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    Model-Y Comprehensive Insurance Recommendation

    But you'd pay them regardless of premium cost?
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    Practical kilometres in a M3 long range

    ABRP should be more accurate if you are comparing models
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    Enhanced autopilot (EAP) is upgrade to FSD

    You may have your reasons, but doesn't including FSD attract some LCT in the purchase price?
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    Tesla price rises in the USA

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    LFP. Weekly Charging vs Daily Charging

    More than charging to 100% and seeing Charge Complete, leave it plugged in until it draws no current. This is when the cells balance and you may see the estimate range when full correct (upwards). If you want to nerd out, get Scan My Tesla app and watch what happens to individual cell voltages.
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    installing EV charger apartment complex

    Do you have your own garage space on your lot entitlement? Is there any power to the car space? If not you should have a legal right to run wiring through common area without the need for a by-law. Your wiring would likely run from meter to switchboard through common area now. Just put in a 15A...
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    Energy retailers asking customers to leave

    I'm on AGL EV plan where rates are fixed for 24 months, but no exit penalty. I have Single Rate +CL1 on Endeavour Energy NSW. I'll probably just roll over as haven't found any better. New Rates: Current Rates: Most rates have reduced and still include a $60 per quarter rebate which close to...
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    Highway Service Centre near Bowning

    Wouldn't advise anyone to turn right there or any other 110km/h zone as there's no slow-down/turning lane. Better off turning left and doing a U-turn on the side road nek minnit
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    A heavily used SR+ - thoughts and stats

    Fame or plagiarism? https://thedriven.io/2022/05/23/so-expensive-or-not-tesla-owners-share-model-3-maintenance-costs/
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    Model X - 12volt battery died

    BMW were recently the same with the AUX battery for the i3 (6-8weeks ex. Germany). Admittedly only a few hundred i3 sold in Australia
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    A heavily used SR+ - thoughts and stats

    I'd be curious on a trade-in valuation on a new equivalent from Tesla.
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    The longest EV charging network in West Australia

    LHD in Alexandria NSW showroom. Test drives aren't until June. Deliveries start in August. Yet to see anything of comparative value to the extended range model at sub $50k after rebates/stamp duty exemption.
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    Tesla Model 3 - 12V Low Voltage Battery

    possibly Bob Kater's Battery World
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    The longest EV charging network in West Australia

    Worth having a look, as many say it's not as bad in the flesh
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    Squeak/groan from front of M3

    but if it's warranty best not to touch it, else void.
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    Tesla Model 3 - 12V Low Voltage Battery

    Just went through similar with i3 12V battery. No stock in Australia - 6-8weeks from Germany for OEM battery. Found a compromise in the end. https://www.ohmmu.com/product-page/12v-lithium-battery-for-tesla-model-3 Suggests the OEM battery specs are 85B24LS (45Ah) Your local battery guys should...
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    Labor Electric Car FBT discount

    From the link So should be good for Novated Leasing
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    Supercharger - Yass, NSW

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    Model 3 RWD 2022 Efficiency - Canberra to Sydney

    Thanks Björn 🤦‍♂️
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    NRMA fast charging network

    The service manual for the 50kW Tritium states "check for possible cracks in egg shell"
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    Squeak/groan from front of M3

    As the warranty is nearing its' end, I'd be pushing for a replacement
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    Tesla no longer including mobile charger bundle?

    Yes USD, but still way cheaper than tesla.com. You may be lucky on Gumtree/eBay/Forums or FB marketplace for cheaper examples.
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    DC/Chademo charging in rural areas

    There is 50kW in town, otherwise something near the Art Museum will get you 11-12kW three phase. Have a look on PlugShare. Add anything you find missing too.
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    Tesla no longer including mobile charger bundle?

    https://www.evseadapters.com/products/tesla-gen-2-mobile-connector-bundle-eu-version/ Specify the tail you want included. Someone noted that for $20 extra you can get the 5 pin 32A tail.
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    Recommended Tesla Powerwall + Solar installers?

    Logically that might be the Powerwall 3 release. I doubt the real estate in the current enclosure is big enough.
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    Spare Tyre for Model 3

    Some of us already carry a spare tyre, and chin
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    Recommended Tesla Powerwall + Solar installers?

    Hold out until the battery chemistry changes to LFP. Degradation on the current design doesn't bode well for long life
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    Repair/Parts wait times

    Just leave out the detail why on carsales
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    Tesla Used Market Watch

    Comes with jousting sticks
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    Chargepoint in Australia

    I've used Chargepoint a few times since they closed up shop in Australia. Fortunately I have an RFID tag that still works as the chargers don't appear on the app now. https://thedriven.io/2020/07/21/confusion-reigns-as-chargepoint-quietly-pulls-support-from-australian-ev-chargers/
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    Tesla Model Y in Australia

    The current demand from LFP is the limit AFAIK
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    Tesla Model Y in Australia

    from the driven article
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    Tesla Model Y in Australia

    Something about begging for forgiveness...
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    Powerwall, Solar & Power Outage

    I thought it was 10kW of inverters per phase, but some networks count the AC battery inverters in the 10kW (e.g. AusGrid)
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    Model 3 SR+ MY21 delivery wait times in Australia

    Does not suit LFP battery anyway, so no loss. https://ingenext.ca/products/boostsrforteslamodel3 The Boost SR module increases the performance of the Tesla Model 3 SR+ with the 980 motor. The product does not work with LFP batteries
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    Tesla Model Y in Australia

    Model Variant SY6LR still shows as 255kW. Might be lucky and get the performance motor in the RWD?
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    Tesla Used Market Watch

    Seen a bargain (or anti-bargain) for sale, post it here: Here's one to start. Scrooge Spec (White/Black/RWD) +19" wheels First Registered March 22 2022 $85880 i.e. No rebate or Stamp Duty exemption...
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    Australian Model 3 Waiting Room

    $860 from Tesla ~$400 from EVSEadaptors with choice of tail
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    Australian Model 3 Waiting Room

    https://www.evseadapters.com/products/tesla-gen-2-mobile-connector-bundle-eu-version/ Ask for a 5 pin 32A plug as substitute to the Schuko/Commando
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    Australian Model 3 Waiting Room

    Might be worth a post of the Specs and what adjustment is possible, if you know.
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    Ideal or Cost Effective Home Charging

    If you change the Current setting on screen, what are the maximum and minimum values?
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    Ideal or Cost Effective Home Charging

    The car default current setting is 8A. You should be able to adjust it on the screen up to 10A.
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    Charging is tripping circuit breaker

    One image shows a 32A RCBO (unlabelled). Assume this is the breaker for UMC. Surely that should feed from the main breaker, not through another RCD device.
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    2021🦄 vs 2022 SR+ Acceleration

    Seeing you have ScanMyTesla, have a look at the range estimate as you let it charge to 100%. It may well adjust back up.
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    Tesla Model Y in Australia

    True, but no guessing how long after. Maybe "soon" after, or "two weeks" after.
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    installing EV charger apartment complex

    What size is your main supply? 63A?

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