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  1. Harvey Danger

    AP2 repeaters on AP1 car

    Very cool. Just to really spell it out, you still have HW1, so you connected only the lights, the cameras are physically present but non functional, right?
  2. Harvey Danger

    Poor Range

    Do what? Is there a specific suggestion you are responding to? You quoted the entire post , not clear what you're asking
  3. Harvey Danger

    Steering wheel Audio volume stopped working after latest software

    Yup Someone finally added this to the first post at https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/model-x-reset-techniques.69250/
  4. Harvey Danger

    Refreshed Tesla Model X issues: frozen camera, brake fault, high voltage system fault, etc.

    I'm not saying this is silly, .. well, ok, it is a little silly. But silly or not, I actually have to commend you for your commitment. If you are truly driving your car for *three hours* plus a bunch of other steps *every time* you want to see if a particular error can be reproduced, that's...
  5. Harvey Danger

    Unlimited supercharging unavailable for model x

    What is the distinction between an "Order Agreement" and a "Purchase Agreement"? Everybody here knows that if it's in the MVPA, it's bulletproof ironclad legally enforceable etc. Tesla put it in writing and it follows the car not just the owner. What is an order agreement? I know there's some...
  6. Harvey Danger

    Really - another delay - ordered January 2021

    Sorry you're frustrated. Probably no need to start a new thread however: there are literally 35,000 posts about your topic in this thread: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/refreshed-2021-model-x-and-model-x-plaid-waiting-room.219586/#post-5309842 Check in with those guys and you will...
  7. Harvey Danger

    Opinions wanted: bad 75D range or too high expectations

    for a model X 75D it's actually 300 but otherwise yes i totally agree with your general point about needing to drive conservatively to attain this 'break even' rate The idea I actually liked about the software locked batteries was you could just set the charge limit to 100% all the time and...
  8. Harvey Danger

    Odd driving occurance

    You don't say how old your X is. When I had a 2016 75D with MCU1 this kind of spontaneous reboot happened to me fairly often. (Solution? Upgrade to MCU2. Never saw this kind of reboot again, plus I got all the other benefits people talk about. Best money I ever spent) If the car is of very...
  9. Harvey Danger

    Trying to install my 22" Wheels and Tires

    Might be a legit safety angle there
  10. Harvey Danger

    Opinions wanted: bad 75D range or too high expectations

    This. No point humoring this person until they report what their own instrumentation is telling them about their consumption.
  11. Harvey Danger

    Digital clock

    Hmm. Can't say from experience, but this thread (below) seems to indicate that that big clock I'm thinking of is not an option at the moment. Maybe they'll add it back in someday...
  12. Harvey Danger

    Model X 2017 P100D VS 2018 100D

    I think you already provided all the information you need to compare efficiencies: Same battery, right? Pretty sure the math is exactly what you think it would be: 289/295 =0.98 So there it is, a 2% difference. I personally would ignore that. P is more fun, even if it's only once a year...
  13. Harvey Danger

    Model X Supercharging curves, 2022

    Looks like the lines cross around 70 or so? So kw+SoC is 140 for you too? Looks like it's more common than I thought to plot charge rate relative to elapsed time: What app is that? I saw it used a lot in this other thread...
  14. Harvey Danger

    Digital clock

    What year is your X? I know the older models let you display a massive analog clock in the instrument cluster..
  15. Harvey Danger

    2027 Model x Coolant low only 24k miles

    What were your expectations around the cost of repairs and maintenance for this car? How much did you pay for the car? Nothing in your story sounds scammy. Indeed, nothing in your story even sounds expensive. You got off easy. Count yourself lucky. This time. Not too late to get a 3rd party...
  16. Harvey Danger

    Improper tire size?

    The way you are framing it, the natural conclusion is there's no way these errors have anything to do with the tire size and have everything to do with some unrelated computer issues that cropped up right after the falcon wing doors were replaced. Do I have this right? The difference in...
  17. Harvey Danger

    Is it possible to make it to Mono Lake through Tioga road in Yosemite on Model X?

    Oh! Good point. Even though i think you made a mess of your other thread I'll give you a "like" for that post- i didn't realize ABRP won't let you override seasonally closed roads, so my suggestion wasn't as helpful as I thought it was. Apologies. Absolutely they take elevation (and any weather...
  18. Harvey Danger

    Is it possible to make it to Mono Lake through Tioga road in Yosemite on Model X?

    Ha, not in *your* X. Are you renting a different one on Turo for this trip or are you just looking for new ways to overheat your original car? Anyway for range questions like this, check out ABRP . It's quite useful. Or better still download their app to your phone.
  19. Harvey Danger

    How to sell 2022 Model X

    Perfectly good classified section right here on TMC, for one. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/forums/tesla-for-sale.70/
  20. Harvey Danger

    Beware of Model X

    So true. Somewhere here on TMC, once I combined these two categories of expense and quickly got called out for it. I was mostly thinking on an emotional level it's costing me money either way so I just budget a certain amount for "keeping the car alive". But yes, maintenance and "repairs" are...
  21. Harvey Danger

    Breaking down the excessive rear, inner tire wear

    First I heard of a newer version. Does it accomplish anything specific or is it just 'minor bug fixes and cold weather improvements'
  22. Harvey Danger

    Used 2018 Model X Getting Nervous! Should I Be?

    Definitely a better answer.
  23. Harvey Danger

    Refreshed Tesla Model X issues: frozen camera, brake fault, high voltage system fault, etc.

    I think your car has a problem, maybe we can agree on that much.
  24. Harvey Danger

    Refreshed Tesla Model X issues: frozen camera, brake fault, high voltage system fault, etc.

    Unless someone keeps shouting 'fire' in a crowded movie theater, it's usually best to just let people speak freely. Others will draw their own conclusions, just as they have with anonymous chatter since the dawn of Usenet. I know *I* have certainly made some conclusions..
  25. Harvey Danger

    Used 2018 Model X Getting Nervous! Should I Be?

    32A is great. You can charge more than 80%. You can use an extension. It's all good for now.
  26. Harvey Danger

    Used 2018 Model X Getting Nervous! Should I Be?

    Its a car. A used car. Things will break. You will have them fixed. You're going to be ok. Deep breaths. I'm quite sure you will enjoy your first few days with the new ride!
  27. Harvey Danger

    Biggest tv that can fit in 7 seater x w seats down

    Off topic perhaps, but I can tell you a *6-seater* is useless for transporting new televisions in their original packaging. I could barely fit a 48" tv in mine. Luckily you can fold the seats flat in your 7-seater.
  28. Harvey Danger

    2022 Model X (Plaid) Energy Graph

  29. Harvey Danger

    Model X Supercharging curves, 2022

    'Charge curve' graphs usually display charge rate , given in kilowatts, vs state-of-charge, given as a percentage of maximum charge, also known as SoC. (You *could * plot this as charge rate vs elapsed time which really illustrates why you don't want to supercharge to 100% unless you have a...
  30. Harvey Danger

    Range Mode gone?

    Just to clarify for people unfamiliar with the topic, range mode still exists for older cars that had it when the car was originally sold. no owners have had the feature taken away. newer cars never had the feature.
  31. Harvey Danger

    Lost battery range

    No. Longer answer: battery replacement is almost never a real solution to anything in tesla-land. If there's any chance Tesla is going to agree to replace your battery, they are probably already aware of a serious problem from the logs and *they* will contact *you*. If you are the only one who...
  32. Harvey Danger

    Motor drive fail, Battery failx2

    Not sure we need to bump this thread until OP returns. Post count stands at 2 , not sure either the rest of the community or the visitor will really be learning from each other
  33. Harvey Danger

    2018 Model X raising itself to Very High; Wheelchair guy can't get into driver's seat!

    Really sounds like the 'always raise at this location' feature got turned on. This can be undone but only immediately after it raises while you are driving it in that location. See similar thread at Now car goes to very high on its own That's been a popular feature request over the years...
  34. Harvey Danger

    Wiki Model X Refresh Issues Thread

    Sounds interesting- Pictures please?
  35. Harvey Danger

    my "build" thread

    Works for me
  36. Harvey Danger

    Ordered a Tesla X Plaid 5 seat last year

    ? It's up to date. Here's a screen shot from today:
  37. Harvey Danger

    A few questions from a relatively new X owner

    If you are using stock silver wheels, chrome trim works fine. Similarly, if you have dark wheels, dark trim is totally appropriate. But a mismatch, either way, always looks odd to me. I don't have a super strong opinion either way, but that is one detail I absolutely do notice. If you...
  38. Harvey Danger

    How many X's are manufactured a day in Fremont, Ca? And is Austin, going to produce X's?

    Let's just say, back of the envelope, they make 10,000 X's a year. So that comes to (very roughly) 30 a day. With such low volume I'm quite sure they will not go through the incredible expense of starting up a second production line anywhere else any time soon.
  39. Harvey Danger

    Refresh Rated Range Anyone?

    What was wrong with the other thread you started about this? https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/refresh-lr-and-plaid-rated-wh-mile-anyone.252525/
  40. Harvey Danger

    my "build" thread

    I like silver. Good luck.
  41. Harvey Danger

    Where does the cable go?

  42. Harvey Danger

    Show off your aftermarket Model X wheels...

    I love the look of my T Sportline TS5's. From the side. But standing behind the car its clear they don't fill up the wheel well anywhere close to flush. Now I have to go get spacers.
  43. Harvey Danger

    Regen Braking Question

    No. There are two reasons to limit power flowing into a battery, 1) it's full and 2) it's cold. 1 doesn't really apply to a Tesla until the state-of-charge percentage is in the high 90's. 70 seems awfully low. That would suck for Rivian owners. 2 is a hassle for everybody. For both...
  44. Harvey Danger

    Weird sound coming from dash vent

    Did you check for cats? They can definitely cause reboots if they get trapped behind the dash..
  45. Harvey Danger

    Polestar 2 Fully loaded experience and comparison

    I'm sure the car is a fine middling electric vehicle entrant in a market full of proliferating options. My only question about the polestar is * why is it lifted so far off the ground * ? So much daylight underneath that thing
  46. Harvey Danger

    Opened falcon wing door and this happened...

    My 2016 had this remediated. But it was a pretty narrow range of VINs that was affected *and* the issue was only present in a small percentage of *those* : https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/rcl/2020/RCLRPT-20V710-9316.PDF If yours was in this range you would have gotten a recall notice in the mail...
  47. Harvey Danger

    Opened falcon wing door and this happened...

    The picture shows everything relevant, but there are reflections that are really confusing. Another photo might help. Anyway it's clearly a full replacement of the top center spline (the one that was recalled anyway due to adhesive issues) and the top glass panel of at least one of the falcon...
  48. Harvey Danger

    Opened falcon wing door and this happened...

    Ouch indeed. These are expensive cars to maintain.. extended warranty is starting to look more attractive?
  49. Harvey Danger

    Model X making weird buzzing noise when initially unplugged- video

    Sounds like an air compressor. My 2016 occasionally makes the same sound. Cars with air suspensions eventually need expensive repairs. You're at six years old. Start setting money aside now.

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