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  1. AlexHung

    CCS Adapter - ?

    To be fair, it wasn't a "pilot program" in South Korea. Tesla was made to provide the adapter by SK government since they mandate CCS1 in their country.
  2. AlexHung

    Glitch in Tesla Ap

    Lifetime Free Supercharging ≠ no idling fee
  3. AlexHung

    Windshield Wiper Fluid Mess

    I remembered reading somewhere here that Tesla delivers car with the washer bottom half full only.
  4. AlexHung

    Tire Rotation, vague instructions.

    Front <-> Rear swap
  5. AlexHung

    Long drives with degrading battery

    I used the app Roadtrippers to roughly plan out the cross country road trip a few years ago when we moved from NJ to CA. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/roadtrippers-trip-planner/id944060491 That was before EV but worked well for me.
  6. AlexHung

    Scheduled Charging

    This is the reason I use OptiWatt for scheduling the charging. It supports the use case you specified.
  7. AlexHung

    Rear Door Sill Protector

  8. AlexHung

    Stuck in Chill mode!

    Are you the owner of the car, or the additional driver?
  9. AlexHung

    torque steer

    Also no.
  10. AlexHung

    torque steer

  11. AlexHung

    Stuck in Chill mode!

    Are you certain you’re not in “Valet“ mode?
  12. AlexHung

    Siri Button For Tesla

    Why not just switch on option for Listen for “Hey Siri”?
  13. AlexHung

    Vendor Washer fluid recommendations for summer

    I use Kristall Klar https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001NZFCRW?ref_=cm_sw_r_cp_ud_dp_K4MEQSW0HWMS2Z6ZB62Y
  14. AlexHung

    Is Yakima FullSwing bike rack wobble normal

    For a swing arm, yea it's the best you can get.
  15. AlexHung

    CCS Adapter for North America

    Those people exist in my office! We have a Slack channel for EV charging and a few of them will only free their spots after being called out many times. Their excuses are always "I'm in a meeting, sorry".
  16. AlexHung

    CCS Adapter for North America

    More sockets doesn’t necessarily equal better usage spread out. assuming everyone want the same amount of energy for their cars, whether it’s 40A with 3 spots or 30A with 4 spots, the outcome is the same. Would more cars charging slower better than fewer cars charging faster? Unlikely with...
  17. AlexHung

    CCS Adapter for North America

    It isn't as simple as just adding more sockets or increasing the amperage. My office has 3 L2 EVSE, each charge as 40A. We have more employees with EV than chargers (obviously) but we manage so with some days some people will miss out. When we enquired about possibility of adding more chargers...
  18. AlexHung

    Cargo box for Model Y hitch

    Try this one: https://www.xrack.us/product/tesla-model-3-lightweight-cargo-carrier-rack-package/
  19. AlexHung

    CCS Adapter - ?

    Same here
  20. AlexHung

    Windshield Wiper Fluid Mess

    I rotate the nozzle’s metal balls to adjust the direction. I used a small flat head screwdriver but you should use something softer make of plastic instead.
  21. AlexHung

    Windshield Wiper Fluid Mess

    I adjusted my wipers' nozzles soon after I got my car. One of them on the left is still not perfect but the rest spray directly onto the windscreen instead of into the empty space.
  22. AlexHung

    Bike rack mode

    Yep, switch on Tow Mode. Use the turn signal. I have 2022.12.3.2 and will test tomorrow.
  23. AlexHung

    Bike rack mode

    Last time I used it was more than 9 months ago. It’s possible the software has been updated and changed this behavior. I need to test it again to confirm.
  24. AlexHung

    Bike rack mode

    When using Tow Mode, my turn signal blinks at way faster interval than normal. I suspect it’s due to lack of electrical load on the tow plug connection. The car is expecting a turn signal lights on the trailer, may be?
  25. AlexHung

    Tesla Broke Off-Peak Charging

    I use OptiWatt to manage my charging for this very reason.
  26. AlexHung

    Automatic window and trunk safety

    Windows definitely stops if they encounter resistance.
  27. AlexHung

    Amount of pressure on acceleration pedal to maintain speed

    My wife uses “roll” mode because it is the closest mode resembles ICE car. Would she eventually switch to “hold”? May be. Or not.
  28. AlexHung

    CCS Adapter - ?

    The battery runs on 400V so for 250kW then it’s around 625A
  29. AlexHung

    Driver score without FSD?

    Safety Score doesn't tell you that. For efficiency, there are many ways to see. You can use the trip meter to see the Wh/mile. You can use the Energy screen to see last 5/15/30 miles. You can use 3rd party app to track your trips.
  30. AlexHung

    Driver score without FSD?

    No. You get Safety Score if you use Tesla Insurance as well.
  31. AlexHung

    How do you get yourself out if you child lock yourself at the backseat??

    I might have missed the context of this treat. If you are locked inside the car, in the rear seats, with child locks on rear door, won’t you just climb into the front seat and unlock the front door? If car is asleep, pressing the brake pedal will wake it up and gain access to the screen. I...
  32. AlexHung

    Tesla emergency break - to use or not on hills?

    I don’t think Parking Brake uses more pressure. The manual suggests it is a separate mechanical(?) mechanism.
  33. AlexHung

    Thoughts on optiwat

    I don't believe you can use both scheduled charging and departure together? The days for schedule departure is too coarse grain for me. I want to have different schedule for different weekdays, and different weekends. Also it doesn't work with my TOU plan at all. OptiWatt accommodates all of...
  34. AlexHung

    Thoughts on optiwat

    OptiWatt has been very useful for me. The ability to finely setup departure and charge time is way better than built-in Schedule Charging or Schedule Departure.
  35. AlexHung

    250kW supercharger disaapointment

    Or ignore the words “Up to” or “Maximum”
  36. AlexHung

    Cargo cover for Model Y

    Since the subwoofer is in the rear hatch, below the cover, would the cover affect the bass of the sound system?
  37. AlexHung

    Walk away door lock mystery

    Depending on the address, it may be inside the 500m radius of your home address coordinates. That’s one possibility. Another possibility is that the coordinates of your home or inlaw home is incorrectly set by the geolocating service (OpenMap? Google? Who knows?) and that coordinates falls with...
  38. AlexHung

    Walk away door lock mystery

    I recall an old thread on same topic and some one worked out that the circle is ~500ft/200m.
  39. AlexHung

    Kids bike rack

    I have the old version of Tblue Helium Pro which has serves me very well for nearly 8 years https://www.thule.com/en-us/bike-rack/hitch-bike-racks/thule-helium-pro-3-_-9043PRO
  40. AlexHung

    New Official Tesla Model Y trunk storage bins

    Hmm, yes because that gap is where you hook your fingers into to pull it out :)
  41. AlexHung

    Where did the "fold mirrors when doors are locked" selection go?

    From the latest online manual: Model Y Owner's Manual | Tesla
  42. AlexHung

    Is there a certain time that the calendar updates in the car?

    Neither. The app retrieves the calendar entries from your phone OS, sends it to Tesla's cloud infrastructure, then (I assume) during the night pushes the data down to the car.
  43. AlexHung

    RFID key card temporary fail... normal or weird?

    Keep the key car 1/3 the way from the bottom. No need to run it up and down. In fact, running it up and down probably makes it harder for the sensor to read the card.
  44. AlexHung

    No Complaints

    I have zero problem with mine when I took delivery this time last year. The only very minor thing I got mobile service to fix was the B pillar trims needed to be pushed in properly. I tried myself but the mobile service guy told me he had to bend/trim the metal tabs a little to get it engage...
  45. AlexHung

    Tesla charges sites per customer?

    It's possible there's some municipal/state law that requires that payment, so Tesla asks for the nominal $1 to satisfy the law.

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