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    How can I open doors of Model S from outside with no power (and presumed 12v unavailable)?

    Hi, Other than breaking the driver's window, reaching in, and pulling the door handle, is there a way to open my 2020 Tesla Model S driver-side door(s) if you assume there is absolutely no power? (I.e., I suspect the 12 V battery is disconnected). Background: a Honda t-boned into my passenger...
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    after crash video extraction possible ?

    (I did google looking for an answer, my apologies if I missed something obvious) Assuming my USB video drive has nothing recorded on it since 2/14 (another post), is there anything in the car that Tesla technicians can access about a crash, like video? If so, are local (California, S F Bay...
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    Does Tesla Model S *really* overwrite old recordings when flash drive full?

    Hi, Just got t-boned yesterday (someone ran the red; I'm mostly ok except for hearing loss due to airbag explosion noise). About 10 minutes after crash, pulled my 64 GB USB flash drive (the one being used to store videos). There are 1,820 files (57 GB). But... The most recent file on the...
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    Clicking and Pump Noise - Car Parked & Not Plugged In

    Is it the sound @dspwhite reported (on his Model 3), in the very short audio here: Vocaroo | Online voice recorder ? Because I'm getting that sound on my 2020 Model S. thanks!
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    Trying to identify this annoying sound when I'm relaxing in the Model 3

    Thanks *very much* for the audio clip ... it really helps readers (ok, listeners : ) understand if they're encountering the same problem! And...yes, me too. For months. At night, my wife complains about it, but thanks to my hearing, I couldn't hear it. Finally, it happened yesterday evening...
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    A note on changing Wi-Fi (WiFi) on Gen 3 charger

    What happened is that I had 2 WAPs, with 2 SSIDs each ... and wanted to replace everything with a mesh (Google WiFi in this case) so I could seamlessly move around the house and so each device could talk to potentially any device in the house (not easy with separate SSIDs unless I did a lot more...
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    A note on changing Wi-Fi (WiFi) on Gen 3 charger

    Changing the Wi-Fi (#1) network on a Tesla Gen 3 charger is not as simple as it should be. It *appears* you can do it from a web browser connected to the charger... but when you select the new Wi-Fi SSID, you get a red "Forbidden" message, and are left with no clue as to what to do. The...
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    Gen 3 Wall Connector

    @Impaler ... did you ever get it to go to full configured? I ask because mine is also showing "partially configured". thanks!
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    Gen 3 Wall Connector

    Re: 'finish' button appearing "on mobile". Mobile what? App? The only app I know of is the 'Tesla' app, and I can't find anything within it that's related to the charger setup/config. What app were you referring to? thanks!
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    My model 3 prevented a crash by applying emergency braking while in reverse

    Glad to hear the Tesla worked so well! BTW, this is why experts, including the AAA, recommend backing into parking spaces. (Why? Pulling out head first is a lot easier/safer! And, you've got more control / awareness when backing *in* then you do when backing *out*.) I learned that a few...
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    CA HOV decal front bumper

    You've appear to have them on backwards, at least as documented for 2020 stickers (and I assume, but don't *know*, that it would be same earlier). From CA DMV clear air decal instructions I received today: "Large" goes on rear quarter panel (one on each side of car), and the "small" goes on...
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    First power outage...Powerwalls did great!

    Good to hear! I'm waiting to hear back from them about installing for my house (Cupertino).
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    Tesla got the worst score in the J.D. Power Initial Quality Survey

    I appreciated jbcarioca's post, thanks! For me, most of my complaints on my 2020 Model S have been software ... and of those, the vast majority are for the incredibly poor infotainment system (ranging from obvious bugs to obvious design flaws). Overall, a new CTO is needed. Elon, give me a...
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    Installed my tablet on a dash mount

    Interesting, thanks! As a Tesla newbie ... what software are you running on the tablet? thanks again, Stan
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    Used Tesla Acronyms

    @slcasner thanks for great list! One to add: Traffic-Aware Cruise Control (TACC)
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    How do I like / dislike a post?

    Thanks for mentioning that...explains why I can't like things!

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