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  1. JakeMoore

    Vendor UPDATE (IN STOCK): Be notified when LDCRS 2022/2021 Model Y Floor Mats are available! (And launch discount)

    I received and installed mine on 29 Oct. the figment is excellent. I did feel like the right side (near the door) of the passenger mat didn’t sit quite right, like the mat was a little wide. But overall, I love these mats. The material is excellent. They shipped in a large sturdy box. There...
  2. JakeMoore

    Vendor UPDATE (IN STOCK): Be notified when LDCRS 2022/2021 Model Y Floor Mats are available! (And launch discount)

    I also received my code and placed my order over the weekend! Thanks for the great communication LDCRS!
  3. JakeMoore

    2021.36 Audio not working correctly

    I just started having this issue in my Model Y today, but I’m on version 2021.32.21. It does align with the info y’all have been given. I drove from home to work and all was fine because I don’t have sentry mode turn on at either location. Then I went to the grocery store where sentry mode was...
  4. JakeMoore

    Vendor UPDATE (IN STOCK): Be notified when LDCRS 2022/2021 Model Y Floor Mats are available! (And launch discount)

    No, the promo sign up has ended. A couple posts up they’ve explained that you’ll still be able to purchase, you just won’t receive a promo code.
  5. JakeMoore

    Beware of this online EV mod retailer...

    90% of Tesla accessory sites are getting a lot of their stuff from the same Chinese manufacturers.
  6. JakeMoore

    OC/SoCal Tinting Recommendations?

    Just for fun yesterday while I was driving around town running errands, after a couple hours I reached up and felt the heat of the sunroof, then reached out and felt the heat of the windshield. The sunroof was much hotter to the touch than the windshield. What this actually means, idk, lol. Does...
  7. JakeMoore

    OC/SoCal Tinting Recommendations?

    I had my Model 3 tinted at Protective Film Solutions in Santa Ana, and have an appointment for my Model Y at Signature Tint (Costa Mesa) on October 26. On my 3 I had XPEL Prime XR Plus. Getting the Llumar IRX on the Y. Not sure how long you’re waiting, but I can follow up with my experience and...
  8. JakeMoore

    Vendor UPDATE (IN STOCK): Be notified when LDCRS 2022/2021 Model Y Floor Mats are available! (And launch discount)

    Probably doesn’t matter, but that date is incorrect. If I signed up, it was likely back in July or August.
  9. JakeMoore

    Vendor UPDATE (IN STOCK): Be notified when LDCRS 2022/2021 Model Y Floor Mats are available! (And launch discount)

    I’m pretty sure I already signed up for the list, but can’t quite remember. Would it be possible for you to check?
  10. JakeMoore

    Are there any regular USB ports on the new refreshed Model Y?

    This is about the smallest one I can find. However, I've never heard of this brand, so I don't know how well made it will be.
  11. JakeMoore

    I've seen complaints about the Model Y uncomfortable position headrests

    Here’s a video about how to change the headrest angle.
  12. JakeMoore

    2021 MY Console Organizer Sizing?

    I got the ones from Tesla.
  13. JakeMoore

    2021 MY Console Organizer Sizing?

    I just got my Tesla console trays today. What measurements would you like?
  14. JakeMoore

    Tesla Y 2021 PPF bra?

    The front bumper is very difficult. I’d highly recommend letting a professional do it.
  15. JakeMoore

    Huawei SUV Anyone?

    Same Huawei as the phone manufacturers? Interesting. These will definitely never make it to the states, though, as their phones are banned in the US as a security risk. Do other countries have a similar policy?
  16. JakeMoore

    Tesla Model 3/Y HUD Full LED Digital Screen Instrument Cluster Plug N Play.

    This system plugs into the car’s ODB and integrates with the car’s sensors. You can’t get any of the same functionality at all from a mounted iPad.
  17. JakeMoore

    Unplugged Performance rear spoiler

    Does anyone have their spoiler? I want something a little bigger than the OEM, which is what most companies are copying. I’d love to hear some opinions from actual owners, and possibly see some more photos!
  18. JakeMoore

    Model 3 Accessories

    $30 shipped - Taptes wireless charging pad for center console. Has two micro USB ports on back. No cables included. $75 shipped - Taptes USB hub for June 2020 Model 3 or sooner (Two USB-A plugs in center console). INCLUDES 500GB Samsung T5 SSD. $95 + shipping - Taptes All weather floor mats...
  19. JakeMoore

    FS: MY Tesmanian Floor Mats - Driver, Passenger, Rear Seats and Cargo

    Which Model Y do these fit? 2020 or updated 2021? The front seat floor mount is a different shape.
  20. JakeMoore

    Long shot: DUAL MOTOR font

    I did see that! Unfortunately they don't have all the letters I need. :(
  21. JakeMoore

    iPhone 12 Pro and Mini Wireless Charging Pad

    Another option would be to find the sweet spot on the pad for where the Qi coil is, and place down a magnetic ring like these options: Solid ring Exposed magnets
  22. JakeMoore

    New Gen 2 Center console iPhone charging speed

    Yes, my iPhone 12 mini and my wife’s 12 Pro Max both charge very slowly, if they charge at all.
  23. JakeMoore

    iPhone 12 Pro and Mini Wireless Charging Pad

    Yep! That’s another reason I installed the MagSafe puck. I would get like 5-10% charge in 20+ minutes.
  24. JakeMoore

    New changes soon?

    That’s the toughest thing about buying a Tesla. There is ALWAYS some update around the corner. Just get the car when you need it and you’ll be happy. :)
  25. JakeMoore

    Long shot: DUAL MOTOR font

    Yes, the suggestions are similar but not close enough.
  26. JakeMoore

    Long shot: DUAL MOTOR font

    I know this is a long shot, as it may be custom made, but does anyone happen to know if the font used for the DUAL MOTOR badge on the back of Teslas is a purchasable typeface? I am trying to create my own custom badge
  27. JakeMoore

    New Model Y has version 2020.47.104

    Just test drove the new firmware. There’s nothing special, it’s basically the same firmware that I had on my Model 3 when I traded it in on March 29.
  28. JakeMoore

    New Model Y has version 2020.47.104

    Just got mine as well, haha. They pushed it in a batch to all of us. Is this a new firmware or was it previously released for Model 3?
  29. JakeMoore

    What To Do While I Wait

    Frantically read every single post in this forum. 😂
  30. JakeMoore

    New Model Y has version 2020.47.104

    People can’t take even the smallest bit of criticism anymore.
  31. JakeMoore

    iPhone 12 Pro and Mini Wireless Charging Pad

    Update: I did it! Video here: You can remove the soft pleather trim from the console and run the cable down into the storage area through a hole on either the left or right side. The sliding door has a convenient notch cut out of it on the right side, so I routed the cable over there. I used...
  32. JakeMoore

    iPhone 12 Pro and Mini Wireless Charging Pad

    I just got my Y this past Monday (29 March). My 12 mini charges, but very poorly due to non-optimal coil alignment. I’ve been considering adhering a MagSafe charging puck onto the charging pad and somehow running the cable down onto the center console. Still not sure how I’m gonna do that.
  33. JakeMoore

    Pedestrian Warning System (PWS) - On / Off Switch

    I think you’d have to cut a hole in the plastic for that. It’s very easy to access, though. Takes about 5 minutes. I don’t think it would be necessary.
  34. JakeMoore

    Pedestrian Warning System (PWS) - On / Off Switch

    Totally anecdotal, but I drove my 2020 Model 3 through EVERY type of weather for over a year with the PWS unplugged and it never got damaged. Also I took it in for its first service in mid-March and the bastards plugged it back in. So if you install one of those isolation kits, maybe take it...
  35. JakeMoore

    Vendor Floor Mats

    They say that their mats fit properly into the 2021, but have yet to post any photos. It’s kinda suspicious, tbh.
  36. JakeMoore

    New Model Y has version 2020.47.104

    I’m definitely gonna get my hopes up, lol. 152XXX VIN.
  37. JakeMoore

    New Model Y has version 2020.47.104

    I don’t think any of us are “waiting”. It’s that the car is not offering the update for us. I took delivery yesterday (3/29/2021), and am also on 2020.47.104
  38. JakeMoore

    2021 Factory tint?

    I just took delivery of my 2021 Model Y yesterday and I only realized today that the rear Windows seem to come pre-tinted from the factory. Does anyone know the technical specs on this tint? What is the VLT, how much IR and UV does it block? I plan to tint my front windows as well and I’d like...
  39. JakeMoore

    Car delay

    Yes, I got mine yesterday. Besides the fact that it looks like they drove it through the mud, there were a few very minor issues: - Clear coat scratches above driver’s door handle - Scratches on driver side tail light - Fibers inside both headlights - Hardened glue residue on black trim pieces...
  40. JakeMoore

    New Y Pup Member!

    Pardon my ignorance, but what is PUP? I’ve seen that acronym a few times now.
  41. JakeMoore

    Newbie autopilot question

    If I’m not mistaken, you can just use your turn indicator while using autopilot and it will lane change for you without needing to disengage. However, if you manually change lanes with your steering wheel, autopilot will always disengage, both with and without FSD.
  42. JakeMoore

    Car delay

    Nice! Mine is finally confirmed for Monday. Looking forward to it. Did yours have any flaws?
  43. JakeMoore

    Vendor Floor Mats

    I’d like to see that also. All the photos I’ve seen have been the older riser style.
  44. JakeMoore

    Car delay

    Follow up: My Model Y finally left the factory, but the truck from Fremont to SoCal is taking longer than expected so it got pushed back AGAIN to Monday.
  45. JakeMoore

    Car delay

    Similar story for me. I’m in SoCal. My original delivery was Wednesday. I call on Tuesday to see if I can move it up to that day, and they say, “well actually, your car still hasn’t left the factory. Let’s push back to Thursday.” So we do, then I get a call on Wednesday, “your car still hasn’t...
  46. JakeMoore

    2021 Model Y noise maker

    Thank you for answering my actual question, lol.
  47. JakeMoore

    Tesla trade in request response time

    The offer showed up on my order page in about 3 days, but was still pending after about 7 days. I had to call my SA and ask her about it. She just finalized it while I was on the phone with her.

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