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  1. J

    2015 P85D (w/ Ludicrous P85DL), Tesla CPO, Rear Facing Seats, All Options!

    So envious of the "L". Certainly wish they made this available with the MCU2 refresh. I would certainly entertain that upgrade to my P85D. I realize there are some hardware modifications required and I certainly don't know the details, but is there ANY way to make it happen?
  2. J

    2021 M3 RWD or 2019 M3 AWD?

    I would chose AWD w/o a second thought
  3. J

    my S is a different car in winter vs. summer

    In Floriduh, winter time EV use........... ah forget it!
  4. J

    Why i'm trading in my 2018 P100D

    COuldn't agree more!!
  5. J

    Totaled / salvage Model S 85 (2014)

    Wow 309K miles. Good job.
  6. J

    2019 Model 3 Performance White on White only 12k Miles

    Accident free? No known issues or problems? You realize "make an offer" opens you up to 'low ball' offers. I'll start $30K. You have a number in your head. I'd like to know that number.
  7. J

    Surprisingly pleasant Tesla service visit

    I've always had a positive experience in Jacksonville, FL
  8. J

    Blown front door speaker... suggestions

    I need to replace my front door speaker. I do not have the OE upgraded speaker system but always welcome better sound. Any suggestions on drop in replacement for both doors. Simple plug and play would be nice but not required. I'm also under warranty. Would this be considered a warranty repair?
  9. J

    Need help opening frunk in 2016 with dead 12V

    ^ that's ridiculous. Why would they get rid of something as simple as the handle under the glovebox.
  10. J

    Another case of the windshield bubble dilemma...

    I probably have this problem too. Can someone post a pic?
  11. J

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    Or any other Tesla. I would certainly take him up on the offer. It will never happen but would accomplish a few things: gets older Tesla batteries off the road, free up the "free supercharging". Fair market value for my trade plus a 20% discount on a new purchase... I'm in!
  12. J

    New Fire

    Two things come to mind: 1. The music in the video is excessively dramatic. 2. Water didn't appear to suppress the fire, at least not quickly or easily. I have an 85 in the garage. I charge at 10 amps and hope to never encounter a Tesla fire while in or out of the car.
  13. J

    Current owners... new thoughts on 3rd row space?

    Now that more than a few Y's are on the road, would like to hear owner opinions regarding the space for a useful 3rd row. Toddlers only, car seats only, teens, small adults. Anyone see or remember the useless 3rd row hopper seats in the BMW X5. That's what I'm picturing but obviously have no...
  14. J

    Slow start - MCU1?

    To answer the specific question posed by the OP, yes my P85D occasionally experiences what I feel to be a prolonged boot-up time. In all honesty it's probably not more than 30 seconds and it doesn't occur all the time. I'm not sure what is causing it but I don't feel it's necessarily a new...
  15. J

    Passenger door lock-unlock

    Can someone inform me as to how to allow the passenger door to unlock while the car is in D. I commonly pull out of the garage to allow my wife to enter the car and, before a recent update, she was able to push the handle and it would present itself. Now, I have to manually unlock the door from...
  16. J


    The best headlights I've ever driven behind were in a 2016 BMW 5-Series with the lighting package. I would do just about anything to have those lights in my P85D. As someone who work all 3 shifts, I frequently find myself driving at night on dark roads. The bimmer used to handle this with ease...
  17. J

    Anyone knows what those motors are

    Suggestion, appreciated.
  18. J

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    I've definitely noticed a lack of regen braking of late, which is a little odd considering I'm in FL and it's quite warm. Definitely using my brakes more these days. Not a fan of that at all. I fell in love with regen braking and now feel like something I paid for has been taken away.
  19. J

    Anyone knows what those motors are

    I have a high pitched whine of late; usually when charged over 80% I also have a gurgling sound behind the dash / instrument cluster, which is odd. It seems to present itself early in my drive but is sometimes present even after I've driven for 30 minutes. Any ideas? P85D
  20. J

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    Thanks for the info. The acceleration change only occurs in launch mode?
  21. J

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    I received a notification regarding a software update 7-10 days ago. Any news regarding AP1 cars and the most recent update. P85D
  22. J

    I tried "Launch Mode" for the first time today.

    I would assume my P85D has launch mode but I've never tried it either. How is it done?
  23. J

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    Anyone else have a humming noise while home charging? I noticed it on the previous update (the one prior to the version listed below) and it hasn't gone away. P85D 2020.4.1
  24. J

    From P85D to.....which Ludicrous model to get?

    As a P85D owner, I wouldn't do what you're considering. Someone else said it best, too much money for too little gain. If money is not any issue, the itch is real, and patience is not a virtue, get a raven. The fact that you are considering a used vehicle makes me wonder if money is an issue (or...
  25. J

    Is my car bricked?

    Possibly.... rather probably a dumb question but, does everyone just replace the 12V every 5 years as a preventative maintenance item?
  26. J

    Ordered Model S LR - End of 3rd Quarter offers (free 21” wheels & paint color.)

    Great color. Congrats and enjoy. It would be hard to go back to gasser after owning an S. I still love driving mine everyday.
  27. J

    Service Bulletin out on Hard Acceleration "Shudder"

    He said they were behind. I don't think the work took that long. I did have them check the alignment as I had new tires installed 2500 miles prior and wanted to make sure the tires were wearing normally. The end results was they checked the alignment and measured tire wear. They said all was...
  28. J

    Service Bulletin out on Hard Acceleration "Shudder"

    I has the service bulletin work performed and my P85D due to acceleration shudder. I am am very pleased with the results. Took 3 days but they gave me a loaner.
  29. J

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    I guess I'll keep skipping this update. Seems they have some issues to iron out. Appreciate all the info. provided thus far.
  30. J

    Lug nut covers for 21 inch turbines?

    Can these be used on the Arachnids? Anyone have a pic on the Arachnids?
  31. J

    Service Bulletin out on Hard Acceleration "Shudder"

    I did have an appointment but I hear what you're saying. It took them all day to install my Arachnids several months ago. I knew it would be a drop off and leave repair. I'm sure they will need to order parts.
  32. J

    Service Bulletin out on Hard Acceleration "Shudder"

    Dropped my S off this morning to address this service bulletin. They said it would be several days before finished.
  33. J

    HELP! Model S Won’t Charge at Supercharger

    So what was the fix?
  34. J

    Service Bulletin out on Hard Acceleration "Shudder"

    From a conveniency perspective, is there any other service that could/should be performed on my P85D during this procedure?
  35. J

    Fs: Fl: Model S 19” Wheels And Tires

    To the best of my knowledge, yes. I do not believe any of the wheel parameters have changed on the model S.
  36. J

    Fs: Fl: Model S 19” Wheels And Tires

    Sorry for the delay. I live near St. Augustine. I would rather not ship as it just adds undue expense.
  37. J

    Service Bulletin out on Hard Acceleration "Shudder"

    Thanks for finding this information. I do have this problem and went on the Tesla app to schedule service and it automatically scheduled mobile service in one month.
  38. J

    Why is it so hard to get a service appointment now?

    Used the Tesla app today to schedule an appointment. It automatically scheduled mobile service for Aug 13. That's almost a month away. That ridiculous IMO.
  39. J

    Returned from a long trip abroad : MCU won't boot and car won't charge D:

    If I leave my car plugged overnight and set the charge to 80%, I commonly find it at 77-78% in the morning. Is it supposed to continually keep the charge at 80% or just allow it to reach 80% and then all for vampire drain? Is there a threshold whereby the car realizes it's not charged to the...
  40. J

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    I charged at 113kw briefly today @ 21% Soc. It quickly dropped below 100 kw probably after 30%. Wasn't paying real close attention. I updated last week and noticed a new update available today. P85D.
  41. J

    Fs: Fl: Model S 19” Wheels And Tires

    I recently acquired and installed some Arachnids so these are up for sale. Plenty of tread left on the Michelin tires. Two of the wheels are perfect and the other 2 have various degrees of damage. Hopefully easily seen in the pics provided. They are not staggered and TPMS V2 already installed...
  42. J

    21" Arachnid Wheel/Tire Set (Silver) - Brand New - FL Pickup or Delivery

    Sold 2 Me. Thanks Dave! Great meeting U!
  43. J

    Arachnids... Who is waiting?

    To know that I'm not the only one waiting is reassuring. I doubt there is a correlation. I suspect the Arachnids will be discontinued following completion of the referral program.
  44. J

    Arachnids... Who is waiting?

    It's been 6 months since order was placed. Anyone else waiting? I thought perhaps once the referral program ended the processing time would shorten. This does not seem to be the case. Order placed early Nov and still nothing. Would like to know order date and date delivered from members over...

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