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  1. Rshephorse

    Strange Screen Behavior - Car Image flashes colors

    Hmm.... Wait and see if it is still happening when Pride Month is over?
  2. Rshephorse

    Model YP in the snow?

    Vermont- going to ski areas all the time, always when it is snowing the most- it does really well in the snow [vredenstein snow tires] I would use Chill mode in slippery conditions, but really never needed the slipstart/offroad modes. I do better than the other MYPs though because I went for...
  3. Rshephorse

    Model Y Performance - Track Mode

    How would you all feel about a track mode.... BUT you could only engage it when you were actually at a real track. GPS Locked. Nissan had done this in the past with their highest performing cars. This would allow track mode, but keep the "SUV crashes into parked cars at 170 mph" stories out...
  4. Rshephorse

    Blocked pillar camera alerts

    What confuses me, is when I get these warnings... the picture from the camera sometimes looks ok....
  5. Rshephorse

    Blocked pillar camera alerts

    Agree, get it often, esp in winters w salty roads. But, it makes me feel less confident about FSD.
  6. Rshephorse

    Has anyone with the old windshield washer system changed to the new one?

    Wouldn't it basically just be a new wiperblade w hose? It can be all that expensive to get.
  7. Rshephorse

    Drive unit broke

    one little capacitor, microscopic on a chip can crap out, cause a critical sensor to fault and the whole thing crashes....
  8. Rshephorse

    Car shut down in Autopilot/Autosteer, had to get out of vehicle to restart.

    I believe there was some sort of sensor failure.... something about an error in the high voltage system. You have to 'get out of the car and walk around it once' to fix it... meaning you have to shut the car down with door shut long enough for the car to truly turn off, that reset the error-...
  9. Rshephorse

    Charging cable not fully secured

    I don't know about you folks, but I have to deal with this thing called winter.... I have found that ice in the dimple on the charge plug that accepts the latch or ice at the bottom of the charge port will cause things to not fit quite right. USUALLY i'll get the flashing amber warning...
  10. Rshephorse

    Dealing with roadside for a loaner wheel?

    If you put a hole in the center of the tire where the sound dampening foam is- no one will patch it. I got a flat in northern vermont, [no roadside service] limped my way to a dollar store and gas station. I parked next to the air compressor at the gas station, bought a tire plug kit at the...
  11. Rshephorse

    Motor shutdown

    I believe I had this 10 months ago there is a fault in the high voltage system, but not a real malfunction.... so, you have to get the car to fully shut down - get that main relay to turn off. That''s why part of the voodoo is to get out of the car for a period of time. I suppose you might also...
  12. Rshephorse

    Car shut down in Autopilot/Autosteer, had to get out of vehicle to restart.

    I believe there was some sort of sensor failure.... something about an error in the high voltage system. You have to 'get out of the car and walk around it once' to fix it... meaning you have to shut the car down with door shut long enough for the car to truly turn off, that reset the error-...
  13. Rshephorse

    No confidence driving the MYP in winter

    somethings is wrong with your car or your confidence. The stability control is active, but second to a WRX, this is the best snow car I've driven- I drive circles around people getting stuck getting to ski areas for two winters now. Also, the care DOES switch to a more AWD mode when you use...
  14. Rshephorse

    Unknown clunking noise after exiting Model Y

    I have just started to notice this sound.... just for a second at a time. In cold weather. I wonder if the car is 'rattling' the louvers to knock off ice???? Of if something is trying to open but is frozen shut or blocked with ice.
  15. Rshephorse

    Thule Force XT Sport roof cargo box installed.

    The real question is what is this doing to your energy efficiency at highway speeds? I found that even mountain bikes on a hitchrack really changed efficiency to where we had to be much more strategic with charging on the road. Eventually dialed in the right efficiency in ABRP to account for it.
  16. Rshephorse

    Snow storm

    I always keep a blanket in the car in the winter. With a blanket over you, you could keep yourself warm with the seat heater for a week! The smartest way to do it would be to heat up with the seat heater, then turn the car OFF to minimize baseline drain, go back and forth as needed.
  17. Rshephorse

    Cold weather operating.

    Tesla does say to not leave in in temperatures below -22° F for a day... I'm assuming that means that the battery gets that cold for a day. If it is plugged in and you charge slowly and then preheat.... the battery will prob stay fairly warm. 45 minutes to precondition. Scanmytesla shows...
  18. Rshephorse

    Water Leak vs Condensation from Windshield Camera Enclosure

    I has been really cold, around 0° F/-18°C At beginning of drive had about a 1/4 tsp - 1/2 cc of water dripped down the windshield from the area of the camera.... I am guessing that this is condensation because the water left no trace.... a leak would likely have had salt in it and left a mark...
  19. Rshephorse

    Snow/Ice driving settings?

    You have to remember that the torque that this car generates at low speeds is higher than anything you have ever driven before. So Chill Mode is mandatory. I have always been an aggressive snow driver [Vermont/Skier] and find that the traction control is very active. I used to be able to...
  20. Rshephorse

    scanmytesla/OBD adapter cover

    apparently it is possible, with the more flexible cables to jam it all back in there... I could not do it. Also, about once a month or so I have to hit the reset button on the obd reader, so it is nice to have access to it.
  21. Rshephorse

    Can ScanMyTesla log data?

    I really don't need to know what is going on with my car 300 times a second! I really wish the program allowed the datadump logging to occur at a set frequency to allow for logs over a longer period of time... it is also harder to deal with files where one reading is logged every millisecond...
  22. Rshephorse

    Car drives different since holiday update. You guys notice anything?

    Agree... anyone making guesses without 'scanmytesla' data about maxregen is really just doing that, guessing, not answering questions. My regen is exactly the same after update, but- the battery does NOT warm up as much with preconditioning.
  23. Rshephorse

    Car drives different since holiday update. You guys notice anything?

    It's winter.... a colder battery, less regen. You really have to get and OBD reader to follow maxregen to find out how it is changing.
  24. Rshephorse

    Car drives different since holiday update. You guys notice anything?

    Absolutely! Just like the way my fossil car drives better after I changed the oil. 😛
  25. Rshephorse

    Not "warming up" & regen dots

    Model Y sends a high frequency to motors to generate heat. Also, when regenerating with cold battery- one of my motors regenerates, and the other motor actually uses 2kW of that energy to generate heat!
  26. Rshephorse

    A Charger Holder/Holster that holds onto Tesla J1772 Adapter

    Send me one! I'll beta test it in a cold northern environment for you and then post how great it is and you can rake in the bucks on Etsy!
  27. Rshephorse

    Tesla MY haters on the highways

    That's the problem with cool cars- they're Asshole Magnets! I have an aircooled Porsche and interstate travel can really be a hassle. For every wide-eyed 8 year old who thinks your car is cool, there is a knucklehead out there in an ICE waiting for you...
  28. Rshephorse

    Car shut down in Autopilot/Autosteer, had to get out of vehicle to restart.

    On the interstate, using autosteer/autopilot, even though I had my hand on the wheel I occasionally had to wiggle the wheel a bit extra when I got a warning. Then I get a series of warnings- 'Reduced Power', 'Shutting down', car undriveable, a little bit of a shudder when I tried to accelerate...
  29. Rshephorse

    For those on the fence with PPF

    So, what happens if you put PPF over paint that has a year's worth of damage without 'paint correction'?
  30. Rshephorse

    Door leaks, stuck "open"

    I've heard where water goes in between the panels and gets into the wire bundle where it goes from the body of the car into the door- just enough to trigger the car into thinking it's being opened...
  31. Rshephorse

    Tesla only vehicle

    I though everyone had EV's down there already!? -golf carts!
  32. Rshephorse

    Voice choices in MY

    You CAN change it- to another language...
  33. Rshephorse

    Camping Locked Out

    I do some winter camping and am at isolated trailheads sometimes... this is why I have taped a keycard to the outside of the car, though it would be a pain to get to the keycard, I figure it might save my life at some point! Also consider getting a tesla-able rfid ring to wear when camping.
  34. Rshephorse

    No visitation on screen

    bike rack? bumper sticker over sensor?
  35. Rshephorse

    Road Trip: Stowing bike inside / both wheels off?

    With two people - we put the bikes in the care if we're driving over 100 miles- it saves us from the 8% loss on range when on the interstate. With four people.... I'd use the rack! I haven't done it, but I wonder, depending on your rack, if you could put bikes on the rack but with wheels off so...
  36. Rshephorse

    Drive.State.Power Codes (1,11,21,4,-9)?

    You are right, - the average person won't comprehend what's going on... my main concern is that a naïve person wandering into using a hacked api to allow access to their car will get into trouble It is a lot more risky given the liklihood that there will be ongoing efforts to hack into tesla...
  37. Rshephorse

    Multiple screen lines

    I had to check- turns out I have those lines in low light as well, I really didn't notice them because I kind of expect low light video images to be noisy and have artefact... Now, if my Nikon D6 did this I'd be ripped! And, to some degree even a $5K camera will do this if you bump the ISO up...
  38. Rshephorse

    Ear pain/Pressure help

    While I was able to fix hatch buffeting by adjusting stoppers- find the sweet point between buffeting vs leak/latch malfunction. Found an easier fix though- leverage the great stereo: play this loud while driving!
  39. Rshephorse

    Trailer hitch lock

    My 1Up trailer lock works OK, I just have to put it in from the passenger side and slide the 'lock' onto it from the drivers side, you can even slide the pin into the lock as you put the pin through, plenty of room for me on the drivers side. [Factory Hitch] And,,,,, I see that the lock on 1Up...
  40. Rshephorse

    Model Y Shuddering on Steep Downhill

    Not enough hysteresis on regeneration and you get an oscillation. also putting in a plug for ScanMyTesla - gives you tons of information. What would be interesting here is what is happening to the cars determination of "MaxRegen" - the maximum allowed regeneration- it kind of goes crazy and...
  41. Rshephorse

    Supercharging kills Model Y A/C

    Probably an error code or out of range reading from sensor getting triggered, that blocks HVAC. There was a similar thing this past winter which led to no heat. Doing a hard reset might get your AC back sooner, but you would have to wait long enough after charging for things to cool back down...
  42. Rshephorse

    Drive.State.Power Codes (1,11,21,4,-9)?

    Sounds sketchy to me: " What are the client_id and client_secret values? Authentication to the Tesla API is done through OAuth. These values were retrieved from somebody's OAuth session and are now being used for API access. Is this API official? Absolutely not. These endpoints are a result of...
  43. Rshephorse


    It's easy, all you have to do is Install Spouse into passenger seat.
  44. Rshephorse

    Easiest way to tell a Y from a 3 if they are not next to each other?

    Does the catfish look pregnant? If so, Y.
  45. Rshephorse

    Trailer Mode Icon Always Red

    a hitch rack is not the same as a trailer-- trailer mode is for when you are actually towing a heavy object. Don't use trailer mode for a hitch mounted rack. One snafu is if you plug in a 'hitch light' - the car may assumer you are plugging in a trailer. The reason I suggested a 'rack mode'...
  46. Rshephorse

    I love driving in snow! Regen braking seemed to turn off...

    I have been trying to figure this out. I have been using ScanMyTesla to follow the MaxRegen number- the peak amount of kW that the car could regenerate. There are two things I've noticed, 1) if I slip or slide on purpose it will drop regen 2) there is a section of road where the regen ALWAYS...
  47. Rshephorse

    Leaving a model Y parked in the snow for a few days?

    This is what I was thinking of, it is -22 farhenheit for over 24 hours.
  48. Rshephorse

    Leaving a model Y parked in the snow for a few days?

    Somewhere in the Tesla literature it does talk about not leaving the vehicle in below freezing conditions for more than 24 hours.... it got me paranoid at first that 'freezing the battery' would be bad. I can say that I've now had the car in 0/-18 below weather for a day no problem, below...
  49. Rshephorse

    Updated software and now upgrades are missing

    did you check, and see if you got FSD and Accel Boost by accident??
  50. Rshephorse

    How do you pass time at the charging stations?

    Same here! I actually kept a unicycle in the car last summer and did the same thing...

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