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  1. GSP

    FSD Beta 10.13

    I hope we get 10.13 soon. Has it been two weeks yet? GSP
  2. GSP

    40amp charging while traveling

    @MacO512 - Tesla’s 40 Amp Corded Mobile Connector does sound like the best solution for your needs. Here is one on AliExpress for $369, if you want to risk buying from them...
  3. GSP

    "What's new" link in navigation bar going away soon - here is how to keep it

    The ”new” button does not offer an option to go the the third from last page in a thread and read from there. It first loads page 1, which allows me to select the last page, then I finally have a button to take me to the third from last page. At least that is how it works on my iPad with my...
  4. GSP

    Scenarios for being Kicked out of FSD Beta

    Funny….but True. 😀 GSP
  5. GSP

    12v emergency replacement

    @NewbyMaybe - I shopped around for a 12 V replacment when my orginal was 5.5 years old [Fall 2020]. Only Tesla had an exact physical replacement, but other batteries are available using a post adapter. Tesla was the best deal however. They sent a ranger to my home and installed a new 12 V for...
  6. GSP

    Installing Wall Connector is better than NEMA 14-50

    @ATPMSD - Thanks for your reply. Your reasoning makes good sense to me. @mswlogo - I agree there occasional are situations where faster home charging is handy to have, even for overnight charging as you suggest. I was referring to using the max 48 A rate every night, whether it is needed or...
  7. GSP

    Installing Wall Connector is better than NEMA 14-50

    Why would you do your overnight charging at 48 A? Do you have a short “super off-peak” window for electric rates, and drive over 120 miles/day? For most people, 32 A, or even 16 A, [at 240 V] is sufficient to be fully charged in the morning. The only reason for this majority to charge...
  8. GSP

    2015 Model S 85D for sale

    SOLD! [I am sure going to miss it. 😢]
  9. GSP

    2015 Model S 85D for sale

    The car comes with the Gen 2 mobile charging cable. It is a more recent design which has proven to be more reliable. It is capable of up to 32 Amp charging. The old design could do up to 40 Amps, but this was problematic with some home circuits with 14-50 outlets. In my experience 32 A is quite...
  10. GSP

    2015 Model S 85D for sale

    Car is located in Indianapolis, IN
  11. GSP

    2015 Model S 85D for sale

    More photos:
  12. GSP

    2015 Model S 85D for sale

    I ordered a Model Y, and now regretfully I have to sell my Model S. It has been a superb car in every respect, very satisfying to own and drive. 2015 Tesla Model S 85D - $49,990 50,019 mi - Excellent condition Black 19” Factory Alloy Wheels - OEM Michelin 245/45-19 MXM4 Primacy Green X...
  13. GSP

    Planning the cheapest Supercharging route?

    I am having the same problem. I want to know the prices at the superchargers that I might stop at. Tesla used to have this info on their website, but I don’t see any pricing info now. Google search is coming up with nothing either. I guess that pricing is still available in the car, but I am...
  14. GSP

    If you’ve not already discovered Light Show… 🎄

    Tesla has a link in their blog to instructions for making your own show: Introducing Software V11.0 GSP
  15. GSP

    12V Access: Model S 2021 Refresh

    Does anyone know if the refresh S has a regulated 12 V supply? If not accessories need to be compatible with the 16 V Li-ion battery. Are most 12 V accessories OK with 16 V?
  16. GSP

    Pre 'next gen' seats comfort

    @electrique, I am 5’ 10” but with short legs. It took me a while to get used to the view of the instrument cluster and I don’t have much headroom left. However, it was well worth it to fix my back pain on long trips.
  17. GSP

    Pre 'next gen' seats comfort

    @webcrawler, I have trouble with lower back pain. When I bought my 85D w/o next gen seats it was difficult to take road trips due to the back pain. While looking for a possible aftermarket solution on Recaro’s website I found a guide to how to adjust car seats to minimize back pain. Recaro...
  18. GSP

    Can the American power grid sustain EV adoption?

    At our family vacation cottage there must be 15-20 homes on a single 25 kVA pole-mounted transformer! When I tried to upgrade our 100 A service to 200 A, the utility said only if I buy them a new transformer, and new wires for their side of the meter. I elected to stay with my 100 A service...
  19. GSP

    Anyone use this Romex 6/3 cable during install?

    Tesla has used two conductors in parallel for each of the hot wires [4 conductors total + ground] in their UMC and WC cables. I don’t remember the AWG used. This allows the cable to be smaller and much more flexible than using single conductors like conventional extension cords do. Tony...
  20. GSP

    Winter Weather [question about model 3 ownership in cold climates]

    My experience with Midwest winters is that 250+ mile EVs are significantly better than gas cars in cold weather, provided you have charging at home. Older EVs with lower range, like the original 80-mile Leaf would likely be a challenge, but I think any EV with 200+ mile range and DC fast...
  21. GSP

    Tesla making CCS adapter for fast charging interface

    We? My 2015 S85D is not. It Accepts 80 A, which provides 19.2 kW at 240 V. However, there is no pressing need for more than 48 A AC charging. There are only a few edge cases where it helps.
  22. GSP

    Dual Charger setup and Charging outdoor

    This is not how it works on my 2015 Model S. I can set the amperage and scheduled time to start charging when at away-from-home locations, and the car remembers these settings the next time I charge at that location. My 2018 Model 3 works the same way. If you go to a new location, then you...
  23. GSP

    Corrective steering ruining everything

    @warraqeen , Good Luck with getting your problem fixed. Tesla service has told me that they need to know the day and time for incidents because the log files are extensive and it takes too much time to search them. Even if they can auto search for a road departure warning, they probably want...
  24. GSP

    Supercharger - Angola IN

    I charged my Model S at Angola last Thursday (20May2021) with no issues. Lunch at the adjacent “6 Autumns” restaurant was great as always. The restaurant is closed on Sundays now, hopefully business will start picking up this year and they will be able to resume seven day per week operation...
  25. GSP

    Help charging Stops

    PCS = Power Conversion System. It does several jobs, one of which is converting 120 or 240 V AC power to higher voltage DC to charge the HV battery. It is located under the back seat, on the top rear section of the HV battery pack. I hope this fixes your issue! (fingers crossed) GSP
  26. GSP

    A static Model 3 Battery!

    Jack Ricard at EVTV was working on this. EVTV already offers for sale hardware and software that uses battery modules from the S or X for home (or RV) storage. Sadly, Jack has passed away. Perhaps the EVTV team will get this done for the Model 3 battery without him. GSP
  27. GSP

    Is there an easy way to tell if MX has dual onboard chargers installed?

    IIRC Tesla never offered dual chargers (80 A total) with the X. They had two options for the single charger: 72 A or 48 A. GSP
  28. GSP

    Help charging Stops

    @lachambers, Have you tried charging at other locations, like a public L2 charger or a 120 V outlet in a different neighborhood? If it work OK at Tesla’s shop, it might be helpful to know if the problem is only at your home or not. Perhaps GPS location aware charging software has a bug [Tesla...
  29. GSP

    Supercharger - Speedway, IN

    May 8 photo attached. Fencing is still up.
  30. GSP

    14 Hours to cross 800Km with SR+...[complaint about range in winter]

    I wonder if Bjørn Nyland has done a 1000 km challenge with the SR+? I don’t recall seeing one, but has driven 1000 km in less than 10 hours in a long range Model 3, and under 11 hours for several other Tesla models. I would suggest using A Better Route Planner to compare the SR+ to other EVs...
  31. GSP

    Mustang Mach-e positive reviews

    Technically the whole stable would be SEXYR. :) The Tesla Roadster was THE 21st Century Car. It was the start of the revitalization [revenge?] of the electric car. GSP
  32. GSP

    Used X/S or new Y?

    @snoopycr , I would get the Y. It has newer tech than the S/X. Of course, the S and X have there advantages as well, but you already have an X, so you already have that covered. I have an S and a 3, and really like being able to drive both. GSP
  33. GSP

    Need you help! Used Model X

    Tesla included “free Supercharging for life” for several years, but later changed to “free for life of first ownership,” or no free Supercharging, for recently built cars. A 2018 model is likely in one of the latter categories. My 2015 Model S came with free Supercharging for life, and it...
  34. GSP

    Need you help! Used Model X

    Ask Tesla to be sure, but I think the following is (likely) correct: The 4 year bumper-to-bumper and the 8-year Powertrain warranties should still be in force, no matter who you buy the car from. They were for my Model S bought from a private party. I would not expect a lot of expensive...
  35. GSP

    Best way to charge?

    @Sags224 I plug my cars in every night for two reasons: 1) The car can use grid electricity to keep the battery cool while parked during summer, and to pre-warm the cabin and battery before departure in the winter. 2) At the start of every day the car has an 80% charge, enough to drive...
  36. GSP

    Airstream towing (Bambi) range?

    Checkout Ohmman’s posts about his experiences. He also has a separate thread about weight distribution hitch for the X with the 16’ Airstream. Ohmman's Airstream Adventures GSP
  37. GSP

    Low cost way to monitor your 12V Battery

    Those Hyundais had a separate 12 V li-ion battery, housed inside the HV pack for safety. It was designed to last the life of the car, but could be serviced separate from the rest of the HV pack, just in case. GSP
  38. GSP

    Vehicle 2 Grid

    Tesla’s battery day was awesome. Elon’s comments were skeptical of V2G, but Drew did say they plan to support V2G for selling energy and demand response for grid support. Elon mentioned that the Roadster had V2G support, but no one was interested. However, I don’t recall V2G ever being...
  39. GSP

    Tesla Battery Investor Day

    I refreshed the page and now am hearing complaints about cobalt
  40. GSP

    Tesla Battery Investor Day

    I am still seeing the looped video with no sound
  41. GSP

    Ordered a M3P - Winter Range question

    Deciding to get a Tesla now, vs. waiting for future improvements is difficult for a lot of us. I am super happy with my 2015 S and very early build, very low VIN, 2018 Model 3. Tesla has made lots of improvements since then, especially for the S. However, I am still extremely satisfied with...
  42. GSP

    Ordered a M3P - Winter Range question

    I will defer to UK owners about what range to expect in winter. However, from my own experience owning an S for 4 years and a 3 for 2 years, reduced range in the winter is not a problem. For daily driving around town, or to and from nearby towns, I never use even half of my range daily, and...
  43. GSP

    How to order TPMS Sensors from Tesla?

    Where did you find a phone number for the parts department? Was this a centralized US or North America department, or your local service center? Thanks, GSP
  44. GSP

    How to order TPMS Sensors from Tesla?

    How do you contact Tesla’s parts department? Ever since the service centers stopped answering the phone, the only way I know is to drive there. Perhaps schedule an appointment in the Tesla app to buy parts? I support Tesla innovating to save service costs and improve the efficiency of their...
  45. GSP

    MCU replaced 1 month ago; replacement now dead

    Tesla now has a new “Tegra Daughterboard” with 64 GB memory to repair MCU memory failures. This should have better life than the original 8 GB memory and is a new part, not reconditioned. I had one installed in my 2015 S85 last week. Ask Tesla to perform this repair instead of another...
  46. GSP

    18' Wall Connector...ALLLMMMMOOOSSST Long Enough

    Tesla includes a “J1772” adapter with the car. If you bought a used Tesla that is missing the adapter, Tesla sells them for about $100. Look under charging accessories. GSP
  47. GSP

    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    That would require a time machine. Mercedes already sold their gull wing SL “e-Cell” with separate motor for each wheel many years ago. Rimac has done the same for their first car. Also, Rivian probably will get their quad motor pickup in production next year. Personally, I think three motors...
  48. GSP

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Check out the new two stage snowblower from Ego. Definitely not a toy. Ego still makes their less expensive single stage snow blower for lighter work. Both models come with dual 7.5 Ah 56 V batteries, and the two stage model includes a dual charger. The single stage comes with a single fast...
  49. GSP

    Tesla wall charger availability

    @TheRFMan, Good point. Only a few very high mileage commuters will really need 48 A charging. No need to pay for what you don’t need. However, faster home charging can be a “nice to have” feature, to allow quick top-up prior to an unplanned long trip (or for a planned trip after you forgot to...
  50. GSP

    Model S roadtrip: From Germany to Israel and Jordan

    @univ, What an adventure! Great photos and storytelling. Thanks for sharing. GSP

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