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  1. Kiwiadventure

    Tesla Model 3 in New Zealand

    I received my invoice when I took delivery of my m3.
  2. Kiwiadventure

    Premium connectivity SR+ in NZ

    My car may have had Premium Connectivity from new as I didn't check until October.
  3. Kiwiadventure

    Tesla Model 3 in New Zealand

    8.2 is my m3
  4. Kiwiadventure

    Premium connectivity SR+ in NZ

    My Model 3 Premium Connectivity is free unlimited and the car has had it since October. I ordered my M3 27 June. 19
  5. Kiwiadventure

    Tesla Model 3 in New Zealand

    Early last year but does worry me much as I just us our BMW for towing.
  6. Kiwiadventure

    Tesla Model 3 in New Zealand

    I have emails from Tesla NZ saying Tesla will be installing Model 3 tow bars once they arrive at Tesla Service before I confirmed purchase, Australia & NZ were going to be the only countries for retro fitting tow bars.
  7. Kiwiadventure

    Things to consider with a wrapped car

    Agree. The way drivers damaged my previous vehicle panels will slowly to replaced and I'm not that worried. I spend more time looking after my home like washing the exterior. I haven't washed my M3 for a month.
  8. Kiwiadventure

    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    Now I own a Tesla and joined save the planet where does Tesla tires actually come from.
  9. Kiwiadventure

    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    Why did you purchase a Tesla when you think Tesla's FSD is poorly designed. Tesla is the only manufacture allowed to use FSD beta and it's been approved by local government transport authorities.
  10. Kiwiadventure

    Elon: "Feature complete for full self driving this year"

    There it hope, but it is fun being on the road to level 5.
  11. Kiwiadventure

    Tesla Model 3 in New Zealand

    Now I have joined Tesla save the planet the following clip on where Tesla's tyres come from is very enlightening.
  12. Kiwiadventure

    Suspension Failure

    You can prove that you never drove over sharp pot holes or steel man holes with badly fitting covers. If you threaten someone you'll never receive good service and it can be fun for some staff to see you return.
  13. Kiwiadventure

    Elon: "Feature complete for full self driving this year"

    It's going to be years before level 5 if ever. My M3 has FSD but hardly nothing changes and still the same phantom braking in the same places as 4 months ago.
  14. Kiwiadventure

    Model 3 ground clearance

    If the speed bumps are built to state code there will be no problem.
  15. Kiwiadventure

    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    Totally different car as M3 is a sports car and sports cars have more noise going on.
  16. Kiwiadventure

    Given lackluster service would you still buy a Tesla?

    For every 1 Tesla horror story their's many thousands of Tesla's that have had no problems. These types of forums you only hear from the people who cry loudest about the smallest of problems.
  17. Kiwiadventure


    Tesla will know all about your car
  18. Kiwiadventure

    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    Model 3 doesn't have high tyre noise and defiantly no more that my previous 6 new BMW's I've owned. Every car I have driven on the Gold Coast highway has extremely high tyre noise due to the concrete surface of the highway. It is getting better due to concrete is being replaced slowly.
  19. Kiwiadventure

    Suspension Failure

    Best thing to do is sell your Tesla's as some of you don't trust Tesla now. How about VW as they are really trust worthy and they have their ID 3 (yes another 3) coming someday but they have too fix all their ID computers individually first which is going to take many months as they have 25,000...
  20. Kiwiadventure

    Tesla Model 3 in New Zealand

    There is one big positive Google shows street address numbers on their obscured satellite map. It surprising shop owners still do not realise having street numbers on the front of there premises makes them easy to find.
  21. Kiwiadventure

    Tesla needs some New Zealand service expansion

    Talk about ludicrous mode this is ludicrous mode over servicing. I mean 8 weeks to be able to fix your issue. Is Tesla Auckland saying they have major issues with their vehicles and cannot look after clients with minor issues better. How come LTE is only a minor issue.
  22. Kiwiadventure

    California bans per-minute billing; Tesla Superchargers will need displays

    Power is fuel and law has always been there. It's the providers of these chargers who decided to not comply with the law.
  23. Kiwiadventure

    For Sale 2018 M3 long Range RWD

    Black is the best looking M3
  24. Kiwiadventure

    Model 3 Tire Pressure

    What I have seen pay your $5 but most have companies who pick these tire up and dump them in paddocks and then ship container loads of these tires to India. These tires are not recycled but set fire to out in the open leading to tonic smoke in India.
  25. Kiwiadventure

    Tesla Model 3 in New Zealand

    I ordered my M3 27th July and took delivery 18th September which is not a long wait.
  26. Kiwiadventure

    Tesla Model 3 in New Zealand

    Google & Apple Map views and I know which I would prefer.
  27. Kiwiadventure

    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    Each to their own taste. I would stay with chrome handles to match the side cameras Almost all cars have thin chrome lines around the windows. M3 has substantially wider chrome which make it look so much better. I ordered black chrome for my BMW convertible as its a thin surround. I've never...
  28. Kiwiadventure

    Lowering the Tesla Model 3

    It's lower enough as it is and all I can see is problems lowering a 3 later on plus your'll have no Tesla Warranty on the whole car if you read the Tesla's contract.
  29. Kiwiadventure

    4 Bent Rims - 20" - Anyone else?

    I claim insurance on bent rums and damaged tires and I never go bigger than 18" as well keep tyre presure hard.
  30. Kiwiadventure

    Tesla Model 3 in New Zealand

    Not the correct answer.
  31. Kiwiadventure

    Anyone tinted the glass roof, results?

    The advantage of living in Kiwiland as not too hot and not too cold so no need to block the heat out.
  32. Kiwiadventure

    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    This is called Phantom braking and still happens same places as 4 months ago.
  33. Kiwiadventure

    Tesla Model 3 in New Zealand

    I wouldn't pay monthly for this blurry view.
  34. Kiwiadventure

    How many Tesla's in New Zealand

    3 deliveries have slowed down. If we do see Japanese imports they come with no Tesla warranties including Tesla's 8 year battery warranty.
  35. Kiwiadventure

    my mockup of carplay on model 3 display

    I carry my iPad most trips so doesn't worry me not having Apple Car Play and I do not want to have plug my iPhone into my 3 if wifi I may use.
  36. Kiwiadventure

    School of the Hidden Vins - Guide to Tracking your Tesla after ordering

    My vin was issued the day I took delivery mid September and it was all to do with how containers were unloaded
  37. Kiwiadventure

    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    We I took delivery of my 3 the car had 2 updates the same day when I hocked it up to wifi.
  38. Kiwiadventure

    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    That was all on 50.1. 50.5 was navigation only 50.7 was back end improvements.
  39. Kiwiadventure

    Suspension Failure

    Don't be stupid I've had a BMW, Fiat, & Alfa all replaced with new vehicles or a complete refund because of major issues. We don't live in a perfect world. If Tesla replaced the part with no debate then I don't see what the problem is.
  40. Kiwiadventure

    Locking doors while still inside

    My phone only has to be at the rear of the car outside and it locks. Locking a car only keeps an honest person out and if someone uses a wire to unlock the car the alarm will go off as well Apple's watch and phone will notify your alarm has been triggered. With the window down open the door...
  41. Kiwiadventure

    Car Seat Causing Indentations In Seats

    Post a photo of the car seat installed and the dents in the seat
  42. Kiwiadventure

    Nag increased?

    What do you mean your hands went to your laptop. Are you for real and you are telling us you are not paying attention to what was going on around you. You even signed an agreement with Tesla you would keep your eyes on the road ahead for safety to others.
  43. Kiwiadventure

    Painting Lines on Ground for Backing Up

    This would be common sense as well backing over a footpath or cycleway. The field of view of the side & rear mirrors is only what it is. I try and not to back if possible by parking in areas I don't have too. I will walk the extra distance to do this plus to protect my 3 from damage.
  44. Kiwiadventure

    Self dipping headlights should be next inline for neural net smarts

    I didn't say Tesla's lights works better than BMW I said the opposite
  45. Kiwiadventure

    Tesla .. going downhill?

    If you are negative already towards Tesla cancel your orders and move on.
  46. Kiwiadventure

    Model 3 or wait for Model Y and other questions

    If you don't own property then a Tesla is not a great purchase. Y is going to be at least 5-10k more expensive than a 3. I plan on installing a tow bar on my 3 and using my trailer for the odd times I need to carry big items as well our e bikes.
  47. Kiwiadventure

    Spotted in Australia and New Zealand

    In Auckland all I see is X&S as 3's I hardly ever see considering there are many more 3's sold. I must live in a area of X&S as I see them every day but 3's only once a week.
  48. Kiwiadventure

    Painting Lines on Ground for Backing Up

    Why not go to a parking lot and set up some cones and practise using just the rear camera and white lines on the screen. It does take practise which will give you trust with just relying on the rear camera and white lines on the screen. You could cover the mirrors while practising reversing.
  49. Kiwiadventure

    Autopilot Off-ramp Speed Reduction

    You do understand FSD/NOA is still beta testing and this is world wide on every freeway where Tesla vehicles are sold. There is going to be problems just like Apple has.

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