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  1. power.saver

    Frequency Response During Power Outage

    No, I'd say that those graphs look right. With so much solar production and so little house draw, the charge time is very short. The PW was at 98% so this will cycle the solar on and off. With non-Tesla inverters, they may not be able to ramp down production, and it goes on and off instead. My...
  2. power.saver

    Are there heat related generation limits in inverters or other components?

    My SMA inverters all have derating that reduces output at high temperatures.
  3. power.saver

    Russia/Ukraine conflict

    The difference between offense and defense ?
  4. power.saver

    Grid outage, Powerwall drops loads for minutes

    When you hit Go Off Grid to get the PW working, did you remain Off Grid until the utility power was restored? Did you have to manually Go On Grid after that?
  5. power.saver

    Powerwall: Three-phase house

    I don't think it is ideal, for the following reasons: You are creating a system with 1 PW and 2kW solar. This is very low solar, and will take a long time to charge the PW. That means load shifting will be very limited (unless you also have some form of grid charging to supplement the solar)...
  6. power.saver

    Powerwall: Three-phase house

    If you have a 3-phase inverter, it generates power across all 3 phases and can be used by all 3 phases. If the PW is installed on only 1 phase of the 3-phase system, then it can only capture 1/3 of the generated power. But the other 2/3 is available for use on the other phases, so it is not...
  7. power.saver

    Just had 9.8kw Solar+2PW installed, have some noob questions.

    Solar supplies both panels. 2kW will go back to the grid in you example. However, prior to PTO, your system might not export at all (solar generation is reduced to match home load).
  8. power.saver

    Total Pack Power vs. Ownership Lifetime

    Yes, but you need to log in first to be authenticated for the API calls.
  9. power.saver

    Total Pack Power vs. Ownership Lifetime

    Mine have been in Cost Savings TOU mode the entire time, and typically go from 100% to 40% each day, then recharge the next day. I'm only at 100% for a few hours before the afternoon peak period. My feeling is regular cycling helps maintain the capacity.
  10. power.saver

    Total Pack Power vs. Ownership Lifetime

    No, your data looks good. The first value is the system total, then each PW. My smaller 2 powerwall system shows: "nominal_full_pack_energy":27950 "nominal_full_pack_energy":13930 "nominal_full_pack_energy":14020 So similar results as yours. Installed in May 2018.
  11. power.saver

    Total Pack Power vs. Ownership Lifetime

    You can make this call to the local API: https://<powerwall_IP_address>/api/system_status Look for "nominal_full_pack_energy" in the response.
  12. power.saver

    CPUC Nem 3.0 discussion as it relates to Energy Products

    Yeah, it seems they want comments on some alternatives, without saying what they might replace or if they are new additions. One difference from the per kW fixed cost fee is that any generation exported wouldn't be subject to these new NBCs. I wonder if charging a battery would be considered...
  13. power.saver

    CPUC Nem 3.0 discussion as it relates to Energy Products

    I don't see where this would replace the per kW fixed fee, this may be a new way to charge NBCs?
  14. power.saver

    Question about when grid goes down

  15. power.saver

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    Like updating the photo of service mode? :D Seriously, this is great information. Well done F4! BTW, how are you able to update the first post since it's not a wiki? Do you have special powers here? :cool:
  16. power.saver

    off grid test, app keeps alternating between off grid and grid outage?

    kWh is energy, kW is power. With 6kWh energy in your battery, you could draw 6kW power for 1 hour, or 1kW power for 6 hours, or 0.5kW power for 12 hours... The off-grid mode will terminate if your power draw exceeds 5kW x # of powerwalls. Since you have 2, that would be 10kW. Is that 6.6kW load...
  17. power.saver

    New Powerwall Advanced Options [Toggles for charging from and discharging to grid from powerwalls]

    Thanks. That looks like it's to the Tesla API and not the Gateway.
  18. power.saver

    Russia/Ukraine conflict

    Wow, only one crew member died... https://www.cnn.com/europe/live-news/russia-ukraine-war-news-04-22-22/h_8d11066ef037282b1f66f713aaa4a404
  19. power.saver

    New Powerwall Advanced Options [Toggles for charging from and discharging to grid from powerwalls]

    But only if you changed your reserve between charging and exporting. Grid charging is only up to your reserve, and exporting is only down to your reserve. Seems there is no arbitrage without changing the reserve on a daily basis.
  20. power.saver

    FSD or Solar

  21. power.saver

    Hate the new app

    Yes, the version 3 app still works. You can get the .apk from this (and other) sites: https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/tesla-motors-inc/tesla-motors/tesla-motors-3-10-14-474-release/
  22. power.saver

    charging model 3 in self powered mode without draining powerwalls?

    You want to start charging just as the batteries get full, and set the charging rate (in the car) low so that is is about the same as the excess solar you would produce. That should minimize draw from the grid and keep the solar operating at capacity.
  23. power.saver

    Best way to connect 17kW of solar PV to one Powerwall?

    Hz not kHz. If your AC frequency went that high, you'd have some BIG problems. :)
  24. power.saver

    Building my own pseudo(Powerwall)

    Where are the voltage sense wires for the Current Monitor connected (not the CTs)? Presumably on the Critical Loads side. In Bypass Mode, measure the voltage between the Critical Load side and the Non-Critical Load side, on the same phase. If not zero, then the AC1 phase wires are reversed.
  25. power.saver

    Home circuit breaker 208 volts?

    If SCE is your electricity provider, the service voltage is shown on your bill:
  26. power.saver

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    The listing is still there... but only 1 left.
  27. power.saver

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    I'm really impressed with all this. Nice job building, testing and documenting. Thanks!!
  28. power.saver

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    Thanks, I have a 2019 M3 so just what I need to do... (pending the final resistor value) !
  29. power.saver

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    With the Gen4 ECU and FalconFour harness in hand, what's the installation procedure? Does it require service mode to do the install?
  30. power.saver

    How do I charge my Model Y using only excess solar power?

    The Tesla app doesn't support this. However, see this thread for a way to do it. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/any-downside-to-relatively-frequent-amperage-changes-during-charging.249534/#post-6433049
  31. power.saver

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    So that means the THERM-1 and THERM-3 circuits are essentially the same: 100k thermistor in parallel with a 100k resistor. But with the heater circuit, I don't know if you can fake this with just a 50k resistor? Maybe not for THERM-3, but probably okay for THERM-1.
  32. power.saver

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    Removing R8 and R11 should allow you to measure R9, R10 and R16 in situ.
  33. power.saver

    Any Downside To (Relatively) Frequent Amperage Changes During Charging?

    Yes, Rainforest has less that impressive customer support. And I have heard that the Eagle-200 is an inferior product from the original Eagle (many features stripped out of the API). I wouldn't be surprised if the time lag was their problem. I don't use their cloud service and just poll the...
  34. power.saver

    Any Downside To (Relatively) Frequent Amperage Changes During Charging?

    I like what you're doing and looked over the code on github. Thanks for posting that. I have Rainforest Eagle devices connected to my meters (two of them) and they have worked reliably since 2010. I notice you use a completely different set of XML commands to request the meter data. Maybe this...
  35. power.saver


    No, you can't make a right (or left) turn on a red arrow unless there is a sign posted that allows it. The Uniform Vehicle Code and Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices state: Vehicular traffic facing a steady RED ARROW signal indication shall not enter the intersection to make the...
  36. power.saver

    Minnesota - FSD Beta Videos

    Thanks for trying that out again.
  37. power.saver

    How to manage PW when grid is out and solar power generation is intermittent

    I think your best bet is to have a load shedding plan so you know what to disconnect if the PWs get low. At 20% I would turn off all non-essential loads, and at 10% all but maybe your router and fridge. If you can keep the draw to a few 100 watts, 3 PWs will last a long time. Supposedly the PW...
  38. power.saver

    What is a "normal" drop off for solar production in the Winter?

    That's pretty typical. I go from 75kWh to 15kWh on a 12kW system in the winter, So Cal area. You can use PVWatts to estimate monthly production for your exact location and configuration.
  39. power.saver

    CPUC Nem 3.0 discussion as it relates to Energy Products

    The Oral Arguments Hearing is cancelled: This Email Ruling in Rulemaking 20-08-020 provides notice to parties that the Oral Arguments Hearing currently scheduled for Wednesday, January 12, 2022 at 3:00 p.m. is cancelled and will be rescheduled in a subsequent ruling. A rescheduled date will...
  40. power.saver

    Minnesota - FSD Beta Videos

    Happy New Year! Thanks for another great video. Still troubled at 13:30 with the left turn. The planner was correct until part way through the turn, then switched to the wrong side of the road. Wonder what's wrong here? Mapping? I got new map files with the V.11 update, did FSD get them? What's...
  41. power.saver

    Tesla Update 2021.44.25.2 Issues

    You can delete all events now. One of the few useful new features. Go to Controls > Safety > Dashcam > Delete Dashcam Clips to delete all dashcam and sentry events.
  42. power.saver

    UI and Feeds Update

    @danny, Why does the red banner shown circled in blue appear with the filter selection I have after reading a thread and returning to this screen with the browser back button? Since the only filter is Unread, how can there be any "new content" not matching the filter? The only possible new...
  43. power.saver

    Recent Backup Events Missing in Tesla App 4.1

    Interesting. I don't see anywhere to select the timescale on my App for Backup History.
  44. power.saver

    MY not charging on Wall Charger

    See the trouble code here. Scroll down for this one. (CC_a004)Unable to charge - Wall Connector issue Wall Connector needs service What this alert means: Wall Connector hardware issue. Possible issues include: Contactor not working Self-test of internal ground fault monitoring circuit failed...
  45. power.saver

    Supercharger - San Gabriel, CA - Valley Blvd. (LIVE 5 Aug 2021, 20 V3 stalls)

    Westfield Santa Anita would be great. It's close to the 210 freeway also.
  46. power.saver

    Minnesota - FSD Beta Videos

    Looks like at 9:51 it again couldn't distinguish the center line on the street being turned onto, not good. But then why not head to the right side like it did at a couple of other locations on the drive? Strange and a bit scary. Thanks for the video. Hope you get 10.7 soon!
  47. power.saver

    SRP demand (kW) number is huge different with Powerwall app

    OP is wrong about E-27 demand charges. It is not an average over 30 minutes, but the highest instantaneous demand in a 30-minute interval.
  48. power.saver

    SRP demand (kW) number is huge different with Powerwall app

    The powerwall doesn't respond instantly to changes in demand. If a heavy load is turned on, there can be a brief draw from the grid.
  49. power.saver

    UI and Feeds Update

    Ah, but the filters I have on New Posts are different than the filters on Feeds. I had them in place before the upgrade, and they still work. Unread posts, Watched Threads, Watched Forums are what I use with New Posts. For Feeds, I leave it blank (no filters) so I can see all new content. To...

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