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  1. Zythryn

    Tesla in Violation of Contract (Order Agreements)? A discussion

    Then why do you respond to the comments about recourse, and not the comments about if it is/is not a breach?
  2. Zythryn

    Moving to Denver- Looking for advice on about security for my car

    Set “Pin to Drive”. As long as you keep your Tesla account secure, and don’t choose a Pin such as 0000 or 1234 you should be set.
  3. Zythryn

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    This may be true. One note though, I believe Tesla is in better shape to weather a deep recession than any other auto company. Having basically no debt, would be a huge advantage.
  4. Zythryn

    Is Tesla still giving out the FSD beta to qualified drivers?

    Certainly not, but it does certainly put a pin in the statement that ‘nobody in the US has received the update since December.’ And no, I don’t use TeslaFi or any other third party programs.
  5. Zythryn

    Is Tesla still giving out the FSD beta to qualified drivers?

    I’ve been enrolled since they first made the option available. As I recall, last summer/fall sometime. I actually stopped watching, and one day, the software update was the beta:) Sadly, it is happening a few weeks before I sell the car :( It is a 2020. No
  6. Zythryn

    Is Tesla still giving out the FSD beta to qualified drivers?

    The truth is, you don’t know that Tesla hasn’t added new participants from the US since Dec 2021. As a matter of fact, I can guarantee that is incorrect, as I was accepted as a new participant 2 weeks ago. And yes, I am in the US.
  7. Zythryn

    Poll: How do you charge?

    I trust the data Elon has far more than a subset of owners on an internet poll. That said, I stopped using the mobile connector years ago. My electrician noted how repeated plugging and unplugging the mobile connector can lead to scratches and/or loose connections. I now use the mobile...
  8. Zythryn

    Disappointing how electric car owners are being bashed lately in the news…

    It is a different mindset, than yours, saving money is always a comparison. If someone’s standard operating procedure is to buy a new car every couple of years, then buying an EV every couple of years saves them money compared to buying a gas guzzler every couple of years. Hope that helps?
  9. Zythryn

    Why didn't Tesla put the map on the left side of the UI?

    The most critical information, IMO, is speed and blind spot notices. Those are placed closest to the driver’s eyes. Having the size be adjustable sounds like a great idea, hopefully that comes to be soon.
  10. Zythryn

    Sorry, I actually like the new UI :)

    Oh that sucks :( The English version works very well. Hopefully they will get the German version working as well.
  11. Zythryn

    Sorry, I actually like the new UI :)

    I have found, for many functions, voice commands are better than either UI.
  12. Zythryn

    Ordering Model 3 after Model Y

    We bought our second Tesla 4 months after our first. We have had two Teslas for over 8 years now. It has been extremely convenient and pleasant two be a two-Tesla family. For us, this includes road trips, both regional and halfway across the country. However, unless you must buy a second car...
  13. Zythryn

    limited regenerative charging (not cold, not fully charged)

    If your location is the location of the car, the battery was likely cold soaked. Langley, WA had overnight temps in the mid 30s (Fahrenheit). If you don’t have the car plugged in overnight, try doing so. Preheating the car can help mitigate that as well.
  14. Zythryn

    We are still a long way from the convenience of gas stations

    Poorly titled thread. My question is when is fueling a gas car going to catch up with the convenience of charging an EV. For me, that is a 100% true statement. For you, it appears not. Neither your title, nor mine, is true for everyone. Changing the type of fuel your car uses comes with a...
  15. Zythryn

    News about Tesla that caught fire while charging in PA

    The best way to protect yourself is the same way you would protect any high power appliance from fires. Make sure the electrical wiring, and circuits are appropriately sized. Make sure all the connections (including junction box) are solid. A permanent connection, such as a Tesla Wall Charger...
  16. Zythryn

    Can I leave my car outside year round?

    This is not true in Minnesota. A well built unheated garage tends to keep an ambient temperature much higher than outdoors in the winter. This is especially true if the garage slab is connected to the house/apartment slab. Our unheated garage never drops below about 20 degrees (F). To the OP...
  17. Zythryn

    Natural Gas vs Heat pumps for heating

    Solar works very well for many. Local community solar works well for many others. Keep in mind, most people that recommend a "more decentralized system" are not suggesting absolutely no centralized power generation. They are just suggesting less centralized power generation. Some regions will...
  18. Zythryn

    Is LR worth an extra 6k?

    The original question is completely subjective. In my case, if I were buying today, I would buy the lesser range and use the balance to buy TSLA. Nobody can answer that question for you without knowing more details. Such as, how much of a stretch is the extra cost for you? Is it your...
  19. Zythryn

    Safety Score

    I’ve been to Florida many times. Frankly, I think 95% of Florida drivers should have their driving privileges revoked ;-)
  20. Zythryn

    Considering a Model Y

    Your location is listed as Oklahoma. With your climate you should have no issues. I say this as a Minnesotan with 11 winters of driving Teslas. Also, the longer the drive, the less the efficiency hit. The biggest loss comes from warming up the battery after it gets cold soaked. But 100 miles...
  21. Zythryn

    Where are the door handles...? 😳

    For me, in works quite well to just run my thumb over the area. Might be muscle memory but I typically start very close.
  22. Zythryn

    R.I.P. Tesla Referral Program

    Good riddance. That was abused in a huge way. I’d be surprised if more than 10% of referrals were actually a new customer. For people that actually introduce someone to how great Teslas are, great. But for the people doling out referral links so people, that were already planning to buy, could...
  23. Zythryn

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Excellent point! I do believe Tesla will profit from any such rebate. I just don’t believe it will be 100% pure profit, as stated by the person I was responding to. Yours is the best reasoning I have heard of for there being some benefit. Of course, if that $40k max price sticks, it limits it...
  24. Zythryn

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    This is only true if Tesla increases the price of the cars $7500 each or it increases the number of units sold. Tesla is supply constrained, so any rebate would not increase sales numbers. There is no direct profit, Tesla gets the same amount of money. Buyers pay less, that is all.
  25. Zythryn

    Why do I only experience positive Tesla service experiences?

    Similar here. For 10 years I have had nothing but good experiences with service. I believe the reason you see so many bad experiences is that people are far more likely to post bad experiences than good ones. This is not to discount those with bad experiences, just to provide some balance.
  26. Zythryn

    Is Tesla only good for local driving?

    Best road trip I've ever had was in a Tesla Model S. Minnesota to California and back. We have taken numerous trips throughout the Midwest. I disagree strongly with the OP conclusion that the Tesla is not a good road trip car.
  27. Zythryn

    WHy would anyone buy a MS Plaid????

    Don't feed the troll.
  28. Zythryn

    Wrap Advice

    Agree completely! Seriously, for the OP, I would vote #1 then #2.
  29. Zythryn

    HELP ASAP!! [back at home, issue resolved]

    This may be a dumb question, but have you opened a call with Support, or roadside assistance? Tesla can read a lot of data via logs and may be able to help.
  30. Zythryn

    Washington SB 5444 - to impose a mileage tax on owners of electric and hybrid vehicles

    As a use tax, that is absolutely awful. Vehicles should be charged in accordance with how much damage they do to the roads. The best method, IMO, would be to charge by miles traveled and vehicle weight. Screw the GPS device, just have an annual mileage declaration. Simple, low cost, and far...
  31. Zythryn

    Thinking of making a Ford Lightning reservation... you better read this before you make my mistake!

    Are you new to buying cars made by traditional automakers? They have been using the dealership model for many decades. During the reservation process, you were asked to choose your dealer (I placed a reservation as well). I wouldn’t blow a gasket until you get the price of the vehicle, it is...
  32. Zythryn

    Tesla Model Y Long Range Only Hits 220 miles in Real World Test

    Our Y meets the efficiency stats. However. my driving is closer to the EPA’s test than the ‘real world’ tests C&D used. I strongly suspect that the Y is much more sensitive to changes from the EPA tests than the 3 is.
  33. Zythryn

    I see so many model Y owners having issues. Would you buy again?

    No issues with either my wife’s or my Model Y. We would buy again in a heartbeat.
  34. Zythryn

    Why is my neighbor using his power walls daily (will they last long)?

    Rather than “I see no good reason”, I take it you meant ‘I see no financial reason’. I myself like minimizing my reliance on the grid. As such, I use battery power overnight in the summer. In the winter, I do have most of the PowerWalls reserved for backup as power is critical. There are...
  35. Zythryn

    my S is a different car in winter vs. summer

    Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. One point though, no car of any type is the same in summer and winter. Freezing rain will suck energy big time. In an ICE vehicle it means more gas stops. In an EV it means higher starting SOC or more charging stops. Driving conditions affect on...
  36. Zythryn

    Talk me down. Considering a refreshed S over the Y.

    I don’t know which car is right for you. For me, I’d far rather have the 3 or Y over an S. Basically due to the size of the S, it is just too big for me. For a choice between the Y with FSD and the S without, the choice is even easier. I love FSD. Then add $20k on top of that??? My choice...
  37. Zythryn

    Blue or Red! ARGH!!!!

    I got all three :cool:
  38. Zythryn

    When will all the US freeway gas station / truck stop / convenience stores deploy EV chargers?

    And most people have responded that there will be more and more DC fast charging available. Just that gas stations will not be a common place for them. It just doesn’t suit the business model. Fast food restaurants, strip malls, even restaurants perhaps. So in answer to your thread title...
  39. Zythryn

    When will all the US freeway gas station / truck stop / convenience stores deploy EV chargers?

    That is higher than I recall, but it also depends upon how “House” is defined. A duplex or townhome with its own garage is often categorized as a multi-unit dwelling. In any event, the exact numbers of people in each type of dwelling doesn’t matter as much as the number of car owners in each...
  40. Zythryn

    When will all the US freeway gas station / truck stop / convenience stores deploy EV chargers?

    How about if that mom and pop gas station sells 100 gallons a day, or 36,000 gallons per year? Then it kind of sucks, doesn't it. Gas stations are a lousy place for car chargers. Restaurants are much better. If someone wants to charge their car, giving them something to do for 20-40 minutes...
  41. Zythryn

    When will all the US freeway gas station / truck stop / convenience stores deploy EV chargers?

    Fuel is a lousy way to make money. The Net profits (I know, you said gross profits) are about $0.03/gallon. The Average Annual Income of a Gas Station The money maker for gas stations are other things. This is why so many gas stations are combined with convenience stores. I don’t expect too...
  42. Zythryn

    Did anyone come from bigger size sedan to Tesla Model 3?

    I moved from a Model S to a Model 3. As I recall, I believe the S dimensions are almost the same as the A7. It was wonderful! However, I hate large vehicles. We almost never have anyone other than the two of us in the car. We do take trips by car, the 3 held plenty for us. Without the...
  43. Zythryn

    Complete shutdown while driving

    I’ve had the screen reboot while operating the car. It was never preceded by a shrill noise or loss of power (other than to the screen). Good to note the exact time. If the car lost power, I would open a service call using the app if you haven’t. If it was just the console lost power, a...
  44. Zythryn

    Cancelled my MS order out of frustration

    I completely understand, and am bummed it didn't work out. I would ask that you send, if you haven't already, that feedback to both your local store as well as Tesla corporate. While the cars are phenomenal, they need to get their act together with regards to proper communication!
  45. Zythryn


    Experimentation is fun!
  46. Zythryn

    Tesla removes regenerative braking strength option

    In 10 winters of Minnesota winter driving I have not had a single issue with the normal regen setting. I know of others that prefer using the low setting, and I do always have winter tires.
  47. Zythryn

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    I don’t necessarily see the stock hitting those heights that quickly. Consider though, Coca-Cola hit about $46k/share when stock splits are taken into account. It took them about a century. However, they didn’t move into the automotive and energy markets.
  48. Zythryn

    Tesla App/Phone key requires periodic re-registeration???

    Periodically it does require a fresh login. I would say about once every 3 months? However, it does not require me to register the phone as a key.
  49. Zythryn

    Delivery Bait/Switch Trade in Value Decreases Each Time

    The trade in value depends on the condition of your car AND the condition of the used car market. While the condition of your car may not change, the condition of the used car market certainly can. If you are unhappy, sell through Carvana or Carmax. I hear many people have been happier going...

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