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  1. LJG0053

    Refreshed Model S energy screen - thought it was removed but found a way to access it easier than before

    I'm on 2022.4.5.21 with FSD Beta on my '21 MS Plaid and the command doesn't work either.
  2. LJG0053

    How Do You Receive Your VIN from Tesla?

    I received my VIN via email.
  3. LJG0053

    2021 Model Y tires wore off

    Looks like underinflation and perhaps alignment issue.
  4. LJG0053

    Air Conditioning on the PLAID

    Tint, roof shade and run in chill mode and I freeze in Florida.
  5. LJG0053

    Tire Bump safety

    Do you love your wife? Looks like the steel belts have separated. Eventually it will get larger and pop. The tire will go immediately flat. I've have had that condition on company vehicles and its often caused a curb or object in the road. You could try to get the manufacture to warranty as...
  6. LJG0053

    How to remove lug nut cover - refreshed model S 21” wheels

    I used a 90 degree pick. Just put it in the small hole and pull. It will come right off.
  7. LJG0053

    Top things to check on Model S Refresh Delivery

    K, It was about 4 weeks to get the trunk well cover and privacy shelf.
  8. LJG0053

    Bought a plaid...

    Congratulations! Enjoy the ride...
  9. LJG0053

    Unexpectedly fast (3 weeks) delivery for Model S - something fishy?

    Congratulations. Enjoy the ride.
  10. LJG0053

    Unexpectedly fast (3 weeks) delivery for Model S - something fishy?

    D, Nothing is fishy. I placed an order for a Plaid the last week in September at 3AM. Around noon that day I got a confirming email and vin #. Turns out a fresh build (Sept) with my specs was on the lot in Tampa. Someone must have backed out of the deal. So I actually took deliver less...
  11. LJG0053

    Rear door glass will not return to full up position.

    Mine did the same thing when I first got it. I recalibrated and it did the same thing. Strangely, after a week or so the issue cleared itself . You might also want to try a reset .
  12. LJG0053

    My First Tesla and I have questions

    Congratulations on your new Tesla. The more you drive it the more you will like it. The others have covered your questions adequately. However, please post any further questions you may have as we are all here to help a fellow owner.
  13. LJG0053

    Is there a button on the yoke that can answer the phone?

    Cal1, try using voice commands to raise and lower temperature. Voice commands are the ultimate shortcut.
  14. LJG0053

    Inner wear on front tires

    The S is a rather heavy vehicle. Having fun diving into turns will take its toll on the front tires especially. Keep the tire pressures up and perhaps a 4 wheel alignment may correct the uneven wear.
  15. LJG0053

    Top things to check on Model S Refresh Delivery

    I picked mine up late September sans the trunk well cover and rear privacy shelf. At the time I was not aware they are standard equipment. Posts on this site were helpful in realizing the parts were missing. It took about a month but the Tampa service center made thing right.
  16. LJG0053

    The Worm is Gone

    The center of the Plaid steering yoke has a raised worn feature.
  17. LJG0053

    FL Registration Question

    Congratulations! Enjoy the ride....
  18. LJG0053

    Plaid Guidance for an older driver

    Dave, I'm more than 3/4 of a century old and got my Plaid in September. The yoke is not a problem. In fact I rather like it. It takes a few days to get used to it. No issues in any parking or turning maneuvers. The AC controls are on the touch screen and can be a bit distracting while...
  19. LJG0053

    FL Registration Question

    Ash83, Did you get the Plaid? What do you think?
  20. LJG0053

    FL Registration Question

    Ash83, The transfer was completed before I arrived at pick up. I completed the registration on line when filling out the purchase docs. The car is great and I'm sure you will be very happy with it. Just do a complete walk around, note any flaws you see and be sure to check if the rear trunk...
  21. LJG0053

    FL Registration Question

    I picked up the Plaid in Tampa. They did the plate transfer with DMV and gave me the paper registration. If you are too close to expiration they can also renew for 1 or 2 years.
  22. LJG0053

    poor wiper performance for refreshed Model S (windshield wiper nozzle issue)

    I have not experienced this issue on my S Plaid. However, looking at your pictures it appears the the drivers side washer has 4 fluid streams and the passenger side only has 2 squirting out the end. Perhaps the passenger one has 2 ports clogged. If so a safety pin may work to remove the debris.
  23. LJG0053

    Service issues

    Doccars, I see you are in Florida. Got my Plaid in late September and have had 2 visits to the Tampa Service Center. One was an airbag recall and the other was to get a trunk well cover that was missing at delivery.. Not sure which service location you are working with as their poor response...
  24. LJG0053

    What other vehicles do you own?

    2021 Plaid and a few more.
  25. LJG0053

    What other vehicles do you own?

  26. LJG0053

    Does the camera vieing feature in sentry mode STILL only work on iphone?

    That is my senero exactly. However, 2 days ago my remote viewing started to work. Today it doesn't. I'm on Sprint and do not have a VPN app on my phone. One member here said the carrier may have VPN associated with the phone. I will post any success if there is a resolution.
  27. LJG0053

    The Worm is Gone

    I just had the airbag replaced on my Plaid under a recall and the worm is still there but a bit less pronounced.
  28. LJG0053

    Does the camera vieing feature in sentry mode STILL only work on iphone?

    Strange thing happened yesterday. My remote viewing started to work. No Idea why but it is now working on T-mobile with my android. Presently the Plaid is getting a clear bra etc. installed and I can view the activity. Perhaps after it is complete I'll flash the lights just to give them to...
  29. LJG0053

    Does the camera vieing feature in sentry mode STILL only work on iphone?

    Has anyone on T-mobile with an Android have Sentry remote viewing working?
  30. LJG0053

    Is your guys model s plaid noisy?

    I've got a Plaid refresh with 21" wheels and find it much quieter than other cars with performance tires. Also the active noise canx feature doesn't seem to make any difference in the cabin noise.
  31. LJG0053

    Does the camera vieing feature in sentry mode STILL only work on iphone?

    V, Interesting question. I have a Samsung A32 on T-mobile and have the same problem as you. However, my wife has a Samsung S7 on Verizon it it works properly. I'm still trying to get the A32 to work.
  32. LJG0053

    Problem with blind spot

    Sorry to hear of your mishap. My S (3 mos. old) seems to function properly, however, the blind spot detection range is very short compared to other make cars I have driven. Hence, I always use the mirrors to confirm.
  33. LJG0053

    How do you change your avatar on this site?

    Click on the "B" next to your logon name. Then mouse over to the "B" and edit should pop up in the box. Click edit and you are there.
  34. LJG0053

    My Blacked out Model S

    Very nice. I like it!
  35. LJG0053

    Any Plaid owners with FSD?

    It took me the better part of 3,000 miles to finally get FSD. Here's one thing I found helpful. If you get a phantom brake or any alert you don't agree with just reset via the thumb wheel controls on the yoke prior to turning the S off. Any alerts will not be reported during that trip.
  36. LJG0053

    Model S rear trunk well cover

    Oh Great! I didn't know there is an upper privacy cover! So now my S is missing the well cover and an upper cover. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. You are absolutely right. Tesla should inform the buyer what is missing at the time of delivery. Tuesday the S goes in for service to...
  37. LJG0053

    Tesla App v4.2 coming with live view

    Yes and I am subscribed to “premium connectivity”.
  38. LJG0053

    Phantom braking from FSD

    Sorry to hear of your misfortune. I had the same phantom braking issue a few times. Luckily no cars were behind me. Now if I'm being followed closely I disengage FSD prior to entering a turn. FSD is amazing but not trust worthy on city streets yet.
  39. LJG0053

    Tesla App v4.2 coming with live view

    Here's the latest . My android is on the Sprint/Tmobile network and I am not versed enough to determine if the carrier has VPN. However, my wife's android is on Verizon and I am able to do remote viewing with her phone. Any suggestion are much appreciated.
  40. LJG0053

    Plaid showing range as ideal ? (And no setting for ideal/rated)

    I've had my Plaid 3 months now and my initial charge did indicate 340+ at 90%. Now an 85% charge indicates 285 miles and decreases 1 mile in range each charge cycle. So my guess is your Plaid is behaving like a newly delivered Plaid. Congratulations on your Plaid ownership.
  41. LJG0053

    Tesla App v4.2 coming with live view

    What is interesting is I can operate the horn, lights etc from the APP when the S and android are on different systems. ie. S on wifi and android on LTE. It's just that the sentry cam is not remote viewable unless both are on the same wifi network. Someone suggested to turn off the VPN...
  42. LJG0053

    Tesla App v4.2 coming with live view

    stopcrazypp I have just the opposite of you. My live view only works when both S+ and android are connected to my home wifi. I have update 2021.44.255.6 and android app V4.3.0-766. Once I leave the house all I get is a retry message. I am subscribed for premium Connectivity. Any...
  43. LJG0053

    Got Hit n Run in Parking Lot - TeslaCam caught it!

    Not sure how it works in your state but if you have collision coverage in your policy, your insurance should take care of the repair & then go after his insurance co. for reimbursement. Naturally less your deductible which you should get back when your insurance co. settles the claim. Don't let...
  44. LJG0053

    Anyone else still on 10.3 Beta in Model S?

    I'm in the same situation, 10.3.1.
  45. LJG0053

    Model S rear trunk well cover

    Thank you. I will stop by Tesla Tampa tomorrow.
  46. LJG0053

    Model S rear trunk well cover

    Took delivery of a S about 4 weeks ago. Is the rear trunk supposed to have a cover to make the floor flat?

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