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  1. davidmc

    2 EV Household - what else you got?

    Me the M3. Bought the other half a Segway Ninebot Electric scooter. I also splashed out on a rain mac for her. And a jumper for the winter months. Also on order since last year - iD4
  2. davidmc

    Fellow car cleaning obsessives...

    WARNING - This is a dangerous thread to read. Your wallet will bleed money uncontrollably once you start. Other than that, yup Gtechniq G1 is a great product. Not tried the Crystal Serum yet. Need to get some.......Ohh Crap
  3. davidmc

    Anyone had to recharge the aircon yet?

    Cabin filter. Made the air blow better and cooler with AC on and set Low Vid here to help everyone
  4. davidmc

    Anyone had to recharge the aircon yet?

    This I changed mine at the 2 year mark last year and it did make a difference.
  5. davidmc

    Tesla in-car navigation and efficency.

    I have been relying on my navigation in the M3 for most of my journeys (Unless i know my way around without a map) Last week i was looking at my Google maps on my laptop (same on Android phone) and when you input your directions from A to B, the maps on the laptop gives you some selectable...
  6. davidmc

    Charging speeds with CCS cable - public chargers

    CCS is the Fast/Ultra that is connected to the actual charge unit (Google Tesla Supercharges or Gridserve or Instavolt) The cable with the car is a Type 2 (AC Charging) and not a CCS (DC Charging) AC Charging is limited to 11kw on the Tesla Model 3 DC is 250kw on the LR & Peformance & 170 oon...
  7. davidmc

    Wiki Your first UK Tesla MOT? Checklist before the visit.

    One that is recommended that does carry out MOT's to Teslas is Cleevely - Cleevely Electric Vehicles | Electrical Vehicles | Gloucestershire They are base in Cheltenham but also go out to visit areas (Ther eTwitter feed mentioned they went up to Scotland and did a round of fixes up there) Also...
  8. davidmc

    Rumour of free premium for leases cars ending

    My 2.5 years of "Unlimited" Premium Connectivity ended the other day and became "Limited" I have now setup my Tasker app to automatically turn on my phone Hotspot when i get into the car. Turns off when i get out :) Black and white Maps i can live with. May the 4th be with you
  9. davidmc

    Extra range estimation while driving

    True. But the car location on the chart sometimes disappears and looks like the chart has a glitch. Might be the way is suppose to be but who knows.
  10. davidmc

    Extra range estimation while driving

    I "think" its because: You are plugged in charging, and the graph is recalculating your final destination % - its a bug that does this to the graph while charging, and been there since day 1 for me (2019 M3). the line will keep going up while you charge. Have you tried going into the -25% yet? LOL
  11. davidmc

    🤷🏻 What is this!!

    It's the magic number
  12. davidmc

    This is why we can't have nice things!

    Luckily its the Hindu sign of peace. The WWII sign is at 45 degree to that shown These morons dont know the difference! Sorry to see that happen :(
  13. davidmc

    Twice around the world, plus a bit - Review (50k miles)

    AP is designed more for Dual carriage/motorways and not really for country lanes, but it does work on them if lines are marked well and even then it can be hit and miss. I get it on Motorways when passing lorries mainly, especially the large curtained ones.
  14. davidmc

    Twice around the world, plus a bit - Review (50k miles)

    I know that charger very well. Also the BP one down the road but I believe that is either turned off or never working. Not sure your location in Bath, but Sainsbury's at the top behind Entry Hill has some slow chargers that you could plug and leave during the day? Not sure if they are working...
  15. davidmc

    Twice around the world, plus a bit - Review (50k miles)

    It shows 209miles at 100% in the car. Teslafi gets its data from the car so is usually accurate.
  16. davidmc

    Twice around the world, plus a bit - Review (50k miles)

    Here we go, just hit the 50k mark and thought i would write a small review about the car, servicing etc: Ps - Before i start with the bits below i wanted to say that some people on here who have not got an EV yet, or know other people that are in two minds regards having an Electric car and...
  17. davidmc

    Wiper blade replacement model 3

    Have had them on for over 4 months (over winter) and still working very well. Just give them a clean every now and then.
  18. davidmc

    Wiper blade replacement model 3

    I got these after the Michelin ones 1 x AIRFLEX Direct Fit Flat Windscreen Wiper Blade LWDF26J 1 x AIRFLEX Direct Fit Flat Windscreen Wiper Blade LWDF19J From wiperblades.co.uk These ones are a lot better than the Michelin Stealth and look identical to the OEM ones. The Michelins started to...
  19. davidmc

    Mandatory Speed Limiters from July 2022?

    Fast & Furious 8 will be interesting
  20. davidmc

    Level of charge on pick-up

    There was a list (sorry not got link), but with the energy market going berserk i think its not up to date anymore or just hard to keep up. Also SC prices never really changed much, but they have been lately. Most accurate place to see prices is the in car map
  21. davidmc

    Model Y tyre pressures missing?

    You have to drive for a mile or so for them to show up. They dont show when parked
  22. davidmc

    Loan Vehicle - how far can I take it?

    Just say you got lost and were heading to Ashby-de-la-Zouch, took a wrong turn, needed to stop for a pee and there happned to be a boat with these facilities, so you stopped to use. Next thing you knew, you were in Austria. Total believable. Accidents happen ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  23. davidmc

    Stated Range vs Real World

    Yep normal for short trips Don't forget that if you drove a 5min trip in the car, the car would be awake a lot longer before it sleeps again (around 5-15mins think). This "awake" time also consumes battery. Also if you park somewhere and your sentry mode is active this would eat away at your...
  24. davidmc

    Another n00b question - idle fees

    Let's hope the fight with the Bear happens to be your first offence then! :p @AutomaticMan
  25. davidmc

    Back end slipping/strange for some owners

    It happened to me last night going home from work going around a roundabout. I was not going too fast either but the car felt like it was on Ice. The road was dry and clear I thought my tyres were low on tread but they seem fine. PS had the car over 2 years and not experienced this before...
  26. davidmc

    Model 3 Servicing Costs UK

    Since Aug 2019 and 46k miles: 1 set of tyres - £550 fitted. New filters - £30 fitted by me. Health check by Tesla - £108. This included wheel rotation and break and caliper clean and grease. Carried out at around year 2. Windscreen wipers £20 fitted by me Windscreen washer fluid Lots of...
  27. davidmc

    Autopilot when indicating

    AP will not disengage with just turning on the indicators. You have to slightly move the steering wheel to do this and AP will turn off. Or the car will just continue on its on its merry way. :)
  28. davidmc

    Milton Keynes SC

    Just a heads up if you turn up at MK SC before 8am. I turned up a little early (7.30am this morning) and the site was closed until the guys/girls turned up to open the gates. If you "park" on the road right next to the SC, waiting to go in, your car will go into Service Mode and you will find...
  29. davidmc

    [UK] 2021.44.30

    No one has mentioned since the Christmas update, that the text now scrolls to show the music that is playing. At Last! Been a pain for the last few years!
  30. davidmc

    Updated model 3s feeding in to circulation ETA

    The wise black sphere has answered your question! Crap, that was a waste of £2.99 (import from China I'm afraid, fall apart after first use) Noooo not the car, the sphere. Sorry
  31. davidmc

    Wiki [UK] 2021 - The Holiday Release - 'holiday fun' not V11 UI changes and features

    We are literally a mobile disco now! Ohhhhh, who has the 13 year old that could compose me a 1hr mix tape :p DJ Tesco (Tesla and disco)!
  32. davidmc

    Wiki [UK] 2021 - The Holiday Release - 'holiday fun' not V11 UI changes and features

    Could your 13 year old compose one with police siren music and works on the M1 during heavy traffic? Asking for a friend...
  33. davidmc

    Wiki [UK] V11 UI Changes and Features

    Warning to those with power boot. Do not show your young kids the light show if you hide the presents in the boot. I have to do the boot bit manually. Also why tease me with rear heated seats section on the screen but no seats to select.
  34. davidmc

    Mobile app updates

    I'm surprised it's not in fractions!
  35. davidmc

    Recommended charging cables - 3 phase, 32 amp, type 2

    1. I believe they still do. 2. I have a 7.5m as my 3/4m one broke. It helps a lot having that extra length. Especially when you need to charge and someone has either iced or used it as a parking spot because they have an EV. The extra length can help you reach the charger without parking in a...
  36. davidmc

    Sentry mode bug - 556 alerts!

    Many things can cause this. It has been like this for years. Some nights you get none and others you could get 100's (think I got 900 one night) Heavy rain Light rain Wrong type of rain Windy nights (trees blowing around) Cat under car Bugs, Little spiders in the car (temp I hope!) This can...
  37. davidmc

    Any experience renting out charger and driveway

    Would you not have to have your charger inspected etc every year just like a rental property to make sure it's safe etc? It's the "what if" scenario. What if the worst happened. Who is held liable? Could this have been prevented? You would have to add all these costs in to the equation...
  38. davidmc

    LR picked up on Thursday and shocking mileage per charge

    One thing that's not mentioned above could be a combination of the following: 1. How short are your "short" trips? 2. How long do you take from opening the door/s on the car to driving off? 3. How long are you sitting in the car for, when you arrive at the destination? 4. Is the car cold when...
  39. davidmc

    Switch to a Porsche Taycan or Audi E-Tron GT?

    https://www.autoevolution.com/news/whistleblower-says-porsche-is-covering-up-taycan-battery-issues-on-60-of-cars-175504.htmlBecareful woth those electric Only heard about this on another news site. Also they also mentioned something about the warranty on the batteries on Taycans. Something to...
  40. davidmc

    Have you switched to British English?

    Can i moan? Why ohhh why is it called "British English"? Its just plain and simple........ "English" - its origins are from England for crying out load. The options should be: English Scottish English Irish English Welsh English Cornish English American English Any other English Ps who...
  41. davidmc

    Am I mad to take delivery without a charging point installed?

    I do a 100 mile commute (50miles each way) every day to work. I have 10nr 3.6kw chargers at works (but you have to be quick to get one of these as the blooming Hybrids hog them) - it takes me 9hrs to reclaim my commute usage on these bad boys! If im late to work and not able to get on to a...
  42. davidmc

    Squeaky front suspension

    I read this just before lunch, Then I pop out to get some Lunch and BOOM! My cars now sounds like its possessed by the suspension of a Citroen 2CV Its been in twice about this! 1st time (Early 2021) noise disappeared just before the week it went in – Tesla’s answer - Could not find problem...
  43. davidmc

    Bulb Electricity Goes Under

    Q - How many people does it take to screw in a light bulb? A - 1.7 million apparently
  44. davidmc

    Server Error 500 and what options to avoid potential issues

    I bet those 500 or so didn't have/want unlock via Bluetooth (walk up to unlock) and only use the app to open/lock the car. And at the same time didn't carry their card on them as a backup. And hence not being able to communicate with the car via their phone. It will be the small minority of...
  45. davidmc

    Mobile phone

    Tesla's Innovative Telecommunications Smartphone.... Apparently you get one for Free when enrolling at his new University in Texas
  46. davidmc

    [UK] 2021.36.x

    As @VanillaAir_UK said, you can see when Tesla release a "Baad" firmware version. They even tell you in the firmware number now!
  47. davidmc

    Wing mirror indicators not working

    I'm sure M3's don't have "wing mirror" indicators. They are on the small cameras at the side between the front wheels and doors. Unless that's what you mean then I apologize :)
  48. davidmc

    Mobile phone

    Google pixel 6 (not pro) also £250 cheaper than the Pro version but same kit apart from a zoom camera and slightly bigger screen. Although get a case as it's a slippery bugger. Great phone and amazing camera. It's a "pure" Android experience
  49. davidmc

    More competition at motorway services?

    Speculation: I wonder if Ecotricity knew/guess this would happen and then sold out to Gridserve before it happened?

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