cyber Truck

    I had a MX for many years. Auto open was 50% convenience, 50% annoyance. Auto Close, however, was 100% great, especially on brake pedal application.
  3. Xminus6

    Drill free mudflaps for MY

    They all just look like a sheet of HDPE plastic glued to the wheel well.
  4. Xminus6

    2016-17 Model X 6-seater 3D Maxpider Floormats - $150 + s/h

    Sold the Model X so I don't need these anymore. Had them for a couple years but they've held up incredibly well. Photos of them as they look today. I believe these fit the late '16 and early '17 Model X. I recall there was some change to the shape of the floor area after that. Here's the link...
  5. Xminus6

    Stiff Ride

    20" tires and wheels definitely contribute. The suspension on the Y and 3 is just stiffer than most other vehicles in the same category, probably similar to BMWs. I don't find it to be offensive but if you want a softer ride then smaller wheels and tires would certainly be one step in that...
  6. Xminus6

    2020 Gemini Wheel change

    If they're like other Tesla lug nut covers, they just press on with a friction fit. If you have needle nose pliers with a wide enough mouth you can wrap a towel around the tips to prevent scratching and pull them out.
  7. Xminus6

    Always carry the key card

    You're not wrong. I've had to do that for my wife when she's forgotten her key at home after switching cars with me. I also had to do it once when her phone was dead after a long flight. She texted me from her iPad and I unlocked and started the car for her.
  8. Xminus6

    Tesla will support wifi garage opener soon

    I like the Homelink integration auto closing and opening when I leave/arrive. It's not a HUGE benefit over just pushing a button, but I got used to it on my Model X so I bought it for the Model Y. Whether it's worth the money is obviously a personal decision. I tend to like eliminating small...
  9. Xminus6

    Wheel Weight Vs Aero

    I would think it depends on your use case. Lighter wheels probably help a lot with acceleration and general performance, but steady-state high-speed driving will tilt the scale toward the Aero wheels for range.
  10. Xminus6

    Jumping the line

    Previous owners did get some priority on their previous introductions. I believe S owners could get an X faster than non-owners although I wanted several months before I got my X. But I do recall getting my 3 faster than most other people because of owner priority and proximity to the factory.
  11. Xminus6

    AutoSock #697 - $50 + Shipping

    Sorry I didn’t get notifications on the thread. I’m in the East Bay.
  12. Xminus6

    AutoSock #697 - $50 + Shipping

    Autosock is a tire chain alternative that is certified by US DOT to be used in snow and icy conditions. New, these are $100 plus tax. I had them for my Tesla Model X with standard 20" wheels. These AutoSock chains have never been used. The bag has been in the back of my car for a couple years...
  13. Xminus6

    Nearly Perfect Model Y Delivery 09/30

    We took delivery of our new Model Y LR on Wednesday at Quarter Close. As someone who has owned three previous Teslas (2014 S85, 2016 X90D, 2018 LR RWD 3) I have to say this car was delivered with the least flaws of any of them. There are VERY minor panel alignment issues that I want to have...
  14. Xminus6

    Ordered my MS Plaid

    They're building another huge charger along the corridor. Tesla's Largest Supercharger Goes Up Quietly: 56 Stalls, Restaurant
  15. Xminus6

    Enhanced Autopilot is BACK!!

    Weird. I'm waiting on a Model Y right now and there's no option to upgrade it before you buy. There is an option for our Model 3 that we already own though.
  16. Xminus6

    How good is the air conditioning really?

    Yeah. I never found dual mode to be cold enough for me being the cold side of the equation. It always seems just sort of average.
  17. Xminus6

    Is FSD worth to buy now for Model Y ?

    Ha. I've owned three of them and never bought it yet. I consider it a lot of saved money. Although to be fair it wasn't even a thing people talked about when I bought the Model S.
  18. Xminus6

    Will Cybertruck get better range with "street" wheels and tires?

    I wonder if they're making their range estimate based on the prototype wheels and tires? They look very sturdy and off-road capable, but overkill and likely very inefficient for most users. Most pickups I've seen have fairly normal road tires for regular use. A street wheel/tire package is...
  19. Xminus6

    supercharger stations are still up - even w/ everyone hunkering down?

    Wow. Really? That's crazy.
  20. Xminus6

    Suffered medical emergency while driving

    There is a hold mode on my 2017 X. But I can’t regen to stop and hold.
  21. Xminus6

    Will you be able to access the underside of the bed

    Seems to me that the battery would prevent easy access to the bottom of the bed.
  22. Xminus6

    $7000 US Fed Tax Credit for Cybertruck!

    Yes. It’s why so many large SUVs specifically targeted 6000lb as its minimum weight.
  23. Xminus6

    Chrome bubble on Model X Door handle

    Aren't the "door handles" on our Xes basically a plate adhered to a surface? I seem to recall that it's really just a flat-ish piece of metal. I suppose it needs to be conductive though for the touch sensor to work.
  24. Xminus6


    I had mine addressed last month and it seems to have smoothed it all out. Hopefully it's a permanent fix.
  25. Xminus6

    $7000 US Fed Tax Credit for Cybertruck!

    Huh? Tesla actually lowered the price of the Model 3 after the tax incentive rebate phased out.
  26. Xminus6

    Roof racks?

    Someone at the reveal did hear from a driver that the bed has t-slots. You can see them but it was nice that they confirmed it. Not sure how well they'll hold up to being on the bottom of a truck bed though.
  27. Xminus6

    "Better than people realize"

    One interesting side effect of having flat glass for a windshield vs. curved is I assume it would be easier to project a wide-view HUD onto flat glass without the distortion. We already have an interior camera that can detect head position. I’m still curious to see if they fully utilized the...
  28. Xminus6

    Musk Asks About A Texas Gigafactory: Is It For You, Cybertruck?

    Well, you guys did get Boca Chica. I grew up in TX and went to UT so I have affinity towards it but they need to change that law now. It’s so in-Conservative anyway.
  29. Xminus6

    Roof racks?

    No, I don’t think they’re screwing the glass roof onto the car’s frame.
  30. Xminus6

    2018 MX 75D vs 2020 Long Range Raven

    On the ride it does seem that the difference in weight would play a role in a different ride quality. The battery in the Raven is 33% larger and heavier than yours.
  31. Xminus6

    Cybertruck Challenges Tesla Rivals Beyond Electrification

    I agree. It doesn't introduce anything new at all. It just seems like an attempt to get some clicks on an article rehashing the same information everyone already knows. It doesn't even talk about any of the less-publicized advantages that have been discussed since its introduction like the low...
  32. Xminus6

    Cybertruck satin/brushed stainless steel only?

    Yes. Unlike most cars the Cybertruck would be relatively easy to wrap at home. There are no curves and you really don't have to worry about scratching or cutting the body panels because of the lack of paint. Just slap down some wrap and then cut a few mm from the panel edge to wrap around the...
  33. Xminus6

    Mysterious FSD discount for some Model X owners

    No. Best performance of those features depends on a Neural Net. The fact that those features exist now in a car with old hardware, like mine, means that those features don't depend on the new hardware. It makes no sense to claim that those features depend on HW3 when thousands of people use...
  34. Xminus6

    What state do you think will receive orders first?

    They batch the deliveries based on logistics of delivery. It was that way for all the cars they've built so far. Within a geographic region and amongst similarlty specced vehicles, I'm sure the reservation order is used to order those deliveries but reservation number seems to be only one of the...
  35. Xminus6

    Mysterious FSD discount for some Model X owners

    I realize that but you were implying that those features just don't exist without FSD or HW3. That's not true. They probably don't perform as well as a HW3 car but they don't depend on that HW3 suite.
  36. Xminus6

    Mysterious FSD discount for some Model X owners

    Huh? I have HW2.0 and have all of those features with EAP.
  37. Xminus6

    Self presenting doors?

    Yep. That's how I feel too. i definitely miss auto-close more than auto-open when I drive our Model 3.
  38. Xminus6

    Tesla’s Sci-Fi Cybertruck to Make Debut Tonight

    You sound like a cool grandpa. Maybe when I get mine delivered we’ll pass each other while I’m on my Danville Costco trip. Haha.
  39. Xminus6

    Yellowish Video

    I believe they don't do any extra color correction or processing to the cameras that aren't meant for regular viewing. It's extra processing that doesn't help its function.
  40. Xminus6

    Self presenting doors?

    Yeah. Auto opening is an annoyance much of the time. Half the time it only opens enough to stick the corner of the glass right in my approaching face. Auto closing, though, is nearly perfect and I miss it on every other car I drive.
  41. Xminus6

    Suspect MCU is dead and mobile connector "locked in", need advice on next steps.

    Interesting. I had the 12v warning recently and I didn’t take it in to get serviced for a couple weeks. Same thing happened a couple years ago on this same car but they did a mobile service replacement of it. But the warning was showing for at least a couple weeks. Wonder if something was left...
  42. Xminus6

    Rear Seat Head room?

    The roof may be lower at that point in total height but we don't really know how high up in the body the seats are mounted.
  43. Xminus6

    Huuuge Wheelbase

    How is it a miracle of physics? Turning radius seems like it would be largely dictated by the maximum angle of the front wheels. That’s completely independent of the car’s wheelbase. I’ve had long cars with better turning radii than smaller hatchbacks.
  44. Xminus6

    Tesla Cybrtrk

    If the size comparison with the F150 overlaw was accurate the whole truck is slightly shorter than the Ford, which makes the sailpanels much lower than most people think. Although I have no idea whether or not that fixes your gooseneck collision issue.
  45. Xminus6

    [POLL] For Cybertruck Res Holders ONLY, what type of buyer are you?

    There’s more confirmation every day that “truck guys” see the value in the utility of the truck over the styling. My neighbor, who has an F150 and an ex-Chevron employee who is probably in his 80s stopped me to talk about it. We talk about Teslas and EVs often. He and his wife live in Idaho half...
  46. Xminus6

    Will Cybertruck be the first car to use Starlink for connectivity?

    True. I just keep thinking, many of the people who live in rural enough areas that are underserved by traditional internet providers are also truck buyers. Include a Starlink subscription into the truck’s price and you’ve got instant customers for Starlink and a truck with a very unique selling...
  47. Xminus6

    Who is getting a Tesla Cybertruck

    Yes. And it will replace my X.
  48. Xminus6

    Will Cybertruck be the first car to use Starlink for connectivity?

    They were targeting a pizza-box sized PA antenna. Seems like it could be fit on something as large as a Cybertruck and all its flat panels pointing skyward.
  49. Xminus6

    Will Cybertruck be the first car to use Starlink for connectivity?

    Seems like the timing is just about right for Cybertruck to switch to Starlink for its connectivity rather than terrestrial 4G/5G networks. If they announce Satellite internet with the Cybertruck and an ability to be a wireless basestation, then it's going to be a huge new feature for people who...

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