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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Let's not lose sight of the fact that the MCU 2 runs on an Intel Atom processor which is not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer in terms of performance.
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    Why is the Tesla 24' Gen 2 wall charger so much on eBay?

    As others have said, older Model S and X cars (I believe those prior to 2018) had an optional second internal charger that allowed the car to charge up to 72A on an 80A circuit which can net ~50-53 miles per hour as opposed to ~30 on a 60A circuit. The chart is showing the max rate a current...
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    Model S Plaid problems?

    Find and follow the thread in the Model X forum about issues with the refresh computer. There are a lot of problems allegedly due to poor thermal management.
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    My tesla is stuck (completely shut down by malfunction) in my building’s indoor parking …any suggestions on towing it out?

    Sounds like the 12V battery died. There is a procedure to access the jump terminals (process differs based on nosecone vs. refresh). Once you apply power to the 12V, the doors should open and the screen will turn on. This will minimally give you the opportunity to put the into tow mode or neutral.
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    Run flat tires

    This is due to the TPMS sensors getting gunked up more than anything else. FWIW, the green slime is not the same as fix-o-flat type products. The latter is more like glue and tends to make a mess inside the tire. The slime can be more easily cleaned and is safe for TPMS sensors. My experience...
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    TeslaWaze updates (was: TeslaWaze is Done!)

    I'd say worse than an iPad from 10 years ago.
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    Plaid 21”rear tire woes - factory defect?

    I am not sure 45 vs. 42 is going to make any real difference. If the car called for 45 and you were running 35, then I'd say you were on to something with the tire pressure. Of course, with the way Tesla engineering works, who knows...
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    Latest FSD special passing lane

    Yeah I see the same thing happening with the same types of lanes in my car (Delaware). I do hope it's something they address because it's a little dangerous the way it behaves currently. I have reported it a few times.
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    Refreshed Tesla Model X issues: frozen camera, brake fault, high voltage system fault, etc.

    Better than not getting recalls and things remaining broken and unsafe though...
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    Is there a way to get more speed model S LR

    I'm just wondering - with a car that goes 0-60 in something like 3.4 seconds, how much speed does one actually need to have?
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    How Did the Service Center Move My Car?

    I was wondering if the alert was valid but TBH, at 3.5 years and 53k miles, I didn't want to take the chance of getting stranded/locked out of my car (I know I could access the battery through the emergency frunk opening procedure). That and the cost of $200 ($165 for the actual battery) seemed...
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    How Did the Service Center Move My Car?

    Thanks for the comments all. Makes sense about them effectively using an administrative-type app to gain access to the car. I just found it strange because it's the first time they didn't ask for my key when doing service. I wonder if they could just gain access to any random Tesla on the...
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    How Did the Service Center Move My Car?

    So yesterday, I received an alert on my IC that my low voltage battery (e.g. 12v) needed service. I made an appointment and brought my car in to have the work done today. I checked in and went to the waiting room. Soon after, I saw a tech enter my car in the parking lot and drive it into the...
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    Model X on Auto Train

    I second this. The two standard bedrooms with the partition open between them is bigger than the family bedroom and you get the two bathrooms. It makes for a nice trip. I love the Auto Train and have traveled on it many times in the past. I wish they didn't do the budget cuts they did with the...
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    Buying used Tesla Y or X.

    Yes - but you would need to make sure it's a Level 2 charger (J-1772) and not DCFC (Level 3). Start with A Better Route Planner (www.abetterrouteplanner.com) to get a good idea of how much additional charge you will need for your trip. Then check plugshare.com to see if any Level 2 chargers...
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    Buying used Tesla Y or X.

    A few people have been burned by this. See if the seller would be willing to leave his credit card on the account until you get home with the understanding that you will reimburse him (or even pay up front) for any charging fees accrued. It takes a few days for the account info to transfer over...
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    Model S doors unlocking while driving

    I thought the new handles (Gen 3?) were completely redesigned and were not prone to the microswitch/wiring failure any longer. This sounds more like a software issue.
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    Full Self Driving without Assistance by this time Next Year - Musk

    Completely agree here. Elon has said (yeah I know) that FSD v11 will be a unified stack but who knows if and when that will happen.
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    Full Self Driving without Assistance by this time Next Year - Musk

    This is correct. If FSD Beta is enabled, and AP is activated on a non-highway road (e.g. those that show the full visualization), the car WILL change lanes automatically regardless of whether you are navigating to an address or not. I do find it somewhat amusing (and perplexing) when my car...
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    Unlimited supercharging unavailable for model x

    Anyway to answer the OP's question - when I purchased my Model S in 2019, I bought at a time when Tesla was offering free supercharging as an end of quarter incentive. I realized several months later that free supercharging was not enabled on my car when I checked the app and saw my...
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    Fan noise behind driver display

    In MCU1 cars (manufactured prior to March 2018) that have not had the infotainment (e.g. MCU2) upgrade, the instrument cluster (IC) is a separate system with its own CPU/motherboard. The fan noise you are hearing is probably the cooling fan running. As to why it is running all the time, I can't...
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    Sound system all off

    Do a reset (hold both scroll wheels on the steering wheel until the screens go blank). This will reboot the system. Note that if it's a 2016 and has not yet had the infotainment upgrade to MCU2, it may take a while to reboot.
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    2018 75d with 75k or wait for Model Y

    If you need 6 or 7 seats, go with the X. The Model Y third row is useless unless you are putting children back there.
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    Refreshed Tesla Model X issues: frozen camera, brake fault, high voltage system fault, etc.

    And us owners who are considering purchasing a refresh thank all of the new refresh owners for helping Tesla get these new issues sorted out :)
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    Opting out of FSD Beta Program

    Probably location-dependent too. I live in a more rural area so a lot of straight roads, no city driving, etc... so it tends to do better. When I tried to use it in a more densely populated area (suburb of New York City), it was definitely more nerve-wracking.
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    Opting out of FSD Beta Program

    I can sum up the experience with FSD beta like this: I was driving the car the other day with FSD beta enabled and got a message on the IC that the windshield was dirty and the car was going to self clean so the cameras could see better. The windshield washers activated on their own and...
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    Refreshed Tesla Model X issues: frozen camera, brake fault, high voltage system fault, etc.

    Unless you are paying for a rental car/ICE and putting gas into it, exactly how are you paying for this? Any work that Tesla is doing would surely be covered under warranty right? I suppose you could make a case that you are paying insurance and loan installments for a car you cannot drive at...
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    Three out of four 21" turbine rims cracked within a couple of months

    The 21" tires are pretty thin and don't provide a lot of protection for the rims. There have been many cases posted here of cracked 21" rims. They sure do look sweet though...
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    Tesla and their “Airplane View”…… what gives?

    Tesla changed the zoom behavior of the map in V11. It used to stay zoomed out until you were coming up to a turn and then it zoomed in nicely. Now it mostly stays zoomed out. You can adjust it manually though. Tap the heading up/north button to get your car tracking on the map. Then pinch to...
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    Refreshed Tesla Model X issues: frozen camera, brake fault, high voltage system fault, etc.

    I don't think it's ridiculous conditions. Your car seems uniquely broken in a way that warrants a more detailed look. It may very well be a lemon and at the end of the day, they may offer a buyback. Either way, they want to ensure what whatever fix they are coming up with 100% resolves the issue...
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    Is my Model S going to start on fire? ScanMyTesla

    140 degrees F is hot for sure but it's not absurdly hot - especially while supercharging. Think of it this way, a typical ICE (internal combustion engine) runs somewhere between 180-220 degrees F with coolant flowing through it.
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Definitely the way to go although I rarely use FM or XM so I can see the use case for not doing it. I believe the FM tuner in the MCU2 is digital only. For the MCU1, I am not sure.
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    The MCU upgrade by itself does not include FM or XM radio. The $500 radio upgrade adds back FM and XM. AM radio is not available on MCU2 at all due to the MCU no longer having an analog tuner in it.
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    Refreshed Tesla Model X issues: frozen camera, brake fault, high voltage system fault, etc.

    My left front camera does this also on dark rural roads near my home. Get notice that the camera is blocked. When I bring up the camera view, all is good. This is a software thing related to the camera not seeing something it thinks it should. I wouldn't necessarily correlate this to the...
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    Refresh Model S gear selector on console issues

    Why would you do this? (I am legitimately curious). Was it to save battery or some other reason? Getting to your question, it does look like the material they coated the letters with is starting to rub off. Do you use the console gear selectors a lot? I am wondering if this is something...
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    Need advice on 3rd party warranty coverage

    Be very careful with third-party warranty companies. While I am sure there are others out there, I would strongly advise going with X-Care as they specifically deal with EVs and more importantly Teslas in general - plus we also have plenty of positive reports of people who use them. I picked...
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    It's not pressure you need to apply but rather torque. When I first got my Tesla, I would squeeze the wheel as hard as I could thinking that is what you needed to do (the on-screen instructions are not super clear). What you need to do is apply a slight turn to the wheel. I find when I drive...
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    Refreshed Tesla Model X issues: frozen camera, brake fault, high voltage system fault, etc.

    I'm still not sold on the overheating thing despite what Tesla service center representatives (who I all but guarantee are NOT in direct contact with engineers) are saying. The issue appears to happen predominantly when one of the camera views is brought up via physical interaction (confirmed...
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    Refreshed Tesla Model X issues: frozen camera, brake fault, high voltage system fault, etc.

    This clearly has something to do with the HDMI interface as the trigger appears to be related to the the cameras. I'd be interested in seeing if the issue can be reproduced by just bringing up the cameras via the camera button in the UI or if it only happens when there is a physical trigger...
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    Refreshed Tesla Model X issues: frozen camera, brake fault, high voltage system fault, etc.

    We are moving well off topic here but it's a good conversation to have. I didn't say load (although poor software design can peg a CPU at 100% utilization causing it to overheat if the system cooling is not designed properly like you mentioned). In most cases, software (especially nowadays)...
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    Refreshed Tesla Model X issues: frozen camera, brake fault, high voltage system fault, etc.

    I've been following this thread and I need to jump in here. This is not something caused by an overheating CPU. You have some kind of issue with your CANbus connection (maybe broken/crimped wire, electrical short, etc...) something that is causing your car to mixed signals. It's also possible...
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    Keeping my Model S as she ages

    Loud bang/jolt (like getting hit from behind) and the car being unable to move sounds more like the original pyro fuse used in the early '12-'13 cars (the one with the weakpoint in the 'fingers' separating) blowing than an issue with the battery or motor but who knows....
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    How Can I Track My Other Tesla Via My MCU Screen?

    If you are using Life360, you can log into the website via the Tesla browser and see where other members in your circle are located. I assume you can do the same thing with Google Maps but I never tried.
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    My Message to Elon Musk

    This is already supported and has been for a while. Aftermarket options are available. The Model S refresh (2022+) addresses this by adding new center console space and I believe door pockets. The FSD Beta (currently in limited testing) addresses and corrects a lot of shortcomings the...
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    Is my 2017 S90D Total'd?

    The car most likely will not be totaled. As someone said, your insurance will go after the parents of the teens as well as the actual owner of the car. If the car was reported stolen, that would get the owner off the hook. Hope it gets resolved to your satisfaction.
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    Model S nearly caught fire--should I be upset?

    "Oops our bad. Sorry about the almost catastrophic fire LOLs." Sounds like the right resolution so kudos to Tesla for making it right.
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    Model S nearly caught fire--should I be upset?

    I'd say that it is a potential safety issue. I'd also say (Other) to report to the NHTSA as it could potentially lead to a recall.
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    2019 Model X "bricked" by update - possibly connectivity issue.

    If jumping the 12v allowed the car to 'wake up', is it possible that the 12v battery just went bad perhaps during the update? Was the car plugged in when it was in the carport?
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    ‘17 “CPO” Update

    Actually closer to 2018 but your point is still valid. When you buy a car from Tesla now, you are effectively getting a used car but they do clean them and will fix/recondition certain things. Their used car warranty (prior to 2020) used to be a standout feature. It's still pretty good now (1...
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    Is a 7-seater with the 3rd row folded down the same as a 5-seater?

    For practicality purposes, the 7 seater is a better option. Adults can fit in all three rows unlike the Model Y third row which is comically small. The 5 seater version has a little more underfloor storage as there is a second false floor that can be raised but it's not a ton of storage room...

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