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    just installed FSD - now my car has a new beep when in a parking spot or randomly on the road

    So I got the new FSD computer installed on Monday (2018, was on HW2.5, MCU2, 2022.16.1.2), and ever since i get this constant beeping (louder than the parking sensor one) from behind me when parked in my garage or in a parking spot with cars around. it also randomly happens on the road, even...
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    new feature? passenger temp control auto-enabled when passenger sensed

    maybe I'm late to the game, but ever since the UI rewrite it seemed my passenger temp control would randomly appear and disappear (I typically keep it synced). then I started noticing the passenger one was only there when my wife was in the passenger seat, and since she's always fiddling with...
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    how long do Model S shocks last?

    So my kids have been complaining of getting car sick recently when in my car (front or rear seat). They never have before. I'm coming up on 4 years / 45k miles. I have noticed more body movement (pitch and roll) on windy undulating roads. So I'm wondering if my shocks are already shot? My...
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    Yay climate controls back on launcher on 2022.12.1

    We got our climate controls back on the app launcher strip with 2022.12.1! Looks like we can't get passenger seat heater but at least get options for the driver and defrost. These are way more useful to me than all the other apps.
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    No more new features on HW2.5 cars?

    Is it just me, or has it been a year+ since we have gotten any new car features (not counting games as car features)? I tripped across a glove box PIN control I've never seen before, but I don't know low long we've had it. Is all development now just for FSD?
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    Tesla's next Factory?

    Just reading the tea leaves: - Musk raising another $5B - Musk moving to Texas - Musk fighting the Alameda county COVID restrictions earlier this year - Several Valley companies moving out of CA - multiple CA pro-business propositions failed in the election Just a guess, but is Musk now...
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    Vinegar smell inside in the morning

    so lately my car smells of vinegar when I get in after parking overnight in my garage. It quickly goes away as I start to drive, and I don't notice it again for a few days. My daughter noticed it too. I generally don't eat in my car, and don't have much stored in the center console other than...
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    Is Tesla's UI intuitive or not? It is for digital natives

    My 15 year old wanted to sit in my car to do her virtual class since our house AC was being worked on and her room was too hot. But she wanted to turn on the cabin lights so she wasn't in the dark in our garage, and I couldn't help as I was in my own Webex. Didn't take her long to figure out...
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    24.6.9 broke the walkaway locking?

    So I was all excited to see you could disable walkaway locking at home on the new release. Except the feature turns off every time I park now, and I have to turn it on every time I get it or it won't walkaway lock anywhere. Anyone else have this issue? I did both soft / hard reboot after the...
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    "Sync messages" on phone keeps disabling itself

    so I like how I can now get text messages on my Tesla, but the "sync messages" feature keeps disabling itself. on 20.4.1, MCU2. It works for a few days, then I realize I missed a text and see that it's no longer working. I have to go back into BT settings to re-enable it. Is this happening...
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    Help - paper slipped into crevice where center console cover slides

    So I laid a slip of paper from my doctor with some instructions on it on top of the cover for my center console, and in a panic stop it slid up into the crevice where the cover slides into when you open it. Now it's back inside the area under the shelf below my screen. Is there an easy way to...
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    Model S - still #1 selling large luxury sedan in US

    Yeah sales are down 50% Y-Y, but Model S ended 2019 with 22% market share of large luxury sedans. And that's with the supply of Model 3's plentiful enough now to take away customers who just want a decent EV, and the tax rebate down within range of typical dealer discounts of the other brands...
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    window doesn't close after closing rear door

    So my left rear door now intermittently fails to close the window when we close the door. Reopening and closing the door again doesn't fix it. The window still closes using the window switch. Then the next time we use the door it closes fine. Anyone else experience this, and know the cause...
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    Another "Tesla killer" fading already?

    So this is just US sales figures, but it looks like the eTron hype was short lived. Or maybe mighty Audi is having delivery problems! But after a nice first full month selling 856 cars in May, they have been steadily dwindling, ~100 less cars per month per month (yes I meant that - think about...
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    28.3 - range reduced on 100D's?

    I've seen the posts on Tesla reducing the range on older / S85 cars, but after installing 28.3 about 2 weeks ago on my June 2018 build 100D, my range dropped almost 10 miles. I charge to 85%, and normally that gets me 287+/-1 miles. After the latest upgrade, that's now 269. I confirmed on the...
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    Motor Trend names Model S Ultimate COTY

    2013 Model S named ultimate Car of the Year, beating every other Car of the Year through Motor Trend's 70 year history! 2013 Tesla Model S Beats Chevy, Toyota, and Cadillac for Ultimate Car of the Year Honors - MotorTrend
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    overall charging efficiency of 72A chargers and HPWC?

    I saw multiple old threads on the total charging efficiency of the Model S, but they all seemed to be the older 80A charger. Anyone have a ballpark figure of overall charging efficiency of the 72A charger on newer S/X and the Tesla HPWC? Looking for all losses - HPWC, wire runs, onboard...
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    Interior / seats hot after overnight charge?

    for the second time in 2 months, my car's interior and seats were hot when I got in my car in the morning after charging overnight in my garage. I charge at 50A. no sign of the seat heaters being on, and interior was set to 75, but camper mode / dog mode were not on. The interior was warmer...
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    New Model S/X no longer comes with 72A charger?

    I was just on Tesla's charging site and it appears that long range / 100D S/X is limited to 48A, like the 75D. anyone know if that's true, and when did they make the switch? My June18 100D came with the 72A charger.
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    Cabin overheat doesn't work when security alarm is set?

    Just saw this today. There's a thread on the X forum I swiped the pic from but I thought I'd start one here too. This must be new, as I recall cabin overheat working this past summer when my alarm was engaged, and the controls let you select both. Anyone else see this, and/or tried it...
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    100D hesitating on full throttle

    So my 6 month old 100D is hesitating on accelerator stomps, whether launching from zero or from slow speeds. It's like the max power is being retarded, and it takes about 6 seconds to get to 60. But if I do part throttle, or slowly press the accelerator down, it takes off like a rocket as...
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    text alert that charging is done - no longer works

    I didn't notice exactly when it started / which update, but a few weeks ago my car stopped sending me a text that it was done charging. It used to be pretty nice, and even showed up on my Apple watch. Now nothing. Anyone see the same? Reboot doesn't fix. I'm sure it was one of the Dec...
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    Tesla HPWC - impact to standby generator sizing?

    not sure if this is the right forum, but I have a Tesla Wall Connector and I'm looking to get a standby generator for when we have power outages. Electrician says we need to include the 90A circuit in his load calc, which puts me into a very expensive water cooled generator. anyone have a...
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    How common is front motor whine on newer D models?

    So i picked up my June 2018 build 100D 3 months ago, and hear a mild gear whine coming from the front motor that I don't recall hearing on several other cars test driving, nor the P85DL loaner I got a few weeks ago. It reminds me of the fake motor sound that Jaguar pumps out of their iPace. It...
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    Mad Max mode is for real!

    and not just for the semi. Included in 42.2. Can't wait to try it out :-)

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