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  1. Darmie

    Model S and X to get 4680 batteries. I told my wife my Plaid won't be my last car and this is one of those reasons.

    This is good news. I'm a few years away anyway. Maybe we will see a 500 mile Plaid after all.
  2. Darmie

    Supercharger Pricing spreadsheet

    You're right. I see why many are getting the CCS adaptor and using EA. I'm picking one up myself and will compare.
  3. Darmie

    [Original Unopened Box] Official Tesla South Korea CCS1 Adapter

    Awesome, I'll send a PM
  4. Darmie

    Supercharger - Katy, TX - Buc-ee's

    Wow. Just noticed this. Love seeing all the chargers at Buc'ces. Supercharging at Buc'ces is always filling.
  5. Darmie

    [Original Unopened Box] Official Tesla South Korea CCS1 Adapter

    I may be on the tail end of this deal but wanted to see if it's still available? I'm in Houston. You by chance heading East this weekend?
  6. Darmie

    Supercharger - Houston, Tx - Galleria

    It's been over a year now. It was a beautiful dream.
  7. Darmie

    First Impressions: Model Y Performance

    You planning on doing the wet by hand or a machine? Thinking of giving it a try by hand. I don't have experience with a machine.
  8. Darmie

    shop.tesla dot com accessory part # and price list

    I was wondering who is the bacondata. Quick whois pointed to Cloudflare - The Web Performance & Security Company. Didn't see anything referencing Tesla. Many of their links didn't work. It's just weird.
  9. Darmie

    Tesla Charging Me For Front Aero Shield?

    It was a week or so ago I've heard this unusual sound I thought coming from the tires when I would roll over the separated parts of the concrete roads. I stopped to check the tires, and all was looking ok. Thought nothing of it until I went this last Friday to the local 1/4 track. They pointed...
  10. Darmie

    Tesla Charging Me For Front Aero Shield?

    I've had to repair mine on the MY. I'll have to take some pictures tonight and what I've used.
  11. Darmie

    Blog Musk Says Cybertruck Doors Will Open Automatically

    Depends on the year model but as stated in our manual, should be able to just pull the inside door handle. Newer models have a lift handle forward of the window switches as in the M3 or MY.
  12. Darmie

    Electrify America

    Thanks. Yes, I do show this being enabled. Didn't I see a thread on here where someone with a Model Y was attempting to retrofit the charging module behind the charging port? I wonder if at one time it wasn't enabled and now after some updates it is? Looking at EA now in some Supercharging...
  13. Darmie

    A badge for your Tesla?

    Very nice. They do come with a price tag. I was looking at this and I think if they make something much small than this and made it a pin, it would go nice on your Tesla ball caps and such.
  14. Darmie

    CCS Adapter - ?

    I know there are those car owners that just buy and drive. I feel that if you are not on TMC though and following a few threads, you are missing out on the ownership and driving experience.
  15. Darmie

    CCS1 Tesla Adapter

    Good to know. I wasn't sure Shipping was included. Didn't go through the steps to verify shipping amount.
  16. Darmie

    Driving Range less than expected with new MY-LR

    Similar thread here. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/why-my-wh-mi-so-bad.268924/ Here's my response. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/why-my-wh-mi-so-bad.268924/page-2#post-6778932
  17. Darmie

    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    For the owners of the Ghost upgrade, have you used the lap mode? For the life of me I'm not seeing much if any of a difference when the slider is selected. When I did an Autocross event a while back, I had all the computer control turned down to -10 and the car felt very stable. No sideways...
  18. Darmie

    CCS1 Tesla Adapter

    These CCS threads are all over the place. Glad someone is keeping up with them. Ingenext is now offering the adapter. I'm thinking about it. Quick glance on the screen and our MY mentioned CCS enabled. https://ingenext.ca/collections/accessories/products/adaptateur-tesla-combo-ccs1-1656565-10-a
  19. Darmie

    CCS Adapter - ?

    Guess who's selling the adapter. https://ingenext.ca/collections/accessories/products/adaptateur-tesla-combo-ccs1-1656565-10-a
  20. Darmie

    First Impressions: Model Y Performance

    I take it the wet is PPF friendly? May have to give it a try on our MX. I'm always open to ideas. If I'm wanting to bust out the best deep shine, I've been using this product on the vehicle with awesome results. The MX is full PPF. https://www.zainostore.com/product/Z-8.html
  21. Darmie

    Supercharger - Houston, TX - Hempstead Road

    Well, Tesla really has 290 covered. Rudy's, now this and the new Waller at Buc ee's. Oh and then there's Giddins. You would think Tomball would get some love.
  22. Darmie

    Possible Supercharger - Shenandoah, TX

    Yes, and who doesn't enjoy a Buc ee's stop! Can't wait. Woodlands should have had a charger a long time ago. About the only thing available is destination charging at the shopping center and most of the time they're full of the Tesla demo cars.
  23. Darmie

    Why my Wh/mi so bad?

    The MY has seen a lot of highway miles. I've had it on Turo for a year or so. Still there but now my daily this last year. It just loves the juice. I do have the 20in rims and yes, way early on I've changed tires to the Comp 4S. I'm actually on my 4th purchase set for the rear. I've done two...
  24. Darmie

    Supercharger - Madisonville, TX

    As long as more and more red balloons keep showing up on my screen, I'm happy.
  25. Darmie

    Why my Wh/mi so bad?

    I'm sorry to report that the Model Y is a thirsty girl. It's probably best to keep your range in percentage and know it's thirsty. Lifetime maps shows less than 75% efficient on our 2020 MY.
  26. Darmie

    Possible Supercharger - Shenandoah, TX

    Great to see this. The service center is always full and Huntsville is not much better. It's odd to me why they appear to favor the North bound traffic. Service center is on the NB side. Huntsville is on the NB side. So is Centerville and Corsicana.
  27. Darmie

    Electrify America

    This works on your 2020 model Y? I have a April build 2020 and was hesitant to make the purchase not thinking it would work.
  28. Darmie

    Best Conditioner for Vegan Leather

    .. and just like that, we're back on topic.
  29. Darmie

    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    Received the update 12.3.16 as well. Hope they update their web site soon. I'll give it a few days and see if there's more that did this update without issues.
  30. Darmie

    Best Conditioner for Vegan Leather

    Someone will find a use for it. $31,500.00 later.
  31. Darmie

    Thinking of buying Model Y LR

    Don't get me started. Coming from a 2017 Model S to a 2018 Model X and now in a 2020 when we purchase the Model Y. It's my go to car for any trip I can get my way from my wife not wanting to take her Model X. Handles well, easy to see out of and has ton of space. I've done the ghost upgrade to...
  32. Darmie

    Supercharger - Austin, TX - South Congress Avenue

    Wow, those views are Horrendous! Thinking of taking a trip up that way this weekend. I can't believe this is the norm for charging at this location. Love to determine if the hotel is stepping over their bounds on this. Need the fine print between tesla and the land owner.
  33. Darmie

    Is my Model Y Performance normal?

    Give you some perspective. This is from a 2020 model Y LR. As you see, it spends some time on the road. Average percent efficiency is only 74%. My Wh/mile on the vehicle is 242. Figured this out using the energy screen. When projected range is rated range, to the left will be displayed your Wh...
  34. Darmie

    How to delete recent locations in the navigation system.

    Yep. Keep swiping. in order to get them all, you have to select favorites and then back and it will refresh more to swipe
  35. Darmie

    Elon Musk

    An NDA is not about free speech. Sure, it's easy to combine them together in your example, but doesn't offer any points. An NDA is between two parties about protection of property or restricting disclosing details to unauthorized parties.
  36. Darmie

    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    Could be wrong but I think Tesla is still making cars in California.
  37. Darmie

    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    Yep, let's rush to judge. Do it now before we know anything about the flight attendant, including his or her name. Interesting the 20 + articles out today fail to include the name. This happen in 2016 and we're just now seeing the media run with this? What pissed off the masses more to bring...
  38. Darmie

    Not able to set charge times

    TeslaFi would be a way to charge your car as you are attempting to do it. It's a non tesla way of doing things but TeslaFI offers some great service. Here's an example of creating a charge schedule. Schedule this each day and that should add 140 rated miles each week.
  39. Darmie

    Is PPF or ceramic coating necessary?

    Congratulations on picking up your Tesla in a few days. If you are planning on PPF or ceramic, I would recommend having the service set up the day you receive your vehicle. This ensures paint correction is kept to a minimum. Non of these options are truly necessary but it may offer value to your...
  40. Darmie

    How are we supposed to get est range @ 90% 100% etc. now?

    The model X we own is mostly driven by my wife. When we acquired the Model Y, I realized early on that the driving range was a terrible estimation (That girl get's thirsty). I quickly switched to percentage. I don't think of this as a lost feature. I think for anyone else that's using...
  41. Darmie

    Driver door stopped auto presenting Opens with fob, mcu, or handle just fine.

    Well, anything is possible and it's hard to know Tesla logic. On ours, the lights would come on when you approached the car and unlock the car. The driver door or any door would open from the FOB. We knew it was just the auto present. I would think if all other features are working, then it may...
  42. Darmie

    Why Elon Musk refuses to put the 4680 battery in Model S and X

    Tesla does not believe range higher than what is on the market now is truly needed. I believe Elon commented on this when they pulled the Plaid + (500 miles) off the market.
  43. Darmie

    88,888 mile update MY AWD

    That's awesome to catch the mileage at the 8's. Our 2020 Vintage model Y has close to 58,000 miles. The squeaking happen around the 48,000 miles and was replaced under warranty. I would think there are many options to resolve the squeaking. One is to use a needle grease fitting and squirt some...
  44. Darmie

    Range at 80 mph?

    I would agree but without any extra weight. I've often thought that range is King. Not sure why Tesla did not make available the plaid + and offer the 500 mile range.
  45. Darmie

    best way to keep overheat protection on

    You can always use the Vent window option to allow some of the hot air to excape.
  46. Darmie

    Driver door stopped auto presenting Opens with fob, mcu, or handle just fine.

    I was trying to pull up our service ticket and see what the part numbers were. They did correct the issue. I did ensure my wife had both FOBs. She did mention it was a body control module. Weird they go out and only affect the present door feature.
  47. Darmie

    Model Y Headrest Defect (warping)

    I picked this up for the armrest. Fought with it for a while. Put it in the dryer for a bit and slipped on very easy. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07WH15QGW/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_image?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  48. Darmie

    Hit and run on brand new Model 3

    Great job holding them accountable. We need more people like yourself to step up to the plate and help prosecute this criminal behavior.
  49. Darmie

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    This will be good news. I wonder the vehicle will need an firmware update so the computer knows there's a lithium battery. I want to do the same on our 2020 MY but I think I'll hold off a bit and see what is mention. That is a good price if they are doing the install.
  50. Darmie

    Ingenext ghost for long range dual motor

    Sorry to hear this. I know there's a long thread here somewhere on the Ghost subject that you may find someone interested on a purchase when you get it back.

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