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  1. boriszima

    200 miles review: Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4

    I am a bit confused with abbreviating tires. PS4 -MICHELINPILOT SPORT 4S or no S PSAS4 - PILOT SPORT ALL SEASON 4 CC2 - MICHELINCROSSCLIMATE2 It seems PSAS4 is a good choice for SoCal, not much efficiency lost, mileage warranty, not too much louder and great grip?
  2. boriszima

    Selling Model Y Reservation

    Wonder if waiting a year and paying $2,250 is questionable but better invested into the market to make up for future potential price increases.
  3. boriszima

    Price increase? [posted 06.16.2022]

    Too bad for future potential Tesla owner, this is a considerable price increase. Since this was not announced ahead of time like GMC Hummer EV, this is not a lever pushing but just the current circumstances.
  4. boriszima

    Very high mileage LRAWD vs. New SR+ vs Other

    I have 2018 LR AWD but only 30k miles. I would not recommend buying 100k EV for $40k, i dont think its a wise decision. Whatever you might be saving will go into repairs whatever those might be (suspension and other trivial items that will need a look at after 100k miles no matter what the car...
  5. boriszima

    Out of warranty repair price list?

    Model 3 are too new to know the cost beyond 5 years, but so far overall no major issues. I am planning to make appointment with Tesla to get car checked out before warranty expires (4 years). Downside is that Tesla is the only place so far to service the car and generally repair it
  6. boriszima

    Another Model 3 price increase? RWD up by $2K? [posted 03/14/22]

    So it seems, Tesla increases prices throughout whole lineup, its cheapest electric car now starts at $47,000 I suppose this was coming. I wonder if any reserved betting for it to go up and now we will see more reservations being sold in the market place here?
  7. boriszima

    PSA: Base M3LR price increases by $1K [03.10.2022]

    yep, thats happening across most products these days. so for those that are on the line, place your order.
  8. boriszima

    Is my car gonna be considered a total loss

    unlikely if nothing got trigged with the battery and if frame is ok. just 3-4 months of repair time maybe
  9. boriszima

    Worth buying an M3P at this point?

    If you going for Model Y, then you are very close at the new batteries as some are produced. But if you are going after model 3 and want new tech, there is unknown amount of wait time. I have model 3 and if i were to buy a Tesla now would definitely got for the Y as its a bit bigger and newer...
  10. boriszima

    Scary near crash with a big truck today. Disappointed that teslacam did not record the event 😕

    OP likely honks a lot and dont want that evidence to be saved ;) But yeah that sucks that Dashcam is not perfect
  11. boriszima

    Just reserved a M3 from Hertz

    Agree on this for sure! While LA is spread far apart, it is likely a city/county with most Tesla Chargers as absolute number of any major US City, I think there was an article by Electrek sometime ago about it. Anyways, it is nice to see some good experience with getting EV from rental places.
  12. boriszima

    2019 Model 3 Performance Sleeper for sale

    $58K is a better pick as that one is Performance with 20 inch wheels, bigger brakes and depending when bought extra $5k for the package. Good luck with sale, this car is very clean. new one now costs $71k, so for 62k is a nice discount.
  13. boriszima

    Model 3 LR Reservation|VIN Assigned|EDD Feb12-18

    Glad you got a deal. Did you lose out on $250? I assume Tesla does not like transfers like this?
  14. boriszima

    Buying a model 3 in 2022. Is it worth it?

    If you can afford it and its worth it to you. I think cars are too expensive due to the situation. if you can wait, perhaps wait until cars might come down in price or inflation kicks in and be more expensive. As far as value, they are still pretty good compared to other ICE cars and markups.
  15. boriszima

    Model 3 LR Reservation|VIN Assigned|EDD Feb12-18

    for item 2, you want $2k, and the car is $2k cheaper, so the Net amount will be the same for the buyer? Also can a buyer change color?
  16. boriszima

    Selling 2022 Model S LR reservation

    while i dont agree with selling reservations, but also if thread crapping is poor taste. If he can sell it for $15k great. If not, then buy the car and sell it for the same/similar profit. As others mentioned, likely thats what some are doing, buying reservations, buying cars and selling for...
  17. boriszima

    Model 3 Performance Accident

    like a boss. Now that you uploaded footage to youtube, you backed it up just in case. We are not going to talk about if the lady was too old, lying, should not been driving, etc. but she clearly ran a red light. Green came on and not like you gunned it. It is too bad you can will be worked on...
  18. boriszima

    2020 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD

    looks clean, is that your residence in background? If so, nice place
  19. boriszima

    Model 3 Performance Accident

    Glad OP is ok, you did not ask if your car is totaled? Got Dashcam footage?
  20. boriszima

    New red CA HOV Decal last until January 1, 2022?

    likely by then, there will be so many EVs on the road, it wont matter. Maybe by then there will be new restrictions such as 3-4 people in ICE and 2 people in EV. I have not read to see if there is a roadmap.
  21. boriszima

    Should I Sell My M3 MR

    agree, upgrade in year, space, performance.
  22. boriszima

    Repeater camera feeds are mostly useless when turn signal is on at night

    nice. I guess if it bothers one, and they mess up, it costs $$ to get it fixed. I know myself with power tool, i dont have surgical precision. will wait or not have turn signals on.
  23. boriszima

    Advice selling 2021 model 3

    sell it while the market is hot, you are not doing anything unethical unless you are lying about a sell.
  24. boriszima

    Radar Detector need for Model 3

    nice info here.
  25. boriszima

    Salvage title model 3

    Perhaps contact Richie Rebuilds to see what he has to say, he has a lot of experience with Teslas https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfV0_wbjG8KJADuZT2ct4SA
  26. boriszima

    For sale: 2022 Tesla Model Y Performance with extras – 1,031 miles

    finally a good deal for someone and not overpriced. good luck, looks very clean as will stay that way due to protection
  27. boriszima

    2022 Model Y Long Range AWD Metallic Blue - Brand New - Los Angeles - delivering this week

    Is there a price for how much you want to sell your reservation for?
  28. boriszima

    For Sale: Model Y Long Range Reservation (Jan-Feb EDD)

    I wonder if thats what many are doing, buying reservations in hopes prices go up with no intention of buying a car. Good luck with sale, but the only insentive here is not waiting 6 months for a car, not saving $.
  29. boriszima

    Great Service from Tesla Service Center in Pomona, CA

    Glad you had a good service. I had to take my car in couple of times, and every time it was a great service, no one is trying to sell you oil changes, fluid flushes, etc. The issue is getting appointment timeframe. Where as before, i would just roll in or make appointment online for next day...
  30. boriszima

    Repeater camera feeds are mostly useless when turn signal is on at night

    good point. Seems something that could have been checked as this is not a trivial situation. For that have light bleed at night, is there a workaround? Other then asking Tesla to change those cameras? Maybe there are 3rd party add on that can be installed inside the mirror housing to make it...
  31. boriszima

    Repeater camera feeds are mostly useless when turn signal is on at night

    I read somewhere that newer model 3 have a bit different cover over those cameras and do not suffer from glares as some/most of the older ones. At night its a hassle
  32. boriszima

    M3 LR AWD tires in Washington all season ?

    19 inch might offer better "performance" traction and whatnot. I have AWS with 19 and i am not fan of the OEM tires. they do not last long enough and seem are prone to punctures, at least in my case. summer tires are better for warmer climates and rain, all season just like the name implies good...
  33. boriszima

    Advice on third-party warranty for 2018 Model 3

    Would be interesting to see the average cost of repairs past warranty vs $4k plus whatever returns you get via high yield or ETF of I-Bonds or mutal funds, or even better, buy $4k in Tesla stock. anyone that has to use X-Care, care to comment? That is the biggest issue for me after warranty...
  34. boriszima

    FSD on dealership car question

    Did you end up buying it? It seems you started a new thread, so no?
  35. boriszima

    Model S 75 or Model 3 Performance Stealth?

    yep, sell used, buy new!
  36. boriszima

    Trade my 2021 M3SR+ for 2019 Stealth M3P?

    @ScoGold so what did you end up doing. Selling used car at those prices is awesome and worth buying new car to cut on losses. never? been a better time to sell used (not classic) cars.
  37. boriszima

    2022 Model Y LR Rerservation Takeover - $3K - Jan-Feb Delivery

    This is one way to make profit, sell something you dont own. But here both you and buyer benefit from it.
  38. boriszima

    Brand New 2022 Tesla Model Y For Sale

    "brand new" if the car was sold/titled, can it really be claimed brand new? good luck with sale
  39. boriszima

    FSD on dealership car question

    good luck with purchase @givemeFSD (nice handle). Auction?
  40. boriszima

    Best home charger - Model 3

    How does Tesla charger fair poorly? slow to charge? Looking at Tesla website, range is fairly wide, but in some places during cold winters or hot summers can be outside it i guess. I could find that ino from ChargePoint...
  41. boriszima

    Best home charger - Model 3

    It is cheaper to install 14-50 and buy plug adapter and you are done, right? If you want/need to keep your mobile charger with you, then one can install instead or add on EVSE from Tesla. Especially if your main panel has enough amps, run 100amps to EVSE. I actually have both at home as i was...
  42. boriszima

    High mileage check-in

    Not many, as you can read in pages many are down from 310 to 280 or so. my 12V died a month after 3 years of owning it, thankfully in the garage and i got a warning. That is pretty good? 2018 August, 30k miles about 240 miles at 80%, so about 300 at 100% but when i charged to 100% couple of...
  43. boriszima

    M3P VS BMW I4 M50

    Cool Video, very close race which is awesome. Just like some, not a fan of BWM huge grill/kindeys, but whatever. Finally? a competitor to Model 3 performance as far as price, size, and actual performance.
  44. boriszima

    Venting - Model 3 should come with the lift pucks

    Any link for Amazon pucks? Would be cool do one from hockey pucks as well as a side project.
  45. boriszima

    2017-2020 Model 3 recalled for trunk/rear camera issue

    Thank you for this link. Camera been ok, at times it blanks out.
  46. boriszima

    3 years >100K miles Battery and Service Status for those curious how its holding up

    You still rolling with your original 12V battery? Mine died days after 3 years. I have the same year and car, mid 2018 built. Control arms you say? At 100k, this was nearly worry free for you.
  47. boriszima

    Got Hit n Run in Parking Lot - TeslaCam caught it!

    Good luck. Sucks that insurance said you have to work with that insurance, i thought thats part of their job to look out for you as a client. While this is hit and run, criminal? nobody got hurt this time, but is he willing to do it again with something more serious? should he be thought a...
  48. boriszima

    Would you take a Model 3 with a cracked windshield on a 1200 Mile trip?

    You can apply super glue or nailpolish to stop crack from growing? I never done it, but maybe a good if your glass needs to be replaced https://www.autoglassinsanantonio.com/crack-hacks-4-ways-stop-windshield-crack-spreading/
  49. boriszima

    Sold my Model 3 after 3 years. Cost of ownership.

    While there are couple of people here who like to nitpick on savings, i think you made out great and hopefully this is something that can be replicated for most of us. Especially those here in California, USA where premium gas is around $5 a gallon. I assume no other cost for any work from...
  50. boriszima

    Should I buy a Tesla as a first car?

    Do you have a place where you live now or in near future to charge a car? With almost no credit history, it might be hard for you to get a loan from any major bank, maybe go to a local credit union to see how much you qualify for? If you drove elsewhere, than likely you will be ok. But if this...

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