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  1. pdk42

    Price hike

    Ah, well maybe my memory is getting weak!
  2. pdk42

    Price hike

    I think I paid £43.5k for my Model 3 LR with tow hook back in Sept 2019. List was then £47k and the PICG was £4.5k. Happy days ! Mind you, it was still £10k more than a fully-speced BMW 340i Touring run-out model that I was sorely tempted by. Glad I didn’t go down that route with fuel prices...
  3. pdk42

    Tow Bar "Offer"

    Does anyone know for sure whether the tow bars are an SC fit or factory fit? In the early days of Model 3 deliveries it was only a factory fit option, but I wonder if it’s now something the SC can/does do?
  4. pdk42

    Reduced charging rate

    I’m living with the problem. I frequently get charging dropping to 24A, but not lower. It’s related to supply glitches. Tungsten bulbs in the house show a lot of flickering even when nothing else is turned on. I must get around to doing some proper voltage logging and contacting the DNO with the...
  5. pdk42

    Wind noise

    I did do a post here about it. Hope it helps! https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/wind-noise-above-50mph-pass-door-area-is-this-the-issue.172053/#post-4165850
  6. pdk42

    Tesla U.K. have closed all their front of house service teams and it’s absolutely baffling

    I ran BMWs almost continuously for about 15 years and suffered my fair share of issues. Having to deal with the service advisors was a mixed bag. Some were utterly hopeless and I wished I could have spoken directly with the tech doing the work. Some were better and showed real interest in...
  7. pdk42

    Wind noise

    You need to start experimenting by taping up gaps one by one. It’s the only way. When you find what stops it, then go looking for the cause. In my case it was due to a gap between the chrome strip that runs along the top of driver’s door and the wing mirror bracket. It was short by about 5mm...
  8. pdk42

    first time at an campsite electric pitch

    The 3 phase supply at our premises is only 3x60A, so only about 42kW. I guess it depends on the local infrastructure what you can get.
  9. pdk42

    first time at an campsite electric pitch

    A basic 3-phase supply will give you at best about 40kW. Even if you restrict charging to 10A (2.5 kW), that’ll only get you to about 15 cars.
  10. pdk42

    U.K. National Anthem Light show?

    Who would want to put a light show to such a depressing dirge?
  11. pdk42

    first time at an campsite electric pitch

    I’d be wary of the capacity of the site to provide the necessary current. You should ask about max current their outlets can provide. I help run a site that has 35 caravan pitches, but they all share an 80A supply. We don’t allow EV charging because of overloading fears. However, if they allow...
  12. pdk42

    What car awards: Model 3 #1 but model Y #10

    I took a Model Y on 19” rims for a test drive and found the suspension notably harder than my Model 3 LR on 18” rims. I’m at the limit of what I find acceptable now, so I ruled the Y out as a result.
  13. pdk42

    Average Wh/mi since owning?

    It’s a real pity there’s no option in the UK for a Model 3 with the larger battery but RWD only. That would be the real efficiency and range buster.
  14. pdk42

    Anyone in the UK 'upgraded' their Model Y suspension?

    It’s interesting how the Y suspension separates opinions - a sort of Marmite thing. I test drove a Y a few weeks ago and thought the suspension way too hard for my taste. Even the 3 is at the edge of what I’d like. My wife’s ID3, despite its myriad software issues, rides beautifully in...
  15. pdk42

    There goes the neighbourhood... shared SCs in France

    Is the Renault broken down? Given my experience with a Scenic we had when the kids were younger, it wouldn’t surprise me! :)
  16. pdk42

    How concerned are you about the warranty (or lack thereof)?

    I don’t think Tesla are much different from other cars. I’ve had terrible experiences in the past with some marques (notably Renault), and even the BMWs I had came with their fair share of issues ( e.g. two new steering racks on a F31 335i). You may be lucky, you may not be. There’s always...
  17. pdk42

    Faux Leather Seat Bubbling

    It seems clear to me that the material used by Tesla is less durable than leather. I’m surprised that there aren’t more complaints tbh.
  18. pdk42

    How Secure Are Teslas?

    Tesla’s BT-based security on the Model 3 and Y (and newer S and X, even if you can’t buy one!) seems pretty bulletproof at present. I’m not aware of any technical hack on them. Of course, the usual human factors are still there (stealing phone/card and forcing PIN details under duress). But...
  19. pdk42

    Octopus Go - British Summer Time...

    Oh, I agree about the gain/loss of an hour if indeed Octopus arrange that their slot is always local time. So it’ll be 00:30 to 04:30 UTC in winter and 00:30 to 04:30 BST in summer, but they don’t actually say that (although it does seem that’s how it is). My point is simply that saying things...
  20. pdk42

    Octopus Go - British Summer Time...

    “Your off-peak period stays between 00:30 and 04:30”. This is confusing. If it “stays” at the same time in absolute terms then it will appear to change compared to local time when BST arrives (I.e. the slot will now be 01:30 to 05:30 local). On the other hand, if it continues to match the...
  21. pdk42

    Octopus Go - British Summer Time...

    Commercial pilots will be quite aware of Zulu (GMT/UTC) vs local time. That why quoting the timezone is important.
  22. pdk42

    Octopus Go - British Summer Time...

    All they need to do is quote the timezone AND the time. All confusion will disappear.
  23. pdk42

    Peugeot Cancelled Insurance

    I think PSA are desperate to get out of Tesla insurance. I called them inquiring about a change of car and was told that they would no longer insure Teslas for new policies and were reluctant to swap from one Tesla to another on a current policy.
  24. pdk42

    EO Smart Home App Is A Stinking Pile Of Garbage

    It ain't that bad. It's certainly better than the VW We.Connect app which really is awful.
  25. pdk42

    PSA - Make sure that you use manual headlights in poor weather

    How many screen interactions does it take to turn the lights to manual? I don’t even know how to do it without fiddling!
  26. pdk42

    Tesla Ukraine

    It’s shocking what Russia is doing. There was so much optimism in the days of perestroika and glasnost, but Putin’s relentless campaign to destroy democracy and return Russia to a pariah state beyond international law seems unstoppable. It’s heartbreaking seeing a modern European state like...
  27. pdk42

    Second hand market coming to its senses?

    It's supply and demand. There are a lot of people trading in Model 3s for Model Ys.
  28. pdk42

    UK and Ireland Marketplace - For Sale / Wanted / Free

    Well, it's not a specific kit, it's just a number of tweaks I've done which together add up: 1) Installed the "rubber band" around the front roof glass section. This helps to reduce wind noise caused by the gap. Example...
  29. pdk42

    Volkswagen ID4 Interface Review

    My wife has an ID3, which has the same driver UI and tech as the ID4. The whole system is a complete mess - slow, buggy, unintuitive, terrible physical buttons, etc. On top of that VW’s app is woeful, and the back-end systems which support it all are unreliable - meaning even the things that...
  30. pdk42

    3 Phase Fast Charging on EV Tariffs

    I see you‘re West Midlands. Anywhere near Leamington/Warwick? If so, could you PM me your electrician’s details? I’ve had a 3 phase meter installed but I’m struggling to find an electrician who’ll do the CU and EVSE wall box.
  31. pdk42

    3 Phase Fast Charging on EV Tariffs

    That’s a bit more like it.
  32. pdk42

    3 Phase Fast Charging on EV Tariffs

    That sounds pretty steep to me. The Zappi is probably £1k and the CU bits can’t be more than £500, so where’s the rest of the cost? Also, £3995 sounds like a bit of a price point to me rather than a proper quote. With VAT you’ll be pushing £4k.
  33. pdk42

    UK and Ireland Marketplace - For Sale / Wanted / Free

    Anyone interested in my Tesla Model 3 LR AWD? White with black interior. 29k miles. First registered Sept 30 2019. One owner only (me). No finance. Nearly new Cross Climate tyres. Re-finished alloys in silver (Aero caps also available). Interior and exterior are immaculate. Tow bar...
  34. pdk42

    EDF Go renew or not?

    That’s true - but I still manage to do 95%+ of my charging in the 4 hour Go window, so the extra time of the EDF tariffs wouldn’t make much difference to me. YMMV of course! I did say “at least for my usage” in the preamble.
  35. pdk42

    Can we have the Wh/mile odometer "card" back please?

    I agree totally about the car visualisation. Total waste of screen estate.
  36. pdk42

    Back end slipping/strange for some owners

    I've had that problem too. I've also had inadvertent handbrake application at times causing the back to step out abruptly, often with a squealing sound from the tyres. Very odd.
  37. pdk42

    Back end slipping/strange for some owners

    It’s on a number of Tesla FB groups. It’s classic post-hoc rationalisation based on a correlation rather than a causality - “oh yeah, now you come to mention it, the back end did swing out a bit last week. Thought it was strange, but it must be that software update as you say”. Now I’m not...
  38. pdk42

    Can we have the Wh/mile odometer "card" back please?

    Basically, V11 is a bit of a mess so far as usability is concerned. The music player at the moment is driving me nuts - the track title and artist info area is way too narrow - you only get to see a part of it. It scrolls once and briefly when the track’s selected but then all you get thereafter...
  39. pdk42

    Model Y Suspension

    I maxed out my 3 in Germany a year or so ago. Despite the car being relatively new, with tyres in good nick, and AFAIK no steering or suspension geometry problems, I found it got palm-sweatingly twitchy at speeds over 120mph. Pushing 140mph I really wasn't comfortable at all. I'd previously...
  40. pdk42

    Model Y Suspension

    Before I got my 3 I was running a BMW 335i with an after-market Schnitzer suspension. It had slightly lowered and stiffer springs and uprated dampers. It was pretty firm. In comparison I found the 3 a little more forgiving. My wife now has an ID3 and I must say the suspension in that is...
  41. pdk42

    How long can it sit at 100%

    Ha! I think "we definitely don't know" needs a qualification of "but we could be wrong!" :)
  42. pdk42

    How long can it sit at 100%

    Plenty of very definitive answers here - which I find a bit perplexing since every single search I’ve done on similar questions reveals either a myriad of junk info on popular sites, or references to very academic papers, the conclusions of which are anything but definitive. My conclusion...
  43. pdk42

    Anyone seen this dash device?

    The bigger worry is that a future Tesla software upgrade changes the data/protocol and they all stop working.
  44. pdk42

    Tesla Home charger Vs third party chargers

    FYI - Tesla Gen 3 wall connector installation info here => https://www.tesla.com/sites/default/files/support/charging/Gen3_WallConnector_Installation_Manual.pdf
  45. pdk42

    Tesla Home charger Vs third party chargers

    AFAIK, the gen 3 Tesla charger, despite being wifi capable, is still not controlled from an OLEV-compatible smart service so it does't qualify for the grant (the full list is here => Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme approved chargepoint model list - GOV.UK). Having said that, smart charging...
  46. pdk42

    EDF Go renew or not?

    BTW - here are the EDF rates => https://www.edfenergy.com/sites/default/files/goelectric_rate_card_jan24.pdf
  47. pdk42

    EDF Go renew or not?

    It's EDF "GoElectric", not "Go". "Go" is Octopus. But... in my comparison that I did just last week, the new Octopus Go rates are still lower than any of EDF's GoElectric tariffs, at least for my usage. This is a comparison I did for my last few months of usage: Total cost current Go...
  48. pdk42

    RHD specific issues with v11 UI changes

    There is something odd about the heater sync controls in RHD vehicles too. On LHD, if there is no one in the passenger seat, their controls are disabled. It’s not like that in RHD cars.
  49. pdk42

    Electric Tow ball

    And it’s the springs that take the weight anyhow.

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