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  1. TaoJones

    Supercharger - Hermosa Beach, CA (LIVE 9 Jun 2020, 20 V3 stalls)

    Long overdue. Redondo with all of 8 stalls went live almost 5 and a half years ago. Manhattan Beach is overrun and has been since day 1. Ownership density has always driven urban installs. Whining about “a 5th one in 2 miles” is somewhere between amusing and flat out wrong. Good luck...
  2. TaoJones

    Supercharger - Hawthorne, CA - El Segundo Boulevard (LIVE 21 Nov 2019 - 12 Urban)

    So every now and then one encounters a restaurant adjacent an SC that is considerably better than it needs to be. A pleasant surprise, even. Such is the case with Midici, adjacent the Hawthorne SC in the 1st floor corner of the Marriott. Open late, their pizzas, salads, and in particular...
  3. TaoJones

    Blog Model S Owner Surprised with Hardware 3 Retrofit

    The video was not a first take, to put it generously. Yep - back then the promise of FSD w no future hardware other than the board along with taking included supercharging away forever - both statements made at the time - prompted many of those with GRV agreements and those without to purchase...
  4. TaoJones

    Blog Model S Owner Surprised with Hardware 3 Retrofit

    Disgraceful. As a two-time early adopter who’s been lied to more than once via various misrepresentations, and as a 2.0 owner who paid for FSD 2.5+ years ago with zero verbiage at the time to indicate that we’d get “less than”, sign me up as a class representative should this mess continue to...
  5. TaoJones

    Planning trip to Carlsbad Caverns

    I believe that the free hardware program has gone the way of goodwill invoice credits at SvCs (without extra escalations and hassle. Which is to say it's toast. Agreed that EV and in particular Tesla L2 charging is a growing differentiator. I know that I always check now after narrowing down...
  6. TaoJones

    Shocked! Model 3 has no blind spot detection [Update: yes, it does]

    Obviously I did. Which would imply wry humor.
  7. TaoJones

    Shocked! Model 3 has no blind spot detection [Update: yes, it does]

    You must not live in or around Los Angeles...
  8. TaoJones

    New insurance bill increase 39%

    Just got my renewal notice. Annual premium increase of ~10% from $9xx to $1,0xx. No untoward activity on my part. Will probably leave it alone. I’ve had Geico, Wawa, Progressive, and Costco/Ameriprise policies previously. I did like the combined single limit (CSL) option that... I think it...
  9. TaoJones

    “Wash-by-handers” in Northeast, what do you do in the Winter?

    I try not to be in the Northeast in winter, having paid my dues years ago and then some. However, last I was in British Columbia, I found a garage-doored car wash with *hot* water for USD$0.82. It. Was. Glorious. I travel with a 2-gallon manual pump foamer, a couple gallons of distilled...
  10. TaoJones

    Tesla Website Redesign

    It was a colossal pain in the ass to purchase an ESA these past few weeks. A few weeks ago, the form was present to enter contact and credit card info from the /support/[e-s-a] page. This week, it was gone. Wasn't just me - the phone support rep couldn't find it either and fortunately knew...
  11. TaoJones

    What’s The Best Windshield Sunshade?

    Costco had a $9 collapsible windshield shade that fit perfectly. Only now after ~5 years and 2 cars later is it starting to show signs of edge wear. Problem of course being that I haven’t seen them since at Costco. Will make a note to see if there’s any branding/manufacturer info sewn into...
  12. TaoJones

    Musk: V10 wide release "hopefully end of august" after early access

    Looking forward to v10.1 in late January/early February, and then the 6 weeks that it'll take to get distributed. Same as it ever was.
  13. TaoJones

    "Tesla": The word that will get you a better Mercedes lease.

    Ya done good. Consider joining one or more Tesla owners clubs in your area. Get to know the manager of the best Tesla Service Center in your area. Note this may not be the closest SvC. Enjoy the ride.
  14. TaoJones

    AP1/MCU1 and Software V10

    Absolutely accurate.
  15. TaoJones

    Dancing Cars on my display. Is this normal?

    It’s not normal, but it is an unfortunately frequent occurrence, and yet another anomaly that never occurred with AP1.
  16. TaoJones

    Very squeaky noises when steering column moves in/out during Easy Entry

    I will preface this by saying that my current service advisor is excellent, and deserves a promotion and a raise. Management, not so much, but that's been a chronic problem at this location for years. 3rd steering column being installed now at ~50K miles. The 2nd one went in about a year ago...
  17. TaoJones

    Elon tweet “Priority/early access will be automatic for all owners with FSD”

    So... once again with the vagueness. There are FSD “owners” who have the new board. There are FSD “owners” who fell for the early/faked video from December 2016 (and then bought cars delivered in early 2017) who may get their board swap a year from now “once the software is ready for those...
  18. TaoJones

    Was just told that AP 2.0 won't get FSD.

    I'll be sure to drink extra water to get full mileage out of the one effort then. When 3 months probably, 6 months definitely turns into a 3-year cfook, there is a strong possibility that the handwriting is on the wall for we AP2.0 owners. Only way I consider I'll be made whole from this is...
  19. TaoJones

    Was just told that AP 2.0 won't get FSD.

    This entire situation just pisses me off to no end.
  20. TaoJones

    110 mile range with 330wh/mile consumption!

    I recall the warning at less than 20% when cold. That day, it was in the 70s on the coast. Not once did I experience a 5% loss in an hour with the previous Model S (S85). Same location. If this is an improved BMS, they can have it back. This is a sell-the-car-and-go-back-to-an-ICE type of...
  21. TaoJones

    110 mile range with 330wh/mile consumption!

    You’re welcome and good luck. As another real-time datapoint, I just left the car at 5pm at 16%. Came out at 6pm and it’s now at 11%. That’s an all-time worst in 5 years of driving these overgrown golf carts (both Model Ses). 5% in an hour? No HVAC since below 20%. 5% in an hour of...
  22. TaoJones

    110 mile range with 330wh/mile consumption!

    I routinely lose 40% or more while in town. Which is to say that the now 276-mile range in my S90D is actually 130-150 miles from a full charge when schlepping about (client visits, short trips, errands). Of course, when on the road, I can get all of the 276 miles of range on flat highways...
  23. TaoJones

    2019.24.x barely going out to anyone?

    Wake me up when we get to .42.* or .44.* which would be more likely week numbers for a stable v10.*
  24. TaoJones

    Was just told that AP 2.0 won't get FSD.

    Stop sign reaction is part of FSD. Elon said in late 2014 (when AP1 & D cars were announced) that Teslas would react to stop signs. No qualifiers whatsoever. Ergo...
  25. TaoJones

    Seems like FSD is a complete crock

    “3 months probably, 6 months definitely.” *clears throat* And there is NO excuse for the faked late 2016 video. None. And that class action paid out, too. In 2014 when AP1 launched, Elon said that Teslas would handle [recognize and react to] stop signs. Despite the infamous 2016 video...
  26. TaoJones

    Sentry mode does not work

    The longer they wait, the deeper their hole from which to dig out. See link for how the Model 3 stacks up to German engineering at present: Tesla Model 3 Blows Away German Competition — CarBuzz As an aside, the new BMW CEO doesn’t seem to be a whole lot better than the last one when it comes...
  27. TaoJones

    Caught Speeding...

    Yep - still available even after the acquisition. And still ranked higher than the Valentine One if I recall correctly. In one test against an Escort (now a cousin of the Bel Pro series), the V1 had 51 false alerts and the Escort had zero. Year after year after year, the same top 3-4 best...
  28. TaoJones

    Someone backed into my car. 2500 bucks to repair it

    Condolences. My rear bumper cover has been scuffed twice in 3 months (once on each corner) - the last one narrowly missing a body panel. Quote from Tesla was $1500ish, iirc. Alternative is I buy the part ($800), take it to a body shop with my car so they can color match and paint ($450), take...
  29. TaoJones

    Service Bulletin out on Hard Acceleration "Shudder"

    Wonder how that 3rd part - Clevis mount - differs from a jack shaft. Am on 3rd set of half shafts and 2nd jack shaft. No mention of a Clevis mount during any of those SvC visits. Note also an alignment will be needed after the half shaft replacements and it will be a factory alignment...
  30. TaoJones

    Caught Speeding...

    Bel(tronics) Pro 500. Accept no substitutes. Windshield mount, easy to hardwire, very simple (3 taps) false signal filtering/blocking. Always on, as is Waze on my phone for police and road hazard alerts. Coming up upon 5 years and 100K+ miles of driving these overgrown golf carts and, so...
  31. TaoJones

    Red light detection, stop sign detection, stopping!

    I’ve gotten the red light warning in the IC a few times. Never seen a stop sign warning. ~5 years after Elon said we’d have that. Very disappointing. AP1’s camera easily recognized and reacted to actual speed limit signs. AP2 can’t even do that and instead relies upon a broken database for...
  32. TaoJones

    Tesla buy back my Model S 2018, should I get another Model S?

    Service has in fact gotten worse and continues to suffer despite what the sunshine sellers would have you prefer to believe and/or espouse. Even at the few SoCal SvCs that have been historically solid, you've got empty front areas with zero personnel, or coffee, or cups, or paper towels in the...
  33. TaoJones

    Local Supercharging: Proper use for Superchargers or Waste of a Scarce Resource

    All is yet well. I live at ground zero for ownership density relative to SCs and the only time I've had to wait for a charge in the last 2 years locally has been when multiple pedestals are faulty. Fortunately, you're wrong. Day 1 was not at the 2015 annual meeting. When I purchased my...
  34. TaoJones

    Local Supercharging: Proper use for Superchargers or Waste of a Scarce Resource

    Since Day 1, Tesla has welcomed those without home or office charging to use SCs. Period. Livery and ride-sharers have been dis-incented for about 2 years now. The only change is that now those Teslas delivered after 2017.04.15 don’t transfer included supercharging to the next owner, and...
  35. TaoJones

    Best 19 tires replacement

    It would be great if the next time someone gets a new Tesla, they could take decibel readings (any iPhone app for the purpose will do) with the new OEMs over a certain stretch of highway, and then 2x,000 miles later, take another set of readings, and then do the same with the replacement tires...
  36. TaoJones

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    And becomes more infuriating with every passing month.
  37. TaoJones

    Suspension problems. OEM dampers are failing.

    SC = Supercharger SvC = Service Center No idea what to call mobile techs other than, um, mobile techs. Bummer about the failed components. Document, document, document, and good luck. It can take awhile to get to a satisfactory resolution. *mutters something about 10 months for a headliner...
  38. TaoJones

    Model S updates interior? [Speculation]

    Would be nice if Tesla was first to the (US) party with side camera stalks, given that it’s been a thing since very early on. Unfortunately, it’s also something they’d have to get right from day one. And as we’ve seen from v9, AP2, and the FSD vaporware... Uh... not so much and not a strength...
  39. TaoJones

    Model S updates interior? [Speculation]

    In 2014, a prototype X had side camera stalks instead of side mirrors. Would be nice to have those now that another manufacturer will offer a vehicle with them in the US.
  40. TaoJones

    Anyone else SOLELY relying on supercharging?

    Yeah, for coming up on 5 years now and it's never been a problem. When I ordered the car, there was exactly 1 SC in the county. Now there are many. BT (Before Tesla), when I was in town, I would fill up with that stinky cancer-causing liquid once a week at the nearby Costco. Now when I'm in...
  41. TaoJones

    Is sitting in the car while being supercharged dangerous?

    Suffice it to say that a lot more could be done for the driver protection feature set. I’d rather a multi-tiered alert/alarm/comm suite than #%*^ing video games. Especially features that would actually work for the S/X, unlike Sentry mode for 2.0 cars. Remember when the S/X were always...
  42. TaoJones

    Sentry mode does not work

    Mmm yeah.... gotta love people without skin in the game opining as to how those of us who have been repeatedly screwed should feel and act. As the owner of an AP2.0 car who was lied to from the start (see late 2016 video, statements made thereafter, and the bait and switch associated with...
  43. TaoJones

    ELECTREK: Tesla starts limiting charge to 80% at busy Superchargers to reduce wait times

    It’s a restriction. I just “independently verified” it yesterday at a typically always-busy location in Los Angeles.
  44. TaoJones

    ELECTREK: Tesla starts limiting charge to 80% at busy Superchargers to reduce wait times

    This won’t go over well with long urban commutes. My range (originally 294 miles, now 276 miles after ~2.25 years) is rarely greater than 170 miles “in town”. That means SCing 2x/week instead of 1x/week. This new restriction will push that to 3x/week. And will probably be the final straw...
  45. TaoJones

    What happened to Tesla's customer service?

    Tesla Service is even more inconsistent than it was 4-5 years ago. I finally drove 75 miles each way to a recommended SvC and had to my great shock and surprise a service visit as they used to be - excellent from end to end. Then it took 3 weeks and 5 calls to schedule a mobile tech. That...
  46. TaoJones

    Do you drive with your fog lights on?

    A friend just added 16,000 lumens in aftermarket auxiliary lighting to the front of his new *twitch* Subaru (I know. I tried). Suffice it to say, he’d get a ticket or three pretty quick if he ever forgot and used all of that on any highway with traffic in either direction. Concerning the OP...
  47. TaoJones

    Do you have shudder on hard acceleration? AKA death rattle?

    Ensure that your half-shafts are not prematurely worn, Tesla changed suppliers for these in mid-2017. Next likely suspect is either the jack shaft (less likely) or tired worn prematurely due to the non-adjustable rear camber design flaw. I don’t recall when that started but here’s the...
  48. TaoJones

    Would you own a Tesla without the tech?

    No. When other manufacturers provide solid TACC, lanekeeping, blindspot monitoring, and collision avoidance, things will get interesting. Until then, Tesla has and will retain a commanding lead. Same goes for infrastructure. Infrastructure and driver assist features - it’s a potent one-two...

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