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    '21 Uberturbine Color?

    They are a dark gun metal like color.
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    2021 Model 3 vibrating

    It’s the heat pump. Many have complained and I believe Tesla says it’s normal. Mine does it and it’s annoying.
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    Winter Software Update Feature Request

    Anyone with a 2021 Model 3 has another problem. Tesla removed the ability to adjust the regen. Already had one incident where the default regen was too aggressive and led to the car slipping.
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    Any Model 3 with new projector headlights in the USA?

    My 2021 M3P that was delivered the first week of January has them.
  5. S


    No change on my Model 3 either.
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    Tesla homelink

    I had the same dilemma when trading my 2018 with Homelink for a 2021 without it. I loved the auto open but never trusted the auto close. Someone in another thread suggested a TailWind add on. It works with your existing opener and WiFi. The beauty of it is that is requires your car and phone...
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    2021 Model 3 Performance vs LR - Regen braking

    Are you able to set track mode via a driver profile? On my 2018 Model 3 I had a “Winter” profile that set the car to chill with lower regen. Could the same be done so that when selecting a certain profile track mode is automatically turned on?
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    FS: Model 3 snow tire set

    Still available. I will also throw in front and rear 3D Maxpider mats for an extra $50.
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    Bass off on new M3P

    It may well be the heat pump or something. I haven’t tried it with the sound off. I never notice it when driving, only when stopped, both in park and in drive.
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    FS: Model 3 snow tire set

    Recently traded in my Model 3 for a new M3P and no longer need these. The tires are Michelin X-ice Xi3 235/45/R18’s and the wheels are Sport Edition P2’s. They were all purchased new from Tire Rack last year and have 1 season of use. The tread on all 4 measures 8mm. The Tesla TPMS sensors are...
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    Anyone else dislike the new UI?

    Someone earlier mentioned a Change.org petition but don’t think they did it. That would probably be the best approach. Once the e-vehicle websites and bloggers pick it up it could go viral. We know the only thing Musk responds to is negative press.
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    Bass off on new M3P

    I just picked up my new 2021 M3P and I’m having issues with the sound. On the drive home I kept hearing a boomy bass rattle and assumed it was someone next to me. I later determined it was coming from my car. I was listening to a Spotify 80’s list at low volume with nothing that should have...
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    Tesla trade in timing

    Carvanna was the lowest by over $1k. Vroom beat Tesla by $300. This is for a 2018 RWD LR silver model 3 with EAP and 19” wheels.
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    Tesla trade in timing

    I just ordered a 2021 Performance to replace my 2018 LR. The trade in offered by Tesla was within a few hundred of my Vroom offer so I was just going to trade it in. With the likelihood of no new Performance cars until March how does the trade in work? Will they guarantee the offer or should...
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    Model 3 Software Update 2019.5.x

    The chime hasn’t worked for me since I received the earlier update. I’m hoping 5.15 fixes it.
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    Windshield wipers are horrible, and arguably dangerous

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for a fix. This has been an issue with Tesla vehicles since they decided to ditch the actual rain sensor every other car uses. It’s been over 2 years and they still suck. Classic example of over-engineering. As others have pointed out this is compounded on the 3...
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    Someone just rear ended me. Does Tesla have pre-painted trunk lids and rear bumpers for repairs?

    If you don’t want the repair to be obvious it needs to be sent out. Even if the parts are prepainted they won’t be an exact match. The body shop will need to feather the repair to blend it with the surrounding panels.
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    Whatever Happened to the "Full Voice Control" For the 3

    Too busy coding worthless crap like fart noises.
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    "Ok, Google" in the car would be beyond fantastic

    Unless something has changed the long press does not work. I’m continually amazed at how far behind Tesla is in this area. For being a tech company that makes cars their “tech” is sad. From auto wipers that don’t work reliably to their pathetic excuse for in car infotainment. Just look at a...
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    Auto wipes actually work in V9

    They still don’t work at night. Driving home last night and my manual wipes outnumbered the auto by close to 10:1.
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    Auto High Beam not working

    I’ve noticed the car also tends to forget/lose the setting. Mine were not working last night and I noticed I no longer had the “A” icon so I had to re-enable the high beams with the stalk control.
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    Just drove my 3 in the rain for the first time. Wipers are good!

    Wait until a steady rainfall.
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    Poor sensitivity for rain with Auto setting on Wipers

    The lack of a dedicated rain sensor is truly baffling. The auto wipers are practically worthless with any true rainfall. Compounding the issue is the lack of controls on the left stalk requiring you to take your eyes of the road to mess with the touch screen to make adjustments. Tesla has...
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    Rain Sensor?

    This. How hard is it to do a basic car function like wipers? Every other car company has managed to figure it out. Wake up Tesla. Early adopters and fans will tolerate this BS but the average consumer will not.
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    Model 3 Software Updates

    My car tried to install the update but received an error in the middle. The ensuing message said I needed to wait until the next update was pushed. Anyone else experience the same?
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    Tesla needs to give us more music options like Spotify

    Slacker does not allow custom playlists even with an upgraded account. You can create a custom channel but it operates the same as the free Tesla account.
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    Tesla needs to give us more music options like Spotify

    I’ve never seen a login for Spotify. Are you sure it wasn’t for Slacker?
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    Pictures of production Model 3s

    I fly RC aircraft and would love to get the details on how to connect to the HV inverter to charge my lipo packs.
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    Premature Tire Life

    The OP has been absent from this thread for awhile now. I suspect either he is still in denial and stopped posting due to everyone pointing out the obvious or he accepted the fact that his kid lied to him regarding how he was driving the car.
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    Anyone with a (car) Dealers License take delivery of a Model 3?

    Doubtful. If you read your purchase agreement I believe it expressly forbids reselling the car.
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    Does anyone charge from a regular wall outlet?

    GFCI circuits are required on all 120v garage outlets in the U.S. Being in Canada your laws may be different. A GFCI outlet doesn’t necessarily have a cover or an obvious trip switch. The trip switch may be located on the actual breaker. In the U.S. a cover is only required on outdoor outlets...
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    What is the least attractive color for Model 3, from your observations?

    Any dark color is going to show dirt more easily. Lighter shade cars will show less with white being the exception in my experience.
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    Premature Tire Life

    The Model 3 is putting a lot of torque down on the rear tires. Aggressive driving will wear them quickly. My 2005 BMW M3 would wear the rear tires very quickly as well due to the torque. Did the shop provide measurements of the camber and alignment or just tell you they thought it was off...
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    What is the least attractive color for Model 3, from your observations?

    I’m not into the car wraps but the silver metallic with the stealth wrap looked pretty good in the Like Tesla video. I’m surprised the silver is getting the most votes. Pictures don’t do it justice. The white also looks sharp in person. The pearl effects really pop in the sun. It would have...
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    Anyone interested in my M3 production slot (now)?

    I thought you could only transfer a reservation to an immediate member of your family.
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    My center console

    I would be interested in the sunglasses holder and phone dock once your son is ready for his school project.
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    Had to reject delivery

    Cars are not painted by hand. They have been using robots for some time.
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    VIN Assignment

    The VIN does not necessarily indicate an imminent delivery. I got mine last weekend and hadn’t received a call or email so I finally called on Thursday. My ISA called later that afternoon and said the VIN just indicates a car has entered production. He said it would likely still be a month for...
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    What do you dislike most about your Model 3?

    I couldn’t agree more. Tesla is supposed to be a technology company that builds cars. Up to this point they have been in more of a niche market. If they expect to drive people away from their Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, etc... then they better offer equivalent features and that includes the...
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    Tesla's path to luxury category domination may get easier, domestically

    Spoken by someone who has probably never owned one. I have been leasing BMW’s for close to 20 years and my maintenance cost is $0. It’s hard to call a BMW 4 series expensive when it is the same as a Model 3. And someone should tell our idiot president that BMW built close to 1 million cars in...
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    Let's talk financing rates

    It could be worse. I’ve had my VIN for a week but cannot get a return call from an ISA to activate the Tesla credit link to even be able to lock in the current rates.
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    VIN Assignment

    My VIN showed up using the HPWC trick last weekend but still no contact from anyone. I don’t even have an active link to apply for Tesla financing. I’m beginning to think getting a VIN assigned doesn’t necessarily indicate an imminent delivery.
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    It was in the most recent shareholder letter I believe. Don’t expect to lease a Tesla Model 3 this year
  44. S


    Tesla has stated no leases on the M3 until 2019 at the earliest.
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    Changes to invite priority, now only effected by date/time of reservation

    Why exactly? There are other, less expensive options for someone wanting an electric car and cannot afford a Model 3. No one is “entitled” to own a Tesla. I didnt come from money, far from it. If I didn’t make enough $$ to afford one then so be it. I certainly wouldn’t expect a company to...
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    I'm T-minus 2 day for delivery and my car is on the lot yet no sales contract/final #s

    I’m amazed that Tesla doesn’t ship these cars in covered carriers. The local BMW dealer that I have purchased my last 4 cars through only ships their cars in covered carriers to prevent just these kinds of issues.
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    VIN Assignment

    Same here. I didn’t bother doing the VIN trick until I noticed my edit link disappeared this morning.
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    VIN Assignment

    I was in the July delay group but a VIN showed up today. Reserved 4/1/16 Invite 4/7/18 Configured 4/30/18 VIN 0242xx assigned 5/26/18 (HPWC) Silver metallic, EAP, 19” sport wheels
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    Order estimate pushed back

    Sure enough. VIN 0242xx just showed up.

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