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    Tesla Service

    What kind of wheels do you have? If they are the Gemini wheels that’s where the clicking and crackling sounds are coming from (the plastic covers specifically).
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    Should I talk my wife out of an X and into a Y?

    We had a similar debate before getting our Model Y (minus the car seat angle). My wife was initially leaning towards a Model X while I really had a tough time justifying the fact that it was pretty much double the price for seemingly little else than the falcon wing doors. The two things that...
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    Tesla Service

    About the whole loaner thing..... This was initially a bit of a let down with Tesla (though it was something I was prepared for from reading these forums). Especially after 15 years of dealing with my local BMW dealer, one of the largest at least in this region if not nationally, and with a very...
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    Inflationary Price Increase coming?

    While I agree with you that "the craziness will come to an end". The key question for many people will likely be how long it takes for that to happen and what folks will end up going through before they get there. I distinctly remember my parents relating stories of paying more than 14% mortgage...
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    No "software update available" notifications since V11

    It continues to be an issue with 2022.4.5. The update complete notification started becoming flake in the second half of last year. The update available notification not appearing appears to have started since v11. Now that I know that it not only affecting me, it’s not a problem with my...
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    any concern about this gap?

    That does look abnormally large.... your photos are cropped pretty close, but based on what I'm seeing I think it may be more due to the alignment of the black lower piece for the mirror than the car's body panel (look at the gap between the lower mirror trim and the upper door trim on the side...
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    Operating system update resulted in systems not working on car.

    Hopefully this never happens again for you, but one thing which I’ve been told (at least by the service centers around me here) is that if something is a safety issue, you can basically drive in and they will prioritize it. I assume this has to be an actual major safety issue (like...
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    Guidance - Hit and run

    It's a white Toyota Camry 2011 - 2014 (pre-facelift for that generation). As someone else mentioned the plate is somewhat visible throughout the video, I can make out at least the last 3 characters. I think you may have gotten lucky as far as where the impact was on your car, the height of the...
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    Everything wrong with V11 update / user interface.

    One of the benefits of owning a Tesla is the fact that the car can evolve over the course of its life through software updates. Even at the risk of there being an update at some point that I don’t 100% agree with, I consider that a huge benefit relative to other cars. On my BMW checking tire...
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    Theater mode not available since V11

    I have not experienced this issue with V11. If something like this was happening I would submit a service request. You can submit it as a mobile service request for software issues. Tesla will then reach out to you a day or two before your scheduled appointment and try to fix it remotely.
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    Sorry, I actually like the new UI :)

    While I get this argument on the surface, and I readily admit that as a resident of SoCal I may not appreciate the use cases for this function in other parts of the country, I can’t help but think this is being overstated a bit. Basically before the defroster was towards the right of the screen...
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    No "software update available" notifications since V11

    The same was true for me. “Update Complete” has been flaky since around Sept or Oct of last year but Update Available was still coming in. Now both have stopped working completely with v11. Again, I’m relieved it’s not just our car, I was a bit worried something may have gotten uniquely messed...
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    No "software update available" notifications since V11

    Same here, it’s comforting to know it’s not something specific to my car.
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    Tesla's amateurish service lives up to its bad reputation

    When it comes to panel alignment issues, it also depends on your car color (I'm not kidding, I've noticed panel alignment issues tend to stand out more with white than other colors). I can say that I've had my Model Y for over a year now and from a mechanical perspective I have not had to do any...
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    MCU needs rebooting daily

    The Tesla logo not showing up appears to be normal as of a few releases ago for me (maybe 2021.40.6), it now just comes on as you’re describing, so that particular issue is probably not something to worry about. For the rest of what you are describing, if removing the USB doesn’t work, then I...
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    Tesla's amateurish service lives up to its bad reputation

    In my experience loaners don’t have to do as much with the brand as with the dealer network (though in some cases the brand can try to promote certain policies at the dealer level). Loaner programs at least hear in SoCal (Orange County) are far from guaranteed and I’ve had that experience...
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    v11 software update SUCKS

    It's not about design as much as it's about optimization. All functions are still there, it's just about optimizing the UI for the "thick part of the curve", which makes a lot more sense. It is implied throughout objections to v11 that somehow v10 was some optimal design that we should aspire...
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    Sorry, I actually like the new UI :)

    Well the problem is (and maybe I'm doing something wrong) that currently there are two ways to switch sources. 1) The source dropdown 2) One of the icons in the launcher The source dropdown works, but it's now two taps instead of 1. The icons in the launcher on the other hand don't work like...
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    Sorry, I actually like the new UI :)

    Well when it comes to the music app specifically I'd have to agree with you... the current iteration feels a bit half baked. It's possible the old interface for music (with a single icon) would make better use of the v11 launcher than the v11 version. BTW, messages do still pop up on screen for...
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    Sorry, I actually like the new UI :)

    I see you have the phone and messages app locked into your app launcher for easy access. Accessing both of those functions was a lot more distracting before the update (they were one level deep and then involved hunting around in the popup drawer that would appear in v10). Also generally in v11...
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    Tesla App mixes Miles and KMs

    I've seen it, it looks like a bug which I'm sure will be fixed in an upcoming update.
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    I wonder how many of the people unhappy about V11 are really trolls

    The contrast issues on the dark map were improved in 2021.44.30 (or at least they were improved for me, and the other people who have posted about it).
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    Poll on V11 interface

    I think it should be noted that v11 has done a lot to improve the size of touch targets in the interface and bring a lot of controls closer to the driver. Sure the defroster controls are currently 1 level deeper now, but I think if people are being honest here it was not exactly easy to...
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    V11 is sluggish

    It's been the same or in some cases smoother for me. You should try the suggested reboot.
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    v11 software update SUCKS

    They don't, you're right. Basically here a defroster is more for defogging a window on a "cold" night. There's isn't really much urgency in it's use while driving, so I admit I may not be able to relate to your use case.
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    v11 software update SUCKS

    I guess I'm part of the minority on this thread, but I personally like V11. Overall I find it to be an improvement. The only area that feels a like a regression to me is the music player interface, otherwise for my use case (and my wife's) this update makes most things easier. For example... -...
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    2021.44.30 Rolling out

    I haven’t seen this after the update. Have you tried restarting the car?
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    Has Spotify bitrate increased??

    The immersive sound update 2021.32.2x seems to have made some changes to the sound stage of the car even on the same setting. This is both per my own experience and other feedback I’ve read online. Maybe that’s what you’re hearing? It’s been a few days since I listened to anything on Spotify...
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    Does Everyone have to wait a long time for Tesla Energy to Resolve an issue?

    Sounds like you’ve pretty much tried everything then. In my case there was limited success with the whole house power down, but then the gateway reset (at the request of a more experienced agent) took care of it. In my case the agent told me to hold the reset for 5 seconds. Maybe the Neurio...
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    Does Everyone have to wait a long time for Tesla Energy to Resolve an issue?

    @Fruitcake I had a similar issue after 3 years of trouble free operation and was able to get it resolved over the phone after a few tries with different agents (there was a lot of hold time involved). They did schedule a visit to check things out proactively and that did take a month, but as the...
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    Mirror auto tilt issue

    One thing that might be worth trying is to set the car to park, and then take the mirror (or both mirrors if they are both affected) through the entire vertical range of motion a couple of times. In other words, scroll all the way up until it won't go further and then scroll all the way down...
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    Model Y software download

    That’s not a bad thing…. Could mean that there were some issues found on 2021.24.4 that 2021.24.5 has been released to address. With Tesla’s releases you are not supposed to get every intermediate release (it’s not like an iPhone). There are many releases that will go out to a smaller testing...
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    Very slow performance on Theater apps

    This seems like it is clearly a software optimization issue to me considering the other computationally intensive operations the car can do fairly quickly (like navigation/maps or AP interface). It seems strange it would suddenly struggle to display a YouTube slider. Given it appears to use...
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    Is it totaled?

    It’s hard to tell from your photos.. did the airbags go off? There does seem to be significant damage to all body panels ahead of the doors… is there damage anywhere else on the car? If not then it will depend on whether there was internal frame damage (or any sort of damage to the battery from...
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    Bugs around software update time...

    Not really, I had issues with sentry mode being on and off flaky with 2021.4.18.2 so it may just be that whatever that issue was happened to affect you around the time of your upgrade. It seems that 2021.12.25.7 may have addressed that issue.
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    2021 MY Test Drive

    Another thing to keep in mind is that I would be hesitant to buy any EV from a dealer (that clearly does not know what they are doing) who may have potentially left the car sitting at low levels of charge 10% or less for prolonged periods of time (like months), it's not good for the battery.
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    Y September Delivery?!?!

    The article you linked references the expected change to a structural battery pack and 4680 cells for the Model Y. I would not hold my breath for this to actually reach people's hands in any significant number this year given that it coincides with Tesla also ramping up an entirely new factory...
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    Inconsistent air conditioning A/C performance with new Model Y

    Yes I read about that too, I was actually a bit concerned trying to supercharge (multiple times) in those conditions, but the car handled it well (while maintaining active cooling in the cabin the whole time). I came away pretty impressed with how the car handled the whole trip as I did not know...
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    Inconsistent air conditioning A/C performance with new Model Y

    I think we may be talking about two slight different issues here. I'm not sure what this super manifold issue is, but the temp sensor issue is something which I've heard about for several months now. I think bottom line for the op is that what you are reporting does not appear to be normal, and...
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    Inconsistent air conditioning A/C performance with new Model Y

    As the previous poster mentioned there is a known issue with temp sensors for the Model Y (search Google/this forum) for which Tesla has been replacing the sensors on cars that fall under that VIN range when they come in for service (or if they report an issue). Since you are mentioning having...
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    Model Y - Is my car totaled?

    As a a previous poster said, it’s up to your insurance…. But per my own experiences…. 99.9% that’s totaled Update: Just noticed you mentioned airbags did not go off… so probability might be much less… like 70%.. depends what level of damage they find in the underlying structure…
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    Gap in dash normal?

    No, it looks like the top trim piece is not correctly seated... if this is how the car was delivered, I'd ask a service center (or mobile tech) to look into it and fix it for you.
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    How good is the air conditioning really?

    Had no issues with AC following a road trip where exterior temperatures were between 110 and 120F, we also had to supercharge a couple of times during the trip. Yes, cooling would slightly decrease after supercharging while additional cooling was diverted to the battery, however it was still...
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    What’s causing my MY to stay awake/suspended?

    I would start with checking sentry mode (as others have said)... 1) Make sure you have set the "Home" address (to your home) 2) Then set Sentry mode to Exclude Home in the settings When sentry is disabled the car will go into deep sleep. Otherwise it will remain in standby the whole time (and...
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    My new 2021 Model Y just rear-ended pretty bad

    You can get Tesla insurance on a second non-Tesla car (at least in California). I have it on my BMW.
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    MY White Paint thick enough for Harbor Freight buffer?

    I second the cleaner wax approach. It’s milder than other methods and I’ve personally been able to remove marks that otherwise would not come off. I used to have a white car many years ago, I noticed similar orange marks when parking under pine trees, it could be tree sap if there are trees...
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    While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, statements like this are why, aside from Tesla, so many competitors simply don't offer updates and in some cases probably never will. It's basically "why we can't have nice things". Paralysis through a fear of backlash and legal liability. I...
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    New Driver - Student Driver

    The reality of things is that most of the cars your student driver may end up driving for the next decade or so (and maybe longer) will probably still be ICE (unless you are specifically planning to give them the Tesla). This would include whatever car they end up with, any acquaintances cars...

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