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  1. zanary

    2022.16.1.2 -> 2022.16.2

    I think the difference is 0.0.1. Once you install it let us know what the release notes say 😀
  2. zanary

    Lets see pictures of who has the most crazy blade disconnects

    I'm surprised they allowed the Powerwall so close to a water supply for the instant water heater... He could have double staked the powerwalls as well. I tripped stacked mine, but they are of course sitting on the garage floor.
  3. zanary

    Tesla Toolbox V2

    You are in in SoCal, so see if Unplugged Performance (I believe they are authorized to have access to all Tesla tools and software).
  4. zanary

    Roadster 2023

    They most likely want wire as it goes to a different account/entity as it's a deposit for whcih they can't recognize the revenue until the sale occurs. Question: Once you completed the wire, and you login, does it still indicate that they are waiting for the wire?
  5. zanary

    How long to get the $50k deposit back?

    I think we are about 12-13 months away.
  6. zanary

    How long to get the $50k deposit back?

    While we don't know for sure, keep in mind this. If you put your deposit in when the price was $200K/$250K, then hopefully that may lock in you price, but if you cancel, and the make another reservation in the future, you are making it not knowing what the price may be...
  7. zanary

    How long to get the $50k deposit back?

    From what I recall I think it takes about 30 days before you receive the check in the mail.
  8. zanary

    2017 S P100D owner feedback wanted

    Over the last weekend, I hit a new record for Supercharging on v3. It was at this level for maybe two minutes and then tapered down slowly to the 145 and down to 115 when at 50% or so.
  9. zanary

    How to connect to a Wi-Fi network without Internet?

    There is a post on TMC that talks about how a Tesla car randomly check websites like google for HTTP/200 responses. I'm guessing if it doesn't get that response code, then it's possible it will disconnected from Wifi and test over it's LTE connection.
  10. zanary

    2017 S P100D owner feedback wanted

    Nice config. The only thing I would recommend... before you drive it home, force them to get service to push out the latest software for it. The reason is if you love music, the base is absolutely nuts with the UHFS... I mean absolutely nuts. To the point where your internal organs vibrate...
  11. zanary

    2017 S P100D owner feedback wanted

    I have a Sept 2017 Model S P100D Ludicrous. Original Owner: (1) I plan to keep my Model S P100D. Sorry, I have no idea what the FMV would be to purchase one from Tesla directly. (2) The max I've seen is around 160kw between 10% SOC and 30% SOC, and I can get around 105kw up to 50% SOC and...
  12. zanary

    2022 Apple CarPlay update vs Tesla UI

    Here you go. The full public keynote URL is here The CarPlay section starts here
  13. zanary

    Roadster 2023

    Not entirely true. Lots of tweets about FSD and the whole "10% cut and all" the past 48 hours. There was one tweet about AI Day being postponed to 9/30 with a possible functioning Optimus. With the recent Panasonic samples sent to Fremont for analysis, one can assume that Reno will be making...
  14. zanary

    Tesla Toolbox V2

    The only binary I have is called "toolbox-2.1.81-win32.exe", but not too sure if this was the latest 2.x version or if there were later one. My subscription has ended, so I can't get past the login box, and I assume once you login, it will recommend an upgrade to the latest 2.x version if there...
  15. zanary

    Roadster 2023

    Nothing recently. I expect we might hear something in CYQ4 or CYQ1.
  16. zanary


    I believe so. Those may be the internal testers that Elon references, and then we'll see two more dot releases before it gets to the current 100-99 FSD scored users, but it heads to the 95 score I think he referenced. Or let's hope so.
  17. zanary

    MCU2 has 5G??

    5G. That’s the first I think. I’m not too sure if he meant 4G. Infotainment Upgrade optional Infotainment Upgrade Package
  18. zanary

    How to tell if lifetime supercharging?

    I believe this program already ended with those 90 that were able to upgraded. Not all 90s were upgradable as there were only a few 90s that were able to upgrade (based on VINs). If you look at some of the old historical Model S posting (there was a guy in SoCal with a red Model S that was a...
  19. zanary

    Frustrated with changing Time-Based Control behavior

    It's all part of the system that uses AI and ML to learn your consumption patterns, taking into account context (when, where, season, day of week, current weather patterns, upcoming weekly weather patterns, etc...). For me, I noticed that on Friday it will NOT charge the Powerwalls at all...
  20. zanary

    Getting FSD again on a second Tesla.

    Yes. You have to start over again and right now I haven’t seen anyone new being admitted into the program even with 100 score after 100 miles.
  21. zanary

    MCU2 questions

  22. zanary

    And another change to screw potential owners (no lease buyout)

    I think the issue here is that YOU have found reasons not to choose a Tesla. And please don't talk about how other manufactures aren't jacking up their price. Asking $100K for a Honda Civic Type R (normally a $50K), asking $12K over asking for a VW Golf... You should actually go out to...
  23. zanary

    Autopilot in the refresh S is crap lately! 4.15.22

    Not a single Tesla sold to date uses Lidar.
  24. zanary

    Roadster 2023

    Same thing for the founders edition of the Model X. Special color, special badge, and get it first.
  25. zanary

    Old Tesla App No Longer Working

    I guess it's the same reason why you can't use Windows 95 any more... Better upgrade to the latest version of the app if you you want to maintain access to your Tesla. They also did this to the Tesla OS software in the vehicle.
  26. zanary

    Tesla wants to charge me $750 to give me back MY INFOTAINMENT SYSTEM after having them upgrade it to a new infotainment system .

    $750 is a steel. I was given a price of $1500 to keep it back in early $2000. The way it is explained is that the cost I pay for it subsidized by the value of MCU/1. So if I want to keep it I have to pay an additional $1500. I guess the value of MCU/1 has gone down 50% in two years.
  27. zanary

    Roadster 2023

    Understood. For the record, I don't think they are hard stipulations. You can always transfer it from your person to a company as needed after the fact. I think that is the best thing to do here. The Model Y T&C are very specific.
  28. zanary

    Roadster 2023

    We never saw any rules. No one signed the T&C or any sort of conditions as part of the referral program. None are presented to referral owners until you are in the process of ordering/getting the reward. The Model Y Referral winner have to sign the T&C in order to start the process and by...
  29. zanary

    Roadster 2023

    I hope you are right however the T&C for the Model at referral reward is very clear. You are the winner and You have to register it in your name. Worse case, you can always transfer it to your business after the fact. I read it as You won the award and not Your Business. Let’s see what...
  30. zanary

    Roadster 2023

    I thought so to, but I read the full T&C. You have no option to adjust it or there's no indication that you have an option. For the Model Y Referral Award, you are notify that you have won. You are then given the T&C and have to sign it. You then can use the online configurator to place...
  31. zanary

    Roadster 2023

    It's not that they could, it's that you would have to comply with the Terms & Conditions. Those who have received their monthly winning of a "Model Y" referral award had to sign a T&C document. That document has the following. It makes reference to "You" the "Winner" in the first paragraph...
  32. zanary

    Tesla never answers the phone

    You're supposed to use the app to contact them. Just setup a service appointment, and put in your question/comments in there. They will respond back and you should be able to have a online conversation. They are moving away from phone call communication... However, you can also go to a...
  33. zanary

    I think the rear seat folds flat, with the lift gate and wheels off can you get a mountain bike in the back of the Roadster

    Photo of the rear hatch open, yes. With the seats down, nope. Don't know if this help or not.
  34. zanary

    Roadster 2023

    I think things are going to get very conferential with the referral winners... (1) Those with two free Roadsters, will probably get them 24 months apart. (2) Tesla will only allow the Roadsters to be registered in the winners name. (3) You will owe 1/3 of the FMV of the Roadster as Gift Tax...
  35. zanary

    The Next Gen Roadster - Stuff We Think We Know.

    202x Tesla Next Gen Roadsters - What Do We Know Already? As we get closer to the release of the Next Gen Roadster (hopefully 2023/2024), I started to compile what we know of since it’s unveiling on Nov 16, 2017. What am I missing? Much of this list is taken from YouTube video of people...
  36. zanary

    No more extended warranty for MS ?

    For both my Model X and Model S (2016 and 2017) have purchased the 4 year extended warranty (from Tesla). I've now used them beyond it's value, even with the $200 deductible per RN... Best advise is to lump all of the issues together under a single RN vs. doing in for every little thing. For...
  37. zanary

    MCU2 crashes frequently what to do? 2017 S75

    (1) I would recommend you pick a new service center and don't share any details about what Palo Alto did or didn't do. Just take it in, tell them what's going on and let them diagnose it without sharing any of the backstory. (2) As for contacts, I have 733 unique contacts, some of them with 3...
  38. zanary

    Super slow loading times for apps

    If you are on the older MCU/1 on a Model S or Model X, then you will need to purchase this: https://www.tesla.com/support/infotainment
  39. zanary

    LTE question

    Depending on how old your Tesla is and if it's a Model S or Model X, you may need to purchase this: https://www.tesla.com/support/infotainment
  40. zanary

    the real Tesla Model S killer made and used in China only

    I hope you don't have an LCD TV, a smartphone, tablet, laptop, AirPods, calculators... They are all assembled in China... BTW, the servers that Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Apple TV, etc... are all assembled in China or use components made in China. You should also look at where your boxers or...
  41. zanary

    Storm Watch failed us again [in MA, Late July 2021]

    They do. It's in that link. They don't provide paper manuals. As a owner, you can look it up in the App or on the web site. In the app, go to Support, under System Performance, go to Powerwall, then scroll down and look for Preparing for an Outage section, and then tap on the Storm Watch...
  42. zanary

    Storm Watch failed us again [in MA, Late July 2021]

    Storm Watch doesn't activate when you want. Only when certain conditions occurs. It's described here: https://www.tesla.com/support/energy/powerwall/mobile-app/storm-watch So I guess the question is. When the weather occurred that you described above, what was the alert type and did it match...
  43. zanary

    AP2 & MCU1 - Does upgrading to MCU2 also upgrade AP2 to AP2.5 or 3, and does it enable sentry mode?

    If you have purchased the FSD Software, then when you do the optional Infotainment Upgrade Package then you'll get the FSD Computer along with MCU/2 and IC/2. The Radio upgrade is optional at $500 more.
  44. zanary

    Model s still on 2020 software

    You will go invest in the optional Infotainment Upgrade Package in order to get new software. Your MCU/1 is EOL. URL = Infotainment Upgrade
  45. zanary


    If you have not done so, consider upgrading to the optional Infotainment Upgrade Package. You may have MCU/1 still so your limited on software updates as that computer has been EOL for about a year or two since optional Infotainment Upgrade Package was offered. Link = Infotainment Upgrade
  46. zanary

    Tesla Privacy Data Access

    I think most other manufactures have the same system. It’s a California law that days for California owners they must provide the data. Their lawyers read that and say as long as the other states don’t have a similar mandate then they don’t need to provide it. I’m not saying it’s right or...
  47. zanary

    Has anyone installed an aftermarket yoke replacement on a Model S refresh?

    Ohh, so you mean like this? https://www.rpmtesla.com/collections/carbon-fiber-steering-wheels/products/model-s-x-piano-black-steering-wheel-995-glossy-finish?variant=21311911526454
  48. zanary

    Has anyone installed an aftermarket yoke replacement on a Model S refresh?

    I don't have one (yet!!!), but a few on twitter have done a fully customized one for their Model S/X from here. Looks pretty impressive. https://pimpmyev.com/products/custom-dry-carbon-fiber-yoke-steering-wheel-replacement-for-model-s-model-x
  49. zanary



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