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  1. SUN-day Driver

    Wildfires, ash, and cleaning rooftop solar panels

    I wonder if it would make sense for some panel manufacturer to make a self-cleaning model with a wiper blade. There could be a rain sensor and when the panel gets sufficiently wet, give it a wipe. Maybe not as good as a soapy mopping, but a wet wiping every time it rains would surely be better...
  2. SUN-day Driver

    Lucid Air Will Be Better Than Model S, Says Former Tesla Engineer

    But you are not stuck with EA or their prices. Unlike Tesla, every other EV and charging network uses industry standard plugs and interfaces so you can go anywhere except to a Tesla supercharger. EA has the worst prices but also 350 kW charging stations. After the 3 years of free EA charging I...
  3. SUN-day Driver

    Warning about Inspectors

    Do you have a water heater or furnace in the garage? Those are not allowed to be in occupied spaces because of the carbon monoxide they may emit. By using your garage for an office you have converted it into occupied space. Also there are requirements for light, ventilation, and egress for...
  4. SUN-day Driver

    SolarEdge Monitoring

    I am considering Tesla for solar. Does the monitoring give you downloadable hourly production? Some monitoring only gives daily totals but I am on an EV TOU rate and need hourly data to do my monthly analysis.
  5. SUN-day Driver

    Jaguar I-Pace

    Take Fasion Valley Mall as an example. There are 24 72kW Supercharger stations but there is almost always a line of Teslas wrapped around the parking lot waiting for the use of one. But also at that mall there are 2 150kW Electrify America and 1 50kW EVGo stations, and these are almost always...
  6. SUN-day Driver

    Jaguar I-Pace

    Here in SoCal there are far more non-Tesla DC Fast Charge locations than Tesla Supercharger locations, and now that many people no longer get free unlimited supercharging like we did in the good old days, there is no charging advantage with Tesla anymore.
  7. SUN-day Driver

    Pulled the trigger on Jaguar i-pace as second EV

    It does have the equivalent of autopilot. It has TACC to adjust speed based on what's in front of you, including stopping completely (but no phantom, braking!) and it has a level of lane keeping that keeps you centered in your lane while cruising. It works pretty well but in my experience not as...
  8. SUN-day Driver

    My experiences with an I-PACE and Model 3 SR+

    FYI you can do a brake hold on the I-Pace by pressing the parking brake button while stopped (not the Park transmission button). Like with Tesla when you accelerate to get moving again the brake is automatically released. The only difference is it’s a hand switch press instead of a foot press...
  9. SUN-day Driver

    Blog Porsche Announces Cheaper Version of the All-Electric Taycan

    Like many early owners, he has probably seen the company going downhill from what it was when we early owners got our first Model S. The UI in 2013 was much better for usability while driving than the current one is. A series of gradual UI decisions to make things harder to see, harder to get...
  10. SUN-day Driver

    Jaguar I-PACE vs TM3

    That's why I'm leasing mine. I don't plan to purchase it at the end of the lease so I really don't care what happens to its value.
  11. SUN-day Driver

    Jaguar I-PACE vs TM3

    It has DC fast charging that peaks at over 100 kW. It uses CCS connectors that are found at charging stations all over North America. In my case there are DC charging stations from several companies that are more convenient to my routes than the Tesla Superchargers.
  12. SUN-day Driver

    Did they make v10 UI better for Model S?

    Yes, a few times. The first time I told them I did not want them to update it and made them put it in the work order. Since then Service is so overwhelmed they don't have time to update people's cars. If people are saying they are going to lengths to prevent getting updated, that makes me...
  13. SUN-day Driver

    Did they make v10 UI better for Model S?

    I'm glad I'm not the only one. I've intentionally stayed on 7.1. After that I read about more frequent AP nags so I intended to wait for a later update where that got adjusted. Then they changed AP to primarily using the radar over the camera and I read about people experiencing phantom...
  14. SUN-day Driver

    Jaguar I-Pace in the Wild. I Don't Get it.

    It's my fault for mischaracterizing it as only an infotainment update. It did address real issues. It included fixes for certain issues with Bluetooth, climate control, navigation, reverse traffic detection, screens, and media playback. It ADDED new features to driver assistance, climate...
  15. SUN-day Driver

    Jaguar I-Pace in the Wild. I Don't Get it.

    Depends on what you call "autonomy". Nobody, including Tesla, has Full Self Driving yet. I-Pace has TACC and hands-on lane center keeping. It' similar to Autopilot but it doesn't change lanes for you and doesn't offer "onramp to offramp". Even the cheap Hyundai Kona EV has TACC + active lane...
  16. SUN-day Driver

    Jaguar I-Pace from Tesla Model S

    The range is about the same as Tesla's 70kWh Model S, 240 miles. and networks like Electrify America and others are building out their networks with fast DC (CCS) charging, which can be faster than some Tesla superchargers (especially the urban ones). All the new long-range non-Tesla EVs use...
  17. SUN-day Driver

    Jaguar I-Pace from Tesla Model S

    I'm thinking of switching from Model S to an I-Pace. I mostly charge overnight at home and don't do road trips. The few times I do need to drive beyond my range there are many convenient charging networks in SoCal where I drive. They may not be as fast but I'm usually in no hurry. by eliminating...
  18. SUN-day Driver

    AP1 Support Group

    If you like how your car works now then I strongly suggest you not take any more updates. I stopped updating a long time ago because what I read about them sounded like they would change things for the worse. Consequently I don't get frequent AP nags, and it doesn't slam on the brakes at...
  19. SUN-day Driver

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    I stopped updating at 7.1. Changes that came after that were major downgrades in my opinion. I didn't want frequent AP nags, I didn't want AP that slams on the brakes at overpasses, I didn't want low contrast colorless maps, and I didn't want the new inferior UI so many people hate. I am very...
  20. SUN-day Driver

    NEMA 14-50 & Cable Organizer Install

    Just curious, why wouldn't you just swap car positions instead of doing that?
  21. SUN-day Driver

    NEMA 14-50 & Cable Organizer Install

    I put a garden hose holder next to my outlet and wind the cable around it. I also have the control unit resting on it so it doesn't strain the cable with its weight hanging, like I see in all these pictures above.
  22. SUN-day Driver

    Tesla drops annual service for as needed service

    The promise of EVs was that they need less maintenance than ICE cars, so I was disappointed when I got my first Model S all those years ago and found that a pricey annual maintenance was required. For my second one a few years later I decided to wait 2 years, and later Tesla changed their...
  23. SUN-day Driver

    The Future of European Delivery and EVs

    We took European delivery of 2 Saabs in 2001 and 2003. Didn't so much want to drive them there as take advantage of the other benefits which were published discount pricing and a free trip to Sweden as well as free hotel the night before delivery and a factory tour. The hardest part was waiting...
  24. SUN-day Driver

    Service Centers...how do you communicate w/them?

    For questions about available upgrades and their prices you should be able to see that in your online Tesla account, or if they are accessory type things you are adding there is a shopping page that lists the installed prices of things requiring service center installation and you can purchase...
  25. SUN-day Driver

    US Bank end of Lease

    Can you extend more than once? I wanted to extend for a year but they said 6 months max, but if I can do it a second time that would be great. I'm trying to buy time until there is something else I like as much as Model S available, like the Lucid Air. While I love the 2 model S I've had...
  26. SUN-day Driver

    rolling back the miles on the odometer

    Right! Jack it up, put it in reverse, put a brick on the accelerator and watch those miles roll back!
  27. SUN-day Driver

    So - Parts Latency for Model S - What you can really expect.

    This is why I will not get another Tesla. I've had two and I love them but I'm scared to death someone will hit my car and I will be in this same situation. I'm hoping when my lease is done in October the Lucid Air or Audi e-tron coupe, or anything else that might be a true competitor will be...
  28. SUN-day Driver

    Wife's car was a paperweight. (And not a very good one). [RESOLVED]

    I agree. I only update things if a) I am having a problem that the update fixes or b) there is something new in the update that I really want. I never update just because there is an update. That goes for my computers, my iPhone on iOS 9, and my Model S on 7.1. Every update after 7.1 brought...
  29. SUN-day Driver

    Supercharger - Manhattan Beach, CA (LIVE 6 Dec 2018, 24 Urban stalls)

    I hope this takes some traffic away from the Redondo Beach supercharger. I stay at one of the hotels on the same property as the Redondo Beach supercharger and last time I was there and needed to charge there were lines there. We'll see if this helps.
  30. SUN-day Driver

    Supercharger - San Diego, CA - Camino Del Sur (Black Mountain Ranch area, LIVE 11 Jan 2019)

    I didn't know this! One Saturday I went to a SC location and 2 had orange cones blocking them off while the others were all in use with some people waiting in line. Later the cones were gone and all stalls were in use with people waiting. I wondered what was up with the cones since I doubted if...
  31. SUN-day Driver

    Back to square one!!!

    I can tell you from being a non-updater that update nags only occur once a day, not "every time you get into the car", and after a while even that stops until the next update becomes available. I am a non-updater because I wait and read the forums to find out what I will have if I apply the...
  32. SUN-day Driver

    Version 9 on AP1

    Are you sure? Some of the "AP1 improvements" I've missed out on since 7.1 include frequent AP nags and fantom breaking at overpasses. My car has neither of those "improvements." Every time there is an update I read what people say hoping the reasons I haven't updated go away, and usually I have...
  33. SUN-day Driver

    Version 9 on AP1

    I think more people are becoming like me. I don't update until I've read as much as possible from those who always want the latest thing -- no matter what it does -- about how the update would change my experience -- good, bad, or neutral. It's not true that things always improve with every...
  34. SUN-day Driver

    Supercharger - Redondo Beach (LIVE 20 Jan 2015, 8 stalls)

    I was at this supercharger site last Saturday, Sept. 15. I was staying at one of the hotels on the property, chosen because of the chargers there. When I got there around 2:30 p.m. there were cones blocking off the back 2 chargers and the other 6 chargers were full with people waiting. I didn't...
  35. SUN-day Driver

    RANGE UPGRADE CHANGE? Option to Upgrade 60D to 75D Gone from Tesla.com "Manage" Page

    As a matter of historical context, in 2012 Tesla offered and I ordered a 40 kWh Model S. I waited and waited and waited before Tesla decided not to make a true 40 kWh variant, and instead it had a 60 kWh battery but was software limited to access only 40 kWh. We had the option to upgrade and...
  36. SUN-day Driver

    Tesla mandatory software update

    Interesting. I am also on 7.1 by choice and have not been forced to update (yet). I am still able to dismiss the update notifications. About why anyone would want to be on old versions: Tesla has made changes to the UI that have made things worse for drivers. They removed the media selector...
  37. SUN-day Driver

    Elon showed up at my Model 3 delivery!!!

    Back in 2012 when I ordered my first Model S they were doing home delivery, or delivery "to wherever makes you smile." Unfortunately my car wasn't ready for delivery until 2013 and by then they had stopped home delivery, even though it was promised throughout the ordering process. Nice that they...
  38. SUN-day Driver

    First look v.9!

    They have progressively made the UI harder and harder to use. Removing the media selection icon, making the top row of controls disappear when the map is in top position, changing to lower contrast fonts for map labels. The list goes on. All of these changes require the driver to spend more time...
  39. SUN-day Driver

    Passing time until your Model S is delivered?

    From the title of this thread I thought it was from 2012-2013 when we waited like 8 months to get our Model S. You newbies crack me up!
  40. SUN-day Driver

    Software update 2018.26 3bbd9fd

    You also won't have all the new "features" that make the car unusable, like 30-second AP nags, and you will still have features you like and depend on that the updates take away. I recommend NOT updating UNLESS there is a feature you specifically want and don't yet have, or you know an update...
  41. SUN-day Driver

    US Bank end of Lease

    Weird. I wonder what happens if I never call for the inspection and just turn in the car at Tesla on the date due?
  42. SUN-day Driver

    US Bank end of Lease

    How long before the end of lease do they send someone out to inspect the vehicle? I was wondering how this works because the end-of-lease pages on Tesla's own site (Excess Wear and Use Guide) say it is a "self inspection" but maybe that is for leases by Tesla itself and not US Bank (until this...
  43. SUN-day Driver

    Tesla Service damaged my car months ago and hasn't made it right

    Similarly my 2013 S had a dent in the chrome just below the big screen. I hadn't noticed it at delivery but noticed it soon after. It looked like a tool had made the dent when trying to snap the chrome in place or something. A week or so later I was in the Svc Center for an unrelated matter (I...
  44. SUN-day Driver

    Blog Tesla Sues Former Employee for Hacking Trade Secrets

    Tesla claims that not only did he plant the malware, he wrote it.
  45. SUN-day Driver

    I was a delivery specialist for many years- Ask Me Anything

    I ordered both of mine over the web. One of the things I love about Tesla is never having to deal with a salesperson at all. The home delivery wasn't about being accommodating, though. It was on Tesla's web site just above the Order button. I didnt want to be treated "like royalty," but I...
  46. SUN-day Driver

    I was a delivery specialist for many years- Ask Me Anything

    I think there is a big difference between not getting your car delivered as it was promised to be delivered, and not getting a tour. I love the cars enough that I bought another one after that. I didn't love the broken promise. When my first impression of a company is they don't keep their...
  47. SUN-day Driver

    I was a delivery specialist for many years- Ask Me Anything

    I assume you mean recently. When I ordered my first S in 2012 it was promised they would deliver it to "wherever makes [me] smile," but by the time it was ready for delivery in 2013 they weren't doing that any more, I was told, and I had to go pick it up. I wasn't happy that I was promised...
  48. SUN-day Driver

    I was a delivery specialist for many years- Ask Me Anything

    Except body shops can't get parts. People are waiting months and months for parts from Tesla. I believe this is the collision repair mess referred to in the question.
  49. SUN-day Driver

    Firmware 8.0 - For Classic Model S

    ZsoZso said they removed it and put a useless toy car in the middle, and from pics of people's screens who took the update at the time I remember thinkig that's what I'd get: a rendering of my car in the middle of the screen with no lanes or other cars since there were no sensors to detect them...
  50. SUN-day Driver

    Firmware 8.0 - For Classic Model S

    i agree with all your points. UI keeps getting worse. Like you I kept my classic on the original, much more useful UI with big speedo in the middle, until I sold it. I warned the buyer that the new UI would suck if they updated.

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