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  1. kelvin 660

    Any best practises for charging

    I've got a 55 kWh LFP car and I only charge it when it's down in the 50% region. That normally happens every third day. Then Octopus GO will charge it back to 100% within the 4 hour window. I thought about only charging to 90% and 100% once a week (as per Tesla recommendation) but it's too much...
  2. kelvin 660

    UK 2022 Orders to Delivery General Discussion

    No screwdriver needed! Go to the bottom right or left of the holder and look for where the horizontal part meet the corner. Insert fingers at both sides of the horizontal part about 4 inches along and pull. It should unclip at that point. Then work your way to the other side.
  3. kelvin 660

    2 EV Household - what else you got?

    That's exactly how I would like my Tesla to work! Unfortunately, this will probably never be implemented as it would make EAP almost redundant with loss of revenue for Tesla. Maybe things will change when there is more competition from other brands but that's not going to happen anytime soon.
  4. kelvin 660

    12 volt battery insurance/backup plan

    Anyone using this, Battery Monitor BM2? Would it be good to give a "heads-up" if and when your battery is near to failure...
  5. kelvin 660

    Navigation stopped working

    OK, then you need to report it to the SC using the app. Maybe it's something they can do over the network...
  6. kelvin 660

    Navigation stopped working

    Does the car have a good LTE connection? Maybe try a power down reset...
  7. kelvin 660

    Cracked Windscreen - Long delay to fix - options?

    Surely they would have put a load of windscreens on the boats arriving any time now??
  8. kelvin 660

    Window washer fluid low

    About 174 w/mile for the same drive, according to TeslaFi
  9. kelvin 660

    Model Y charge stats discrepancy

    I've found that ~8% is lost in the ac to dc conversion (when charging from ac) and ~8% filling the battery and another 8% in emptying the battery, making around 24% losses when compared to the car trip meter. Add in sentry and other losses and you will be nearer 28% In my case, 2,077 reported...
  10. kelvin 660

    Window washer fluid low

    In this weather with the windows down and driving around country lanes I'm getting around 160 w/mile or 120% efficiency!
  11. kelvin 660

    2021 SR+ LFP Battery - Usable Battery

    I charge (on average) once every 3 days, from ~55% to 100% and keep a record using that method; Date Range (miles) Watt/Mi SoC Battery Kw/hr Range @100% Degradation 07-Oct-21 223 242 100% 54.0 215.9 0.00% 17-Oct-21 235 229 100% 53.8 215.3 0.28% 13-Nov-21 243 222 100% 53.9 215.8 0.04%...
  12. kelvin 660

    Have you ever kerbed your Aero wheels?

    Bought some of this paint TOUCH UP PAINT BOTTLE FOR FORD DARK SHADOW GREY PAINT 30ML SCRATCH CHIP | eBay Great colour match as you can see in my repaired alloy. Needs one more rubbing down and then a fine coat of paint...
  13. kelvin 660

    2021 SR+ LFP Battery - Usable Battery

    Only way to tell is with scan my tesla. I assume you are calculating battery capacity using this method? Calculating Your Battery's Estimated Capacity Using the Car's Energy Screen Mine is running at 53 kWh and same mileage as yours. Sep-21 car
  14. kelvin 660

    Service Centre broke my juddering display but would not replace under warranty

    I realise that the screen was broken by the SC but I don't want to give Tesla another reason why the screen might have become broken. I have checked my screen and it's very strong when pushed from the rear (on both the corner and the centre sections) so I don't think that would have caused the...
  15. kelvin 660

    So how much will this cost me?

    Churchill insurance covers damage caused by vandalism (with out loss of no claims) but you do have to pay the £500 excess...
  16. kelvin 660

    Service Centre broke my juddering display but would not replace under warranty

    Interesting! I keep my garage door fob (same one as yours) behind the screen, but in the centre of the screen as it looks slightly stronger when pushing it. I may look for another place now...
  17. kelvin 660

    Auto recirculation mode (Pollution control?)

    I think I've seen that when the intera is hot (been left in the sun) it set the recirculation to be ON to cool down faster. After a while it turns it OFF when the temperature has dropped closer to the set temperature...
  18. kelvin 660

    Charging times question

    What app are you referring to? The Octopus energy app will show actual usage in half hour slots. The Tesla app is very flaky. TeslaFi will show you the complete charge verses time... That's what I use and it's a brilliant app.
  19. kelvin 660

    Window washer fluid low

    Filled mine twice in 8 months (8,000 miles) and I use it every day as I like to have a clean windscreen! There doesn't seem to be an excess of liquid used per press and it all gets to the wiper blades without too much wastage. :) I use Prestone from Screwfix as it's a good quality screen wash...
  20. kelvin 660

    Model 3 RWD pre delivery hangout

    I'm sure they want to use up their supply of LFP batteries so there will be RWD vehicles, for sure.
  21. kelvin 660

    Anyone else on ZapMap?

    I put my charger on for emergency use only. I had a nice lady contact me, a few months ago, when her car was low and the nearby fast charger was broken. She charged up her M3 (for free) and later brought round some nice flowers and chocolates!
  22. kelvin 660

    When to renew Octopus Go

    Wasn't on the 10th May by any chance?
  23. kelvin 660

    When to renew Octopus Go

    Well Tony, I've had a few missing data points that cause a billing stop. When I questioned it the gave me the date and times of the missing data but checking in the app there was no missing data. They couldn't explain why the data was in the app but not in the billing system... Now the meter has...
  24. kelvin 660

    When to renew Octopus Go

    Well I'm coming up to a month with my SMART meter not communicating usage to Octopus! Reported it twice now but still not working. They don't seem to be interested in looking into what's gone wrong. Surely it can take a month to remotely test the meter to see what's gone wrong. Anybody had this...
  25. kelvin 660

    How Secure Are Teslas?

    I could imagine that with the right software that thieves would only need a couple of smart phones to make a relay attack. Potentially making this easier and cheaper than traditional attacks! Hopefully, Tesla are working on a countermeasure for this issue...
  26. kelvin 660

    How Secure Are Teslas?

    So technically it's possible to make a relay attack on a 3 or Y. If you have a Samsung phone you can use Bixby to turn off/on the bluetooth connection to the car based on when you are sleeping, time of day, etc. if you are really worried.
  27. kelvin 660

    TESLAA - Android Auto for Tesla App

    I think you need to set the audio source to be the phone. Check you have enabled the phone as a source and then select it via the drop down box that can be found in, say, the radio window.
  28. kelvin 660

    Model 3 screen spontaneously cracked

    Hi Bart, if it was a manufacturing issue it would have become apparent much sooner than 1.5 years. Glass doesn't crack on it's own, it needs to be hit, scratched or stressed in some way. You say you know it hasn't been hit, but I know when my wife gets in to my car her handbag gets pretty close...
  29. kelvin 660

    Model 3 screen spontaneously cracked

    Looking at the damage, I would say that the touch screen glass has been hit/stressed on the corner highlighted below at sometime during its life and with thermal expansion (it does get quite hot in the sun and when running) it finally decided to crack and therefore the touch screen stopped...
  30. kelvin 660

    High pitched beep on unlocking

    I've had this happen a few times. I think it might be the car alarm going off for a split second, before the car realises that the door has been opened by the owner and not by a thief!
  31. kelvin 660

    Only 1 heated seat icon on bottom bar!

    You need to have a someone sat in the passenger seat for it to appear!
  32. kelvin 660

    [UK] 2022.16.x

    Your vehicle can now automatically apply regular brakes for consistent deceleration when regenerative braking is limited due to battery temperature or state of charge. To enable, tap Controls > Pedals & Steering > Apply Brakes When Regenerative Braking Is Limited. Interesting, having one pedal...
  33. kelvin 660

    Octopus Smart Meter Experiences

    My SMART meter has stopped sending (or they have stopped receiving) my gas and electricity readings! The IHD still shows daily usage and the actual meter info. I've reported it to Octopus over one week ago. Anyone know how long it takes them to sort these kind of issues out and what happens if...
  34. kelvin 660

    Flashing red light on charger

    Email [email protected] to get help with your problem. I got a warranty replacement as the warranty is valid for 4 years.
  35. kelvin 660

    Here's how to charge with 32A commando in UK

    If I was to redo my home charger, I would get a properly installed commando socket (with PEN detection, etc) and use the UMC with a 32A converter. I would position it just inside the garage so it (and the UMC) is protected from the weather. I think this setup could be installed for less than...
  36. kelvin 660

    M3 slight rattle

    May be usful... https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/posts/6534256
  37. kelvin 660

    Long delay replacing Model 3 Windscreen

    Yeah, my step daughter has been waiting 2 months for a Toyota Yaris Cross windscreen too!
  38. kelvin 660

    Anyone had to recharge the aircon yet?

    Another reason for lack of AC is a leak in the condenser, normally caused by a stone. However, I think that the M3 condenser is better protected.
  39. kelvin 660

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    No, you have to go down to junction 14 and turn north. Then when you leave Michaelwood you will have to go north to junction 13 before you can go south. Yes, it's a pain! However, I think they are building a bridge between both sides atm.
  40. kelvin 660

    Occasional ‘crack’ sound after engaging drive

    I have that issue. More so in hot weather. Happens in the first minute of a drive. Had in my previous M3 too. Let us know what Tesla says about this issue
  41. kelvin 660

    What made you choose a Tesla?

    I had a Toyota CHR and loved it when it was in full EV mode but hated it when accelerating hard for it high revving engine. Therefore I wanted a car that was in EV mode all of the time. But which one?? As I wanted one car to do everything it had to be a Tesla due to the supercharger network and...
  42. kelvin 660

    UK Charge Point Installer Recommendations

    Make your life easier, get a TWC. The button makes all the difference!
  43. kelvin 660

    How are LFP batteries holding up?

    Always good to have another data point, even if it's from the USA. I never understood why USA car had a starting range if 253 where as Europe had 264?? Maybe based on slightly different 100% efficiency numbers. Mine is ~192 wh/mile Still what's a few miles between friend's!
  44. kelvin 660

    Average Wh/mi since owning?

    M3SR+ from end of Sept 21 to now - 7 months and 7300 miles over the winter have me now at 252wh/mile. Can only get better...
  45. kelvin 660

    Ambient Lights/Door Bin Lights

    Scroll up to get British English
  46. kelvin 660

    Ambient Lights/Door Bin Lights

    Your setup should look like this.
  47. kelvin 660

    How are LFP batteries holding up?

    Here is some backup data that you can compare cars with @Adopado.
  48. kelvin 660

    How are LFP batteries holding up?

    Here is my 7 month update on LFP SR+ verse NCA SR+ cars. Degradation has been 1.5% over 7,300 miles compared to ~7% at the same mileage/age for my NCA. So I would say that on the degradation front things are looking good. The best difference between my old SR+ (NCA and the new SR+ (LFP)...
  49. kelvin 660

    Is a Tesla easy to steal?

    And this is why it is difficult to steel a Tesla M3/MY. There is no door key to pick, no key fob to relay attack and no easy to access ODB port in the car Additionally, pin to drive makes it almost impossible to steal and drive away... (from 3 minutes and on, full details at 7 minutes)
  50. kelvin 660

    Does a Tesla Y make financial sense for me

    According to my spreadsheet and home usage, breakeven happens around 8,000 miles. I'm doing 13,000 atm so will be making a saving...

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