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  1. hcsharp

    Ugh. Tesla Service takes another notch downhill.

    I don’t get my annual done at Tesla anymore but here in the Northeast we have a good alternative. A former Roadster tech along with a former parts guy from Tesla Watertown opened their own shop. Do you have anything like that nearby? I do almost everything myself except for the fluids, AC, and...
  2. hcsharp

    I rolled my own Carbon Fibre taillights

    Lol not likely. It’s not something I want for my own Roadster. I have other projects in the works, though.
  3. hcsharp

    2.0 / 2.5 Roadster / Roadster Sport Tire Thread

    I just checked Tire Rack and it looks like they have new stock of AD08R for the rear size. The tire is considered old tech at this point but it performs well combined with AD07 on the front. It's a better combination than putting the newer Mich Pilot Sport 4s (summer) on the rear with AD07...
  4. hcsharp

    2.0 / 2.5 Roadster / Roadster Sport Tire Thread

    I have run that combination through 2 or 3 sets of rears. Performance is excellent, I find the AD08 offers slightly better handling with slightly less noise compared to the AD07. The problem is that the AD08 is an old tire and hard to find new stock. If Tire Rack has AD08s that weren't...
  5. hcsharp

    I rolled my own Carbon Fibre taillights

    You should post that in the thread for GRP’s taillight products, not here. I have no connection with GRP and don’t want to be answering for their misdeeds. The first of which is taking customers’ money for a product they weren’t ready to ship for 3+ mo (unless they warned you ahead of time)...
  6. hcsharp

    1086 "Charging Problem" error. Car stuck at 99% cooled. (R80)

    I’m still collecting data on this but it appears the 3.0/R80 will not actively cool the battery below 35C Whether charging or not. It’s a problem because the circulator is still programmed to run above 30C. Unlike my 2.5 pack, Between 30 and 35C the R80 runs the pump but makes no effort to use...
  7. hcsharp

    TPMS disable / delete on Model S 2012 to late 2014 "Baolong"

    Nit picking but Tesla started using the Baolong system in the 2.0 and 2.5 versions of the Roadster, not the 1.5 . So OVMS configured for a 1.5, and other solutions for the 1.5 Roadsters won’t help you with the Model S. The OVMS experts know a lot more about this than I do but there’s a lot of...
  8. hcsharp

    Supercharger - West Lebanon NH

    That’s funny I drive by there about once a week and I’ve never seen it full. Typically there’s 1 or 2 cars. I must not be going by at peak periods. I plugged in about 9 days ago and I was the only car there by the time I left. I saw the orange cones but it never occurred to me they would be...
  9. hcsharp

    For sale: Original Roadster Type 2 charging cable + standard charger (located in Denmark, Europe)

    You still have a live disconnect while the high-amperage contacts are sliding over each other, unlike the slide-switch that shuts down all charging before the contacts can move at all.
  10. hcsharp

    Roadster Parts for Sale Listings

    Thank you for the credit! I'm glad you were able to inherit this project. I wish I had the bandwidth to keep making them. Your video does not even begin to reveal the complexity of making CF taillight surrounds. It was by far the most challenging CF project I've ever completed. I had over 40...
  11. hcsharp

    Roadster 3.0

    Interesting. So the R80 pack circulates above 30C just like it did with the original pack, but it won't initiate cooling unless it's over 35C. Sounds like a recipe for accelerated pump wear.
  12. hcsharp

    Roadster 3.0

    As I've had my second-gen 3.0 battery for a few months now, I'm noticing some differences from the original pack. The weather was hot over the weekend so I wanted to perform a cooldown charge after a long drive. The pack was about 34C. I started the charge session at 16A and switched it to range...
  13. hcsharp

    Any reason not to leave roadster plugged into 120v outlet?

    I don't think it will if you're only plugged in to 120v.
  14. hcsharp

    Old Roadster pack is recovering after going below CAC 76?

    You made a good choice. I remember that you were waiting for an R80 upgrade. What is the status of your replacement battery pack?
  15. hcsharp

    Roadster Charger not working - how to take it apart?

    The CAN EU has the option to lock it to the car with a small padlock. In fact all three versions of CAN adapters have this feature. When discussing charging equipment, here are some common terms. I admit I had to laugh when I heard "wall adapter.":) Connector. The piece that actually plugs...
  16. hcsharp

    Random Roadster Sightings

    I'm aware of 4 Roadsters that call SB their home, or at least they did at one time. I've only met 2 of them. My mother lives there so she keeps track of them, lol.
  17. hcsharp

    Best charging practice/set up for a Roadster (1.5 in North America in specifically)

    How would you use the Wifi capabilities of the new wall chargers to make sure the Roadster battery is doing fine?
  18. hcsharp

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    My forged 2.5 wheels are marked on the inside for direction. My set of non-forged wheels are not. Since the tires are directional, and those are the forged 2.5 wheels on 993 above, then the tire shop mounted the rear tires wrong.
  19. hcsharp

    Full Replacement value insurance

    I've been worried about insurance value as well. I got a quote from Hagerty and was about to buy a policy from them. They never said anything about not insuring EVs but maybe I talked with somebody who doesn't know. If you learn more, let us know.
  20. hcsharp

    Do I risk bending my trunk panel if the right side won't latch?

    This usually works^^ I've driven around while one side was routinely releasing for a few days before I could fix it and never had any problems. I was always able to fix it by greasing up the latch thoroughly.
  21. hcsharp

    Looking to join the club

    The Roadster adapter for Europe is called CAN EU. It enables you to charge from common Type 2 charging stations using one phase. The North American version CAN JR (J1772) has very limited applications in Europe/UK and the CAN SR would be no use at all. This thread provides more information. It...
  22. hcsharp

    "Charge Connector Update in Progress..."

    It depends on how it is wired. It looks like you have the 3-phase version? If you do, it can be wired in one of three ways. Is it single phase with Neutral (230v nominal)? Or is it 3-phase with N (400v; 230v each ph to N)? Or is it wired without using the Neutral from the panel? The latter can...
  23. hcsharp

    Battery Heater Fuse (ID: 963, DATA: 0x40000000)

    Those fuses are easy to replace if they haven't overheated and melted the fuse holder. @ShawnA supplied all the info you need in his post. As you can see his fuses also overheated and partially melted the fuse holder, but not bad enough to prevent him from removing the fuses. In my case I melted...
  24. hcsharp

    Roadster Parts for Sale Listings

    Indeed that is cheap. I was having trouble making a profit at $1,600 per pair, but my price included transferring the lenses and splicing in waterproof connectors to make the job easier in the future. I stopped making them after it became difficult to hire people. I was 3D printing the mounting...
  25. hcsharp

    tjllew Roadster Roadtrips

    48A is quite common for a charging station. It was not a case of "the Roadster or adapter knows to limit to 48." It is the highest rate that you can charge a model 3 or Y (the vast majority of Teslas on the road) and that is the maximum rate of a new Tesla Wall Charger. The Roadster limited the...
  26. hcsharp

    Made a carbon fiber hard top

    Nice work! As always. I tried adding up the number of hours in my head that it probably took to complete this project. The number quickly became too big to comprehend inside my head.
  27. hcsharp

    Why charity do you think Elon donated his shares?

    So he's not allowed to help with anything that might be in the news, because if he does it would be "opportunism?" Regarding charities, so you think no effort is legitimate unless it goes through a charity? Regardless, your statement that none of those are charities is also patently false.
  28. hcsharp

    Why charity do you think Elon donated his shares?

    Have you even tried to look? Cuz you don't have to look very far. Here's a partial list. Donated massive solar/ battery energy system to Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria wiped out a huge portion of the Island's grid in 2017. When Covid first arrived, Musk re-directed a lot of engineering and...
  29. hcsharp

    tjllew Roadster Roadtrips

    It brightens my day to see @tjllew and others doing long trips in their Roadsters. My wife and I have many fond memories of Roadster adventures we had back before we got our Model 3. We never drove around the world like Rafael de Mestre did (alone) and Markus Doessegger did 4 years later with...
  30. hcsharp

    tjllew Roadster Roadtrips

    Both CANs are rated for more than 70A continuous. The aftermarket adapters (Lectron and the like) make me nervous. Almost every one I've seen in the field is rated for no more than 40A. There's nothing to prevent you from plugging a 70 or 80A charger into one of those and then charging a...
  31. hcsharp

    Why charity do you think Elon donated his shares?

    Then you don't know Elon Musk very well. He has dedicated much of his life to humanitarian causes. I don't much care for his twitter posts or some of his politics but he has often shown sensitivity to human suffering, and often allocated resources to help reduce suffering.
  32. hcsharp

    M3 vs MY - Which ride is better

    The two cars are certainly different but everybody has a different opinion. There is no right answer. We have both a 3 and a Y and I feel the 3 has much better handling and therefore a better ride. My wife prefers the Y for reasons that aren't important to me. Neither one of them has "ride...
  33. hcsharp

    The tjllew Roadster story

    Many of us have a Roadster story with a lot of similarities to yours. It's fun to hear it again! We also own a couple of newer Teslas but driving them just reinforces my opinion that the Roadster was the best car Tesla ever made. Welcome to the forum. I hope you continue to have an awesome ride!
  34. hcsharp

    For sale: Original Roadster Type 2 charging cable + standard charger (located in Denmark, Europe)

    Initial glance looks like nice work but... where is the latch to secure the Type 2 cable and prevent an accidental live disconnect?
  35. hcsharp

    The Wrecked Roadster Registry

    So sorry for your loss!
  36. hcsharp

    What is my Roadster worth?

    The charging problem is in your PEM, not your external charger. So you will need the PEM rebuilt by Gruber or Medlock. There are third party solutions for repairing the APS as well, so you may not need to replace the battery, but you still might have to remove and open it up. With all these...
  37. hcsharp

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    No. As long as you notified Tesla that you were ready to exercise your contract before the end of 10 years, you'll get your replacement. Unfortunately I've had to inform a couple of Roadster owners that there was a 10-yr expiration in their contract, and they missed it. I don't think very many...
  38. hcsharp

    Automate Charging Based On Solar Output

    Nice work! You might want to add some code to help with charging efficiency. The charging system in your car does not operate at the same efficiency at every amperage. Generally the model 3/Y are more efficient above 20A but it depends on other factors such as ambient temperature and battery...
  39. hcsharp

    Roadster 3.0

    Post-3.0 quick review: I've had mine for a couple months now. So far my luck is better than @smorgasbord. No need to return to the service center for any follow-up issues. It feels like it might have slightly more power but I haven't timed it or tested it on a track to quantify this. I'm...
  40. hcsharp

    Friend on Limited Income wants to buy a roadster - give me the good, bad and ugly

    He probably shouldn't get a Roadster, but those choices are not even close to being a similar experience.
  41. hcsharp

    Need soft top or hard carbon fiber top

    Not sure where I got $500... Note to self: Your memory is good, but it's been through a few thunderstorms.;)
  42. hcsharp

    Roadster Connector Disassembly?

    Welcome to the forum Arnold. I have a little experience taking apart and re-assembling the Roadster connector. Since Roadster shop fires are a hot topic on this forum right now, I feel compelled to mention a few words in the name of safety. As i mentioned in post #6 above, you cannot safely...
  43. hcsharp

    Open Vehicle Monitor System (OVMS) - Technical Discussion

    I have the same experience with the end of charging notification indicating a strange value for kWh when the amount is very low. For example, Last night the car charged for 3 minutes at a low rate (I hadn't driven it since the previous day). It started and stopped on its own as expected. The...
  44. hcsharp

    The Wrecked Roadster Registry

    So sorry for your loss. That was one of my favorite Roadsters. I almost bought it before you did.
  45. hcsharp

    Safely trickle charge a bricked pack in/out of car - solution

    To clarify (what I think you meant to say), it balances after it finishes charging if the SOC is high enough. They changed the firmware in 2011 so it would balance at the end of a std mode charge. It never balances during charge. It sounds like you have a misunderstanding of the balancing...
  46. hcsharp

    My latest mod pix

    Probably with carbon fiber cutting tools. You can make pretty clean and accurate cuts with carbide-grit cutting wheels on rotary tools. If you need to follow a line you can often use a very small circular saw (3"blade) with a fence clamped on the part.
  47. hcsharp

    My latest mod pix

    It's interesting to reflect on the evolution of custom car modifications, particularly engine bays. A lot of hot-rods had part or all of their hoods removed to expose the engine which was usually accented with shiny parts and colorful paint. A number of high-end mid-engine sports cars have had...
  48. hcsharp

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    I enjoy hearing those memories. Today I met an original Roadster owner in my community and we both shared stories from the "old days" about how we discovered Tesla, early ownership experiences, etc. We're both very busy people but we took the time to listen to each other's stories and loved it!
  49. hcsharp

    Late-2010 Roadster 2.5 - Twilight Blue - Original Owner

    If I was looking for a Roadster I would buy this one. Like you said it has some very practical options/features and you don't see many 2.5s.
  50. hcsharp

    Need soft top or hard carbon fiber top

    The padded hard top storage bag was $500 on Tesla's web site for several years before they ran out and removed it from the site. I'm not sure what you mean by a "service record." Did you purchase one at a store or service center? Maybe they had a different price if you picked it up vs shipped?

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