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    Tesla "Elon Musk Signature" Wall Charger - Gen 2

    I've moved and had to sell my P100D - so selling my Limited Edition "Elon Musk Signature" black Gen 2 Wall Charger. Excellent condition - I believe it comes with the 24' cable. Asking $350 OBO. PM me if interested.

    Anyone in MD use Pepco's EV rate program?

    I have had it for several years now - frankly, I cannot for the life of me figure out what I was paying per KWH before or now - but according to my wife our bills have not changed much - which means we are saving some from the program as we charge my Tesla regularly. Pepco will do a separate...

    Airbag Issue and Mystery Passenger - Thoughts????

    My issue was resolved when they took the softball out from under the seat...it no longer would force the wiring harness to stress...but that harness under the seat can be a source of a problem...I took it right in and I hope the OP did too..

    Decreased Residual Value

    P100DL owner here - not happy. But, plan on keeping it for at least 8 years so I will drive and use Superchargers as much as possible to make it up!

    Referral Powerwall/Unveiling Invite - Did you receive?

    Have your SC inquire about your wheels - I did and then, suddenly, they had them.

    Referral Powerwall/Unveiling Invite - Did you receive?

    1. The Referral Powerwalls were supposed to start shipping March 2018...you can buy one but apparently can't get the one you earned... 2. I was amongst the first to get my HPWC - had that installed last year - looks great (but now you can buy a black one which is funny) 3. I've had my 22's since...

    Referral Powerwall/Unveiling Invite - Did you receive?

    So, been waiting since late 2017 for my Powerwall - has anyone received theirs recently? Checked in a few months ago and they said they were behind. Now, the Model Y is being unveiled and no invite...or Solar Token... Has anyone received anything beyond our toy cars, wall chargers or 22" tires?

    Supercharger - Gaithersburg, MD

    Do the Model 3 charge port covers open regardless of a FOB present? Unfortunately the newer models X & S charge port covers do NOT open without the FOB - every ngiht when I walk out to my garage to plug in I have to remember to go back and get my FOB - my old Model S broke me!

    20’s vs 22’s and energy efficiency

    So I have both - I use my 22's in the summer and my 20's in the winter. I have tracked my usage via TeslaFi and to be frank, it is difficult to extract specific conclusions as speed, temperature (heat/AC usage also), elevation changes and other factors all contribute to the #'s. In winter, on...
  10. GOPJEW

    Supercharger - Gaithersburg, MD

    Montgomery Mall is a LONG way away from happening, if ever. Their master plan for expansion/renovations needs to go first. While I have used Superchargers at Rio when shopping, reality is they are meant to be used for folks travelling and NOT as local charging - this is part of the problem the...
  11. GOPJEW

    TRIP REPORT – Northern VA to Wilmington NC ~380 Miles

    Excellent post - I took the trip in my old S85D when the last Supercharger close to WIlmington was at Rocky Mount and ONLY local charger was a businesses’ Tesla Charger that only charged like a Level 2. Had to do an hour+ charge at Rocky Mount just to reach Wilmington - and get a FULL charge on...
  12. GOPJEW

    Did anyone trade-in their lemon/repurchase/buyback for another Tesla?

    Your will NOT get better th tax credits. Tesla stipulates that if you’ve claimed the initial tax credit you must refund it to them/commit you won’t file for it. They replaced my old X via a buy back after they crashed it just after delivery (better than Audi was when i had a problem with a...
  13. GOPJEW

    Maryland - Better to transfer tags or get new tags

    Unfortunately for you the tags are owned by the leasing company so you may not be able to transfer them...it is cheaper to transfer
  14. GOPJEW

    Browser Need to Reboot V9 after use?

    Using Teslawaze, if I shut down my vehicle, when I come back to it the browser is frozen and I have to reboot the screen to get it back - this happened to us in V8 early on too - is anyone else experiencing?
  15. GOPJEW

    V9 Shrink Nav? Split Screen?

    Has anyone figured out how to split the screen? If we still can? Typically i have music up top and calendar in bottom. When roadtripping i keep browser up top with Waze and radio on bottom. Can’t do this anymore? Downgrade please.
  16. GOPJEW

    V9.0 in September?

    is this the new UI? Release notes?
  17. GOPJEW

    Oh No...Truck Loaded with Teslas Involved in NoVA I95 Accident?

    Must be an AP fault from the cars on the carrier...
  18. GOPJEW

    Wrap in DC Area

    Exotic Vehicle Wraps - near Dulles Airport. Bobby is the owner/manager.
  19. GOPJEW

    View Waze Incidents on the Tesla browser

    Do you guys still have the “beta” in your web address for it? If you do, remove that and it should work
  20. GOPJEW

    Signature Black Wall Charger Award Date Sliding?

    Similar here. Mine just arrived.
  21. GOPJEW

    I'm thinking of buying a Model X but have some questions...

    Get the free ones and have them painter black - had mine done for $400 in an overpriced market like DC! Save the $$$ that way.
  22. GOPJEW

    I'm thinking of buying a Model X but have some questions...

    1. FWD in winter - I had mine in Erie, PA last Xmas for the 70+" snowstorm - vehicle worked flawlessly. Ice will build-up around the door seams as heat escapes, melts snow and it re-freezes - but the doors opened and closed without problem. 2. 75D vs 100D - I had an 85D Model S before buying my...
  23. GOPJEW

    From MS to MX

    I switched from an 85D S to a P100DLX - there are tons of differences, some great, some not so, but overall totally happy with the change. I'm 6'3" tall, the S was just a total pain to get in and out of as my seat had to be back behind the A-pillar. My 5'3" wife had similar trouble getting in...
  24. GOPJEW

    Chrome delete $2250?

    WOW! In DC - $1,200 which is still a little high, but I had them doing some special painting of badging too...
  25. GOPJEW

    Signature Black Wall Charger Award Date Sliding?

    WOW! My referral delivery was December 2017...
  26. GOPJEW

    2018.26 3bbd9fd .-

    The nagging is REALLY annoying and almost making AP not worth it...almost. Road tripped yesterday - had hand on the wheel entire time, nagging even kicked in when I was using the blinker to change lanes in AP - which is hilarious to me - does it not realize that I actually have my hands...
  27. GOPJEW

    Signature Black Wall Charger Award Date Sliding?

    Interesting that the sticker says 80 amp even though you are supposed to install it on a 100 amp circuit in order to get the 72 amp max out of it - does the Gen 2 HPWC say 80 amp on the side too?
  28. GOPJEW

    Supercharger - Frederick, MD

    Unfortunately for National Harbor they changed the rules on Tesla - that’s why there are new ones at the Springfield Mall now - National Harbor got tired of trying to police the Superchargers as Tesla owners were coming to eat meals at the restaurants and rather than pay for the obnoxious...
  29. GOPJEW

    2018.26 3bbd9fd .-

    Lee - anytime you want to experience it just let me know!
  30. GOPJEW

    Signature Black Wall Charger Award Date Sliding?

    OK - maybe they're starting to break loose. Been waiting for mine since December...
  31. GOPJEW

    Signature Black Wall Charger Award Date Sliding?

    Has anyone in the US received theirs yet? This is getting a little ridiculous...
  32. GOPJEW

    2018.26 3bbd9fd .-

    This is just another way to put it into Max Battery Mode for the full launch effect...it's not really an Easter Egg but a shortcut of sorts...rather than opening settings, etc.
  33. GOPJEW

    Can you keep the 12V outlets on when the car is off?

    I think I used the bottom two wires. Need to go back and check
  34. GOPJEW

    Can you keep the 12V outlets on when the car is off?

    I get constant power out of the trailer connector - I spliced a cigarette receptacle to it and power my BlackVue from it - easy peasey lemon squeasy
  35. GOPJEW

    Model X 100D constantly throwing charging interrupted messages

    I assume you have an MCU2? There are several threads where MCU2 vehicles are having problems with Gen 1 HPWC (a lot of Destination Chargers), Gen 1 Mobile Connectors, etc.
  36. GOPJEW

    NTSB Investigation!?!?!

    I expect the media trolls and NTSB will be FULLY investigating the risks ICE vehicle makers and gas stations put ICE owners at as a result of this story! https://jalopnik.com/lamborghini-huracan-performante-burns-in-gas-station-mi-1827430280
  37. GOPJEW

    Wirelessphone charger installed

    So I used the magnetic case on my iPhone X and the charger - it’s awesome and easy! Some double stick tape on the back of the charger and the magnetic case - no problems when launching in Ludicrous!
  38. GOPJEW

    Model X Insurance Rates

    I did - minimal difference.
  39. GOPJEW

    Tesla Referral Program

    Took me 6 months to get my 22's in...kept the 20's as winter set. Don't bet on ANY referral to come in on a time sensitive basis.
  40. GOPJEW

    Model X Insurance Rates

    There are SOOOOO many factors as to why one person's insurance rate is different than another (credit score, company name registered, claims, tickets, kids on the policy, spouse's driving issues, etc) that it is unfair to compare person to person. I shopped mine (been with USAA for 30+ years)...
  41. GOPJEW

    Model X - Continuing AC issues - What to do?

    Damn - so sorry to hear this and, frankly, there is NO excuse. Tesla did a buy back on my previous X when they crashed it, despite the SC manager immediately telling me they were ordering me a new one it took weeks for it to work it's way up the chain of command to get the authorization - but...
  42. GOPJEW

    Series 1 HPWC issues with 2018 model S

    It is definitely the vehicle and NOT the chargers - my issue is with my Gen 1 Mobile Connector - not even a HPWC (patiently waiting for Elon to sign my Signature HPWC so I can install that).
  43. GOPJEW

    Tint Shops in NoVA/MD?

    Ask for Bobby and tell him Ari or Lee (@boaterva) sent you. He’ll take care of you...they’re very committed to their product and results.
  44. GOPJEW

    Just got my X :) and first trip questions :(

    Browser issue was fixed in the latest update...finally
  45. GOPJEW

    Tint Shops in NoVA/MD?

    Wow! I went to EVA because the place in Rockville was $1k more for the wrap to begin with... 3 hours on a chrome delete seems fast though - there are A LOT of angles and time to remove the chrome to do them right (under the mirrors, etc)...I am actually at EVW right now where they’re repairing...
  46. GOPJEW

    Series 1 HPWC issues with 2018 model S

    I have the same problem with my new X - am a little freaked about Destintion Chargers as I have several trips planned that will force me to use Destination Chargers - I am sure they are Gen 1 as I used them with my old S (Charleston, SC amongst others). Please fix Tesla!!!!
  47. GOPJEW

    MD HOV Permit Picked Up

    They;LL mail it automatically
  48. GOPJEW

    Just got my X :) and first trip questions :(

    Fan noise is normal - more so on X than on S. On the vibration - I’d bet $1,000 you are experiencing the lane departure warning - check your settings and turn it off - see if that stops it - if you change lanes without turn signals the wheel vibrates as you drift towards lane lines
  49. GOPJEW

    Tint Shops in NoVA/MD?

    No. Exotic Vehicle Wraps in Dulles Airport area. Did 3 cars for me...two Teslas and an Audi.

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