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  1. PianoAl

    Replacement tires for 2021 SR+

    I got these from tire rack a year ago. I choose them based on reviews that said they were quieter, but they were not. They are fine and one advantage is that they stick out a bit and prevent curb rash. Been on for 23k miles and tread is at 5/32nds.
  2. PianoAl

    Road trip a Brand New M3P?

    I recommend taking the Tesla. Since you're new to it, I recommend watching plenty of Tesla roadtrip Youtube videos. Like this one:
  3. PianoAl

    Should I Correct This Tire Rotation Pattern?

    Thanks for saving me some bother!
  4. PianoAl

    Mystery vehicles showing up in nearby vehicles display

    I'd like a bird's eye view of the walls when I back into the garage, even if it's just a visualization. Even if it shows the walls as semis, that would be okay.
  5. PianoAl

    Mystery vehicles showing up in nearby vehicles display

    I've gotten responses when emailing [email protected] However, the responses have always been "someone will contact you" but they never do, or "To best assist you, please reach out to your local Sales and Delivery team by searching your location at Find Us | Tesla, or by phone at...
  6. PianoAl

    I Found and “Fixed” Another Noise/Vibration Point

    Nice! I've found that noise location is so difficult that I give up unless it really bugs me. I had a squeak that I swore was from the front of the car, but it turned to be my spare tire squeaking against the ceiling of the trunk. Put a towel on it, and the problem went away. (Modern spare)...
  7. PianoAl

    Should I Correct This Tire Rotation Pattern?

    I had my tires rotated for free at a Les Schwabb tire center. I mistakenly told them to use this pattern: My Vredestein tires are not unidirectional, so I should have requested the pattern on the left: At this point, should I: 1. Fuggetaboutit. Doesn't matter much or 2. Swap the left and...
  8. PianoAl

    The Report-Your-No-Problems Thread

    Any tire place is fine. I got mine rotated for free at a Les Schwabb.
  9. PianoAl

    Did Reboot or Cable Jiggle Fix This?

    The cameras were out when I started a drive today. I rebooted, and the problem was still there. I stopped, opened the trunk, jiggled the cable bus, closed the trunk, and the problem was still there. I rebooted again, and the problem was fixed. Do you think that: 1. Two reboots fixed it? 2. The...
  10. PianoAl

    Hertz Rental Experience [review of renting a model 3 from Hertz]

    After seeing the picture you sitting on the roof, I need a drink!
  11. PianoAl

    Model 3 turn signal video location

    I expect this will change. I'd fill most of the screen with the video—who needs the map in the several seconds you're about to change lanes?
  12. PianoAl

    Thoughts on Home Delivery vs Pickup

    We have a second M3 on order. The nearest Tesla delivery center is four hours away (8 hours roundtrip). If I have a choice, I'll probably choose home delivery. Here's my thinking: If there is no issue on inspection: Delivery center: Total driving: 12 hours (one car there, two cars home). Home...
  13. PianoAl

    The Report-Your-No-Problems Thread

    Since many users only post things when they have a problem (nothing wrong with that), it almost makes the cars seem problem prone. Use this thread to report having few or no issues with your car. We've had ours for 2.5 years (45K miles), and it's been relatively problem-free. The top glass got...
  14. PianoAl

    Charging at New (old) House

    Right. Let's say you average 100 miles per day. You could recharge in less than seven hours each night. And lower amps means a cheaper extension cord. Even 200 miles per day would be doable.
  15. PianoAl

    Charging at New (old) House

    How many miles do you drive per day and how close is a supercharger?
  16. PianoAl

    Charging at New (old) House

    Just brainstorming ... Can you get the car closer to the main house and charge outdoors?? Extending the driveway might be cheaper than $14k. See threads on extension cords.
  17. PianoAl

    What Use, Visualizations?

    Tesla frequently improves the visualizations, showing more detail, different kinds of animals, car types, etc. I agree that they're very cool, but I don't think I actually use them for anything other than knowing that autopilot is on. My car has windows after all. Do you use them for anything else?
  18. PianoAl

    Phantom Braking

    In the 45K miles I've driven my 2020 M3, I haven't experienced any dramatic phantom braking. I've had plenty of mild slowdowns. I've been wondering about why things might be different for me. Here's some brainstorming about why some drivers see lots of phantom braking while I do not. 1...
  19. PianoAl

    Control Arm backorder

    This stopgap will fix it for thousands of miles: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/posts/6592187/
  20. PianoAl

    Suggestions for towing 2 ebikes with model 3 LR

    The load capacity of the Tesla roof rack is 150 pounds.
  21. PianoAl

    Few questions before I purchase my first Model 3

    It comes down to how often you plan on taking long distance trips. Our 2020 LR had a range of about 305 miles. We drove from California to Denver twice and never felt like we had to charge too often. That is, when we charged, we'd have coffee or a meal. With a range of 267, you'll probably have...
  22. PianoAl

    Model 3 Roof Rack Options - Comparing Efficiencies

    Someone else calculated 2% range loss with bare Tesla bars, so that confirms your result. I used to take off the roof rack for long trips. It's not difficult, but it's a bit scary. Photo will help you. From now on, the rack stays.
  23. PianoAl

    Can any shop do wheel alignment

    Yes. I had a local shop do it.
  24. PianoAl

    Would You Order One with a Non-Glass Roof?

    Yes, exactly. From those photos it seems it would be easy to get it in the right position, but it never feels clearcut without being able to see the brackets.
  25. PianoAl

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    I'm 100% with you on letting Tesla get the message, but you may pay a high price for giving them some feedback.
  26. PianoAl

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    They did for me, but I'm hypothesizing that they found a problem with it. I'd have asked about that, but it had been a long day of fixes, and I was eager to drive the four hours home.
  27. PianoAl

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    I had Tesla replace mine at 2.5 years and 45k miles. When I set up the appointment, they had a charge (cost) for it, but ended up doing it for free. I assume they found something wrong with it.
  28. PianoAl

    Would You Order One with a Non-Glass Roof?

    Interesting. I've installed the Tesla rack three times, removing it for long trips. The brackets go under special supports under the glass, but it can be a little unclear whether you have them positioned just right. There are photos online of the receiving supports but it's still worrisome given...
  29. PianoAl

    Would You Order One with a Non-Glass Roof?

    Today the wind was strong and something came out of a tree and hit the car while driving 55. Sounded like big rock. Was a bit concerned that it would mean another four-hour trip to the SC, but getting home I found no cracks (yet). This is something I'd like to avoid. I'm okay with the glass...
  30. PianoAl

    Service Manual / Repair Manual

    Anyone know if this is going to auto renew (and charge actual money)?
  31. PianoAl

    Would You Order One with a Non-Glass Roof?

    I get that the glass roof has some advantages such as structural strength, but (1) I've had to go through replacing it because of a crack and (2) I rarely look through it. I probably won't remove the rack next time I go on a trip because of worries I might crack the roof reinstalling it (even...
  32. PianoAl

    Brrr! I'm cold! (Interior Cabin Temp Wrong and Blowing Cold Air)

    Tesla should display the interior temp on the screen as it does in the app.
  33. PianoAl

    Model 3 completely dead this morning. What an experience. [dead 12v]

    I decided to go with the regular 12V this time, and hopefully next time, a good lithium replacement that doesn't cause errors will be available.
  34. PianoAl

    Model 3 completely dead this morning. What an experience. [dead 12v]

    Agreed. Very klunky and error prone. Note that I asked Tesla to replace my 12V preemtively. Although I'd had no warning messages, they did it for free (I'm still under warranty), suggesting they found something wrong with it.
  35. PianoAl

    Are the door exterior handle mechanical or electronic or both?

    I see now. I thought there was a mechanical door opening lever in the back as in the front. Thanks for the info.
  36. PianoAl

    No sound from front door speakers, rear speakers and subwoofer

    https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/no-audio%E2%80%94resolved.267787/ Relevant??
  37. PianoAl

    Are the door exterior handle mechanical or electronic or both?

    The idea is that after breaking the window, you reach in and open the door. Your general concern is valid.
  38. PianoAl

    Problem Setting Up Co-Registrant

    Yes, that did the trick. Thanks, guys.
  39. PianoAl

    No Audio—Resolved

    After some service, I got no audio from streaming or USB. the progress bar moved along but nothing came from the speakers. Note that my usual list of streaming favorites was not there. Navigation audio was fine. Did a reboot and the problem remained. The bluetooth audio wasn't connected to...
  40. PianoAl

    Problem Setting Up Co-Registrant

    Ah! Thanks. So she'll set up her account and add the current and ordered car to it? I'll work on that.
  41. PianoAl

    Ordering: How to Redo Registration Info

    I recall that there was something ambiguous when the app asked for pictures of my driver's license, and apparently I got it wrong because this is what the app has: That is, instead of the front and back of my license, it has the front of mine and the front of my wife's. How can I redo this...
  42. PianoAl

    Problem Setting Up Co-Registrant

    I've ordered our second Tesla. The app tells me that registration is in progress, and "An email has been sent to your co-registrant for additional details." My wife got the email, and when she clicks on the "COMPLETE REGISTRATION" button it takes her to the Tesla site. She logs on to our...
  43. PianoAl

    T flashing red 6 times

    It had happened only twice for me. I took the UMC to the service center, they tested it, found a fault, and replaced it under warranty.
  44. PianoAl

    Service Center Experience (12V, Control Arm, UMC)

    At 44K miles, I wanted to get the creaky upper control arm fixed before the warranty expired. The service center is four hours away. Upper Control Arm They replaced the passenger side control arm and didn't mind that I'd injected grease as a stopgap measure. They sealed the driver side arm...
  45. PianoAl

    Upper Control Arm Creak Options

    Tesla replaced it under warranty today, and sealed the other one. They didn't mind that I injected it with happy juice (aka grease).
  46. PianoAl

    Navigation sends me home via circuitous route

    Mine suggests an inferior route--surface streets instead of freeway. There's one other similar glitch, but other than that, fine.
  47. PianoAl

    Glue J1772 Lock onto Adapter?

    Got it. My idea was misguided. Thanks.
  48. PianoAl

    Co registrant still hasn’t received email

    This happened to me, but I searched for tesla.com in my wife's Gmail account and found it.
  49. PianoAl

    Glue J1772 Lock onto Adapter?

    I'm thinking of gluing the J1772 locking ring onto the adapter. One less thing to deal with. Anyone do that? Can you think of any reasons not to? Thanks.

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