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    Windshield - is this normal?

    Yep took a couple times until they could see what was wrong, but ultimately they replaced the windshield under warranty. Turned out the windshield was warped a bit too.
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    Motion sickness?

    I have no regen option either - can't disable or turn it lower. BUT, Chill mode feels smoother overall, so I recommend you try that. I've had passengers in my Model Y that get carsick, so I feel for you here. Between the rough suspension, fast acceleration, hard pullback from regen braking, it's...
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    2021.4.15.12 now...?

    My autowipers have been pretty bad since I've had my Model Y, but since the .18 update they have been firing a lot more often in sunlight. Disabled auto so I didn't look like an idiot driving around with wipers running in clear skies. Interesting that Green called that out.
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    In case you haven't seen yet - leaked v11 pics from refreshed Model S

    Haha ugh so true. Recent months have been such a let down from an update perspective. I realize they are hyper focused on FSD, but come on. Majority of owners do not have that and just something useful other than farts and dog animations.
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    Windshield stone chips

    I noticed their windshield glass gets beat up easily. I had mine replaced by Tesla because of some warping, but the new one after a month has lots of micro scratches/marks all over it. It isn't "clear" like other vehicles in the past. I guess soft paint, soft glass are a thing.
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    Preferred Floor Mats MY

    Hmm when did they redesign the front seats? Mine was manufactured in Nov 2020 (Dec 2020 delivery), and it's considered a 2021. They fit very nicely. I received my TAPTES floor mats in late Nov 2020. I'll add this info to the description for sure.
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    Preferred Floor Mats MY

    I have the TAPTES floor mats and love them. Just did a little review of them if it helps anyone make a decision
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    send navigation route from phone to Tesla

    Not sure what you mean, but I open Google Maps on my phone, search for where I want to go, route it, then click the share button below it and share to the Tesla app and it appears in my car.
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    Mud flap effectiveness after 1.5k miles (or lack of)

    Here's our 2015 Subaru Crosstrek as an example. Has the same type of plastic trim (different finish/material it seems) in the same location. After six years and over 100k miles it has zero marks on it. Just some schmutz that I wiped away towards the bottom to show the surface but no damage...
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    Mud flap effectiveness after 1.5k miles (or lack of)

    Yep. Totally sandblasted. I'm actually bringing it in to the service center this week to have them look at something else unrelated. They already told me to just go buy PPF and mud flaps to keep the paint damage from happening. Let's be honest the only true fix is to drop another $6k to fully...
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    Mud flap effectiveness after 1.5k miles (or lack of)

    These are the flaps I'm using now 4 Garde-boues Tesla Model Y - I had some clips that my ZL1 flaps came with that I used to attach them instead of drilling into the trim. Worked perfectly. Also, only using in the front. I should have gone with these from the start as the ZL1's were too sleek...
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    Tesla Rear Emblem Change

    That looks really good. May do the same. Did you replace the front shiny T with matte black too? Edit: Seems they don't deliver to the US, so will look for another option
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    Mercedes EQS Sedan: Rival to Tesla Model S

    The hyperscreen is pretty damn cool, but looks so archaic at the same time. Sort of like the rear screens, dated tablet, and clumsy looking UI. There's definitely things Tesla can learn from it though - like the spatial recognition.
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    Service Center Issue

    I had some questionable panel gaps at my Dec 2020 pickup, called them out to SC and they said they were within spec. I asked what that even means and they said it has to be 5mm either direction of spec. Regarding my most recent visit, they haven't done anything or followed up with me. Honestly...
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    Service Center Issue

    With Tesla, you have to be persistent and vocal. Especially since the only way to talk to service is through the app/messaging (which is freaking bat sh*t). I got mine back from service last week and had dirt all over my white seats, a used face mask in the front passenger footwell, and a dark...
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    Mud flap effectiveness after 1.5k miles (or lack of)

    I'm surprised about the trim being so dainty. When the car is clean (which mine usually isn't lol), it really sticks out.
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    Mud flap effectiveness after 1.5k miles (or lack of)

    The Rally Armor seem to be very similarly sized to the EVMudflaps, so should be good there. PPF is next on my list for sure.
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    Mud flap effectiveness after 1.5k miles (or lack of)

    For the first two months of owning my MY I drove without any mud flaps on. In Feb 2021, I installed mudflaps from ZL1 Addons. After about ~1.5k miles of driving in a Northeast winter, there's some pretty nasty paint and trim damage. The trim is most surprising. At the time of installation, I saw...
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    New Matrix projector LED vs "old" reflector LED headlights comparison on US cars

    Oddly enough, I think I prefer the old
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    Know what these lines behind my car are?

    I think it was something about it being at night and a weird anomaly with the road. Didn't see it today but will check again at night.
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    Know what these lines behind my car are?

    No, but I'll check to see if they are dirty. I'd never put a bumper sticker on my girl! 😆
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    Know what these lines behind my car are?

    There was no one behind me and it was one a normally paved road. I've seen these before, but only when backing up and the car detects an object in the way. So odd.
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    Know what these lines behind my car are?

    These just started showing up today while driving. On 2021.4.12 software.
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    Has ride comfort / stiffness improved?

    I've never owned a Model 3, but it's definitely a stiff ride. The one thing that might make it better in the Y is that it's higher up, which for many reduces car sickness.
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    Info screen back ground color

    Unfortunately not - at least in this version of the software. Who knows what v11 will bring. Right now it's only light or dark depending on day or night.
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    Is Jeda legit?

    I had issues with them until about early January. Have you reached out to their email address? You can try them on Twitter too. I've gotten replies from both and they are much more aggressive now regarding customer service at least from what I've seen. https://twitter.com/getjeda
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    Tesla app on android service section

    Yeah the experience on my Pixel 5 is pretty bad. This is our only means of communication with service and it's broken. I'm going to try floating the keyboard like @Stevefr suggested.
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    Tesla App Version 3.10.11 for iOS

    Ugh I wish they'd update the Android version.
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    New MY Owner!!!

    Congrats! Definitely grab some mud flaps for her. Love the induction wheels with white.
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    Rear mudflaps?

    They don't, but there are lots of after-market options.
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    Tesla service, what a joke!! Extremely frustrated.

    The service experience has no question been the worst part of my Tesla experience in the first 3 months of ownership. This is going to bite them in the a$$ soon.
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    In case you haven't seen yet - leaked v11 pics from refreshed Model S

    I really think M3/MY will see this soon. Tesla is way behind on this promise and they have an earnings call end of next month.
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    March 2020 - Delivery - Quality Issues

    That's pretty awful. Mine on pickup in Dec had some scratches on the trim, very dirty interior, dirty exterior, and some subtle misalignments. They fixed the trim, but that's it. They didn't even flinch about the rest. I should have refused delivery on principle that this wasn't sparkling on...
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    Mud flaps & Model Y

    Curious if the RPM mud flaps gather mud/water. Looks like by the design there's no drainage at the bottom of them. Can anyone tell yet?
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    Model Y motion sickness

    Ahh ok. Yeah mine is a late Nov manf date. For some reason I thought I remember that this was a global change to the whole MY fleet. Makes sense then.
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    Model Y motion sickness

    Yep 100% clear on the differences. I think you are either on a really old OS release or a new one that I'm not on yet that re-enabled regen braking customization
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    60 new sentry events but no files on stick

    I assume when you formatted via your PC, you created the root folder named ‘TeslaCam‘. FWIW, I had no luck with Tesla auto-formatting the drive for me, so I had to do it manually on PC to get it to work. It seems like you have tried everything, so maybe have service take a look?
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    Model Y motion sickness

    Wait a sec - where's the regen braking setting? I thought that was removed. I only see a setting for drive mode (Chill/Standard).
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    Model Y motion sickness

    "Motion thiccness" is what Mike Tyson gets in a Tesla
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    Model Y "motor" sound

    Could also be the heat pump octovalve - that seems to be the noisiest part for me.
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    Full body wrap PPF rear hatch seam?

    Oh man I know! I have MSM and will eventually do a stealth wrap. I'm not aware of any seam issues - at least from the installers I've spoken to around the Boston area.
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    EVSE rebate in MA?

    Thanks for that! I was hoping for something specific to MA also.
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    Model Y owners, any regrets? What to look for at pick up?

    In terms of what to look for at pickup, check for things like trim damage / scuffs, paint damage, interior stains, window/glass imperfections, etc. If you don't do it now, service will pretty much ignore you later. You have the upper-hand at pickup because the last thing they want is for you to...
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    Humming sound after car is parked

    Definitely takes some time getting used to some of the unique sounds these cars make :)
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    Took delivery of Model Y

    Nice. Yeah make sure to get all your issues in the first 100 miles or 60 days (I think). They hold strong to that and will literally cancel your service request if you are beyond it.
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    Why do so many Tesla owners wrap their cars?

    I thought that mostly it was for protection (PPF) with a bonus of changing the color / finish. At least that's why I was looking at it. (haven't yet pulled the trigger because $$)
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    Wrong outside temp reading

    I've noticed the same sometimes. I need to start paying closer attention to see if it's consistent.
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    Tesla Wall Connector - button not working - 2020.48.35.5

    Oh man how annoying. I don't have this issue and am on same release.
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    EVSE rebate in MA?

    Eversource has a program like this but they need to be able to control the charger remotely, which creeps me out a bit. And for some reason Tesla chargers don't qualify to begin with. Other than the rebate you mentioned there doesn't seem to be much else in Massachusetts.
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    Mud flaps & Model Y

    Yeah it's a tough call. The ZL1 definitely has more ground clearance than the EV Mudflaps option - the protection seems ok, but I agree it's probably not ideal. Will try the Tesla ones for sure once they are back in stock. I refused to drill into my trim for the EV Mudflaps, but those clips...

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