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  1. BerTX

    Supercharger - Lubbock, TX

    2016 Model S 75D gets about 230 miles. Charging time plus extra distance makes the trip an hour longer.
  2. BerTX

    Supercharger - Lubbock, TX

    I meant that I would need to either disassemble the cargo carrier or block at least two spaces to go sideways. Obviously the lone charger would block the door if sideways. I'll work it to take the cargo carrier off -- it's worth it to go Sweetwater-Lubbock-Amarillo and bypass Childress.
  3. BerTX

    Supercharger - Lubbock, TX

    Looks like the chargers are right next to the wall, too. No space for bike racks or cargo carriers unless you park sideways. With three spots, and taking 2/3 of them won't be popular... Also, will this open 24/7? I doubt it.
  4. BerTX

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    False alarm! I always use satellite maps. The nav defaulted to normal maps, and there was no way get the legend (satellite, traffic, chargers). Backed off (e.g., closed the media window) and the satellite maps, traffic and charging icons came back. The the Media window came back and the map...
  5. BerTX

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    We downloaded 2020.32.3 today. No satellite maps any more. Anyone noticed?
  6. BerTX

    Supercharger - Leon Springs, TX

    I see no progress in the last month or so. I see no sign of a transformer.
  7. BerTX

    Supercharger - Leon Springs, TX

    No activity. No transformer. Just a pad.
  8. BerTX

    Supercharger - Leon Springs, TX

    The transformer pad is located across the driveway, near the building.
  9. BerTX

    What would make you buy a non Tesla electric vehicle?

    All it would take for me is a car that met my needs. My loyalty to Tesla is directly proportional to their loyalty to me. I don't appreciate their actions in Batterygate and Chargegate. At this point, it would be very unlikely that I'd buy another Tesla. The one I have is still better than...
  10. BerTX

    Nightmarish Road Trip: LA to Phoenix

    On the HPWC, the pin did lock and there was no error. When Supercharging, the pin would lock and there was a charging error. I was relating a similar experience as a possibility to check. I realize the symptoms are not exactly the same.
  11. BerTX

    New Supercharging Taper Protecting Battery?

    No, I'm not sure. There is so much back-and-forth on this I can't keep up. I thought it was thought to be two different issues with two different battery chemistries, so they are not related. Maybe the heavy-handed style of the "solutions" is common enough to lump them together. But to...
  12. BerTX

    Nightmarish Road Trip: LA to Phoenix

    Sorry, I was relating my exact personal experience. I had this happen as we were leaving on a 2500 Mile road trip. Took the car into the Service Center a few days before the trip. Charged at home several times with no issues, and charged to 100% before departing on the trip. Upon arrival at...
  13. BerTX

    Nightmarish Road Trip: LA to Phoenix

    Have you checked your charge port to be sure it doesn't have a missing pin alignment guide? The tips of the pins should have a black plastic piece that aligns the handle onto the chargep pin. They frequently break off and the car has trouble Supercharging, while lower voltage charging often...
  14. BerTX

    New Supercharging Taper Protecting Battery?

    Do you have a reference regarding a class action suit about charging rate? The only one I have heard of specifically targets the reduction in battery capacity/range. It does not include reduced charging rate.
  15. BerTX

    Supercharger - Henrietta, TX

    It CAN show up as reduced rate or out of service, but it really isn't reliable. On the other hand, it is a pretty rare occurrence. In about 40k miles of Supercharger travel, I have only encountered one SC completely out of service when I arrived.
  16. BerTX

    Long Range or Performance for towing?

    You need to be careful with that research. What you are not passing on is the reduction in speed to achieve 50% range loss. Towing, you will likely get 50% of the range at 55-60 mph that you normally get at 70-75 mph when not towing.
  17. BerTX

    Supercharger - Giddings, TX

    Haha, try not to use words like "always" when referring to Tesla Supercharger layout. For example, the one in Van Horn, TX is on the right end. Not useful for those towing, although it would be useful for those (like me) who use a hitch-mount cargo carrier.
  18. BerTX

    10 Road Trip Observations (1,000+ miles)

    My wife has no prostate.
  19. BerTX

    V10 and Voice Commands?

    No, whether you have activated Spotify or not, the voice search does not work on Slacker any longer.
  20. BerTX

    Is TuneIn broken for anyone else since v10?

    I have not had the issue you reported. I assume you have tried various channels to verify that it is not the source with the problem?
  21. BerTX

    "Play [music]" voice command brings up search results and no longer starts music automatically

    It is a "feature" of v10. I think they chose to have the search work for Spotify and it broke Slacker searches. I'm hoping it is a bug, but we'll see. I wouldn't have loaded v10 if I had seen any reports of this. No way I'm paying for Spotify. As far as I know, those in Europe don't have to...
  22. BerTX

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    To me, none of the miniscule advantages of v10 come close to making up for losing the ability to do a voice search for Slacker songs. Seriously, I never would have loaded it if I had known I would lose that.
  23. BerTX

    V10 and smartphone App - no vent?

    AFAIK, Model 3 can open and close window vent, MX can open but not close, and MS can't do either. My guess is that there is some safety reason, and something changed in the MS hardware that doesn't work for all years, so they made it inoperative for all. Or somebody screwed up.
  24. BerTX

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    So, can I get an update from those who have installed v10 on their AP1 car AND has Supercharger throttling imposed on the by Tesla AND has Supercharged since the update? Is the throttling the same, worse, better? I'm about to take a road trip and don't want it nagging me to upgrade, but I...
  25. BerTX

    Supercharger - Auburn, WA

    In fact, half will be marked that anyone can park there.
  26. BerTX

    Wanting to buy Model S

    Keep in mind that Tesla removes the Free Unlimited Supercharging perk from the cars they sell. Buying a pre-2017 car from a private sale will still have that.
  27. BerTX

    V10 and Voice Commands?

    Did you just load Spotify? Maybe the voice command is not working with that yet. I don't know since I haven't loaded v10 yet.
  28. BerTX

    12 Volt Always On for Small Freezer

    Certainly a possibility, but there is a BIG difference between running a dashcam drawing a few hundred milliamps and a 15 amp freezer.
  29. BerTX

    Musk on Tesla Pickup: ‘Coolest Car I’ve Ever Seen’

    Tesla is pretty proud of their crash test ratings. Can they do much of a crumple zone with no front to the vehicle? Pure speculation, but I would imagine that South Africa's safety standards are different.
  30. BerTX

    2016 75D - Cruise control works but no TACC

    This is certainly a good place to start. However, what applies to a 2018 vehicle may not be the same as a 2016 vehicle. What applies to an AP2 car may not apply to an AP1 car. What applies to an owner who bought new may not apply to someone who bought used.
  31. BerTX

    12 Volt Always On for Small Freezer

    Leaving the car in camper mode will not keep the 12v plug active. What year is your vehicle? Older MS's can be modified fairly simply to keep the plug powered, but not since about 2016. Sorry, I don't know about where it can be tapped. I got power from the OBDII plug, but that was just for...
  32. BerTX

    2016 75D - Cruise control works but no TACC

    Sorry, but no, TACC was part of the package that included Autopilot -- so an option. If AP1 was not purchased, then just standard cruise control was included. In theory you could pay to have the features activated, but no idea if Tesla will still do that or how much they might charge.
  33. BerTX

    Blog Tesla Horn to Get Custom Sounds – Goats, Farts, Coconuts

    Kant* *unless he or someone else is in the car, then you can command them to do it with your voice. Asking nicely works, too.
  34. BerTX

    if Supercharging was free...How much would you use it? Battery health concern

    My counterpoint to this, as a Model S owner who's Supercharging rate has been decreased by 35%, presumably because I Supercharged too much -- don't Supercharge unless you have to. The Model 3 isn't affected by this, you say? Neither was the Model S, 6 months ago. We were being told...
  35. BerTX

    Tesla to allow preferred routes in navigation

    I used to think the same way, and still do in general. Unfortunately the features also go away just as easily, not t mention actual vital functions like battery capacity and charging rate reductions.
  36. BerTX

    Tesla to allow preferred routes in navigation

    Wow, that is reading a lot into the one-word Tweet. Elon has explicitly promised things in tweets before that never materialized, and suddenly something is going to happen because he agrees that it would be nice?
  37. BerTX

    Blog Tesla Horn to Get Custom Sounds – Goats, Farts, Coconuts

    To me, this is another Elontweet that never happens (and there are dozens of them). He might get it on his cars, but the disconnect between his cars and reality for common owners is vast.
  38. BerTX

    Poll: When will we get Smart Park?

    Some believe that Smart Summon is currently mapping parking lots, gathering data. Maybe this is partly to prepare for Smart Park.
  39. BerTX

    Model S85D slow at supercharger

    Not sure about #2 on your list. Making those who have no choice and must use a Supercharger tie up the charger for a longer period isn't going to help crowding much.
  40. BerTX

    Is Smart Summon mapping parking lots for fleet learning?

    So it isn't really wandering around aimlessly as it looks in the videos, it's just exploring. I like that.
  41. BerTX

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    Does anybody's car say anything other that "checking for updates"? I think that's the norm. I.e., it's always checking for updates? That's what mine has always said.
  42. BerTX

    AP1/MCU1 and Software V10

    Makes me feel bad for getting the v10 update and not installing it. Just not enough data on Chargegate or Batterygate changes for me to load it yet -- my trust level is pretty darn low. Of course, since they withdrew the upgrade offer, it's moot.
  43. BerTX

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    Thanks for at least mentioning Supercharging rate and range, but are you capped or throttled already? If not, then it isn't really a data point for those of us who are.
  44. BerTX

    Supercharger - Forks, WA

    You ca You can likely find the electrical permit in the Washington L&I database. Be aware that 101 near Lake Crescent is scheduled to be closed for 4-hour periods starting October 7.
  45. BerTX

    AP1/MCU1 and Software V10

    I had exactly this happen, although I have a 75D. Waiting for a consensus on any further Supercharging rate shenanigans with v10, so didn't load the update. Today the notification is gone and still on previous version. Delighted I don't have to deal with the nag screen.
  46. BerTX

    Supercharger - Auburn, WA

    I guess I'm a pessimist. My reaction was "the contractor has abandoned the project and the fence rental company came and got their fencing".
  47. BerTX

    Voice prompts for navigation only work for a little while

    Since it seems to be a variable problem, I'd guess that you are trying to turn down the volume on the radio with the scroll wheel to hear the prompts. If she is speaking, what you actually are adjusting is HER volume, not the radio. So when she is speaking, you want to turn the volume UP, not...
  48. BerTX

    V10 on MCU1

    The big thing many of us who have had their Supercharging rates lowered and/or battery capacity involuntarily reduced via a past update want to know -- does v10 change either of these? I know, people are busy playing with their new toys, but I'm extremely leery of updates now. V10 doesn't look...
  49. BerTX

    Model Y pre-order value. What do you get for $2,500?

    This is a new process, so nobody really knows the answer. They are answering with what has been done in the past and assuming that will carry over to this "order", rather than the "reservation" that have been done in the past for newly introduced vehicles. I would be shocked and appalled if it...

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