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    V11- Backing out of garage with homelink

    How do I back out of my garage and close my garage without losing the backup camera without (1) using auto-close and (2) pressing a million buttons to get my camera back up after closing said garage? This is the single worst thing about the V11 update. Most of them are just new locations of...
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    Small chip in uberturbine

    So lo and behold I have a chip in one uberturbine rim. No road rash. Didn't run over anything. Small chip, like a rock hit it, although I don't see how it's possible. In any event, is there a product I can apply to cover it up? I searched but didn't find any results. TIA
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    Homelink Recognition

    I have my homelink setup to open the garage door at 40 feet away. It works well...however, when my garage door is open, and I pull into the driveway, it closes the garage door. Well that's stupid. Does the homelink really not recognize that my garage door is already open? Is there a...
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    Sentry Mode Annoying to use

    I have a new 2021 M3P. So I tried sentry mode out for the first time a few days ago, and when I returned to me car from work, I had 5 recordings. So I watched them, and wasted a bunch of time watching people get into their car while parked next to mine, or to watch some dude on a bike ride...
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    Window Condensation

    Brand new 2021 M3P. It rained all day and I noticed condensation in the window lining(?) Nothing got wet on the inside. Is this normal for Tesla's, or is it something that I should have serviced? Don't want to be a pain, but also don't want it to lead to issues. TIA
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    Formatting USB

    I'm super dumb when it comes to computer stuff. I bought a san disk adapter with a 128MB card. Trying to format it through the car, I went to security and hit format USB. Nothing seemed to happen on the screen. How do I know if the drive is formatted correctly? I doubt it is, so any advice...
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    Model 3 and radar detectors

    I just picked up omy M3P today. I have a radar detector, but the 12V is too far away for my to hang it from the windshield. I thought there was some USB's near/under the screen, but I can't find any other than the 2 in the back. I don't want to hardwire a detector, and don't want to really...
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    Preferred Terms

    I have on order an M3P, Blue Metallic and white interior. No FSD. Price is $56,990 Then it says "preferred terms" $58,190 Anyone know what that means?
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    Tesla Trade-In

    What's the history of Tesla's trade-in offers. I have a high mileage car that I wasn't going to trade-in, but now I'm thinking I am going to. Carmax is offering $4500, however Edmunds says it's worth about $7500. I haven't taken it to Tesla yet, but just wondering if there are any people that...
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    Need suggestions on charging install.

    I apologize in advance if this question has already been asked. I searched the forum and couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. If it does exists, please post the URL below. Ok so I have a M3P on order. I really know next to nothing about the electrical install stuff and I'm getting...
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    M3P or Long Range

    Hey guys. I have an M3P (blue with white interior) on order and I'm not sure if I should change to long range. I really liked the pre-refresh rims, compared to the uberturbines. I also need all-season in Chicago, instead of summer tires. While I really want the performance edition, my brain...
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    Best aftermarket dash strip to replace OEM wood (with pics...hopefully)

    So I have a M3P with black interior. The OEM wood grain dash strip (or whatever it is called) just isn't cutting it for me. What aftermarket replacement/cover-up does everyone recommend? I'm open to carbon fiber or a dark wood of some sort. Links to product, and pics of your ride, would be...
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    M3P and radar detectors in USB

    How much of a drain are the top radar detectors if they are plugged into the USB outlet? Anyone have an Escort 360C or Uniden R7? I’m waiting for the Radenso Theia detector to come to market and worried about it draining the battery if plugged into the USB. Thoughts?
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    Need thoughts and advice

    I was dead set on buying an Audi S5 Sportback. Just so happened to see a Tesla dealer and decided to drive a Model 3. To my surprise, I was pleasantly surprised. Got home and did some more research on the car. I would buy a Model 3 Performance edition, and I have several concerns that I...

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