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  1. Timothy

    2.0 / 2.5 Roadster / Roadster Sport Tire Thread

    I have used AD07s front and rear ($330 and $409) at Tire Rack. I get 18,000 miles on the front and only 6000 miles on the rear tires. But, of course, I follow the rule that at each traffic light when red turns to green the accelerator is required to be pushed to the floor!
  2. Timothy

    Kuat bike rack video for the Model Y

    I have the Kuat bike rack. It is great. I have the standard Tesla hitch. Even with the L shaped lock mentioned a few messages above, it is a real pain putting the lock on because of the electrical socket. I never plan to tow a trailer with this car--just use the bike rack. Is it possible to...
  3. Timothy

    Random Roadster Sightings

    Yes, your mother. She talked to me when I was parked in the area where she lives--and that is how we met in person years ago!
  4. Timothy

    Random Roadster Sightings

    Let's check it out!
  5. Timothy

    Random Roadster Sightings

    I have frequently seen Dan O'Dowd driving his red Roadster here in town. I have known him since before he owned the Roadster! I would guess this is probably his. It is the only Roadster I see semi-regularly here in town. I think there are about a half dozen Roadsters in Santa Barbara.
  6. Timothy


    Manhattan Beach? Who needs a top AT ALL down there! :D
  7. Timothy

    Roadster featured in Cyber Rodeo

    "Does this mean that Musk/Tesla still cares about us?" I wonder how Carl Medlock would answer this question?
  8. Timothy

    The tjllew Roadster story

    Nifty! Looks a lot like mine. I love the manual steering and the feel of the road--except when parallel parking. A difference in our cars--I never (well, almost never) put the top up!
  9. Timothy

    Rare Roadster Sales & Marketing Materials

    I think I have an extra. If I can find it tomorrow, you are welcome to it--no charge. Ciao! Tim(othy!)
  10. Timothy

    The Wrecked Roadster Registry

    And am glad no injuries!
  11. Timothy

    Cruise Control - Adjusting the Following Distance

    I was always taught you should be 3 seconds behind the car in front of you. So--longer distances at higher speeds. I am struggling with many changes in the MY updates where directions are not provided. The Roadster is much easier--old fashioned manual speed control and none of this modern stuff!!
  12. Timothy

    Spiderguy SF bay area roadster drive 11/13/2021

    Hmm... That is more than 1% of the Roadsters in existence in the USA!
  13. Timothy

    Friend on Limited Income wants to buy a roadster - give me the good, bad and ugly

    He should rent a Roadster for a weekend, have fun, and get it out of his system!
  14. Timothy

    My latest mod pix

    Zounds! Beautiful. I can see the electrons shooting back and forth!
  15. Timothy

    Roadster VP 23 on Display

    I used to have a '55 Chevy with a '3 on the tree' which would fit right in with that genre. And now a Roadster? Quite a gap! I hope to visit the museum one day.
  16. Timothy

    Roadster VP 23 on Display

    Rocket 88 - Wikipedia More about Rocket than I knew. Worth reading if you are a Rock 'n' Roll nut!
  17. Timothy

    Roadster VP 23 on Display

    Nice! I went on to the website and also read about the Oldsmobile 'Rocket 88.' I have that very first Rock n' Roll record they mention on my 1957 AMI jukebox!
  18. Timothy

    Saying Hello From L.A.

    Agreed. I have a similar plan. And solar panels (see the photo at left behind the Roadster) with PowerWalls--so I now drive for free!
  19. Timothy

    Saying Hello From L.A.

    And I ALWAYS (well, almost always!) have the top down so there is a lot of wind noise.
  20. Timothy

    Painting Roadster Brake Calipers

    Well, looks better in real life than the photos.....
  21. Timothy

    Saying Hello From L.A.

    No cables needed. Just the two connectors. I have a 110 volt cable at the bottom of my trunk 'just in case' there is an emergency of some sort. I haven't ever used it in the 10 years I have had the car (except to make sure it still works!)
  22. Timothy

    Painting Roadster Brake Calipers

    Heh! I just got my calipers painted for my car's 10th birthday. Yellow/gold also. Blue car. Go Bears!
  23. Timothy

    NorCal Roadster Drive Photos from 30July2021

    Mine is one of the Electric Blue Roadsters--without a front license plate. But I don't remember which one!
  24. Timothy

    VDS Difficult to read

    And I rarely put up the top--so goodby VDS unless the car is in the garage!
  25. Timothy

    Open Vehicle Monitor System (OVMS) - Technical Discussion

    I tried it again when the car was hot after a drive--and it worked perfectly!
  26. Timothy

    Open Vehicle Monitor System (OVMS) - Technical Discussion

    I'll try again when the car is hot after a drive. Thanks!
  27. Timothy

    Open Vehicle Monitor System (OVMS) - Technical Discussion

    I have OVMS v3. I just plugged in the car and typed in charge cooldown right after I plugged it in and got a message back "error: could not start cooldown". I tried it again after I heard the sounds of it working (sounded like cooldown)--same message. BUT--I hadn't been driving. I wonder if...
  28. Timothy

    audible and iphone

    I listen to lectures on my iPhone and frequently like to rewind a bit. I am just planning to start listening to books on Audible when I drive. The iPhone app allows a you to touch a button that rewinds 30 seconds--but it doesn't show up on the screen on my Model Y. I can pause touching the...
  29. Timothy

    Model Y Hitch depth

    I had the same problem with my Kuat rack--difficult getting the pin to fit. I solved it be getting an aftermarket pin that you put in from the passenger's side and the lock is small enough to fit on the driver's side. This is the pin/lock that worked for me...
  30. Timothy

    Roadster 3.0

    And if you haven't seen them (or if you need a refresher!), be sure to watch the movies "Who Killed the Electric Car" and "Revenge of the Electric Car."
  31. Timothy

    For Sale Tesla hats

    I'd like to order two hats: Black hat/ front 'T' with Tesla written underneath/1180 on one side/"Original Roadster" on back/ Lettering in white. Yellow hat/front 'T' with Tesla written underneath/1180 on one side/"Original Roadster" on back. Lettering in dark blue if available or black if not...
  32. Timothy

    For Sale Tesla hats

    I'm interested as well whenever you are ready. Please let me know how to order. Thank you!
  33. Timothy

    2.0 / 2.5 Roadster / Roadster Sport Tire Thread

    Water? What's that? We don't get any rain any more!
  34. Timothy

    I'm Tesla Roadster Shopping

    What is the VINwiki story?
  35. Timothy

    Kuat bike rack video for the Model Y

    Yeah, but it was really tough. The key part of the lock goes on the right. The handle bar goes on the left. You have to fit the left side of it under the place where trailer electric attachment is, get the head of it behind that electric piece, and then you can thread it through the hole and...
  36. Timothy

    Kuat bike rack video for the Model Y

    Understood. Thanks. The bikes are way under the weight allowed. Two are for kids with small bikes. I think it is safe.
  37. Timothy

    Kuat bike rack video for the Model Y

    I was able to get the hitch lock on, but it was really tough. With four bikes you can't lower them enough to open the rear hatch on the car. I got a 7" extension and now the rear hatch opens fine. The hitch lock for the extension was easy to put on and the Kuat lock works fine in the extended...
  38. Timothy

    Supercharger - Harris Ranch, CA (18 V2 stalls)

    Long ago they talked about battery swaps for Teslas that were faster than a gas car getting filled. And were planning on doing them there. Elon Musk was in a commercial about it on TV. But the idea was abandoned.
  39. Timothy

    3.0 Battery Longevity

    Thanks. Done.
  40. Timothy

    Hi. How do I send you my log files for my 3.0 battery? My CAC 7/2017 was 141. After the 3.0...

    Hi. How do I send you my log files for my 3.0 battery? My CAC 7/2017 was 141. After the 3.0 battery was installed 9/2017 it was 215. Now it is 179. 17% drop in about 3.5 years. :( Timothy
  41. Timothy

    3.0 Battery Longevity

    DM=Direct Message? How do you do that?
  42. Timothy

    Repaint options for Signature Green...

    If it is your car, you should make it the way you want it! It is totally your choice!! It need to make you happy, not anyone else!
  43. Timothy

    Bay Area Service

    I did the battery swap as well. Doable, but I wouldn't call it 'easy' either! Thanks to the information on the forum and suggestions and encouragement from friends who performed this task themselves.Whew!
  44. Timothy

    Kuat bike rack video for the Model Y

    Yes, I have the NV and can tilt and open. I'm just afraid that someone (me!) will accidentally push the 'open trunk' icon in the car when the bike rack it up and the trunk door will hit the rack. The extension would prevent this accident.
  45. Timothy

    Wiki Teslike Model Y Survey & Order Tracker Spreadsheet

    I ordered my MY about Oct 1. Build date was 10/10 and delivery 10/16. Not bad! Almost a month of ownership and I am gradually learning the bells and whistles. Question: my VIN is 60xxx. What was the first 2021 Model VIN? Were there any significant changes in the 2021 model compared to the...
  46. Timothy

    Model Y Hitch depth

    I was able to get the pin in from the left side--really tough though having to go under and behind the electrical plug. The lock fit fine on the right side. But your alternate pin would be a GREAT solution. Thanks. I will order one.
  47. Timothy

    Kuat bike rack video for the Model Y

    I have a factory tow hitch on my Model Y and am borrowing my son's Kuat bike rack. It fit just fine--except I can't open the truck without tilting the rack forward. So I got an eTrailer extension about 7-3/4" to move the rack out far enough to allow the trunk to open. The extension fits in the...
  48. Timothy

    Wiki Teslike Model Y Survey & Order Tracker Spreadsheet

    Ahha! Thanks. When you look at the left front door at the lower right corner the label is right there facing out sideways when you open the door. Mine says '10/20' which must mean month and year and not day as I picked mine up 10/16/2020. I looked at my Roadster again and similar label is...
  49. Timothy

    Wiki Teslike Model Y Survey & Order Tracker Spreadsheet

    I checked and the sticker only has the tire information and the last 5 digits of the VIN. Same with my wife's FIAT 500e. My Roadster has two sets of tiny numbers at the bottom of the sticker and I have no idea what they mean but not the VIN or built date. Any other ideas as to how to find...

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