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  1. doug

    The Autopilot Crash Course | TMC Podcast #10

    That was a fun one.
  2. doug

    NYT/FX documentary on FSD

    Well, perhaps one sided, but I didn't find anything particularly inaccurate about it. Not sure how much impact it will have, though. Perhaps I'm too close things, but I didn't hear anything I didn't already know.
  3. doug

    NYT/FX documentary on FSD

    Also, earlier autopilot didn't have the level of nags there are today.
  4. doug

    TMC Search function not working

    Are you still having this issue? I'm unable to replicate it.
  5. doug

    NYT/FX documentary on FSD

    There is doc coming out on May 20 about FSD. At least from the marketing of it, it seems to have a particular slant: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-news/elon-musk-crash-course-new-york-times-fx-doc-1235134847/ New York Times Presents: Elon Musk's Crash Course
  6. doug

    Superchargers in Northern California (location speculation)

    More off topic: But a few years ago I discovered that Paris has curbside gas pumps. I guess the tanks are under the street or sidewalk. I needed to fill up before returning a rental car and drove around in circles trying to find the gas station that showed up on my GPS, until I realized it...
  7. doug

    Internal reference to posts within the-investment-world-the-perpetual-investors-roundtable thread leading to lost posts ?

    I just copied the post ID from the end of your link that didn't work right and stuck it in the reliable URL format I discussed above.
  8. doug

    Internal reference to posts within the-investment-world-the-perpetual-investors-roundtable thread leading to lost posts ?

    I found the post you're looking for here: Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable It's not reliable to link to specific posts by the URL in the browser such as...
  9. doug

    Rivian Price Increase, Tesla Did Similar in 2009 - TMC Podcast #2

    True. However, the situation is similar in that both companies raised prices on customers that had supposedly already locked in their orders, causing severe backlash from those early adopters that were affected. See here: Tesla Increases Prices for Existing 2008 Orders We also discussed the...
  10. doug

    Virgin Galactic

    I think "pump and dump" is probably a little too harsh. Virgin Orbit has had a couple successful missions with their Launcher One and I think they're legit trying for success. The small launch market is pretty tough these days, though, with a few other newcomers and SpaceX doing rideshares...
  11. doug

    Supercharger - Hialeah, FL

    Sorry. Should work now.
  12. doug

    Blue Origin - New Shepard

    This is old now but still funny: Also when Bezos was pinning on Shatner's wings and there was something wrong with the pin, Shatner said, "That's ok... I can pretend I didn't go." BO marketing and Bezos aside, come on... it's cool to see The Shat get to go to space!
  13. doug

    Blue Origin - New Shepard

    Looks like Bill's the only one that's going to make it back...
  14. doug

    What determines when I get alerts?

    The way it's supposed to work is that once you get an alert for a watched thread, you don't get another alert for that thread until you visit it again and there's a new post. There is a mess of settings for alerts here: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/account/preferences
  15. doug

    Hide or Ignore threads or even entire subforums

    *two weeks*
  16. doug

    Blue Origin - New Shepard

    I think this guy beat him to it:
  17. doug

    Random Roadster Sightings

    Om Yaw! I guess I might say that when I see a Roadster in the wild. (Yes, I know it's Waymo.)
  18. doug

    TeslaFi and other AWS and GCP clients currently blocked access to Tesla API

    So a year later, is this still an issue? Is Tesla still blocking AWS and other cloud providers?
  19. doug

    "Site Unavailable" screen from TMC - why?

    I think the issue is our CDN trying to block bots. It seems a few "human" users trigger a false positive that may from some suspicious network activity or perhaps your IP has a bad reputation for some reason.
  20. doug

    Buttons for mobile browser no longer correct

    Nothing changed on this end.
  21. doug

    Alert notification style issue in mobile

    Yeah, we're trying to get the software vendor that released the update to fix it.
  22. doug

    Anyone know what this blue liquid is?

    It could also be coolant, which would be more serious. It would have a bit of an oily feel to it and smell kinda like maple syrup, and yes is also poison. Interestingly, the antidote is the same both both: booze.
  23. doug

    Anyone know what this blue liquid is?

    Yeah, don't taste it. Wiper fluid is typically methanol, which is poison. Smell test is ok as long as you don't over do it. Popping the hood and checking the washer cap is a good idea.
  24. doug

    Can I convert a 6-15 outlet to a 6-50 (or 14-50) outlet?

    It's a bad idea to put a 50A outlet on a 30A circuit. Just buy the correct adapter from Tesla: https://shop.tesla.com/product/gen-2-nema-adapters
  25. doug

    Anyone know what this blue liquid is?

    Looks like wiper fluid. They probably topped you off before delivery and spilled some
  26. doug

    Alert notification style issue in mobile

    Thanks. There was a recent update that might have borked a couple things. We'll look into it.
  27. doug

    Dark Mode

    Just checked using Safari on my iPad. No problems.
  28. doug

    Support TMC

    Ah yeah, we needed a new badge solution after the upgrade/migration last March. Sorry it got back burnered with other issues. We'll fix it soon. :)
  29. doug

    Tesla Supercharger network

    I'm realizing the 29 cents I saw was during a road trip on the east cost. 39 sounds more inline for NorCal.
  30. doug

    Tesla Supercharger network

    In my 2018 Model 3, when you look at the superchargers on the map and then click on a specific location, a price per kWh is often displayed. Is that not the case for your car? In Northern California, that price is often around $0.29/kWh.
  31. doug

    Improvement to URL Unfurl feature for links to TMC posts

    I would to, but it's not that smart. It's simply pulling the meta data from the header of the page HTML, just like facebook or twitter does. That's fine when posting the link to an article or a product, etc, since the page is pretty much about one thing. The problem is that for a forum...
  32. doug

    Improvement to URL Unfurl feature for links to TMC posts

    The unfurl isn't very smart regarding our own forum. I'm trying to get the core software vendor to fix this since I see it as a bug and would prefer to limit the amount of custom code we have. For now you can just remove the unfurl="true" code from the URL tag...
  33. doug

    Lots of "Access Denied" pages lately?

    Ok great! Thanks for letting me know.
  34. doug

    Lots of "Access Denied" pages lately?

    We've beefed up the firewall protection in recent weeks which apparently has some occasional false positives. If you PM me with a copy and paste of those "Access denided" details, I can try to zero in on which rule is being triggered.
  35. doug

    For Sale section feedback... Wheel subsection

    Thanks, we're working on something there.
  36. doug

    Anyone else having problems with latest Firefox update?

    What do you mean by "crashes"? What actually happens?
  37. doug

    Missing forum link in "Community"?

    Really?? The original Roadster is why this place exists...
  38. doug

    Going down for maintenance this weekend

    Did an update late last night that probably reverted this change. Should be good now.
  39. doug

    Virgin Galactic

    I mean, come on. That's still pretty awesome. Certainly a more exciting experience than a trip on BO's New Sheppard (of which I also wouldn't turn down). I really hope VG can operate safely. Three people have already been killed during development.
  40. doug

    Unable to access articles from DaveT

    The style of our links have changed a couple times since that thread was created. However, they are supposed to redirect to their proper post anyway. I fixed them after our most recent update. I'll have the track down why they are not working now. Thanks for bringing it to our attention...
  41. doug

    Reaction Icon Display

    To change your avatar, go here: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/account/account-details
  42. doug

    Blog Musk Says Tesla is Working on ‘Grief’ from Collision Repair

    Yeah, besides service being a sore point in general, it seems to me that parts are the main issue. My right repeater camera stopped working in early December and I'm still waiting for it to be repaired. First mobile service showed up with the wrong part (guy expected to have a replacement...
  43. doug

    Blue Origin - New Shepard

    They really do seem to lack a sense of urgency, probably because they lack a sense of urgency. It's not like their founder is going to run out of money any time soon, so slow and careful probably works for them. Might as well be extra careful if you can afford it since this will carry people...
  44. doug

    Tesla Working on Driver Monitoring System

    I find at times the scroll wheel no longer works, and I'm forced to torque the wheel to satisfy the nag.
  45. doug

    Update on TMC Mobile app for Android and iOS

    You can install the PWA now if you want.
  46. doug

    Feedback on the "new look"

    These should all be working now. Thanks.
  47. doug

    [map] BBCode broken

    These should work now. Stanford University, USA It's even an item in the toolbar of the editor.
  48. doug

    Going down for maintenance this weekend

    Sorry, I had been planning to rename those and just did. Elastic is the more native search which is much improved over the previous native search since I set up an elasticsearch server. It also powers some features like Similar threads. ThreadLoom search is through a search partner and does...
  49. doug

    Push notifications

    I have to say, though, the push notifications are much improved. If you later want to disable them, you can do that in your preferences here, rather than struggling with your browser settings. Also they contain much more useful information and the preferences give a lot of granularity as to...
  50. doug

    Looking for help with copyright trolls

    Thanks, we'll reach out the next time this sort of thing happens.

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